All Youll Ever Need Jenkins Family #2

All Youll Ever Need Jenkins Family #2[Reading] ➽ All Youll Ever Need Jenkins Family #2 ➳ Sharon C. Cooper – A woman wants what a woman wantsuick witted sassy construction worker Jada JJ Jenkins loves the finer things in life She’d rather be in designer clothes and stilettos than sporting steel toe boots a A woman Ever Need PDF Å wants what a woman wantsuick witted sassy construction worker Jada JJ Jenkins loves the finer things in life She’d rather be in designer clothes and stilettos than sporting steel toe boots and a hard hat She hates getting dirty and worst sweating Jada’s ready to uit her job and marry a wealthy man who’s able to support her shopping addiction All Youll PDF/EPUB ² and her expensive taste She’s not looking for love only a comfortable lifestyle What she doesn’t expect to find is a blue eyed hunk with dimples and a disarming ability to throw her off her gameFor professional football player Zack Anderson its love at first sight when he meets Jada The fact that she’s Youll Ever Need Jenkins Family ePUB ô a construction worker is even better He wants a Youll Ever Need PDF ´ woman who’s not afraid to get down and dirty someone who enjoys fishing hiking and the great outdoors He thinks he’s found that in Jada Before he loses his heart will Zack discover that the last thing on this feisty steel toe boot wearing beauty’s mind is getting her hands dirty with love. This is book 2 in the Jenkins Family series and this is Jada and Zack's storyJada is the Prima Donna and Princess cousin She loves clothes jewelry fancy cars and high class men Her dream is to marry rich so she no longer has to work being a sheet metal worker in the family business Jada has big dreams and no one is going to deter her from themZack Anderson NFL Star Running Back for the Cincinnati Cougars is loving life and having a great time He is at the wedding of his best friend Craig who married Toni Jenkins and his sees her cousin Jada and is instantly smitten Zack wants to get to know Jada so he asks her to dance and they talk a little and Jada fibs about being the outdoors type of woman to get Craig even interested in her It seemed to work as after calling her she agrees to go out with him and their first date is to a farm to get pick fruits and vegetables for the less fortunate Clearly Jada has no concept and flubs through this date and three other dates until she blurts out the truth about not doing things outdoors and how she lied which pisses Zack off completely He takes her home and doesn't speak to her afterwardsJada knows she has to apologize but the thought of Zack not wanting to talk with her is killing her But some intervention from Zack's best friend and Jada's family helps to break the ice and get them talking again This time being able to tell Zack the truth and him being grateful for her doing so Zack and Jada give it another go and they hit it off big time Zack has admitted to having trust issues since his last girlfriend told all kinds of lies that almost made him lose his career but the truth eventually came out but it has left a bitter taste in his mouth so honesty is a big deal for him Jada doesn't want to fall for another man because the last one lied about everything and crushed her heart so her reservations were just as highZack and Jada spending time together causes these two to fall head over heels in love Zack is everything a man is supposed to be and then some Jada is everything a woman is supposed to be and then some As these two are working on building a life together Jada's insecurities about her being good enough for Zack rears its ugly head after hearing Zack's lazy brother talk down about her Zack doesn't take to kindly about anybody talking about his Jada and just because your blood doesn't mean you still won't get beat down which happened to Shane But the damage at least in Jada's mind was doneZack has to work to get Jada to be with him again Jada has to work on herself to be not only the woman for Zack but become the woman she can be This is a wonderful story of two people very opposite coming together to fall head over heels in love with each other Zack the uintessential gentleman who knew the moment Jada was the woman for him and Jada the superficial spoiled high maintenance woman who fell in love with a man who finally saw who she really is on the inside Author Sharon C Cooper has another hit on her hands and I am so glad to be reading the continuation of the Jenkins Family seriesWell Until My Next Review Ciao Bellas I feel that the author developed a nice love story Initially I was not sure if I could connect with Jada and Zack's story Not because of the author but because of the type of person Jada was But as the story progressed I found myself drawn to them and hoping for a happy endingJada was a confident and all about me type of person She knew what she wanted in life and went after it What I liked about the story as it developed was