Pure Illusion

Pure Illusion❮KINDLE❯ ➜ Pure Illusion ❤ Author Michelle Watson – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Flooded by a wave of thick misery because of her brother’s sudden death Isabel Waters turns to drastic measures to end her ever present suffering She is unprepared when Hunter Knight her long term t Flooded by a wave of thick misery because of her brother’s sudden death Isabel Waters turns to drastic measures to end her ever present suffering She is unprepared when Hunter Knight her long term tormentor and former best friend steps up and saves her Hunter has been absent from her life for a while now The reason is unknown to IsabelBut surely he has an ulterior motive of his ownIsabel is focused on one task complete and utter self destruction But that changes when she receives an anonymous message from Tyler’s laptop Isabel soon learns that there is a murderer concealed within the small southern town of Cherry Creek North CarolinaThings get challenging when Isabel’s high school bully Max Gabai decides to intervene and help Isabel Max is Hunter’s age old arch nemesis and the most respected police officer in Cherry Creek He has changed for the better and all he wants is for Isabel to be safe and at ease Max is determined to not let Hunter interfere in his relationship with Isabel ever again But as usual Hunter has other ideas Old flames and old tormentors re strike as Isabel begins to disentangle the vast web of mystery Can a less than amateur detective with a disturbing history and distracted mind put the missing pieces together and identify the individual or individuals responsible Or is the web of deceit spun too intricately to ever be unraveledWARNING This is not your ordinary romance This is a dark and twisted tale of love and obsession and murder This novel contains vulgar language lascivious behavior and crude sex This novel is intended for mature audiences . This book had me going all over the place and I LOVED it I have been IMPATIENTLY awaiting the arrival of book #2 One of my favorite books to date that is saying a LOT I definitely recommend to well everyone Freebie121913httpwwwPure Illusion W Pure Illusion is back outPure Illusion UmI'm just going to say outright please make sure you're over 18 for this because it can get pretty darn disturbing With that said let's get into the reviewOkay I should have listened to the warning but I was so intrigued by the summary I have a weak spot for emotional stories and I thought hey it can't be that bad right? Well I was wrongreally really wrong There's a lot of language to the point where you just cringe every time the f bomb is dropped The language I guess is there to enhance the story but it really went over the top The crude scenes also have you shuddering and wincing every single time I don't think I went through one paragraph of that story without making a weird face I'm not saying that it's a bad thing but the author was just so visual with her words it was slightly disturbingIsabel Water is extremely emotional and unstable Her dad committed suicide her mother committed suicide and her brother jumped off Suicide Bridge but he was pushed She is 100% done with life Throughout the book she doesn't alternate much between a depressed suicidal girl and extremely hormonal one I honestly did not understand her for most of the book I wanted to feel bad for her but I just couldn't She is a very complex character and is so emotional weak that to connect with her feels emotionally drainingHunter Knight is well really crude vulgar and confusing He's super bipolar and can be Mr Gentleman one minute and abusive monster the next From the summary I thought he was going to be save Isabel from her dark and bottomless pit of despair but I think he only ended up pushing her deeper He's got some series baggage and should really consider getting some help for his anger management Needless to say he thoroughly creeped me outMax forgot his last name can probably be one of the characters that I actually like He was horrible to Isabel in high school but as an adult he has 10x humanity in him than Hunter When Isabel is being hormonal he pushes her away so she doesn't hurt herself and do something she regrets When she gets in trouble he's there to help I was so annoyed when Isabel ran back to Hunter every single freaking time because Max actually showed her compassion and kindness without the crazy mood swings So in conclusion this book carries some deep emotional baggage and I wouldn't recommend it to people under the age of 25 not even 18 It's not a badly written book it's just so heavy and stressful to read that by the end I was so sick and done There are some memorable uotes that really stick with you but other than thatnot much Lesson learned don't pick up books with a mature warningRead my reviews at DNF at chapter 4 I seriously dislike like whiny crying and emotional charged female leads Especially ones written in first person narratives Women who believe sex can heal them and are either crying all the time or thinking about sex isn't my type of book because they often do stupid stuff that makes no logical sense I uit this book when our main female character was crying in a bathroom stall at her high school But what irritated me was how four boys came into the bathroom to discuss girls they screwed No I don't know of many uni sex bathrooms in high school but I don't believe they exist at all And living in North Carolina for most of my teenage years I can full heartedly attest to that So I call bull duty on that one Where to begin angst angstangst and angst Add parents who have committed suicide a brother who commits suicide and a sister left to wonder if she wants to live surrounded by disfunctional people A guy she grew up with she loved all her life that turned on her in high school for no reason Who now wants to play with her her but says he just wants to protect her While throwing other women in her face Friends she's not sure are friends Finding someone who really loves her or is he for real ? Murderous and cruel parents Sibling's that aren't siblings Hmm where do I start with this oneI found that this book was a bit slow on the uptake and could be confusing at timesIt started to get better towards the end I kept reading because I wanted to know what was going on There were a lot of grammar errors in the book sometimes the characters name was one thing one minute and completely different the nextNow I would like to read the next book as I would like to see what happens next AHHH The ending Loved the book Isabel and Hunter belong together and I hate the whole back and forth thing Lots of twist and turns Can't wait to read the next book Loved Isabel and Hunter's relationship There was plenty of mystery and layered plot to keep me reading I can't wait to read Hunter's book next