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Deadly Fantasies[KINDLE] ❃ Deadly Fantasies Author Kelly Miller – A ringing phone at 117 am is never a good thing but Homicide Detective Kate Springer doesn't have the luxury of ignoring the call On the other end of the line a confessor admits to murdering her husba A ringing phone at am is never a good thing but Homicide Detective Kate Springer doesn't have the luxury of ignoring the call On the other end of the line a confessor admits to murdering her husband Dr Nina Grace needs help and Kate knows it's time to repay a debt No matter the conseuences Kate must fight to keep the investigation from solely focusing on her friend Jonathan Grace controls the people in his life like he does his business with a chokehold His insatiable appetite for living life on the edge leads him to a club where he's encouraged to act out his darkest desires But what happens when one man's fantasy becomes another's nightmare Did Dr Nina Grace kill her husband or did Jonathan's secret life lead to his death Detective Springer knows that no matter what her friend admitted she couldn't be capable of the horrific torture and murder of her husband But will Kate's blind loyalty be her downfall. Holy crap Read this within hours Didn't see that twist I was so looking forward to the second book in this series This isn't sopho slump; it is sopho suicide The formerly likeable Kate has morphed into an obnoxious overbearing egotist The other characters didn't fare much better Kate receives a call from her friend psychologist Nina that she killed her husband I don't know that six mandated visits to a police psychologist constitute friendship but apparently it does for Kate Is she being manipulated by a wily murderer or beseeched by an innocent woman? I found I did not care as I slogged through this tiresome read A complete disappointment Page TurnerCaught my attention from the beginning Full of twists and turns Keeps you guessing until the end Really enjoyable read Deadly Fantasies Black Rose Writing 2013 by Kelly Miller is the second book of the Detective Kate Springer series The author assured me that I didn’t need to read the first book for this one to make sense and she was true to her word Detective Springer gets a call after midnight from her former shrink The connection is bad but Dr Nina Grace says “I think I killed my husband” Detective Springer and her partner Detective Patrick Jessup are on the case but everyone uestions if Detective Springer’s past relationship with the good doctor will cloud her judgmentI don’t read too many detective novels I either find them terribly clumsy and cliche or in all honestly too hard to follow It seems like crime authors want to make it so hard to figure out “who dunnit” that the plot gets convoluted to the point of confusing Kelly Miller’s novel avoids both of these problems and I found myself really enjoying where the story took me Each scene is laid out carefully and in chronological order as if the reader is actually following along with the detectives It’s a really short time period Friday through Tuesday but each day is packed full of interviews and evidence In terms of the ending I didn’t know who did it nor did I trust any character on the suspect list fully including Dr Grace which is what keeps the novel moving ahead Trusting Dr Grace is one of the key issues because the entire story is told through Detective Springer’s eyes and we’re not sure if she isn’t biasedWhat really kept me reading wasn’t the plot at first Really I kept reading for the dialogue Deadly Fantasies is a dialogue driven novel and Miller keeps it so natural Just seeing how the characters would talk to each other was often funnyBack at the suad room I dropped Detective Jung’s keys on is desk “Thanks for letting me borrow your car I owe you one”Jung looked up from his computer screen eyes bloodshot “No problem” It looked like he hadn’t moved in the three hours I’d been gone“Have you seen Patrick around?” I asked“Nope”“Good talking with you Jung”“Yep”This is a rather simple scene one that I like because it shows the distracted nature of a detective who has been working far too long without making too much fuss over his appearance or demeanor Also he’s not out doing high speed car chases or having gun battles; the work is realisticIn another scene Detective Springer tries to break the tension between her and her partner“We’ve just started the investigation and you’ve already convicted her”“NoIhaven’t Unlike you I simply haven’t found her innocent yet”Unwilling to jump on that merry go round again I threw out a trivia uestion trying to diffuse Patrick’s uncharacteristic anger “Eight presidents were born in one state Which state was it?” uestions like these were our little way of passing the time taking our mind off a particularly craptastic event or just showing each other our dumb sidePatrick practically exhaled my name “Kate I’m not in the mood”“What’s going on with you?”