Wolf Fate (Wolf, #3)

Wolf Fate (Wolf, #3)[BOOKS] ✫ Wolf Fate (Wolf, #3) By M.R. Polish – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Death Keeper I want to make a deal Eight words can change the future With a wedding to plan Esmerelda thinks her past is where it should be in the past But one woman who thought her future was safe bo Death Keeper I want to make a deal Eight words can change the future With a wedding to plan Esmerelda thinks her past is where it should be in the past But one woman who thought her future was safe bound with a spell has different plans for the bride to be Sending Esmerelda to the spirit world seemed like the perfect deal but there is someone waiting on the other side who has a vendetta all his own Nothing on earth not even the bonding love between guardians can stop a deal once it's been made Who will have the last word to seal their fate. Trully a must read For the whole familyThis was the last book in the wolf trilogy And I must sayit was brilliance Once again this amazing author grabbed you by the collar and didn't let you go till the end And barely then Here it is almost 6am I have been up reading this book all night It was so good I couldn't put it down I enjoyed that it was a paranormal book that my children could read as well I get tired of not being able to share the books I read because of all the cursing and their sexual conduct don't get me wrong a little of that in any book is fine with me But this one is great I my son's even have the paper backs I loved the story line so much I don't like giving away the book as I've said before why buy a book when you can read the reviews But I will give you this it is totally NOT what you thought it would be You will be on the edge of your chair waiting for the next one Oh if you didn't notice there's a little book called wolf love I guess it's about Julia and Barak before E's I'm going to read that tomorrow Trust me you and any young ones will live this book Happy reading I will start with saying that I LOVE LOVE LOVE MRPolish as an authorLet be start by saying if you have not read Wolf Spell book #1 or Wolf Dream book #2 you really should read them first They will tell you the story up to where Wolf Fate book #3 starts After reading Wolf Fate I think I Love MR even Wolf Fate will keep you on the edge of your seat Just when you think you MIGHT have it all figured out the story takes a twist and things change I love Ian and Es as the main characters And all the supporting characters are just as exciting and important I really found that once I started reading this book that it was hard to put it downI received a complimentary copy of Wolf Fate in exchange for my honest review All opinions shared are 100% my own This is the last book in the Wolf Trilogy This answers all the uestions that you have had throughout the book Es and Ian are getting married only one problem Es doesn’t have a dress and Julie is out for revenge no problem right? MR wrote this book beautifully She finished the trilogy off perfectly Es gets her happy ending It might not have gone according to plan but she does get it I cried a little in this book as well but they were happy tears Things aren’t always what they seem Especially when one is in the Underworld The imagination of MR is fantastic I could see the dead trees and landscape that she was writing about I’m not going to give away anything about the book Because if I do it would be considered a spoiler Get this book Finish out this series This is the last book of the Wolf Trilogy and it just as good as the others Wolf fate pulled you in and you sitting on the edge of your seat There was still so much going on for Es and Ian where you think that things are going good something always happens If you haven’t read book 1 or 2 yet you definitely should do that before picking this one up This is a great ending to already great series RivitingThe third and final book in the trilogy series definitely did not leave the reader disappointed The action fantasy thriller love story refused to stall out and become boring This author is a definite must read for all young adults who are into paranormal romance and also the adult readers great storyline and easy to fallow Loved itThai book was great I couldn't put it down but it was too short I would have liked for the story to have went on a little longer Things happened pretty fast but I think there could have been story behind the action Like what happened to Julie and Victor Tough to put downThis is fascinating and every bit as gripping as the first two in the series Could not put this one down either Looking forward to books from the vivid mid of M R Polish A wonderful endingA wonderful ending I am still in a dizzy from all the twists and turns Well worth reading Sad to see it come to an end or maybe not ? Ughcliffhanger much? Lol Great trilogy great ending Definitely leaves you wanting Wolf fateWolf fate is a great read I just loved it this is a awesome series a must read in my book