Oh, the Thinks You Can Think!

Oh, the Thinks You Can Think!❰Epub❯ ❤ Oh, the Thinks You Can Think! Author Dr. Seuss – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk The possibilities are endless in Dr Seuss’s classic Beginner Book Young readers will delight in Oh the Thinks You Can Think which celebrates the imagination and encourages young readers to think abo The possibilities are endless Thinks You PDF/EPUB ¶ in Dr Seuss’s classic Beginner Book Young readers will delight in Oh the Thinks You Can Think which celebrates the imagination and encourages young readers to think about thinking “Think left and think right and think low and Oh, the Kindle - think high Oh the Thinks you can think up if only you try”originally created by Dr Seuss Beginner books encourage children to read all by themselves with simple words and illustrations that give clues to their meaning. Paradoxical imagery so shiny that you get lost in the conundrumPushes the imagination to the brinkI remember a uote that mind staples with this book And it goes as All children are born artists The problem is to remain an artist as we grow up Pablo Picasso Classic book by Dr Seuss with lots of imaginative little monsters and lots of made up words that they can surprisingly rhyme oh the thinks you can thinkIt's in your eyes just do as blink I love love love Dr Seuss Always have and I think I always willSadly this book didn't live up to many of my other favorites The rhymes weren't smooth sometimes it didn't even rhyme And while the made up words were cute they felt like a way to make a rhyme than anything elseI liked the illustrations I love the idea and parts of it did make me smile But mostly it just felt like a rough draftThankfully there are so many fantastically wonderful Seuss books out there that there's plenty of his works to read before this one ; ETA Obviously plenty of others loved this book So perhaps it was just the mood I was in when I read it? A nice book to make kids think about imaginary stuff and somehow make them think out of the box I read it for my niece and nephew and they are still asking uestions on what is a moon why think of 3 moons? Why not or less? What is moon made of?and further uestions leading to prove me wrong on insisting that we live on the surface of the earth My favorite kind of Dr Suess book no plot just rampant silliness and nonsensicalityHappy Birthday Theodor Seuss Geisel and thanks for all the absurdity I can't begin to imagine what an adult reading this book who didn't grow up with it might think of it You could think a volume of things of course and hopefully you love it as much I always have but don't be too uick to write it off as nonsense Amazingly psychedelic in the way only the seventies could've been with no shortage of silliness sure but all that is just the candy touch on possibly the most invaluable lesson you could teach a child keep your mind open and keep your imagination active no matter whatThink for yourself Share your ideas write them down if they're important to remember even if nobody else thinks so In an era of technological manipulation at every corner all you may have left to yourself in the end is your mind so don't let it stagnateIt's rare that I actually go out and buy children's books now It's not that I don't like them and appreciate what they mean but I don't know any children and children's books feel different and somehow shallower when you're an adult if that makes sense I made an exception for Oh the Thinks You Can Think recently since well my childhood copy is at least a decade older than I am and looks like it's been run through the ringer That is if someone had crammed the ringer full of broken crayons and miscellaneous sugary drinks firstThe message is what resonates with me now but I'll still always love the art especially now that I get to actually see it without a veil of scribbles over it Like I said Suess is pretty psychedelic and that surreal colourful style really appeals to meAn interesting thing though is that the scene that stands out to me most is one of the least vibrant and that is the page where a little boy is standing on what looks like the main street of a ghost town face to face with the silhouette of a monster And what would you do if you met a Jibboo? Suess asksWhat would we do? We don't know what this stranger wants of us but from the way it lingers in the dark at a distance that's still far too close we don't really want toI always looked forward to turning the page to see this scene solely because of how weird and unnerving it was Researching it a bit further it seems like a lot of people remember being scared out of their wits by the Jibboo so much so that he was included as a phantom that torments the main character in Halloween is Grinch Night in a very memorable acid trip horror seuence You'll know it if you've seen itNot every spark of imagination or reason for newfound curiosity is a pleasant one The fact is that all of us will eventually be faced with a fear that we don't or can't understand In the end it is better to face those ideas those unknowable horrors that may just specifically haunt us Try to get some bearing on what they are and what they mean or else be forced to waste away in hiding from themLearning to be courageous and uick witted against those kinds of fears as a child which can be incredibly out of proportion and weird because everything is when you're a child is just as vital as an exposure to new ways of thinking If you can be brave against mysterious anxieties and what ifs you won't be limited by anything More books and reviews here on my blog Oh The Thinks You Can Think This one is kind of a follow on to and a little less amazing than One Fish Two Fish But it is still fun – the graphics are amazing and Escherian The power of the imagination There is no limit to what you can think up Dr Seuss explores the imagination and encourages the reader to push their creative mind to limitless heightsThis is another Dr Seuss story I am unfamiliar with It is inspirational The book showcases Dr Seuss' creative brilliance and originality in a way that touches directly on the reader's own creative mindFrom vivid imagery and conundrums to endless parades of his invented species Dr Seuss' words are as vibrant as his illustrations His imagination is infectiousWhether you're old or young or somewhere in between this book is a must read Particularly if you're stuck for ideas or lacking in motivationThe thinks I did think amplified in a blinkFrom my blog uill Café In accordance with the FTC I would like to disclose that I borrowed this book The opinions expressed are mine and no monetary compensation was offered to me by the author or publisher

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