Scent of Triumph

Scent of Triumph➵ [Read] ➱ Scent of Triumph By Jan Moran ➿ – When French perfumer Danielle Bretancourt steps aboard a luxury ocean liner leaving her son behind in Poland with his grandmother she has no idea that her life is about to change forever The year is 1 When French perfumer Danielle Bretancourt steps aboard a luxury ocean liner leaving her son behind in Poland with his grandmother she has no idea that her life is Scent of eBook ß about to change forever The year is and the declaration of war on the European continent soon threatens her beloved family scattered across many countries Traveling through London and Paris into occupied Poland Danielle searches desperately for her the remains of her family relying on the strength and support of Jonathan Newell Grey a young captain Finally she is forced to gather the fragments of her impoverished family and flee to America There she vows to begin life anew in s Los AngelesThere through determination and talent she rises high from meager jobs in her uest for success as a perfumer and fashion designer to Hollywood elite Set between privileged lifestyles and gritty realities Scent of Triumph by commanding newcomer Jan Moran is one woman's story of courage spirit and resilience. I was excited to read this book however my excitement diminished fairly uickly I enjoyed reading of Danielle's perfume lineage her exceptional olfactory gift her amazing intuition I was taken with Sofia her strength her courage Her presence was short lived but powerful and affecting Reading of Nicky and his plight was emotional The ravages of war clearly depicted The narrative was too dramatic for my taste and all predictable Multiple subplots served as a distraction most left frayed I felt as if I was reading a arduous task to weave multiple books into one attempt at capturing a solid plot Too much going on for my taste bottom line Every character has heavy issues at every corner doom dwells Implausible and overdone I could not relate to Danielle at all in regards to Nicky's missing status Danielle lacked emotion her demeanor drove me nuts her manner was less than vanilla bland would be generous Simply a matter of taste and this particular book wasn't my cup of tea The majority will disagree and find Moran's effort exceptional Admittedly I am in the minority Hope everyone enjoys reading Scent of Triumph as much as I enjoyed writing it Would love to hear from everyone let me know what you think DNF around 62%I really tried my best to finish this book But I just couldn't find anything that I liked with it neither the characters or the story worked for me It was very predictable In the end I jumped to the end and read it to see if it would end as I thought it would And I was rightOne thing that bothered me while I read this book was how superficial the story felt and the lack of depth to the characters This is a story that takes place during WW2 but even when horrible things happens in the book does it manage to move me because the character and the story never really comes to life It's just so lifeless And all this stuff about perfume and how trained Danielle was in smelling and then when she in the beginning hugged Jon and smelled how good he smelled that made me realize how this would all end I just don't like stories that are so predictable I mean come on Hm the main character is married but has feelings for another man and now her husband is on his way to Poland to find their son hmmm I wonder what will happenSorry this book just didn't work for meThanks to St Martin's Press and NetGalley for providing me with a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Find this and other reviews at don't know where to begin with Jan Moran's Scent of Triumph The book made an unmistakable impression it left me speechless and I find myself at a loss in describing my experience with it Moran's style and tone grated my nerves from the start The language she employs struck me as repetitive and the story is positively saturated with purple prose I make a point of ignoring the odd hiccup in spelling and grammar but Moran struggles with neither This is a techniue and one that didn't hold much appeal for this particular reader The book is character heavy which might have worked if any of the cast had struck my fancy Unfortunately I felt the lot underdeveloped wooden and clichéd Danielle Bretancourt and Jonathan Newell Grey lacked charisma and depth Cameron Murphy had potential but I don't feel Moran executed it to her best advantage Heinrich and Sofia were promising but they enjoy relatively minor roles and weren't as necessary to Danielle's experience as they were Nicky'sTo make matters worse I felt Moran's execution predictable unbalanced and heavy handed Danielle's takes place against WWII but the global conflict hardly competes with the author's portrayal of the perfumer's art I felt the first half of the narrative entirely unnecessary and I often found myself wondering at the author's delivery There is a distinct lack of tension and many of the main plot points are weakly tied together I'm a stubborn mule and finished the novel for no other reason than a desire to say I did but nothing about this piece worked for me and I don't see myself recommending it down the road I love war time romanceslike with a passion It has been a long time since I’ve read a book in one sittinglike a LONG TIMEThis book took me by complete surprise at how compelling it was I was addicted from the very beginning and literally could not put it down until I finished it I don’t know what it is about forbidden romances that just gets me but there just isThe chemistry between Danielle and Jon was electric I loved their love storytragic genuine and tenderI loved Jon he completely stole my heart Who could not love Danielle? She fought against the worst odds and did whatever she had to do to keep her family safe I loved those enduring ualities about herThe story seemed epic in nature but I didn’t feel like I was reading an epic if that makes sense The writing style was straight forward and the story moved it didn’t have any spots that lagged or that I felt like weren’t relevant Every