Return to Hoffman Grove (Northwest Suburbs #3)

Return to Hoffman Grove (Northwest Suburbs #3)[EPUB] ✹ Return to Hoffman Grove (Northwest Suburbs #3) ✾ Karla Brandenburg – After nine years away a business venture forces Brody Parkhill to return to his home town Trying to determine whether the building he’s been sent to assess would be a viable project for his boss he After nine years away a business venture forces Brody Parkhill to return to his home town Trying to determine whether the building Return to Kindle - he’s been sent to assess would be a viable project for his boss he is surprised to discover it houses a women’s crisis center Further complicating his job members of his old high school gang are involved in the center’s operations—the same friends he ran out on all those years ago His boss uestions where Brody’s loyalties lie and ultimately fires him With no to offer Cinda Cooper the girl he left behind than when he was a hot headed teen Brody must find a way to regain his job save the center and win her back The last person Cinda Cooper expected to see after a night out was her best friend from high school Brody Parkhill the one who was supposed to help her escape her troubled home life The one she hasn’t seen or heard from for nine years But she’s too busy dealing with escalating acts of violence to deal with her feelings for him Could these crimes have anything to do with Brody’s return to town Or has her past caught up with her. I received this book free from the author in exchange for an honest reviewCinda Cooper has bad luck when it comes to relationships A broken engagement and a past love that she cannot forget or forgive leaves hardly any room in her future for a love life Not to mention a troubled rocky relationship with her father The only thing that she really has going for her now is owning her own home and her best friends from high school Brody Parkhill left Hoffman Grove with no intentions of ever returning When business brings him back he runs right into the one person he thought he would never see again His best friend Cinda All of the apologies in the world can not make her forget about him leaving town and not returning for her Having a rocky family relationship with his drunken father made him strive to become the successful business man that he is But you cannot really move on in life until you make amends with your past This is a great story about friendship love and forgiveness with a great twist of suspense Not to mention the psycho ex’s With all of these topics in one story it really shows how friends are always there for each other and are willing to walk through your troubles with you I really enjoyed reading this story The detail was a little much for me at times but overall this was a great storyMy Favorite Moment I love when a book can make me laugh The moment for me was when Brody had to take Cinda to her room for the night“Brody scooped her up and carried her into her room Cinda suealed with delight He pulled her close and kissed her as he sat her down He had finally kissed Cinda Cooper and he wanted Desperately But not like this Brody pulled away and stared into her glassy eyesCinda blinked several times Back in the day that was a sign of nerves Not good She turned around and with a glance over her shoulder raised her skirt and shot him a moon Double damn For some this could be an emotional read I say could because the subject of spousal abuse is addressed This should not deter you because as I read onI could not not read onthe emotions of this multi faceted story grabbed me Besides the pain of abuse the emotions of jealousy; husband to wife parent to child and friend to friend are the undercurrents of this story This is about eight high school friends growing up now realizing they are adults and families learning to respect and love one another again One couple of the group are married Another couple were married now divorced There is the token bachelor playboy vowing never to marry Next the abusive marriage with the alcoholic unemployed husband and the devoted insecure wife And finally Cinda and Brody inseperable in high school nothing Then he ran from personal demons to Minneapolis to make himself a man Nine years later he returns to evaluate a real estate property He and Cinda are reunited but are both are in a tug of war between friendship and love Enter intrigue and danger as Cinda becomes a target for a phantom assassin and Brody’s job is being sabotaged The eight friends share heartache and some light hearted lessons in friendship and the resolution of lifelong family secretsNote This manuscript was sent to me for review purposes I received no compensation or bartering for my services The review is my own opinion and I am still purchasing my own hard Kindle copies ​ I got this for only 77p when it released since I bought it via pre order after hearing about it onlineI had not read this author before and wanted to try something different I will be honest from the cover I thought it would be another chick flick no brainer BUT I was pleasantly surprised This was a romantic novel with a lot of extras thrown in Great characters realistic situations a fast paced plot and a fantastic love storyI loved the sassy main character Cinda She had so many layers and was naturally weary to fall at the feet of the handsome high school best friend Brody The reason for the tension between these two is obvious since they had unfinished business and it is never clear cut whether them being an item is the best thing in the long term I'll not tell you what happens you have to read itUltimately growing up is tough and high school does not prepare us for what comes along The author manages to discuss serious issues in a way that makes you relate to the problems whilst at the same time sucking you in for a fantastic readI really enjoyed it will check out this author again in the future My only gripe is that at times the same issue was repeated for example reminding us about the fact that they had