The Summer of Me and You

The Summer of Me and You[BOOKS] ✪ The Summer of Me and You By Rae Hachton – This is an ACE of ASINB00F4GRTT0 The Summer of Me You This is the summer of first love The summer of magic The Summer of Me and You Kaleb has loved Kayleigh ever since first grade even if he's never a This is of Me MOBI í an ACE of ASINBFGRTT The Summer of Me You This is the summer of first love The summer of magic The Summer of Me and You Kaleb has loved Kayleigh ever since first grade even if he's never admitted it to anyone Not even himself But this summer that's about to change Kaleb's The Summer ePUB ô had a troubled past and Kayleigh's life has always been perfect He'd love nothing than to be the guy who ruins it all and make her fall for him against her mother's wishes Kayleigh is a complete nerd Or at least that's how she feels She just knows that a guy like Kaleb would never really Summer of Me ePUB ´ want to be with a girl like her So she's going to avoid him at all costs But then why do they always end up hanging out together When a secret that both their parents kept from them comes out it will define the true meaning of love But when this summer ends will Kaleb and Kayleigh have to say goodbye or is this just the beginning of many summers to come. It's Live 5 days earlyThis was a somewhat different experience for me The idea and characters for this book popped up out of nowhere begging me to tell their storyI've written only one other YA Contemporary besides this one I decided it wouldn't hurt to take a break from the monsters vampires gargoyles and zombies and write something realistic for a change to see how I liked it At first after getting halfway through the book I decided to delete it GASP but I recovered the story a day later The horror story can be found on my blog I think Kayleigh and Kaleb can rest now that I've written their story and I can get back to Never and help Ellie plan a wedding and help Marcus fight the last war in the finale of the Pretty in Black series This book was so much fun I don't think there was even a single moment in the whole book that was dull I enjoyed reading Kayleb Kayleigh's story a lot Absolutely loved the banter between these two Kayleb here has issues When I say issues I mean he kind of has anger issues He has a lot of trouble controlling it and could get angry at a drop of a hat Having been raised by only his mother Kayleb gets furious when people compare him to his father who left his mother before he was even born Or so he thought Kayleb has been in love with Kayleigh for as long as he can remember But their on off friendship irritates him a lot Kayleigh on the other hand is your typical book nerd and you wanna know something else about her? She's just as much in love with Kayleb as he is with her Now you'd be wondering why doesn't she confess her love to him and start being really happy for onceright?Well it's simply because Kayleigh refuses to have a broken heart at the end of the summer Which she can't help but believe Kayleb will do exactly if she gave him a chance So what's gonna happen? How will their story proceed? Will Kayleigh ever give in to her feelings and confess her love to Kayleb or is a guarded lonely heart better than a used and shattered one?Nah I'm not gonna answer that How about you find out for yourself? grinI was really happy with this book and the way all the characters in this book grew was really good You could actually feel what they were going through The conclusion to this story couln't have been perfect It was exactly the way a beautiful summer filled with love loss friendship forever's should be I adored this book I'm sure you will too Other reviews at The Book Babe's ReadsWARNING Before you read this review please note the fact that there is nothing and I mean nothing about this book that I thought was good or awesome or worth my time I've been going through a bit of a reading slump lately andit's making me way critical So I will tell you straight up exactly what I thought and it probably won't be nice and as I don't want to offend anyoneif you don't wanna see it just don't read it please There will be profanity involved which I never doAnywho now that I've warned you of that we can get started; because I believe you may be here for the snark First issue on the agenda the odd sentence structure and the constant feeling of not being immersed in the story I just couldn't get into it from the very beginning There was no rhyme or reason or anything for me to go off of Not only that but a few chapters in some facts were changed And that confused the bejeezus out of me I was like this for a while To me The Summer Of Me And You is a story that is about second chances forgiveness and new experiences and personal journeysKaleb comes from a seriously messed up family His father left him or so he thinks so when he was born He has a step father who really isn't a step father