Sofrito❰PDF❯ ✑ Sofrito Author Phillippe Diederich – In this entertaining debut novel Frank Delgado tries to save his failing restaurant by returning to Cuba his dead father’s homeland to get ahold of a top secret chicken recipe But there is than deli In this entertaining debut novel Frank Delgado tries to save his failing restaurant by returning to Cuba his dead father’s homeland to get ahold of a top secret chicken recipe But there is than delicious chicken at stake here Food is the road home—geographically emotionally metaphorically Peppered with cooking advice from chefs ordinary folks and celebrities including Fidel Castro himself an advocate of pork Phillipe Diederich’s Sofrito is a love letter to the deepest recesses of nostalgia’s heart —Cristina Garcia author of Dreaming in Cuban and King of Cuba Frank Delgado is no thief He co owns a failing Cuban restaurant in Manhattan's Upper East Side The restaurant like Frank is rudderless Lost He decides he'll save the restaurant by traveling to Cuba to steal the legendary chicken recipe from the famed El Ajillo restaurant in Havana The recipe is a state secret so prized that no cook knows the whole recipe But Frank's rationale is ironclad—Fidel stole the secret from his family so he will steal it back He will triumphantly bring that recipe back to Manhattan and turn his fortunes aroundFrank has no interest in Cuba His parents fled after the Revolution His dead father spent his life erasing all traces of Cuba from his heart with barbeues television lawn mowing and alcohol So Frank is not prepared for the real Cuba Sure he gets beat up and almost killed the secret service threatens him but in the midst of the chaos he falls in love with a prostitute and the city and he unwraps the heroic story of his parents' life Cuba begins to bind Frank together the way a good Sofrito binds the flavors of a Cuban dishPhillippe Diederich is a Haitian American writer and photojournalist raised in Mexico City and Miami Florida The dictator Papa Doc kicked his parents out of Haiti in the s Phillippe grew up listening to stories of nostalgia revolution and exile His friends were the sons and daughters of parents who had fled oppressive regimes throughout Latin America. I read the advance review copy of this book and find it and entertaining and fun read I recommend it to foodies to travelers biculturals multiculturals lovers of Cuba Full disclosure the author is my husband but I try really hard to be as objective as possible when I read As an editor I'm used to reading a lot If something doesn't capture my attention in the first few pages no matter who wrote it I set it aside Sofrito tells the story of Frank Delgado a Cuban American who travels to Havana in search of a secret chicken recipe he hopes will save his failing restaurant in New York City The recipe was created by one of his relatives before the revolution The recipe is now owned by a Cuban restaurant run by the government of Cuba Two chefs at the restaurant know only half of the recipe He meets beautiful Marisol in Cuba Does he make it back to New York with the recipe? Does he make it back with Marisol? No spoilers here This is a fun book to read especially now that we have opened the door to Cuba John Kerry is in Cuba as I write this review Enjoy Phillippe and I went to graduate school together for creative writing and I got to see bits and pieces of SOFRITO in workshop I loved the parts I read but nothing beats being able to read the finished book AND IT IS FANTASTIC This is a novel about the power and nostalgia that food brings to our lives At the center is the mouth watering chicken recipe that could save Frank and his family from having to shut down their restaurant but Frank must travel to Cuba to steal the recipe a dangerous task since the recipe is considered government property The danger Frank encounters once he gets to Cuba left me breathless but it was tempered with surprising friendships family secrets unearthed lots of mojitos and unexpected loveEven though Frank hadn't been born in Cuba both of his parents were from there and it was wonderful and moving to see how Frank connected with Cuba on so many levels and experienced a kind of nostalgia despite never have been there before So many great characters too I loved Michi and Orlando and Marisol stole my heart as uickly as she did Frank's I can't wait to read of Phillippe's work D I love this novel It's like getting right into the heart of Cuba in a mistery that grabs you from the start This book is a MUST For those who love mistery food a good read Go for it Get lost in it and forget the world around you Following Frank Delgado on his journey to find a secret chicken recipe is an enjoyable mad caper The absurdity of his mission is fun and entertaining It will leave you craving spicy chicken I have been fascinated with Cuba since college back in the 70's I would read about it here and there but since we spend a week there I am fanatical about reading everything I can get my hands onWhat I really liked about this book were the sights smells and sounds of Havana I liked picturing where they wereI also adored that Cuba was presented as the newold lovedhated and CommunistYearning to be free country that it has evolved intoI was able to have the suspension of disbelief that all the intrigue was about a recipe a recipe so evocative it can save a business or even a life The ending was what really sold this metaphor to meMy issues with the book were love at first sight reaction to the prostitute with a heart of gold and the lack of richness of vocabulary in the dialogue I have obviously never been a Cuban man in a conversation with other Cuban men but if coño is really used that often I don't need that level of realism Mix it upI would drop the whole romance thread or minimize its importance It's borrowed from too many stock Hollywood movies I liked the compassion for why young women take this route but let's not elevate it Deal?If you love Cuba you will want to add this to your have read collection If you like international food adventures you will enjoy it It's a balance view of Cuba with good food and a sappy romance I made the mistake of reading another reader's review before I was finished and it totally tainted this book for me That reviewer described Sofrito as Pretty Woman mixed with Chef and some Cuban politics which is EXACTLY what it is I found Frank and Marisol's relationship unrealistic and rushed I don't know if anyone can fall in love with someone in two days the characters were all very similar the word coño was used SO OFTEN in the dialogue it was driving me batty A high point was the descriptive language used to transport the reader to the streets of Havana they were evocative and very well doneNit pick When Frank returns to NYC at the end of the book he and his brothers completely remodel their restaurant to make it authentically Cuban But the whole point of Frank going to Cuba in the first place was because the restaurant was so far in debt it was about to go under How did they get the money for a total overhaul of their restaurant? My family left Cuba when I was 10 years old and because I don't have any relatives left in Cuba I have not been able to return I long to see the house and the neighborhood where we lived and where I went to school in Old Havana and this wonderful book took me there I'm a foodie so this made this story even appealing I was able to find a street map of Old Havana on the internet and I used it to follow Frank on his escapades thorough the old streets of this beautiful city I just passed this book over to my sister and she is devouring it One uestion we both have Is there really a recipe for the chicken dish and if so can we get it? And Phillippe any chance for a seuel? Would love to find out what happens with Frank and Marisol In the penultimate chapter of Sofrito debut author Phillippe Diederich uotes Guillermo Cabrera Infante Cuba is all about food And food is nothing than a metaphor for nostalgia Sofrito is a comic and bittersweet look at Frank Delgado the son of Cuban exiles who travels to Havana in search of a top secret recipe that he hopes will save his failing restaurant in New York City Along the way he encounters a host of crazy characters finds love and discovers his sense of self This contemporary picaresue named a novel of note by the Los Angeles Times pleases on many different levels I loved many parts of this book I loved how it made me hungry for good Cuban food I loved how it showed a different view of Cuba—one where Castro is both lovedhated simultaneously But woven in this fantastic story about a stolen recipe and the attempts to retrieve it is a really cheesy Pretty Woman type of story It's a shame because the rest of the story rocked This averages to a 3 ⭐️ for me

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