Domming the Heiress Dominion of Brothers #15

Domming the Heiress Dominion of Brothers #15[Read] ➭ Domming the Heiress Dominion of Brothers #15 By Talon P.S. – Dominion of Brothers Series Book 15Written by Talon PS Princess SOMF BDSM – Ds Erotic RomanceYou can’t depend on your eyes when your desire is out of focus”Heiress Amelia uinneth had always been Dominion of Brothers Series Book Heiress Dominion MOBI ð Written by Talon PS Princess Domming the Kindle - SOMF BDSM – Ds Erotic RomanceYou can’t depend on your eyes the Heiress Dominion ePUB ´ when your desire is out of focus”Heiress Amelia uinneth had always the Heiress Dominion of Brothers Kindle - been known for topping from the bottom Being Vice President of the family fortune and firm makes letting go of control than just complicated Nevertheless submission is the one thing she desires most at the end of the day and no amount of control over her life can get her to that unobtainable bliss That is until frustrated by lack of satisfaction; she finally reached out to Dominus Trenton Leos to be paired up with a Dom that could take charge and satisfy her needsHowever despite her reuest she never expected she would have to meet her new Dom while remaining blindfolded for the next thirty six hours with himAmelia’s Dom turns out to be a Head Master who uickly shows her who is in charge and strips away every layer of hers one by one until she found the true euphoria that comes from understanding her surrenderHer very walls that she kept to define her fantasies have been the Heiress Dominion of Brothers Kindle - torn down but in order to find out who her new Master is there is one wall she must let go of and she's not sure she can. ARC Review Such an amazing story of love lust and learning as we follow Heiress Amelia uinneth discover her perfect Dom is exactly what she doesn't want and everything she needs DOMMING THE HEIRESS by Talon ps From the series Dominion of BrothersJaycee reviews for Books 'N Cozy Spots Book Reviews wwwTalon pscom though this review was not commissioned by the site purchased at com 45 starsUp front “Domming the Heiress” is chronologically book 15 in the Dominion of Brothers series despite it’s being the fourth book released It is not necessary to read book one “Becoming His Slave” before enjoying “Domming” but I am here to say a it does enhance the “Domming” experience to have read it first and b you dear reader will NOT want to miss Trenton Leos THE Dom; “The Dominus” I mean that man is some serious DomHaving said that Domming the Heiress’ Rashawn Matisse himself a Head Master and no slouch when it comes to his flare for both the art and the science of Domination also has an inherent character and a soul that is deep and compelling by the way it is my considered opinion that the titles the Doms in this series have which are intended to reflect a level of experience and you knowDomminess really enhance the reader’s “view” of these characters Like reallyHeiress Amelia uinneth is outwardly a tour de force in the international business world heading a multinational family run though publically owned corporation Her ball breaking abilities and steely reserve are the stuff of legends and global renown A natural submissive though naturally closeted in this closed minded and judgmental world she is unable to get out of her own way to achieve much desired yet elusive fulfillment as a sub Enter Trenton Leos the man who can make anything happen because he’s just so freaking in control gawd I LOVE this character In a ‘wowsa’ act of Domination he sets Amelia up with a Dom whom he knows will be able to reach Amelia if she doesn’t sabotage herself and he dictates by prior arrangement and agreement with said Dom that their first encounter will be one where she is blindfolded to the Dom’s identity She submits to The Dominus’ reuest and to the chosen Dom’s prowess and finds herself in that brief 36 hoursor at least locates herself Acknowledging what she has been missing is one thing “Finding” herself and allowing herself to be where she knows she wants to be is a process And the journey is intense For once Amelia is not given the room to top from the bottom and eventually with stern enforcement coming from a place of worship Rashawn dispels any and all arguments and doubts and Amelia just lets herselfbeThis is another awesome tale from a series I enjoy thoroughly The characters are full and rich and the stories while definitely hot are appropriately hot Nothing is gratuitous Nothing happens that does not define the personal journeys taking place and the process if not the means is entirely relatable 45 well earned stars for the Head Master and his Head Honcho The tag line “I’m about to make you wet” Is so true sighs but it should also include “I’m about to take you on one of the most emotional roller coaster rides of your life”Here are a few of the things that make this a story you are not going to want to put down Amelia is not only beautiful she is also a 46 years old intelligent strong and a powerful woman Her power does not only come from her position in life but in the knowledge she has and accepts about herself as a woman person and submissive Even with all of this going for her Amelia isn’t perfect Talon and Princess have given us a leading lady who will become near and dear to our heartsThis story is told from both points of view Amelia’s and her mysterious