though he's technically awesome but strict and his step sister is a drug addict with a boyfriend they call Needles And I wonder why Oh let's not forget that his step sister has a childThrow in some pretty grave revelations and complicated love historiesWhat a whole lot of drama he must have to go throughTo say the least he's pretty messed up himself He's got himself a bad reputation for one horrid mistake something that never should have happened and he's got some temper management issuesKayleigh is supposed to be a nerd But for once in her life she wishes she wasn't and she wishes that she can defy her mom and chase her dreamsAs you can probably tell there is A LOT of Teenage Angst going on throughout this novel We have protective possessive haunted Kaleb up against fiery intelligent Kayleigh Fire for Fire Fire against Fire However I loved watching the Kaleb and Kayleigh make silly brash and impulsive mistakes then get back up on their feet brush off and become better peopleBoth of them start off as being rather immature impulsive and they have their own ideals on things that they cannot agree on They spent so much time trying to run away from what they actually feel and to a certain point where I wanted to pull my hair out and yell and holler at themBut I watched them grow in maturity in their understanding of one another and in their love It was like this big bubble; so beautiful and delicate ready to explode and shatter But then they built something firmer than that something solid and something deep which I really lovedKaleb and Kayleigh also had some of their explosive moments and at the times where they were poised and snarling at one another I loved their witty and sarcastic banters It cracked me up at certain pointsWhat was actually my favourite part of this novel was all these brilliant uotes that I found here and there They reflected so much of human nature and they evoked so much emotion They were definitely one of the highlights of this novel for me and I adored those uotes so muchThe ending was beautiful I loved how it all tied up and it really felt like a perfect though over dramatic love story I was so happy because after all they went through they finally had their own happily ever afterEven with a whole lot of Teen Angst thrown into the novel a lot of explicit cursing running away and impulsive acts The Summer Of Me And You is a story that reflects the teenage years that are filled with infatuation and uncertainties and brings around the promise that everyone can overcome rough tides to find their own happily afters So all girls that wear glasses are nerds? The guy in this book is disgusting I could it read any I hate him ORIGINALLY ON READ A HOLICZ HERE When I picked up The Summer of Me and You I expected a sweet light summer romance read Oh it definitely fit the summer and romance part but it also had so much MORE It really did hook me from the startI loved Kaleb and Kayleigh Kaleb was the bad boy type but he had a sweet chivalrous and artistic part inside him Kayleigh was the nerdy girl but she wasn't uiet or shy Well maybe a little shy but she was SO SASSY I loved her spark and it made her an interesting character to get to know Yeah they were both stubborn throughout most of the book because neither wanted to take the plunge into love but you could feel and read there connection They really were meant for each other the way they thought cared for each other Oh but they both had to work hard to be together I especially loved that Kaleb asked Kayleigh's mom if he could take Kayleigh out on a date; XD I thought that was UBER SWEET He wanted to do everything right with Kayleigh and he wanted her to be happy and just as much in love with him as he was with her To each other they were THE ONE They also had to deal with a lot of past baggage from there families Kaleb has a pretty crazy family His step sister has a daughter ALY whom I absolutely adored X3 And his step sister was really messed up and really itchy But in the family department I really loved Kaleb his moms relationship; his mom was really funny witty strong On the other hand I loved Kayleighs mother in the sense that she was there as kind off an opposite to Kaleb's momLots of things happen in the story and with Kaleb Kayleigh but I absolutely loved the sweet moments between them They may be dealing with some tough things but they still found a place inside of them to love They had a deep intense love that had been building up forever One thing I absolutely adored about the book was that it had both Kaleb's Kayleigh's POV; so we got a deeper look at Kaleb Kayleigh and how they each really felt about each other THEY WERE JUST SOOOOO AH They really did make a great couple They brought out the best and worst in each other but they knew how to balance things with each other No matter what there love was a true one meant to last Now THE FEELS in this book were EXPLOSIVE There