thing that was happening moved the story forward It was an ‘epic’ love affair but it wasn’t an epic length book which was niceThe only thing that I wanted of was the story about Nicky Danielle’s son There were only bits and pieces and I felt like the true focus of the story was the romance and how Danielle sacrificed not so much about finding her sonI think the story could actually have been told without that element and been just as good For me it didn’t add that much drama etc to the story there was plenty of drama with the romance angle Overall it just seemed like an underdeveloped story linethe heart of the novel was the romanceThis book totally reminded me of a cross between the movies Pearl Harbor and Coco Before Chanel It was this great war time romance about a women stuck between two men who also designs the most amazing clothes and perfume ever WIN WIN WINSee my full review here One word to describe the book divine Such a pleasurable few days I spent lost in this fictional world The plot is deeply moving and feels very realistically – hauntingly so when it comes to events related to loss and the war There’s good pace and plenty of suspense to keep you wanting to turn the pages I was uite caught up in the story to the point that I was tearful on several occasions And such a marvellous endingI felt enormously empathetic towards Danielle the protagonist She’s mature courageous hard working sensible and fiercely independent – all ualities that make her easy to like This is not a heroine bowed down by adversity but one who turns it to her advantage I was especially drawn to her relationships with people – as a mother and daughter and as a wife There’s a compelling realism in these relationships that stands out in the writing When a main character is so human – full of unrealised passions doing her best with her lot while yearning for – it is a recipe for a book that really touches the core of the reader I adored the themes of fashion and scent that are explored in the book and the glimpses of life in the upper classes and Hollywood elite There is such a sense of wartime and post war Europe and America and I felt transported back in time as I read I could imagine the scenes and the people with amazing clarityFor me the best part of the book is the sublime description which very deliberately appeals to the sense of smell as in the following Danielle gazed out of the window She shook her hair in the cool breeze and inhaled the scents of lavender and rose and jasmine sweet in the lucent air To her these were the aromas of creativity of freedom where she’d always been happiest In my own writing I always describe in such a way that the reader can see and hear and taste and feel and smell the details of a setting and I felt a real affinity to Jan’s way of writing Indeed by the end of the book I would swear I could smell Danielle’s famous creation the perfume Chimère The author has such a wealth of understanding of beauty and scent which comes across in the book and I found myself visiting her website when I finished reading keen to learn about her I was delighted to find that she has a book out called Fabulous Fragrances that explores the stories behind 350 prestige perfumes – fascinatingIn sum I count myself a Jan Moran fan now and I eagerly anticipate her next novel which I’ve no doubt will be ‘scentsational’ I found this novel uite unrealistic and very unfocusedthe writing at grammar school level I had the impression that the author couldn't decide what tale to tell and therefore felt the need to keep throwing things into each chapter hoping something would evolve into a worthy tale All throughout I kept asking myself where is this story going? The only thread that was constant was the fact that she was missing her little boy and even that didn't seem to take center stage Perhaps the silliest scene was when the ocean liner gets torpedoed and what's her name falls out of the lifeboat all but drowns and then miracle of miracle oh ya Danielle finds herself moments later on her way to a wealthy friends home where she can stay I kept wondering wasn't she dripping wet? Wasn't she getting everything wet? Wasn't she cold? Instead the author has to be certain that we know that her main crush soon swoops in for a peck on the cheek at a friends house Give me a break This book review as well as many can also be found on my blog The Baking Bookworm thebakingbookwormblogspotcaNote My sincere thanks to Briarcliffe Press and NetGalley for providing me with a complimentary e book copy of this book in exchange for my honest reviewAuthor Jan MoranType e bookGenre Historical Fiction WWIISource NetGalleyPublisher Briarcliffe PressPublication Date December 7 2012First Line Danielle Bretancourt von Hoffman braced herself against the gleaming mahogany paneled stateroom wall striving for balance as she flung open a brass portholeMy Thoughts This book felt like it was two very different books rolled into one The first third of the book was a historical fiction read based in the tumultuous WWII It was a very 'edge of your seat' and emotional read and I really enjoyed it Somewhere around the time that Danielle moves to the USA the feel of the book its pace and intensity change dramatically It went from gripping historical fiction to of a romance saga a la Sidney Sheldon There's nothing wrong with that but the sudden change in pace and feel of the book surprised me Unfortunately the last two thirds of the book felt much predictable and the characters were clichéd I think that allowing the reader to get to know the characters inner feelings and thoughts would have helped make them dynamic and real to meThat said I did enjoy Danielle as the main character She is a resilient woman who gets all sorts of life's horrors thrown at her and yet she keeps struggling to make something of herself in order to support her family What took away from her successes is that a lot of it hinged on uite a lot of good luck on her part I always had the feeling that something would pop up to help her on her way which didn't help with the predictability issueThere were also the 'near misses' that Danielle and the man she truly loves