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Broken Juliet❰Reading❯ ➺ Broken Juliet Author Leisa Rayven – How do you fix a love that's been broken beyond repairFor years Cassie Taylor tried to forget about Ethan Holt He was the one great love of her life and when he failed to return her love a part of her How do you fix a love that's been broken beyond repairFor years Cassie Taylor tried to forget about Ethan Holt He was the one great love of her life and when he failed to return her love a part of her died forever Or so she thought Now she and Ethan are sharing a Broadway stage and he's determined to win her back Claiming to be a changed man he's finally able to say all the things she needed to hear years ago but can she believe him What makes this time different from all his other broken promisesEthan knows he can't change their tumultuous past but if he's going to have any chance of being with the woman he loves he'll need to convince Cassie that her future belongs with himDon't miss this stunning conclusion to the unforgettable love story that captivated over two million fans onlineThe emotions were superb Hottest new book couple Jennifer Probst New York Times bestselling author of The Marriage BargainLeisa Rayven crashes onto the romance scene laughing flirting and just daring us to put Bad Romeo down I couldn't Christina Lauren New York Times bestselling author of Beautiful Bastard. SUEE This was the perfect conclusion to the story that began in Bad Romeo which is one of my top favorites I totally devoured this book in one sitting and LOVE LOVE LOVED it Just pure awesome If you're a fan of intensely passionate love stories I'm talking the kind of love that doesn't let go even after years apart and the deepest hurt where you just know in your heart that these two people are meant for each other then you have to read this series Plus Ethan Holt is this deliciously tormented moody and insanely hot bad boy whose love for Cassie Taylor is guaranteed to melt your heart Do you feel this? he whispers This is what makes us keep coming back despite everything we've gone through This is why I had to change and why despite how much I hurt you you can't walk away The way we sink into each other The way I can't tell my heartbeat from yours It's about this I don't want to give away too much of the story but basically this is a second chance romance We saw the beginning of Ethan and Cassie's story in Bad Romeo where they met in drama school and had this intense connection that pulled them together After a tumultuous on and off but always in love relationship he finally broke her heart for the last time and they were separated for years When they are cast together as romantic leads in a major production of Romeo and Juliet they're faced once again with their undeniable chemistry and Ethan is now determined to win back Cassie's heart and prove to her beyond a shadow of a doubt that he's sorry that he's changed and that he has never stopped loving her I meant every word and if you let me in I’ll prove it to you Show you Love you PleaseHe brushes his lips against my ear and it makes me trembleHe wraps his fingers around mine and pulls them away from the door“You want to hold on to something?” he says “Hold on to me” Gah Ethan Holt I love him so much Honestly he's very much the kind of hero I'm drawn too What can I say I love the tortured tormented guys especially when they're beyond in love with their girl I think there's something about the struggle that they have to overcome in order to be with their loves that makes me feel for them even than usual It's like an extra measure of sacrifice and effort My heart really broke for him This guy was so convinced that the people he loved would eventually hurt him that he either shut them out or left them before they could do the damage but just ended up hurting everyone so as a result I think the most painful thing of all was how though everything the mistakes in his past all the hurt he caused her it was always so clear to me just how much he loved her “Fuck Cassie I know the right thing to do is leave you alone But when I think about doing that it” He grips his chest “It fucking hurts” He didn't want to be that way and he never wanted to hurt her He just didn't believe he could ever be the kind of guy she wanted or who deserved her even though she loved him exactly as he wasWhat I really appreciated though was that the story took the time to show you what he was going through Honestly even though it was a mistake I ended up understanding why he left that second time His breaking point made sense to me Gah they were so deeply dysfunctional even though they were so madly in love So I got it I definitely did And then I just wanted to hug him He pulls back leans his forehead on mine eyes closed “One chance is all I need to prove how different we can be Please I know second chances are hard to come by and here I am asking for a third but fuck I need you And despite everything you need me too Just say yes Please” This story made my heart race I could just feel in every single scene