observing the growth Jada experiencedZack was a great guy What I liked about him was he knew what he wanted and went after it as well He was persistent but not in an over bearing wayThe dates they went on were cute Not the usual type of dates you'd expectJada's relationship with her cousins is awesome Her relationship with her grandparents I loved it As well as the advice they provided All in all it was a nice story and I think one that any reader would enjoy Jada and Zack are my favorite right now This couple made me laugh They made me cry and then they made me laugh some The spoiled Princess and the rich football player Oh my if you haven't read this series yet you are truly missing out This is a great series Can't wait for Christine's story next Ms Sharon I didn't want to put these books down and I hated when I got to the last page YOU ROCK The Jenkins beauties are back and in the starring role is the beautiful Jada “JJ” Jenkins The self centered self absorbed prima donna shopaholic sheet metal worker has one thing on her mind meet and marry richIn comes Zack Anderson professional football player for the Cincinnati Cougars From the moment he meets Jada he is interested in her and so after she reveals a little white lie Once she decides to give him a chance he fails the first date test yet she continues to date him Once she had enough of his “dates” which were fashioned around her white lie she puts her foot down and is ready to walk away What Jada does not realize is what she thought she wanted is not what really wants or needs at allZack who is accomplished on and off the field knows what it is like to be taken advantage of by gold diggers and even family members but he sees Jada in a different yet genuine light Can Jada reveal her true self without scaring Zack away? Can she accept that Zack loves her regardless of her flaws? Can Zack convince her that he is fine with her wanting to have the world at her feet and the best that life has to offer?I love how the writer gives us a glimpse into the Jenkins ever growing clan and leaves the readers wanting There are several beauties who will be soon connected; the who and when are hinted so we duly wait Reviewed by Sophie Love itSo loved Jada story I thought she would get the most high priced wedding of the century I love her family especially her grandma she didn't play I would love her family's reaction to her wedding to Zack Now all I want to know is what's going on with Luke and CJ Anxiously awaiting the next book All I needZack and Jada meet at a wedding and it goes crazy from there I laughed at all the accidents that occurred on their dates I didn't think the relationship would last I enjoyed this Jenkins story and look forward to the next book in the series Loved ItThis is the second book series and just as well written as the first I enjoyed every chapter I laughed and wanted to cry Can't wait for the rest Loved this bookI liked this book The family is close knit and works together The guys are passionate compassionate and good looking What else does a reader need All you'll ever needI wanted to give this 5 stars Really I did I like this author and her stories I like the whole Jenkins family with the cousins running the construction company I loved Zack He was truly a likable hero But I have to say I could not stand Jada Ugh What a spoiled materialistic brat Everything was about her I liked what her grandparents told her She just wasn't likable for me I almost wanted him to reconcile with Leslie of all people He bent over backwards for her I thought it was over top that he bought her all those clothes and accessories just to make her happy I just cringed To me it sent wrong message But love does crazy things and that man was head over heels in love with her and would do anything to make her happy I hope they make it really I do Because in real life a man wouldn't probably put up with a person like Jada She did redeem herself towards end but not nearly enough for me Looking forward to Christina and Luke Title All You'll Ever NeedAuthor Sharon C CooperPublisher Amaris Publishing LLC Series Jenkins Family Series Book 2Reviewed By Arlena DeanRating FiveReviewAll You'll Ever Need by Sharon C CooperMy Rationalization This was another good Jenkins Family series book 2 about the five granddaughters of the Jenkins family who run their family's construction company Cousin Jada Jenkins JJ is the metal sheet worker who hates to get dirty loves expensive thing and plans to marry wealthyI enjoyed the story of Jade and Zack It was uite interesting seeing spoil Jade turn into a decent person and learning that life was not about just her And to see how Zack was able to teach JJ about what real love was all about and the keyword being of trust in finding their happiness I loved how strong the Jenkins family values ran so high in the story Now I will be starting the next series'Tempting the Artist' book 3

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