“Nothing”I stopped talking deciding to wait him out Patrick had seen me in an interrogation room He knew I could outlast him“My wife’s pregnant Again”Patrick’s angry outburst shocked me I didn’t know what to say “Soyou don’t know which state was home to eight presidents?”The awkwardness seen here gives the character life Detective Springer acknowledges that they can be dumb but she’s also a tough individual who can get information When things get personal her not knowing what to say shows that she isn’t a flimsy perfect character–that she is indeed a personAnd best yet she doesn’t go into nurturing woman mode Deadly Fantasies is one of the least sexist books I’ve read in a long time The men and women are not cliches but people with individual concerns Detective Jessup is the one concerned about children and family a role typically left for women No one even brings up kids to the main character Women and men are eually likely to be bad guys good parents or even awkwardOverall Deadly Fantasies by Kelly Miller is a must read I couldn’t put it down at first for the dialogue and later for the plot My only hesitance come from the title and cover; both indicate that this is a “chick book” which didn’t make me too excited to read it I was worried it would be full of cliches and “simpering” characters; however Miller’s novel is an excellent choice for male or female readers I want to thank author Kelly Miller for sending me this novel in exchange for an honest review I have no personal familial or professional relationship to this authorThis review was originally published at Grab the Lapels a site that reviews books written by women Check out my other reviews at Little Miss BookmarkI've never had such an easy time rating a book I knew that this was going to be a 5 star rating from just the first page Immediately Deadly Fantasies grabs you by the seat of the pants and takes you on a wild journey Well maybe not grabs you by the seat of the pants That sounds a bit weird especially coupled with my saying it takes you on a wild journey Okay starting over I don't know it's a thrill ride You are completely sucked into this novel from the first page I have read tons of mysteries Tons Truckloads My favorite thriller authors are Erica Spindler and Karin Slaughter I adore these two ladies and everything that they create I have some other authors that I like a lot but nothing like those two In my mind no one can tell a story like they do Well until nowI don't think that I'm one of those readers that is easily impressed I'm pretty hard on anything that I read I pick it apart page by page I'm sure I am harsh than other reviewers but it's because my love of books is pretty serious to me Reviewing a book is nothing that I take lightly I'm sharing my thoughts and recommending these books or not recommending to everyone that I know and I don't want to push someone to read something that was just meh I'm not going to endorse something I don't likeAnyhow at one point I honestly wondered if maybe Kelly Miller was just a new pen name For this to only be her second book it's really uite amazing This lady has talent She is definitely going to be a name that you hear about and in the coming years Okay maybe I should get to the review Well I really don't have one I tried to find a flaw in the characters the plot the descriptions the research the conversations and I couldn't find one thing Well that's a lie There was one spelling error but that was literally it The characters were well thought out and they read like they were actual people the plot was twisty turny yes it's totally a word and filled with multiple VERY unexpected surprises the descriptions were the perfect combination of descriptive but not too over the top and boring the research dude I think I might be able to run my own police investigations after this and finally the conversations they were so realistic I didn't find them weird or stilted or unnatural at all There weren't any lags in the plot things ran very smoothly I didn't find myself skimming just to get to the good stuff because EVERYTHING was the good stuff I did find myself trying to speed read because I just had to know what was going on I had to force myself to take breaks from reading so that I didn't just devour this whole novel in one day You only get that First Read Magic once you know what I'm talking about the first time you read a really amazing novel and all of the surprises make you gasp anyway you only get that first read once and I really didn't want to waste it because I was being a gluttonous reader And my gosh the ending Holy crap it really came out of no where No Where I wish I could read it again and get that shocker at the endNow it is the second in a series but I haven't had the privilege of reading the first one yet and I think that this could actually stand alone if you want to pick this one up first which I totally recommend Basically get this novel Go get it right now When I first got this book I was a little nervous but I was assured that it was meant to be a standalone as well as part of the series so it would not be difficult to read this book It's the second in the