Anni Moon The Elemental Artifact

Anni Moon The Elemental Artifact❮Read❯ ➳ Anni Moon The Elemental Artifact ➶ Author Melanie Abed – Anni doesn't know about Elementals Funk Zephyrs excited talking Bat Rat creatures and least of all Dragons All that changes when her best friend Lexi is kidnapped and forces beyond Anni’s control tr Anni doesn't know about Elementals Funk Zephyrs excited The Elemental Epub Ü talking Bat Rat creatures and least of all Dragons All that changes when her best friend Lexi is kidnapped and forces beyond Anni’s control trap her on a hidden floating island in the Elemental worldIn a race against time Anni sets out to save her friend Along the way she finds allies among the Elementals but she is also presented with a choice one that might help save Lexi If Anni agrees to an ancient open ended contract Anni Moon eBook ð will her sacrifice cost her than she’s bargained for Or will it land her in the middle of an age old war between the humans the Elementals and the dreaded Fectus. Anni and Lexi are both orphans who know nothing of their true origins having grown up together as wards of the joint owners of a very special boarding school they’ve faced their fair level of distain and judgement by some of the other people residing at the boarding school Both Anni and Lexi have secrets secrets they are even keeping from one another bound by their guardians to never tell a soul But as those they rely on vanish with no trace and they find themselves facing than one mysteryadventure will they reveal their secrets and unravel the secrets hidden from themOverall this was an enjoyable enough one time read interlaced with fantasy adventure mystery and some intrigue That being said the book didn’t weave an intricate spell encasing me tightly in the story as I would have likedFreebie on the 9th of November 2019 NetGalley book reviewI enjoyed this book so much I decided to read it to my son in the evenings before bed He very much enjoyed it I loved the characters such imaginative details and the world they live in We laughed and had a great time getting lost in this Such a great book An enchanting tale Recommended for readers 8Anni Moon is the story of two orphan girls They're the best of friends Anni and Lexi who live together at a private girl’s school Waterstone Academy which has been owned and run by a family for many years In fact it's the very same family who are their guardiansTheir whole life is turned upside down within a short period of time when both of their guardians mysteriously disappear and the girls learn that the school is to be sold to the mean old Mr Orge Murdrock With no guardians around to look out for them they are told that they can no longer live at the school They have nowhere else to go and the girls hope that things couldn't get any worse That's where the plot thickens and their hopes are dashedLexi suddenly disappears and without hesitation Anni begins to search for her That's where readers are led on two separate journeys that are intricately weaved together One follows Lexi and the other follows Anni As the plots unfold Melanie Abed gradually reveals details of another world that lays hidden behind the everyday And it seems that one of the girls knows about such a place than she had ever revealed This secret life of Lexi is an underlying mystery that Anni learns of and tries to solve while desperately trying to track her downAs Anni's search begins she unwittingly enters into a contract with a mysterious hidden force that both guides and confuses her along the way She moves from one challenge to the next and proves that she is a very strong willed girl She never waivers in her determination to find her missing friend and I feel that Anni is a great role model in perseverance for young readersBeing the first book of the series there was a lot of building in the first half and I found that the storyline noticeably ramped up in the second Once Anni had found her feet made new friends and had set her goal I found the journey was easier to follow I think that came with becoming familiar with the characters and being able to focus on the story rather than learning what's what and who's who in the zooSome parts of this book reminded me of an Alice in Wonderland type adventure It was full of unexpected transitions and journeys from one odd setting to another and there was a host of weird and wonderful characters to get to know One thing I found was that I had absolutely no idea who to trust The writing was easy to follow and plenty of clever twists kept me guessing and changing my mind from page to page I was definitely hooked to find the answers about Lexi’s disappearance and of the magical hidden world in which Anni found herselfI loved the cover of this one too it grabbed me as soon as I saw it The cover and other great illustrations inside were expertly crafted by Melanie's husband Hisham AbedIn a nutshell An enchanting tale Anni Moon's adventures should appeal to young girls that dream of magical places Her strength of character should also teach some valuable lessonsRecommended for readers 8 Note I don't claim to be a pro reviewer I am a reader My reviews are based on my personal thoughts around the story that the book is trying to tell I try to focus on the story which is the reason I read rather than dissect the book and pass comment on typos writing style or structureIF YOU WANT TO SEE MY OTHER REVIEWS PLEASE VISIT ME AT WWWSWLOTHIANCOM Anni is an orphan but when her guardians disappear and her best friend is kidnapped Annis life changes forever She is dragged into a world she never knew existed and has no idea what is going on Never the less Anni plows through and knows she has to rescue her friend before it's too late This was a pleasant surprise and I really enjoyed it though at the start I was a little lost kind of like Anni Once it all came together though and I was caught up I really liked it Character wise Anni is such a likable character She has no clue about the magical world until a talking rat thing comes to her with a message Even though she doesn't understand everything she plows through and does all she can to find her friend She is nice brave and extremely loyal I really liked her and know that most people will There is also a whole host of characters in the book and all of them are well written and developed Plot wise The plot is very fast paced and enjoyable There's a lot of secrets revealed slowly but this adds to the mystery and intrigue of the book Overall it's an adventurous and action packed read You will fall in love with Anni and the fantastical world that the author has created The story really pulls you in and brings you on the magical journey with Anni Being the first in the series we are left with a lot of uestions but that just makes you want the next book I'm really looking forward to from Anni Moon and the gang Wonderful story about friendship growing up and lots Wrapped in a magical world of colourful creaturesAt first I had trouble with the many different characters who are introduced in a short time Maybe a list of characters at the beginning of the book could solve that? Combined with a lot of unanswered uestions make it not an easy read at first But when you keep reading and mysteries get solved and the adventures keep you flowing through the book You just have to keep readingAnd the illustrations are really beautifulThank you Melanie Abed for sharing this Fantastic mid sized fantasy novel A true whirlwind experiencekeeps you turning pages till the end Can you say double cross? Anni is one driven young lady focused on finding her BFF Lexington Which takes Anni into another see world where humans have a nasty disease Funk A magical ride ImaginativeImaginative middle grade story This was a very pleasant surprise If you like Brandon Mull's Fablehaven or The Beyonders series you will enjoy Annie Moon The Elemental ArtifactsThis story is well crafted however at times it seems like the supporting characters are important than the main character I think this is done with purpose as at the end you find out Anni's special importance It felt like each friend will have an important role in future stories Similar to the Percy Jackson seriesThank you for reading my review I hope you found this helpful Well that was uite an adventure Melanie Abed created a very imaginative and interesting world As you read through you learn about this world full of interesting characters and some secrets are slowly revealed But there are still secrets that I suspect will be revealed in later books and I'm looking forward to the seuel Very good first book Hopefully it's only the firstI was given a copy of this in exchange for my honest review What an incredible book Not only is the story full of mystery and fun that will suck you right into the author's fantastical world but there are also some beautiful illustrations all throughout You'll love the imaginative tale Melanie has woven for you Would make a wonderful Christmas gift for your young reader Middle Grade Grades 4 6 and adults too What a great book I loved that this is one book I can recommend to my children as well as my friends It captures your attention right away You will find this hard to put down and then when you're done you will want to read it again