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His Name Was Ben[Read] ➮ His Name Was Ben Author Paulette Mahurin – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Hearing the words “it’s cancer” threw Sara Phillips’ life into chaos until an unexpected turn of events and a chance encounter with a stranger changed everything—his name was Ben Based on re Hearing the words “it’s cancer” threw Sara Phillips’ life into chaos until an unexpected turn of events and a chance encounter with a stranger changed everything—His Name Was Ben Based on real events Ben and Sara discover that when all else fails healing can come in the most unexpected ways Chilling and heart wrenching His Name Was Ben is a triumph over the devastating circumstances and fear experienced when faced with a terminal illness In this narrative the power of love conuers shadows and transforms the very nature and meaning of what His Name PDF/EPUB ² it is to be fully alive From the award winning best selling author of The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap comes a story filled with soul and passion that will leave the reader thinking about it for days after the last page is closed“Paulette Mahurin compassionately renders an insightful tale about love and life in the moment when a moment is all there is Both ordinary and extraordinary Sara and Ben kept me up at night rooting for them as did Mahurin of course a writer of exceptional heart for her tender and wise depiction of love against all odds A rare pleasure His Name Was Ben is not to be missed”—Lee Fullbright author of The Angry Woman Suite “Against the biggest of obstacles a couple can face the positive message is that it is never too late to start living” –Christoph Fischer author of Sebastian. Sara and Ben's story is a dramatic love storyThe dynamic power and dramatic impact in Mahurins tale is based on the fact that both of them have no time left to loseThey are caught within a very narrow and limited time frameBen is a young lawyer having only months lo live due to a terminal cancer raging havoc in his body and Sara is a survivor from breast cancer still struggling with itBeing deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courageLaoTzuPaulette Mahurin has delivered a powerful story and captured the eternal spirit of an all surpassing loveEven death is no match and must surrender like an helpless hostage to the the eternal and regenerating power of loveAt the end of the day I can say that reading Sara and Bens story has uplifted and inspired meAlthough you will be confronted with sufferings and pain let me say it clearly that this is not the main message carried out in this bitter sweet love storyMahurins novel gives and delivers powerful to the reader the preciousness of life itselfAnd in spite of sufferings pain and even death the prevailing force behind the universum is love inhibited in eternal soulsDean; Mahurin who wrote the wildly successful and award winning The Persecution of Mildred Dunlap has done it again She is an adept writer who knows how to create complex characters living complicated lives tugging the reader into the world she creates The details and dialog ring so true that I felt I was in the story with them often forgetting that I was reading Paulette Mahurin's writing is that goodThis time we're drawn into the intimate lives of two cancer patients It's clear Paulette used her medical background and extensive research because the sections on the types of cancer treatment options and side effects are uite sophisticated But this is no maudlin read Instead courage hope love wisdom and even levity are woven throughout the individual and collective journeys the characters takeThis book offers many gifts to the reader To me the best books offer than just a memorable story which this one certainly doesThe best books linger with you long after you've read them because they've taken you on an ethical or philosophical journey His Name Was Ben took me on such a journey If I was facing a terminal illness would I opt for toxic treatment or let myself die naturally? Would I have the courage to start a relationship knowing that I had cancer AND that he had cancer? Does cancer matter since none of us knows what going to happen in the next moment? These uestions still haunt me after reading this bookThe best books also take you places you've never been or get you to see things in ways you've never seen them They open up new perspectives Again Mahurin's book gave me this gift I learned a great deal about cancer treatment its side effects and the emotional toll it takes on both the patient and loved ones I love reading fiction and learning things that apply to real lifeAt its core this book is a story about accepting oneself being open to romance overcoming fear and taking chances Basically it's a love story about life about living life consciously rather than on automatic pilot Thank you Paulette for the gift of this book I almost managed to read this book in one sitting Almost Ben meets a girl Ok a woman whom is treated by the same oncologist he is seeing for the first timeSo begins an epic love story at times raw with naked truth about cancer at others lyrical about the mere act of living Between our main two protagonists is a dog One Ben learns to love as both he and his new love interest learn how to take a crash coarse with coming to terms with what formed them driven their actions and dictated how they would live their lives Together the two love birds and Tazzie the mini rotti lives through subplots in a matter of months than the two human protagonists dealt with in their 45 years leading up to diagnosis Ultimately this story does not romantasize the horror of cancer It is never over explicit but it does portray a less than romantic view of a very painful usually fatal disease But in the end although it seems as if the story is about death and endings at first it is in fact about love life and hope A moving story where the characters grow so much it left me breathless I am convinced that this story will not be everybodies cup of tea It is simply to real to be universally loved I am however convinced that for the most part this book will be a firm favourite and it will serve not to only Entertain but also to inspire WaAr I have just finished this book in very uick time as I didn't want to stop reading It is a story about a couple who meet while suffering from terminal cancer and are taking a last throw of the dice by volunteering for a trial of a promising but unproven treatment Sounds like a recipe for a tear jerker Well I did shed a few tears but actually this is in fact a very uplifting story because though their time together was limited they found a love that we can all only hope to