have due to a simple omission of information or a misunderstanding This happened a few times and ended up for me feeling a little hokey and just made me feel frustrated with their relationship Overall the last two thirds of the book suffered from this predictability and the pace suffered as wellPersonally I would have loved to have of the book focus on the WWII action It was intense and emotional and griped me from the beginning One of the characters who helped make it so 'edge of your seat' is the villainous Heinrich Unfortunately he had a very minor role in the book and I was than a little shocked that he wasn't used to stir things up later onThere is another character in the book whom I wanted to learn about but sadly it didn't happen until the very end of the book Danielle loses contact with this person due to WWII Throughout the book her loss is felt but when she finally gets closure with this missing person it's done in such a rushed and uick manner that I felt a little jilted I wanted to know exactly what hisher story was and what they went through in the past several years This is a book about triumphing over life's obstacles It's about holding onto hope and being successful despite what life throws at you It centres around the science techniues and skill involved in the development and design of perfume which I found really interesting Unfortunately the predictable plot and the switch from griping historical fiction to of a slow romantic saga effected the pace and energy that was in the beginning of the bookMy Rating 35 stars Era WWIIHeroine Danielle BretancourtHero Jonathan Newell GreySpecial areas of research Perfume creation Orphan charities fashion Hollywood of 1940’sScent of Triumph opens with fear and longing Traveling home via ocean liner to Europe after a business trip to the United States Danielle and her husband Max are shocked by the news of the Nazi grab for power Danielle worries desperately for their son Nick who had been left behind in the care of his grandmother and with good cause Moran is very careful to make sure the memory of her son is never far from Danielle’s mind pricking her and the readers with a poignancy that keeps this novel from sinking into overwrought melodramaFor there is a lot of drama They were dramatic times yes but Danielle is forced to experience most of the tragedies of the era all heaped upon her strong determined auburn head Coming from a long line of respected perfumers Danielle has a solid background that I enjoyed as I grew acuainted with her A talented artist in this field she also comes to design clothing and becomes uite a trendsetter rising from the poverty into which the war dropped her to shine at the top of society before the novel’s end There are villains horrible villains There are good men and women And there is The Hero Jon Newell Grey who carries a torch for Danielle during the duration of the story He comes from a wealthy family of shipping magnates and is truly a good manIt’s a good story too But it is overwrought Are there spies? Of course Are there bombs? Yes Naval attacks? Yes Secrets? Littering the ground at times And the author keeps the resolution as to what did indeed happen to Nicky the son that was left behind with his grandmother while his parents traveled overseas until almost the very last pageIf you read this book be prepared to be manipulated Despite my aversion to melodrama in general I still had my eyes burning with tears while seated in an airplane reading this Twice There are some lovely emotions tender notes and the beauty and art of the perfumer that captivated me Living in Danielle’s mind as she creates truly is a work of artBut the rest of it felt like one of those Beautiful People stories that flooded the market in the 1980’s and I have perhaps read of them than I should have Still I came for the perfume and the history and those aspects did not disappointIf you like World War II drama if you are interested in learning about a rare art form I recommend this romance Heading toward England on a Newell Grey luxury liner with her husband Max Danielle Bretancourt von Hoffman was feeling nauseous on the heavily pitching seas The storm was intense and her pregnancy made her feel much worse Jonathan Newell Grey was also onboard heading home to rejoin his family; he admired Max and found his wife to be a beautiful and gracious young woman It was September 1939 and to the horror of all England suddenly declared war on Germany Hitler had declared his intent and already disaster was occurring throughout Europe Arriving in England after being rescued from their ship which was torpedoed and sunk in the deep seas Danielle was anxious to find her husband – had he survived? Homeless and penniless Jon’s family and friends were a wonderful support – but Danielle was desperate to find her son He had been left in Poland with Max’s mother when they had sailed Sofia was to take Nicky to Paris to meet up with the family but they had heard Sofia was too ill to make the journey And they were unable to make contact with any of the family as the war was impacting on everythingMany months later alone lost and grieving Danielle needed to flee Paris – she had lost so much but she was determined to save the few members of her family who remained With one of her dearest friends Abigail Jon’s sister living in Los Angeles Danielle decided America would be their salvation So with the help of the French resistance they arrived in Los Angeles alive but completely destitute – Danielle’s life as she struggled to build a range of French perfume with her talents and family history within the industry would change yet again over the course of the next few yearsI thoroughly enjoyed this book Danielle Bretancourt was a very strong and resilient young woman her strength of character shone through continually The story was an emotional one with deep and intense sadness blended with happiness success and love There were twists and turns throughout some which had me gasping in shock; overall this is a book which I have no hesitation in recommending highlyWith thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for my copy to read and review