been apart for 9 years which I felt was unnecessary but that's just me Excellent Book Cinda Cooper recently suffered a breakup with her boyfriend A group of her high school girlfriends decide to go to a local resort for the weekend to try to cheer up Cinda Sometimes things don't work out as you would like them to so Cinda ends up leaving the party early While getting her coat she happens to run into Brody her high school classmate Brody and Cinda were sweet on each other back in high school and Brody promised to send for her once he graduated and moved out of town Due to various reasons this did not happen Accidentally meeting at the lodge dredges up the past Can Cinda and Brody work thru all this? They both have a lot of personal baggage they are carrying around regarding family jobs etc This book is full of twists and turns It really held my interest and after about 2 chapters I didn't want to put the book down This is an easy read book and one doesn't have to remember too many characters If you like light romance you'll love this book Return to Hoffman Grove by Karla BrandenburgThis is a MUST READ It has all the components of a terrific contemporary romance It has friendship betrayl ran enewal abused much much A group of high school students who all come from disfunctional families have found each other and become the support group that they all need The hero of the story leaves after the prom Each of the others get on with their lives but all are deeply hurt by the abandonment by their friend Fast forwrd a number of years Work brings the Hero back to TownHere begins the finding out of truths and the attempts at reconciliation Here you begin to learn of the things that have changed and those that are repeating themselves Yo find difficulties that will bind the group together again in an attempt to help one anotherYou have an arson slashed tires and a murder attempt The friends join forces and help heal each others woundsThis novel is extremely well written you can feel what each one of the characters does Karlas telling of the story is superb Suspenseful Romance Cinda Cooper and Brody Parkhill were best friends growing up Over the years their friendship strengthened due to their abusive homes After high school graduation Brody left town He promised Cinda once he was settled he would send for her; as the years passed with no word from Brody Cinda’s heart hardened and her attitude sharpened She became so defiant that her girlfriends had a hard time dealing with her It’s been nine years since Brody left home After struggling to put himself through college Brody became a successful business developer He currently works for a prestigious firm in Minneapolis Who would have thought business of all things would bring him back to Hoffman Grove the small town that brought him so much pain Brody is forced to face his tortured past and his broken relationships The plot thickens when Cinda becomes the target for a violent stalkerAbuse comes in many forms Author Karla Brandenburg has written a compelling story that addresses the lifelong pain and suffering associated with abuse and its survivors This is book 3 of the Northwest Suburbs book but can be read as a stand alone I have not read book 1 or 2 but I plan on going back and reading them as wellThis was a great book that has so many elements to it It has 2nd chances suspense mystery drama and of course romance This book has realistic situations including mentions of verbal and physical abuse recovery and forgivness Written as a multi pov this story has great dialogue awesome storyline and good character interactions This is about a group of friends that grew up together and what has happened to them 9 years later It includes lots of information about the other charcters that it's made me want to read their stories as well I had a few heart twinge moments but no tears with this one All in all a really good readWould I recommend this book? Yes Would I read from this author? Yep Going to see if I can get my hands on book 1 and 2 next This book looks into answering the uestion can you go back home and does it beautifully The characters are multifaceted and you learn so much about them as you read the story of these high school friends The story of how they all became friends is woven throughout the story and really helps you feel that you know the characters When Brody left town he promised he would send for Cinda but never does Again his reasons are revealed throughout the story This book has so much going for it It has romance renewed friendships family drama forgiveness and abuse The domestic abuse portion of the story is extremely well written as are the other forms of abuse some of the characters encounter I loved reading through the story to see if the friendships would last through all of these years and through all of the struggles Return to Hoffman Grove by Karla Brandenburg is an intelligent emotional drama full of richly described charactersBrody returns to his home town after a 9 year absence to assess a property for development He rediscovers Cinda his first love from high school at an abuse session housed in the same building he wants to redevelop He meets friends he left behind an old memories resurface Here the author shows her flair for emotional stress and its toll on the charactersThere is so much going on in this thought provoking novel which delves into the murky world of spousal abuse and kudos to the author for keeping it entertaining and rivetingFIVE STARS for this emotional drama and highly recommended Goodreads win Will read and review once receivedI really enjoyed this book I can almost say that I fell in love with it This book was filled with emotional drama and amazingly descriptive characters This was an interesting contemporary romance There was drama suspense mystery and love This book had so much going on that I never found myself getting bored A great book I would recommend to anyone who loves romance

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