were times when Kaleb was down or Kayleigh was upsetunsure and you could feel there despair and wanting for each other When they were together sparks abound and you just had to go aww There were some darker feelings were it was like a punch to the stomach I also loved the secondary characters in this book like Gunner; who was MAD FUNNY had tons of sass and was a real friend to Kaleb and Kayleigh Overall I really liked this book It was a uick read full of intense romance feels and many great characters The only little complaint that i have about the book was that it felt New Adult at times than Young Adult especially with certain scenes ; But besides that I LOVED enjoyed it So that's why its a 4 out of 5 stars for me I finished reading the e ARC of the book a few days ago I'll try to sound positive as possibleIt's the kind of summer that I don't normally get to experience in reality I only ever get 'summer' season in books and this is one of those books The cover is absolutely well done and ooh so appealing I find that the romance got me to stay and continue reading as well as its well paced writingI was also dying to know what would the ending be like I find myself really attached to Kaleb and Kayleigh's relationship of whether they are ever just going to be friends or lovers or nothing at all Just specks on the planet maybe I believe in second chances and I'm glad that this book has also made the step to believe in itIn my opinion Kaleb is fortunate to be able to get his life back This time he has the chance to make the right choices and keep track of himself The truth about his father he never knew and he has the second chance to enjoy and cherish the days with those who love him He has his flaws and bad temper that if you trigger it he go nuts which made him realistic I like that But sometimes he exaggerates too much you knowKayleigh underneath the nerdy glasses is a beautiful girl smart and funny who has her heart well guarded especially around Kaleb She's a girl who never falls for kiss and tell and all perfect scenarios created from mere imaginations To me she is afraid of when she opens up to Kaleb she lose sight of every possibility of what Kaleb is capable of hurting her She doesn't want to risk it She wanted to be the one special girl for Kaleb and no one else She's making sure of him that she will not regret after choosing himThat's what I like about Kayleigh She doesn't just go with feelings but looking at how the person could affect her future or herself Now that's how girls should be focus on the personality and not feelings I honestly think improvements that I think will be good is the conflict between Kaleb and Kayleigh's moms For me the reason of why it was not enough to be conflict I thought it was uite absurd Kayleigh's mom couldn't forgive Kaleb's mom because of a guy in her life that could have been hers instead of Kaleb's mom and there goes to waste their camaraderie uite sad There are times I feel like I'm reading a fanfiction shrugs Nevertheless I was glad the reason of the situation has been made as an eye opener for both Kaleb and Kayleigh and has come to realize why the tension between their mothersAnother one was the film class that I was fascinated by the cinematography What I'd have hoped to continue to read of what would Kaleb and Kayleigh have done and achieved from it I was particularly unhappy about that because it was left to lay aside and shift to other stuff There are drama and drama which I think was not necessary The film class in my opinion has kind of lost its purpose of why in the first it was written in the story I don't understand that partI'm lenient when I give my ratings therefore I'm giving it 2 stars for the amazing ride on its romance side the appealing cover and another 1 star for all of things that the plot could have improved on a better creative plot and context It has potential that needs just a few editing to be done which could help the book greatly I hope it could have been thoroughly revised and sorted outI have no problems with the cute and enjoyable romance that is the strength of the book that upholds its entirety I believe The romance it's what helped me finish the book after all and wrapped things up a nice happy endingARC Review Originally posted on ueekie Girl Reads VISIT the blog tour The Summer of Me and You is an addicting YA contemporary that has a lot of the features of New Adult that I really enjoy Kaleb and Kayleigh have a very flawed relationship but through out this summer you see them grow and open up to each other They are both desperately in love with each other but are so afraid that the other person won't reciprocate those feelings so they push each other away constantly Of Kayleigh and Kaleb I gravitated to Kaleb not because he was this bad boy but because his actions felt understandable Kaleb was so in love with Kayleigh to the point that it was scary I applaud his