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Rain Storm❰Download❯ ➺ Rain Storm Author Barry Eisler – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Previously published as Rain Storm and Choke PointJohn Rain has disappeared to Brazil to escape the killing business and the enemies encircling him in Japan But the CIA isn't willing to lose its premi Previously published as Rain Storm and Choke PointJohn Rain has disappeared to Brazil to escape the killing business and the enemies encircling him in Japan But the CIA isn't willing to lose its premier natural causes contract killer and they force Rain to take on a high risk assignment eliminate a ruthless arms dealer operating in Southeast AsiaThe upside Financial of course along with the ongoing chimera of moral redemption But first Rain will have to survive the downside a second assassin zeroing in on the target; the target's consort an alluring and dangerous woman with an agenda of her own; the possibility that the entire mission is nothing but an elaborate setup From the gorgeous beaches of Rio to the glitzy casinos of Macau to the gritty back streets of Hong Kong and Kowloon Rain becomes a reluctant player in an international game far deadlier and insidious than any he has encountered beforeIn his superb thriller series featuring charismatic Japanese American assassin John Rain author Barry Eisler serves up steamy foreign locales stunning action and enough high tech weaponry to make for an A plus boys and their toys read New York Daily NewsIncludes a note from the author introducing the new edition. Winner Take All is a thriller written by Barry Eisler about fictional character John Rain a paid CIA assassinThis is the third book in a series that I have read In this book Rain has been hired to kill retire Belghazi an arms dealer The reason he has been selected for this assignment is that he specializes in making a murder look like the person died of natural causes Rain has tracked Belghazi to Macau which is part of China and is sought of setup like Hong Kong It is often called the Las Vegas of China Belghazi is thought to be there to gamble Rain also has the advantage of fitting in with the locals being the son of an America white women and a Japanese father and inherited he mostly Japanese features Further he has enhanced those features to look Japanese by virtue of plastic surgeryBelghazi normally has at least two bodyguards and is traveling with an attractive woman Delilah Rain focuses on how to gain access to subject Rain was hired by Kanezaki a CIA officer Kanezaki is a Japanese American third generation He knows Rain and is fully cognizant of his ruthlessnessRain had been living in Brazil after an assignment in Japan It took him a while to blend in with the locals even though he had chosen an area that had a large Japanese population This was difficult because he did not really have background that was similar to others and he had to learn Portuguese the official language of Brazil Another CIA operative Dox had tracked him down for the AgencyRain came face to face with Delilah in a failed attempt to take out Belghazi in his hotel room She did not let Belghazi or his bodyguards know of his presence which made him think that she was not who or what she was thought to beThere are a lot of twists and turns in the action fiction The characters are well developed and I was kept guessing at what would happen next I really enjoyed this book and plan to continue reading the series I've got to like John Rain He's a stone cold killer assassinating someone never ruins his day The broken necks are many the martial arts skills thoroughly honed But the true skill demonstrated here is how Eisler is able to develop Rain into a sympathetic character one who appreciated good Scotch Whiskey who loves jazz and who is thoughtful and caring in his relationships with women It probably shouldn't work but it does I can't get too excited about the story this time around I drifted off rather when the rationale for the 'hit' was being discussed It's all rather confusing and I think secondary to the real value of reading these books The strength is in watching Eisler develop Rain into fully three dimensial character filling gaps in our knowledge of him and providing insight into his motivations and his life ambitions These sections are brilliantly crafted and I found myself wanting to know and about this complex man The action seuences too are very well written There is a lot of martial arts language none of which I understood but the action feels real brutally soI will return to the series because I want no I need to know what happens to John Rain It was fun contemporary spyassassin novel I think this was the second book with Rain in it I haven't read the first It stood alone well was pretty good There were a few too many digressions with Rain philosophizing over his life situation feeling sorry for himself due to the way he is cut off from having a close relationship with a woman It got old by the end but it was the major theme of the book the overall hook The paranoia in his life was severe he did find he could trust one person much to his surprise The lead to it was a bit heavy handed thoughI doubt I'll ever want to read it again but it was an enjoyable diversionUpdate March2017 Rereading as an audio book Review Here as I go through the series in order This is the third book not second Since it is now on its third title I'm not surprised there is some confusion I hate it when books are renamed It's hard enough keeping all of them straight 45 starsAfter the thoroughly depressing conclusion of Hard Rain book 2 in the series I sincerely hoped that the world would leave John Rain alone and I wouldn’t have to hear about him again Not because I didn’t enjoy the books but because I thought the guy deserved some peace You have to give some kudos to an author when he makes you feel like that for a hired assassin Rain Storm has a very slightly positive outlook Please don’t get the impression that the book is a ray of sunshine; this series is still about alienation and missed chances But several new characters showed up to make John’s life interesting including several ladies John really likes the ladies which makes total sense because to kick ass that hard a man needs truckloads of testosterone Like in previous books the action was exciting with very intricate fight scenes Most of the time I couldn’t follow exactly what was going on but the descriptions help to highlight that kicking ass is HARD And you have to be in top condition – both physically and mentally – to be able to keep up with all those bad guys who