Oddly Normal #1

Oddly Normal #1❮Download❯ ➽ Oddly Normal #1 Author Otis Frampton – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Amazing Books, Oddly Normal #1 By Otis Frampton This is the best favorite book with over 662 readers online here. Amazing books, Oddly Normal By Otis Frampton This is the best favorite book with over readers online here. Note I received a copy of this book from the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Note II It's been uite a while since I read this one and now finally I've got the time to pen down a review for it As it's been a sort of late reviewing this review is not as detailed as I would have liked but I'll be reviewing the seuel soon so I'll be descriptive when I review that oneOddly Normal is the one of the best graphic novels I've read so far It's extremely engaging superbly thrilling and I must say remarkably cute I love the characterization and Oddly are indeed a really remarkable character I can completely relate to her and I really think that this series is going to be epic The illustrations are rich and spot on I really really love this bookThe world building in this novel is a work of pure genius The names are just totally amazeballs yea I had to say that and the storyline is one that can easily suck the reader inside the amazing and adventurous world of OddlyIf you're looking for a new graphic novel series to start with Oddly Normal is just the thing you need Trust meReview of Oddly Normal #2 is coming shortlyYou can also read this review at The Reading Bud It's an interesting premise I like the art and characters The outsider feel is done right It has been a few years since I have read any graphic novels or comics but the title and cover art on this one really grabbed my attention I was not disappointed It was a great read and I am looking forward to the other books in the series Oddly is a 10 year old girl she is an outcast at school and her home life is odd He mother is a witch and her father human And her life is never what she hopes it will be On her 10th birthday she makes a wish and it comes true But it is the sort of wish one regrets once it comes true Now her parents have disappeared and he Aunt brings her to the world of magic to keep her safe This is a world of vampires werewolves monsters and creatures unknown and Oddly has ended up an outcast yet again The story in this book was great but the artwork was amazing The images are stunning; I have gone back and read the book three times through This is a great graphic novel and I can highly recommend itRead the review on my blog Book Reviews and More Meet Oddly Normal half witch half human Apart from having the parents with worst naming customs ever she also has green hair and pointed ears Today is her tenth birthday but it's not a happy day for her Her parents live in her own oblivious land and she always felt left out The trouble comes when she makes a birthday wish that is going to turn her life upside down Looks like the next issues are going to go in a fantasy like direction I won't say why read it people which looks promising Oddly is a relatable person good for a main character I will continue reading This was the cutest The art style was so charming and the story plot is great I am looking forward to reading of Oddly Normal Oddly Normal is our aptly named lead She is a middle school girl and happens to be a half witch which doesn't help her make friends Being a single issue this book pretty much just introduces the characters before ending with a cliffhanger ish scene but it's still a good readThe art was good The premise was intriguing I liked some of the small details such as the mother's profession the subtle reference to Wizard of Oz the way the house was drawn etc Overall a good start of what seems to be an interesting series I downloaded the first issue as a free sample from out of curiosity The idea itself is not very original but the art and the way the story is depicted is charming and cute succeeding in delivering the mood and feelings of the main character Can't say I'd bother buying the next issues but I'd certainly try of them if I happened to find them ChallengesJune 2016 #TBRtakedownA book out of your comfort zonefor me it's graphic novels 45 starsIt's the first of a new graphic novel and while I don't pick them up a hole lot I did like it so I might get the second one and see what happens 45 starsIm not big on comics that are in the 'comic style' but this I feel is closer to a 'graphic novel style' atleast I know what I mean I really enjoyed it and will be purchasing the whole series Cant wait to read the rest A little bit sad but a decent start to the series about Oddly who is half witch Definitely keen to read of the series