character for his loyalty to eep pursuing a girl that didn't respond back to him Where as I Kayleigh was so afraid of being hurt by Kaleb that it took her forever to give him a chance For so long in the book I wanted to shake her and tell her to just take a chanceBesides the two main characters and their baggage which is was a lot of the story I really loved the minor characters and some of the other plot lines Gunner Kayleigh's gay next door neighbor was probably my favorite character in the whole book He brought so much humor to the story At some points I was like where is Gunner hoping he would make an appearance in every chapter I also enjoyed the plot line between Sheri and Susan Kaleb and Kayleigh's mothers it added a lot of depth to the story But I was always afraid they were going to end up being related It confused the heck out of me Only Kaleb's father was really discussed and so I kept thing oh no was he Kayleigh's father too That would have been a whole lot of soap opera drama if it went like thatWhich brings me to the major problem that I had with the story The timeline of events the order everything happened was a little wonky I was always confused with their ages and when everything happened in the scheme of the story The story begins a few years before the Summer and their ages and grades in school just didn't match up for me at times I would have preferred in those flashbacks if the ages and grades wee clearly stated so that I could place everything in order There were a lot of little details that I expected to have a greater impact on the story but they never really did For example the film they were suppose to make I think that should have taken a bigger role in the bookI loved how this book ended I think it was the only ending that could have happened I loved Rae's writing as well There were so many lines in this book that were just so poetic and perfect to the story She has a very sweet way of writing their love for each other and even though they had a mountain of obstacles to overcome together you couldn't help saying AWWW so many times This is definitely a mature YA novel and even though they are in high school it has that plot line you see in most New Adult romances Bad Boy loves the Good Girl and good girl turn him down A LOT but deep down she is head over heels for him It is a sexy and addicting story but just really sweet and something most YA Contemporary fans would highly enjoy Everything Has Changed by Taylor Swift describes this book so perfectly I'm having a hard time trying to write this review guys Mostly because there's so many feels going through me right now It was really sweet sometimes frustrating basically an emotional roller coaster I've now gotten off and don't know how to feel The premise was really entrancing which made me grab interest in this book Summer with two childhood unprofessed love? Yes please It really did not disappoint Though at times I wanted to tear my hair outKayleigh and Kaleb Kaleb and Kayleigh Has a ring to it Kaleb has had a crush on Kayleigh since grade one when she stole everyones blue crayons and gave it to him Kayleigh likes Kaleb too though she thinks that someone like Kaleb won't ever like a complete nerd like her Misunderstandings misunderstandingsasdfghjkl At times I really couldn't understand why they had to be so uncivil towards one another They both know how one another felt about each other yet they wouldn't take initiative and just tried to stay away from each other What is this I understand the reason why but stillLet's talk about characters shall we? My favourite character in here was probably Kaleb's mom She herself was like a teenager My least favourite here isKayleigh's mom We know her reasons blah blah blah but she was still a biatch about it and was so mean Seriously she took too far sometimes Finally we get to the MCs Kaleb has some issues which was sometimes a bit unpleasant Especially when he and Kayleigh fought it hurt to read Of course they make up after though Deep down Kaleb is still a very caring and sweet person and that's all I care about I felt so bad about him for prom Just ask the girl son I actually really like Kayleigh With her Bud Holly glasses and all She was strong and uick mouthed which I am not It sucks for her to have such a harsh mother I loved it when her mom told her to not see the boy she's grounded yadda yadda and the next thing she does is go out and see him GOOD FOR YOU I loved reading the parts where the went on their date and the ending part when they did all those things together Sigh it makes my heart cringe knowing that there will never be something like that in my life sad face Honestly it was so cute The carnivals cotten candy The ending was just speechless well it left me at that I was just awwing the whole time 3Overall I really did enjoy this book There were its ups and downs but hey in the end we got our happy ending and I loved it