experience The story is emotional but inspiring and heart warming It is also beautifully written and the characters seem very real Apart from Ben and Sara we have some other colourful characters in particular their parents I liked that the author tackled the difficult subject of Sara having had a double mastectomy and no longer feeling like a woman until Ben shows her and all of us that we are not defined by our physical looks but our spirit A great book If you want to read schmaltzy love stories this is not for youIf you want to read about how to start living when you are dying then Paulette Mahurin's His Name was Ben is just the story for youWhile death is ever present in the book it's treated very maturely and the book is a love story of two strong people who do not fill their lives with self pity rather they seize the moment and start lovingAnd start livingStrongly recommended Mahurin is an author to watch out forHer stories are real different and immerse you in their depth “His name was Ben” by Paulette Mahurin is a beautifully written bitter sweet love story between two cancer patients Ben and Sara and really also between them and her Rottweiler dog TazzieSara a nurse practitioner develops an aggressive type of breast cancer first detected by said dog Tazzie The story of her diagnosis and the initial treatment is full of raw emotion and written with great empathy and with amazing medical knowledge We also learn about her family background and the issues that have made Sara’s life not the happiest until now Blessed with good insurance and access to a top oncologist she enters a special research programme that trials a new treatment for cancer The drug works and increases her libido which is why she eventually asks out a handsome fellow cancer patient named BenOnce the two of them embark on their untimely love affair they help each other heal and work through their personal issues Ben’s alcoholic parents; Sara’s unhappy childhood with a controlling and critical mother a schizophrenic brother and her divorce from ex husband HenryMahurin has chosen her characters very well and given them so much than just bad things like cancer Ben and Sara are both highly evolved and reflective people who have the ability to work through their problems speak honestly with each other and develop at last a proper relationship in their life based on solid foundations it was moving to read about itThe other characters in the book are eually interesting and get enough coverage to add extra colour to the often humorous and certainly inspiring novel in front of you; be it Sara’s mother the cancer doctor or the friends – not to forget the lovely Rottweiler TazzieAgainst the biggest of obstacles a couple can face the positive message is that it is never too late to start living The hope that patients have attached to miracle cures and new treatment means nothing when time is only spent on the clock but does not translate into moments of shared love and happiness Be there breakthrough studies or not never give up on living Amidst so much understandably tragic and miserable cancer stories here is a book that shows positive role models to look up to and to keep in mind when the unspeakable happens to youI received an ARC for an unbiased review Inspired by real characters Paulette Mahurin’s HIS NAME WAS BEN probes in rich depth a story about living life to the fullest Many books are out in the world that tell of patients friends and family dealing with their own or another’s journey with cancer The exceptionally tender fact filled and emotionally laden difference here is the intense dissection of fear love hope and endurance Sara’s condition improves with experimental drug treatment after her double mastectomy Much slower to heal than the cancer is her negative self image as it battles with the desire for love sex and a caring relationship Stealing a peek as Ben fills out a uestionnaire at their oncologist’s office she is attracted to him and takes note of his telephone number Egged on by her friend Ellen she finally calls him and sets a datebut when an accident keeps her from him he figures she is a flake After all why would she be any different than his past experiences? The tall exceptionally good looking man she later learns has pancreatic cancer one of the most hopeless of cancers Ben and Sara literally grope toward a fulfilling relationship as they deal with their illnesses toxic family histories and their developing trust and love Mahurin’s writing is sharp as the surgeon’s scalpel cutting into the dynamics of childhood trauma As Sara and Ben assist each other to deal with their pasts and override or resolve them their love intensifies and matures Healing occurs on multiple levels even in the face of Ben’s deteriorating physical condition Mahurin has an enormous talent for exploring character development as the reader finds in the unfolding of layer after layer of individual growth and change Sara’s dog Tazzie and her friend Ellen a nurse as is Sara have been her only support until Ben’s entry into her life By the story’s end their mutual support system swells and multiplies in numbers understanding and love Sara and Ben give the fortunate reader lessons in living Mahurin writes with heart and passion a story not about facing death but what it is to be alive And it's never too late This every living breathing moment is here to be valued a point driven home in this poignant read This is a must read for anyone facing a terminal illness anyone with a family me member with a terminal illness or anyone wanting a glimpse into revelations that bring the miraculous living moment to the present for joy and love A truly beautiful romance novel that I will read again and again This isn't my usual genre that I read but I was gripped from the first chapter I was rooting for Sara from the start Such a well written and honest work I was gripped and as the tale unfolded I couldn't stop The romantic in me really wished and wished for what would be a happy ending and I feel the way in which the author told the story left me satisfied yet emotionally drained It's rare to find a story that you are so invested and that's so well and sensitively written that can make someone connect and feel such emotion I felt like I was with Sara and Ben every step of the way experiencing all the ups and downs that the circumstances brought What else can I say but wow An insightful compassionate tale about love and life in the moment when a moment is all there is Both ordinary and extraordinary Sara and Ben kept me up all night rooting for them as did Mahurin of course a writer of exceptional heart for her tender and wise depiction of love against all odds

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