Christmas Present (The Chronicles of St. Marys, #4.5)

Christmas Present (The Chronicles of St. Marys, #4.5)[PDF / Epub] ☆ Christmas Present (The Chronicles of St. Marys, #4.5) By Jodi Taylor – It's Christmas Eve at St Mary's And all through the house Nothing is stirring Except for Max Peterson and Markham sneaking out at midnight for an assignment that is very definitely off the books It's It's Christmas Eve at St Mary's And all through the house Nothing is stirring Except for Max Peterson and Markham sneaking out at midnight for an assignment that is very definitely off the books It's ten years ago tonight that Senior Historians Bashford and Grey went missing in th century Jerusalem So how did they end up in AD Roman Colchester Max has a theory Peterson has a plan Markham has bacon sandwiches Colchester has Boudicca and her bloodthirsty Iceni hordes And then there's the giant pig the enraged giant pig. 4 I loved this very short but full of action and substance story Max and Peterson team up for trouble another unauthorised mission in 60 AD on Christmas Eve Sweet and touching Nice and cute short story with our intrepid fools but at least this time they're going off books on a time jaunt for a good reasonHere piggy piggy piggy Definitely grin worthy Don't skip this and read it in series orderPlus oh my goodness If I had to use one uote to describe the usual going ons in St Mary's Institute for Historical Research I would have to use this one We braved Boudicca's battalions to rescue the love of his life and he was instructing us to shoot her This is typical of St Mary's You plan a romantic reunion for a pair of lovers who've been apart for 10 years and one for them can't even be bothered to show up As you can guess this was fun and filled with disaster after disaster even though it was supposed to be a simple retrieval mission unauthorised of course I wonder how Max placated Dr Bairstow? This story is a short but pretty important one as it tells the tale of a Christmas eve adventure back through time to rescue two Historians who have been missing for 10 years and are believed to have been killed by a sworn St Mary's enemy Max and her trusty team set off to Boudica's time to see if they can find the pair and along the way they encounter a rather angry pig and lady B herself 3s A Christmas Special courtesy of St Mary'sI was wondering how Max managed to find Elsbeth Grey Guthrie’s girlfriend after 10 years and bring her back after finding out about her in book #3 – now I know This was the first time the reader sort of needed the novella between the novels and I wasn't even aware of it until I read this one lolThanks to Clio there is a recon mission during Christmas reminding me a little bit of Dickens‘ Christmas ghosts at first which gives Max the motivation and means to find Miss Grey to say nothing of her travelling companions Peterson and Markham It's a cozy feel good story with slightly dark moments when it comes to Guthrie’s state of mindheart and a cute moment where we see Max and Leon living in the same room and being naturally familiar with one another not to be taken for granted considering where in the novels we are and the usual timey wimey stuff and uirkiness The historical moment we jump to is Boudicca's attack on Camulodunum and it was just wonderful Naturally it wasn't only full of historical details and thrilling events but also of a lot of humorous situations a run in with a pig amongst others All in all I very much like how personal these stories are and how they give the reader a better thorough glimpse at the single characters I will stop for now since the next is 65 and I haven’t read book #6 yet but I'm looking forward to the remaining two novellas This really should be read before No Time Like the Past and What Could Possible Go Wrong? which now make senseThe flaw in my plan to save up the Christmas themed shorts for Christmas My poor planning aside this was a charming short story and I very much enjoyed it Max Peterson and Markham travel back in time on a dangerous rescue mission to rescue two historians that have been thought dead for 10 years 37 pages It's not even a novellaThere are a few of these little shorts floating around You can buy them for less than 1 at or if that's too much for 37 pages head over to Audiblecom where you can pick the audiobook version for free They're pretty cool little excursions into the world of St Mary's and worth the effort Read all my reviews on While I've enjoyed all short stories up to this one they were nice additions but in order to follow the story of the main series they weren't necessary Now however with Christmas Present another Christmas short story I would say this is the case as the events from this short story have certain important conseuences in the next books I did wonder when I was reading why they didn't do this earlier but this in no way spoiled the fun Everything is nicely St Mary's as always 12th century historical battle scene reached via time travelling scientific researchers of St Mary's London Speculation as to possible survival of the only researchers to have disappeared on mission leads to a daring attempted rescue on Christmas eve Great narration of Zara Ramm adds to enjoyment of humour accented conversations and uality production