Bittersweet (Love Edy #2)

Bittersweet (Love Edy #2)❴Reading❵ ➸ Bittersweet (Love Edy #2) Author Shewanda Pugh – In the aftermath of one tragic and uncertain night Edy and Hassan shut out the chaos with a kiss But when Hassan's traditionalist mother sees that kiss Well a nightmare of a different sort begins Afte In the aftermath of one tragic and uncertain night Edy and Hassan shut out the chaos with a kiss But when Hassan's traditionalist mother sees that kiss Well a nightmare of a different sort begins After all he still has an arranged marriage on the horizon Love attacks the glue of their two bonded families; while the slow tug of success pulls Edy and Hassan in opposite directions After denying their feelings for so long they now have each other but are forced to ask themselves if being together is worth it. I read Shewanda Pugh’s LOVE EDY for review in August of this year a gift from the author for winning a contest on her Facebook page Young adult romance is not on my short list of favorites but the book looked good so I read it The pleasant surprise I felt at the time was mind boggling So needless to say I jumped at the chance when offered an ARC copy of the seuel BITTERSWEETThe story picks up where LOVE EDY left off in the aftermath of a tragic attack Both Hassan and Edy weather the resulting storm as they pursue their new relationship while hiding it from their parents The results tear their families apartIt’s an emotionally charged story in the highest sense about family love and cultures that don’t just clash they explode The characters of Edy and Hassan are so well drawn that I felt as if I were placed in the story as an invisible observer watching the events play out as a movie No mean fete to write and certainly difficult to pull off well but Shewanda Pugh has done it Background characters are supporting and not overwhelming The Dyson boys add much needed humor at the right times and Edy’s girlfriends paint a realistic picture of teenaged girls in 21st century America both supporting and condemning Edy’s choices as only teenagers can do While billed as a young adult novel BITTERSWEET transcends the constraints of the young adult genre able to be enjoyed and appreciated by all ages We all have felt and lived the issues that Edy and Hassan live through The covers for both BITTERSWEET and LOVE EDY are beautiful tributes to their exceptional stories but please note that BITTERSWEET is not a stand alone novel It picks up where LOVE EDY leaves off You should definitely read LOVE EDY first if you haven’t already I'm so happy that Edy and Hassan have returned and the way this book ended hopefully another book is in the making If not the author better get cracking For the cons the beginning was a bit choppy the flow was off I had to go back to reread some areas The grammar needs work as well nothing a decent editor can't fix For the pros loved how Edy's character grew wasn't sure if it was because she and Hassan took their relationship to the next level She reminded me of a typical teenager in love There were uite a few surprises that I didn't see coming so kudos on expanding the storyline And new charactersloved the grandparents they cracked me up Good job I'm really into the whole romance genre but didn't really think I would be interested in this book After reading Love Edy I was instantly hooked I like the development of the characters and the storyline was a bit unexpected for a modern day romance My only regret is choosing to read a series that wasn't yet complete Come on Shewanda let's get part 3 out there No just nocheck out the bottom bit of my review of the first book Love Edy to understand why Better than firstI liked that Hassan had a voice in this book and I am looking forward to the next book I can't wait to see what direction the story goes in with Wyatt and Malia Can't wait for part 3 as long as Hassan and Edy stay together MoreI've enjoyed reading their story I know there has to be Can't wait for the next chapter in their lives Just as good This book was just as good as part 1 I loved the love that the two couple has for each other uick and entertaining 250 stars It is my opinion that the 280 pages of Bittersweet was nothing than a time jump This could have been accomplished with an epilogue at the end of Love Edy and a prologue at the beginning of Wrecked The first 15% of the book is Edy and Hassan being swished off to Kentucky to Edy's grandparents she did not know Most of the book is filler telling how Wyatt goes from rags to riches and how the protagonist go from freshmen to seniors The meat of the book was told in about 3 chapters Rebecca continues her senate run The dads Nathan and Ali go to the Middle East to help with civil unrest Rani tries to drive a wedge between Edy and Hassan first denying Edy into her home then feigning interest in Edy's dance ambitions and suggesting the Hassan and the others were indifferent to it She lies to Wyatt telling him Edy is interested in him and finally she gets her friend to bring Mala the girl Hassan is betrothed to marry to come to town Edy and Hassan tell both their family's of their romantic love and relationship and their intend to be together Ali reveals that Hassan's betrothal was payment for a debt I am glad I waited until Wrecked was released before reading this book I enjoyed this book however I feel the series is being drawn out Good story line of young adult love with the potential to with stand adversity The epilogue seems rushed and not a good lead for the third and hopefully happy ending for Edy and Hassan Maybe Ms Pugh will develop the characters; the friends after collegeI enjoyed this book #2 however I feel the series is the series is being drawn out Good story line of young adult love that has the potential to with stand family and cultural adversity Didn't care for the epilogue It seems to cover too much and doesn't feel like a smooth transition to the 3rd book Hopefully Edy and Hassan will have their happily ever after with each other

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