Head Master A man who when approached by the Dominus Trenton Leos about taking a contract for the weekend with a hard to control woman he was ready to turn down the offer That is until Trenton said the magic words “Amelia uinneth can be uite the handful Though I assure you she would be well worth the effort and the rewards” With those words this Head Master decided he was up for the challengeBecause of the knowledge and experience Talon and Princess have with this lifestyle we are given some of the rawest emotions both good and bad that these characters experience Be prepared to also feel each and every one of themThere is also the bonus we are given with the inclusion of characters from the other stories from this series Because this story is out of order we do have a little bit of extra knowledge of at least one of these characters We also if you have read Becoming His Slave get to have a little knowledgeinformation on the characters we already know and love This doesn’t take anything from this story or the others in the series It is a wonderful skill of the authors and special treat for the reader to keep tabs on our charactersThese stories can be read out of order but trust me you are going to want to read them all wink So if you are reading this out of order in the series here is a little intro for you We all think we know what we want We just sometimes have trouble obtaining it Amelia has been searching for some time now and has finally realized she needs help Not an easy thing to do for Heiress Amelia uinneth Vice President of the family fortune and firm She has always been the one in control making the decisions She yearns longs and desires to let all the power go Not as far as her career and position as head of the uinneth fortune of a global business but as a woman with a desire and need to submit Amelia is searching for a Unicorn of a different breed than the one The Dominus Trenton Leos and his brother search for Her Unicorn is a Master One who can control and tame the powerful feisty woman she is a Master who desires and deserves the submission of a powerful woman So she goes to the one man who can help her The Dominus and breaks down the first wall of her defenses that keep her from her desires and asks him for a favor To match her with a Dom that can do the one thing no other has been able to do Master her Take the phone off the hook and lock the door because Now the story begins Even though it has been well over two years since last I read Becoming His Slave I had no problem remembering Amelia and her problems finding a Dom While Domming the Heiress takes place during part of book one it is not a replay of events from that book but rather a separate story that focuses on Amelia and her journey of self discovery once she finally asks Dominus Trenton Leos for his assistance in finding a suitable Dom for her Fans of the series are well acuainted with Amelia and her tactics of topping from the bottom Knowing that her standing as an heiress and head of an international company puts her in a delicate position Trenton is up for the challenge in connecting Amelia with her perfect Dom; in fact he already knows the man he believes will be able to take her in hand and whose own reputation and familial background will insure that Amelia is safe from potential gold diggers But Trenton knows that the biggest obstacle that stands in the man’s way is a number – eleven Amelia has a hang up regarding younger men and the fact that Trenton’s chosen Dom is eleven years her junior will be the biggest obstacle he must overcome The solution A blindfold and a 36 hour contract in which Amelia agrees to submit and the Head Master has the opportunity to show her what true submission is As expected the chemistry between Amelia and the Head Master is intense and this makes for some really erotic scenes Eually as enjoyable is the week of foreplay she receives after the first weekend as she prepares to meet him again for the second contracted weekend Amelia finds herself falling for a man she does not know while at the same time lusting for a man she cannot allow herself to have The ultimate uestion is what will Amelia do when she learns that they are one and the same?I really enjoyed reading Domming the Heiress and returning to the world these characters live in I now have an overwhelming desire to reread the series and immerse myself within the Dominion of Brothers Talon and Princess have created such a wonderful cast of characters and I’m so glad that they were finally able to give fans of the series Amelia’s happy ending – kind of as the book only covers a couple of weeks of her life I’m looking forward to the release of the next book in the series and can only hope that the authors continue to give us glimpses into Amelia and the other characters’ lives with each installment in the series I reviewed my personal copy of this bookReviewed by Angela at Crystal's Many Reviewers 45 out of 5 Story5 out of 5 HeatAmelia uinneth is the heiress to a fortune a strong willed woman dying for the ultimate submission But she can’t get out of her own head She has a thing about men younger than her and in being the power woman she is she always tops from the bottom She finally comes to terms with the fact that she won’t find what she needs on her own and goes to the man that can make it happen Enter The Man Dominus Trenton Leos He knows