are also amazingly good at what they do As expected the cities that John inhabits Rio Hong Kong and Macau become almost characters in their own right Mr Eisler definitely has an eye for distilling the essence of a city into words Even with all these new characters John is still alienated from life surrounded by a terrible longing for the lost chances and the impossibility of his life John is too honest for regrets but he knows than most of what this life has cost him I wondered in a detached way whether it was all part of a cosmic punishment for Crazy JakeOr perhaps for the other things I’ve done To be periodically tantalized by the hope of something real something good always knowing at the same time that it was all going to turn to dustIt would seem amazing that a man who whacks people for a living wants a relationship but than anything John Rain wants no needs to belong He was a foreigner in Japan and a foreigner in the US He has no family no home and very few friends that he feels he cannot trust because again and again they have given him cause for doubt I told myself again that I wasn’t disappointed that I wasn’t even terribly surprised I learned long ago not to trust that faith is to life what sticking your chin out is to boxing I told myself that it was good to get some further confirmation of the essential accuracy of my worldview John gets lots of tail in this book but he’s constantly thinking about Midori Because I didn’t know him I just didn’t understand the profound effect she had in his life and now I want to re read the first book His pining for her was hopelessly romantic and I confess I shed lots of tears Midori isn’t dead only gone Maybe that’s why I find myself thinking of her often than I should I picture her face and picture the sound of her voice the touch of her hands the feel of her body I have no such power of recall for scent but know I would recognize hers in an instant and wish that I could breathe it in even once before I die Mr Nishii did a wonderful job portraying John Rain I didn’t like his voices for the women – they were a bit too highalmost like a falsetto – and his Portuguese accent was a bit out there but hey you can’t have it all I’m actually sad he doesn’t narrate any of the booksThe ending was the happiest I’ve seen in this series but I’m afraid everything will go down the drain in the next book I guess we can’t have John being too happy Regardless I can’t wait to see happens next this is the 250th book I've read this yearif you like thrillers you should really give these Eisler books a try I read this as an ebook 8 years ago reviewed it here It was out of order is on its third title so no wonder there is some confusion I hate it when books are renamed In my other review I gave it 3 stars doubted I'd read it again I am because now I'm listening to the books in orderIt was pretty good this time It helped having the background of the first 2 books Rain is a very careful character who is aging a bit coming to terms with that plus other complications in his life Kind of a sad guy in many ways since he can't fully trust anyone Good twisty adventure he's on too All right so I appear to be hunting for a specific character from Jack Reacher Lee Child to Jonathan uinn Brett Battles onto John Rain Barry Eisler From ex military to cleaner to assassin How do we as readers gain empathy for a killer? Simple enough join John Rain in his voyage from assassin for hire to conscientious killer kill bad guys to wanting to get out of the businessbut unwilling to leave his perspective of the world no worries this transformation takes place across many books than enough to satiate the most avid genre readerI devoured these books as I did the others above to come as I continue hunting You'll just have to see for yourselfPS If you've read this review you've read all my John Rain reviews There are no discrepancies in Eisler's work Every novel is top notch provided you share my predilection for this sort of characterHR I'll be honest I bought the book because I knew it wouldn't hold me in a chair all night until I finished reading it I read Hard Rain and was less than engrossed But I did want to see how the conspiracy evolved Unfortunately the conspiracy does not continue in this book so I still don't know and probably won't read another one Eisler is still bogged down in t0o much metaphoric imagery Pages of descriptions of scenery while Rain takes long lonely walks to make sure he is being followed I skipped most of it and which at least made the pace of the book move a bit faster for me Vague spoiler in next paragraphHowever Eisler has improved his plotting and character skills He does allow Rain to be weaker so you at least get a sense of underdog on occasion However he still missed the point of the underdog The underdog should win He should overcome his burdens and triumph Instead Rain is overcome gives up and is saved by a friend Gives up is the key there Heroes don't give up Eisler I'm not a fan of neurotic over thinking in novels I am a fan of the maxim Show Don't Tell Rain does A LOT of internal dialog and it drains the interest out of the plot for me I skipped a lot of that too Wow picked ths one up on a lark and it was a good find I had never heard of Barry Eisler before reading this book but it's greatThe main character John Rain is a high level assasin who takes up what looks to be just another job Well it turn out to be anything but just another job So John is out on an island on his own trying to complete the job and avoid becoming a targeted victom himself What makes this book even better than the plot and characters alone is that Eisler is an ex CIA agent and is very much into martial arts While reading this book if you have any martial arts training you will immediately recognize his knowledge in the field Everything in he book struck me as plausible which both shocked me and made me geek out about how cool some of the stuff he talks about is I'd give it 45 stars if I couldNOTE This is the 3rd book in the Rains series which stands at 7 books as of this review I will also point out that I did not read any of the other books before this one and had absolutely not idea I was missing anything This is the first book I've read by Eisler though note that it's not the first but the third in the series and is was surprisingly really really good Eisler can really write and has created a main character who is at the same time highly skilled and all too humanly flawed exotic yet realistic It takes talent to write about an assassin who's believably heroic The book is fast paced and action packed but also deeply reflective Well done