Vane (Core #2)

Vane (Core #2)➼ [Reading] ➾ Vane (Core #2) By Teshelle Combs ➱ – The second full length novel in the CORE SERIESAva found a new life Somehow there is someone who loves her—and not the kind of love that surges and then fizzles; she found the kind that grows steady The second full length novel in the CORE SERIESAva found a new life Somehow there is someone who loves her—and not the kind of love that surges and then fizzles; she found the kind that grows steady and realBut something's wrongEverything's wrongThe new life she's discovered comes with conditions Hard ones and painful ones And she can't be free of them no matter how strong she becomesAnd Calehe would do anything for his Ava He would fly for her die for her But he can't seem to keep a hold on her Not when she keeps disappearing Not when her secrets are bigger than the truth And when the world spins out of control the chaos in Cale and Ava's life is the only thing that could set things straightLook out for the next installment LACE A Grey Novella coming November . Note to everyone writing a seuel Please have someone read it who hasn't read the first book Because they'll rightly be able to help you add in the 1 2 sentences that will jog memories or provide a uick synopsis of what happened in the first book Don't expect your readers to be Harry Potter level obsessed with your work and know every nuance and character as well as you do especially if you have an abundance of charactersI resisted this at first with my editor with my own seuel but after reading Vane and seeing my own reactions I am a bit hyped on this than usualThat is to start off this review saying that I spent most of it scratching my head and trying to remember who everyone was why they were important and what the hell was going on Which was FRUSTRATING because this book had such good moments in it but I spent too long playing catch up that I didn't enjoy it as much as I could haveAva and Cale the former who is an adopted tough girl and the latter a red dragon are in exile never fully explained why and struggling to get by although apparently living with her adopted mother never really explained Things get heavy when a Black dragon shows up with his red dragon pregger wife a no no The Black Dragon asks them to keep watch which they don't because they go to Ireland And then to the Gray Dragon lair where there's all this talk about the Pearl Also Ava is a Phoenix and she kept dying and returning and wanting to stay but needing to goBesides the boatload of drama there were chunks HUGE CHUNKS of exposition missing A few chapters seemed to toss us into the middle of the action without any details or connection to the chapter before Sometimes this works but for a book where I was already playing catch up I just got frustrated Most notable Ava disappears to the Gray Dragon lair and we don't get to see it The best moments were between Ava and Cale They were bonded they were close but there was tension between them as there were parts of Ava that Cale couldn't get to Her worry for him and his worry for her were palpable This book deserved stars for the plot but the execution left a lot to be desired Three stars You are each other’s greatest gift 5 stars “Every time” he said “Ava every time” He loved all of her the way a dragon should love his rider WOW It just takes me breath away I honestly didn't think it would be possible to love this series any than I already did but WOW Teshelle has wrapped me even deeper into her series with this amazing second full length novel So many things went on a lot of new discoveries so much that I didn't expect nor see coming and so very much still to happen While I love that this series is not a 'simple' one nor is anything explicitly spelled out for you I still wish that I knew of what was going on I am just too impatient to wait for books This series is written with a big picture mindset so not all of your uestions or Ava Cale's either are answered in each book Since Vane is the second full novel in The Core series some uestions from Core book 1 might be touched on expanded on or even answered but be prepared to have a lot uestions left to be answered in the books to come In my opinion that is one of the many reasons that I love both this book and the series I cannot wait to read the next book I absolutely love Teshelle's writing style the way she has everything unfolding building up to a great big epic conclusion to an utterly fantastic series whenever that may be is one of the many examples of why I think that this has me so obsessed with this series Teshelle has this phenomenal gift for writing and story telling that enables her to be able to write a series of this scale so masterfully so beautifully Ava has spent so much of her life being alone WANTING to be alone that she has no idea how to be a friend daughter someone who cares someone who even knows HOW to do any of that but now she is finding out just why this is Cale is the opposite He has a family friends he knows how to talk to people how to touch hug people Together they try to be what the other needs even at a great cost to themselves So many shocking devastating parts in here had me gasping madly reading to see what was going to happen next even had me sobbing On the flip side there were uite a few moments where I found myself smiling chuckling and I even burst out laughing a few times too All in all I highly recommend this series to anyone who loves a very wonderfully written story that encompasses you and sinks you so deep into the pages of the book that you can see hear everything that the characters do feel what they feel but most importantly you are entertained from the very start through to the very end And if you are anything like me you will very uickly become consumed obsessed fully entranced with this series and will read the books over over again while very impatiently waiting for the next installment your next Core fix to take you even deeper in the World of Cale Ava a Dragon his Rider I loved the first book which I didn't expect at all For everyone who liked the first book this book is a must read It is as well written as the first one and as far as I know it has a uniue plot I have never read something similar There is one thing which bothered me a little In this book Ava struggles to be alone and independent from everyone because of her phoenix nature But I don't remember her being that extreme in the first book Looking forward to book 3 I really enjoyed this book Although I didn't think it was as good as the first one There were some plot jumps that made the story a little harder to hollow than the first book Overall I enjoyed the continuation of the story and look forward to the next book I liked it but sometimes I had to skim the next paragraphs to figure out who is the next chapter talking about I got lost in some situation I didn´t know how or when someone appeared or who were on the room There we some writing mistakes but nothing too hard to undertand I didn't like this book as much as the first one It seemed disjointed and all over the place for me It still has an interesting concept that's why I finished it but I don't know if I'll read the next one Rating is closer to 25 than 3

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