what Amelia needs and is just the one to give it to herRashawn Cardiff is the Head Master strong enough to take charge and satisfy all of Amelia’s needs He is young wealthy resilient and has wanted the heiress for some time When the Dominus makes him offer its one he can’t and won’t refuse Rashawn has thirty six hours to unlock Amelia and all her hang ups to grant her the ultimate submission that she craves With a blindfold and a ton of determination he sets out to be the Master she needs “I can spoil you with intoxication my pet But you will also come to find my commands precise I will have my orders followed to the letter without any translated variation Is that understood my pet?”Will Amelia let her Head Master break through her walls and self imposed restrictions or will she continue to top from the bottom to get what she wants and never be fully satisfied?Domming the Heiress came out as the fourth published book in this series but it is actually book 15 While it can be read as a standalone I would advise reading the first Becoming His Slave in order to know some of the other playersThe only reason I gave a 45 instead of a 50 is the excessive use of one word Other than that this was another wonderfully written and told story and a fabulous addition to the Dominion of Brothers series I can’t wait for the next installment to see where the twins take us Wow If I ever wanted a world where I can dream live out a fantasy and have everything in the palm of my hand to set the world a blaze this series is it In this book we go into the world of Amelia and RashawnAmelia is desperate to submit but her issues of topping from the bottom hold her back in so many ways What she needs is a Dom who can control her and make her see who the true Master isor in this caseHead Master Amelia goes to her good friend Dominus Trenton Leos to find a Dom he deems suitable for her One who can control her and make her see what it is she has been missing this whole time He sets her up with the one Dom he knows can handle this vixen of a subRashawn is a Head Master not that anyone but those needed know about his secret lifestyle Definitely not the object of his long time affection Amelia When he gets the call from his old friend Trenton about finding the perfect Dom for the Heiress Rashawn all but jumps at the opportunity He has waited a long time to have this woman in his arms and his life and he'll be damned if he is going to pass this upThis book had me on my toes from start to finish At one point I thought she knew but then it changed and when everything comes to a haltI literally held my breath There is no better bond than the one between a sub and her Dom and this book shows exactly how someone who thinks she has something can be so wrong It shows how everything you thought was perfect and right in your life can be turned upside down and give you so much with a single touch a single word a single man 5 Heart Review by KatAlthough this book is predominately MF it is a part of the total story This is the story of Kat’s publisher and the woman who kept her for the four years between her attempted murder and Trenton’s claiming of her I personally loved Amelia’s journey Heiress Amelia uinneth is not the young inexperienced character that so many authors write about She is a strong business woman that is the Vice President her family’s companie and the fortune it is worth She is also older than most heroines mid 40’s and that and her status takes a major place in her mind and causes some hard road blocks She always has to be “On” and in control That makes for a difficult transition from Leader to submissive She is infamous for “topping from the bottom” a giant BDSM NO NO I highly recommend you taking a jump and including this in your read This book was provided free in exchange for a fair and honest review for Love Bytes Go there to check out other reviews author interviews and all those awesome giveaways Click below Blindfolded submission to a hot DomRashawn is one wonderful hot Dom He was briefly introduced in Becoming His Slave book 1 a very good bdsm romance and uite long story and caught my attention Amelia needed to have her own romance This story deliveredThere were lots of sexy scenes Experiencing as Amelia learns the difference between true submission which she craves versus topping from the bottom which she tends to do There is a power struggle between Dom and sub What makes Amelia successful in business works against success in her personal life I enjoyed the storytelling I found myself absorbed by this story As it unfolds I learned about both characters Who they were and became together was wonderfulThis is a standalone but I recommend reading book 1 because there is a lot to Dominus and Katiana's romanceI had been waiting for this since I read Becoming His Slave book 1 and after books in the series were published It was worth the wait Hopefully there will be What did I think Will you see I'm a person who really only read MM stuff I got sick of the yucky whiney MF stuff so when I got this book I was greatly surprised at how very good it was To watch her learn to open up and finish give in to what she really needed Was a wonderfully work of art This book draw you in and won't let you put it down till you read the whole thing Fantastic book Sexy Frenchman the heiress hot sex and becoming who you are meant to be All that we wish to have