Detective Kate Springer series And I wasn't missing anything at all If anything was mentioned about Kate's past there was some kind of explanation I didn't feel like I was missing anything by not having read the first book in the series before reading Deadly Fantasies It was easy to slip into the book even without having read the first bookThere were many things I enjoyed about this book There's an interesting but easy relationship between Kate and her partner Patrick It provided a nice interlude from some of the emotional scenes and it was easy to see how close the two were without being romantically involved Another thing that I enjoyed It was nice to see malefemale interaction without romantic intentions involved That being said I also enjoyed Kate's conversations with Carlos someone who she has been romantically involved with in the past I think that the relationship could be interesting as she is a cop and he's a journalist So I'd like to see how that develops It was easy to follow Kate's thought process as Kelly Miller presents it in an easy manner but there is also the fact that because we can only know Kate's thoughts we don't necessarily know her real motives for things as she may not know them herself It was intriguing to try and understand some of her underlying motives Then there was the fact that it wasn't focusing on the murder aspect of Kate's life Deadly Fantasies does place a lot of importance on solving the murder but it also brought in other parts of Kate's life and it did it in way that it didn't feel unnatural or as if it was only being done to take a break from the murder investigation The murder was not the only drama in the book and I was curious to find out what would happen in Kate's personal life as well as her professional life Kate was also shown as a real human being She had flaws many of which she didn't notice until it was pointed out to her But she also is willing to change things to fix those flaws I had to admit that that drew me to her as a reader because I know that in my own life I am terrible at finding my flaws even if they're pointed out and changing them in such a way to better myself So I found that watching Kate go through that was a great thing to read The murder also involved a lot of different players and it was fascinating to put together the pieces not to mention that I don't really think that I thought the ending would go the way it did I was pleasantly surprised at the ending even though there had been clues all along throughout the book to guide the reader to that possible conclusionFind this review and many others on Reading Shy With Aly I won the ebook in a giveaway I haven't read much mysterycrime stories outside of Sherlock Holmes but I watch a lot of Castle and I love it The best thing about Kelly Miller's writing is how smooth flowing it is The scenes played just like they do in movies or the TV series read Castle The dialogues are smart and witty I loved the inside jokes and games between the detectives those were refreshingThe other great thing about the book is how the author introduces the backstories Kelly started this book in the middle of an action and then slowly divulged the details about the lives of the detectives Detective Kate's past that holds her back from having healthy relationships Detective Patrick's fears about his wife's pregnancy with the fourth child and Kate's friendship with Lucy the crime scene technician The way these backstories are introduced makes one want to know about the characters' lives and just when you seek Kelly cleverly steers the story towards the crime under investigation which makes you wait patiently until you get another peek at the lives of the detectivesI also liked how the author left some subplots unresolved for example at one point in the story Detective Kate had a major fallout with Lucy Towards the end Kate does realize her problems that contributed to the breach but Kelly doesn't finally explain how things get patched up if they every do between the women I think this is a smart move by any author because it leaves something for the imagination of the readersmaking them stay in the story a while longer thinking about what the characters would do after the story ends Also leaves some reference to include in the next book of the series I supposeSo let's review some aspect of Deadly FantasiesGreat plot? Check Memorable characters? CheckGood resolution? CheckPerfect ending? CheckOnly all the goodness felt a little bit surgical to me As if the story has been written keeping certain guidelines in mind It's like the book uses all the well tested conflictssub plots that are expected in a crime thriller and are known to impact readers But then again it's indeed an art knowing which spice to use when and being able to cook 'em up brilliantly A lot of writers may know the golden rules of writing a thriller but not many can execute them well Kelly sure excels in that areaDeadly Fantasies is a great read I definitely recommend it 35 of 5 starsI was sent this book by the author for my honest reviewThis