Marrow[PDF / Epub] ☃ Marrow ✑ Simon Sylvester – Marrow is a collection of 28 flash stories Ranging from a minuscule 13 words to a respectable 1000 each of these stories is a fragment of something bigger – a hot core in the heart – a little piec Marrow is a collection of flash stories Ranging from a minuscule words to a respectable each of these stories is a fragment of something bigger – a hot core in the heart – a little piece of Marrow These tall tales feature fighter pilots and guinea pigs wishing trees and wet weekends untuned pianos tattoos voodoos daydreams inks and avocados There are private eyes and talking poppets – lions and lemons – selkies and tsunamis. Once in a while I come across a book that is so right up my street it lets itself into my house kicks off its shoes and curls up on my sofa and this is one of those books Marrow by Simon Sylvester is a self published collection of 28 flash fictions only half of which have appeared in public before and all of which are very fine indeedBefore I even saw this book I knew I was in capable hands About this time last year I published one of Simon’s stories on 1000words The Black and the White of It so if you want a taste of the delights you can find in Marrow pop over and have a uick read you back? Yes? Good story isn’t it?I know the reason we buy books is so we can read the stories inside but when a book feels good in my hands the whole story reading experience is enhanced which is certainly what happened with Marrow The paper it’s printed on is warm and smooth and heavy and feels great to hold The cover is a thing of beauty worthy of framing and hanging on the wall Between the covers each story has room to breathe on the page The book itself is perfectAs I said above all of the stories in Marrow are very fine indeed Since gobbling my way through them earlier in the week I’ve found myself dipping in and out again and again Every story is beautifully written From a writer’s point of view it was wonderful to be able to relax into a book and not find myself editing as I went – for me there wasn’t a word out of place From a reader’s point of view it was wonderful to be swept away into other people’s lives for brief and powerful moments The opening and titular story was so near the knuckle it had me on the edge of tears Snow on the Water a tale about my favourite mythical creatures Selkies had me mesmerised Hutch a story of parental good intentions gone awry had me holding my breath and left me reelingI know it’s a cliché to say that there’s something for everyone in this book but I’m convinced there is If you like short fiction and some of it is very short I’d encourage you to buy a copyI was given a free copy of this book for reviewing purposes