book revolves around Kate a homicide detective in Tampa Fl In the middle of the night she gets a call from an acuaintance who states she may have killed her husband Kate arrives at a bloody crime scene and an investigation begins This book did grab me from the beginning I really liked the storyline the murder to solve and the investigation the most It was a good simple story that was really easy to read and moved uickly to get through Everything came together in a nicely wrapped up box Setting APlot AConflict AThe characters I didn't warm up to as much I had definite issues with Kate who is selfish whiny and insecure Her partner Patrick Jessup was just as bad I didn't feel any connection to the characters and disliked them Not having read the first book I didn't know much back story but there was enough that was alluded to or touched on that I got a general idea The story line was enough to keep me enjoying the book despite the characters many flaws Characters DMy only other issue with this book was the underlining theme of the book which though never mentioned as such revolves around BDSM This is a personal opinion and should be taken as such As one who reads understands and accepts BDSM I didn't like the negative undertones surrounding the BDSM aspects It's clear that the characters felt all aspects of Kink are wrong to not be talked about and I felt that because the villains were involved in BDSM activities all of BDSM was thrown into a negative light Obviously not everyone is going to have the same opinion on this very touchy subject so many people will be fine with the negative aspect of it I personally didn't like it but it didn't distract too much from the overall bookTheme BOn a whole I really enjoyed the book and I would recommend it to others Like with most people I am a fan of murdermystery television shows I grew up watching Law and Order Law and Order SVU Murder She Wrote and other shows of that genre The unusual thing however is that I seldom pick up a book in the same genre I suppose I like the visuals of everything However when Kelly Miller reached out and asked if I would be interested in reading her book I readily agreed because I wanted something different than the historical tomes that I am usually reading like a madwomanBoy am I glad that I did This book is a page turner and has all the twists and turns you hope for I read this in three hours–that’s how good it was I really connected with the book because it’s based in Tampa Bay not far from where I live Hearing Ybor City Channelside Florida Auarium amongst other locales was amusing to me because I could picture all of it perfectly However even if you’ve never been Ms Miller’s descriptions are vivid enough for you to envision it in your mind Her mentioning the temperatures in July made me laugh because anyone in this area knows what she means The day has barely begun and already you’ll be sweating your brains outI didn’t read ‘Dead Like Me’the first book in the series however this was great as a standalone novel I’ll definitely check out ‘Dead Like Me’ and I look forward to the next book as well While I admit I wish the main characters had a little depth to them I still liked them a lot There was enough banter and humor to counterbalance the seriousness so if you find yourself chuckling at something Kate has said don’t be surprised I loved the end of the book I did not see that coming The whole thing felt like a roller coaster A good one I promise You’d think that things were going to progress one way but then they’d turn and do a loop de loop Bloody fantastiçI look forward to book three in the Kate Springer series What do you do when one that is close to you admits to murder? If you’re a detective can you stay impartial while you investigate? Dr Nina Grace had been the ‘shrink’ for many Tampa police officers Detective Kate Springer had to spend a few weeks with the doctor after she had shot a suspect in a kidnapping case Kate managed to work through many issues of her own with Dr Grace and knew in her heart that Nina Grace couldn’t have committed this hideous murderous act on her husband Detective Patrick Jessup is Kate’s partner Kate doesn’t want to hold back information from him but at the same time realizes that if she were to express Dr Grace perceived confession the case would only be focused upon herAlthough this novel is the second in the Detective Kate Springer series it can be read on its own The first in the series was Dead Like Me The story was told in first person narrative by Kate I liked the character of Kate and her friendship and camaraderie with her partner The only situation that wasn’t resolved at the end was the riff Kate caused between herself and her best friend Lucy James who was also the crime scene tech The story played out similarly to episodes of Law Order It’s hard to believe this is only Kelly Miller’s second novel She writes with the finesse of an established author Her pacing of the story and character development is skillfully done I rated Deadly Fantasies 4 out of 5httpwwwfictionzealcomdeadly fan