how much these two people were meant for each other They had this connection this pull this undeniable chemistry that drew them to each other over and over again It just rolled off the page I felt it From the first page to the lastMy favorite stories are the ones about a love so strong that even the most painful of heartbreaks can't ever truly break it And this was one of those But I loved the way it was balanced out with little outbreaks of humor that would catch me off guard Here I was reading this crazy madly in love passionate forever soulmate epic romance and I'd be totally wrapped up in it with my heart pounding in my throat and then suddenly I would just laugh out right loud over a hilarious line So perfectJust like with the first book this one went back and forth between their past and present It would fill in the missing pieces of their past while moving their present day story forward I loved the way these blended together As a huge fan of second chance romances this is a storytelling method I'm uite fond of and this author pulled it off seamlesslyIf you're looking for a passionate love story with a bad boy hero who will both melt and break your heart and have you swooning like crazy over how much he loves the heroine then this is the perfect series for you It had everything I look for in a romance in the perfect measure I highly recommend itRating 45 stars My review of Book 1 For of my reviews book news and updates✦ Main blog Aestas Book Blog✦ Facebook Blog Page✦ Twitter ✦ Subscribe by email Every once in a while I crave an angsty emotionally charged read I knew that reconnecting with Cassie and Ethan after the way things were left between the two would definitely pull at my heartstrings Without a doubt this book delivered on all of those pointsCassie and Ethan are all grown up now but still being held back by their pasts Neither one of them ever recovered fully from their devastating break up They haven't really moved on or moved past their high school romanceWhen Ethan tries to make amends with Cassie begging for another chance and confessing his undying love the two set out to repair the damage The story is told in both past and present revealing exactly where these two went so wrong then subseuently watching them try to fix it years later If you're looking for teenage melodrama and angst look no fartherWhile I was in the mood for an emotional drama filled read I'd be lying if I said that the same things I love about this story didn't drive me crazy at times This story definitely has an overly dramatic teenage feel to it You know that whole the world is going to end type of melodrama? This book had it in spades Sometimes I just wanted to slap Ethan and tell him to get over himself with his self loathing actDespite my eye rolling I still found myself rooting for these two A part of me wanted to tell Cassie that she must be stupid to keep taking this guy back Another part of me delighted at the idea of them finally reuniting What can I say? I'm a romantic at heartIn the end I really enjoyed this angsty melodramatic love story I'm a sucker for first loves and this book did not disappoint It was infuriating but it was also sweet It was nice to get the closure for this couple that I didn't get at the end of the last book 5 stars This series has been a huge win for me HUGE I know it’s one that has mixed reviews and ratings I have friends that don’t love it and other friends that adore it and I’m so happy I fell in the later category Ethan Holt I thought he was amazing in Bad Romeo but I really hadn’t seen anything yet Full of love second chances intensity angst and passion It was perfection for this reader One reason I love this series so much is that above all the angst and stress it is full of true love and HUMOR I love to laugh and both of these books had me cracking up “I did tell you to go fuck yourself”“Yeah but you didn’t mean it”“Yeah I did”He frown “Really? Wow I totally misread that moment” I also found it interesting that the roles were somewhat reversed between the characters If you look at past Cassie that is where Ethan is today And Ethan from the past is similar to Cassie from the present I thought it was a really cool twist This story is paced perfectly and the transitions between present and past worked One of my favorite things in this story were Ethan’s journal entries sigh If you’re looking for a fantastic second chance romance with a feisty heroine a bad boy hero who has a great heart and a story full of humor steam and love READ THESE BOOKS Just an FYI I listened to the audio versions and the narrator was great “This is precious This is love This is something I’ll never take for granted because I know how it feels to be without it” 4 Broken StarsIn this second book Ethan opened up and face the conseuences of his previous actions He’s decided to do whatever it takes as long as Cassie forgives him and takes him backCassie has her heart broken not one but twice by Ethan Now he’s asking for one final chance and he’s relentless in having it Will Cassie finally put her fears aside and forgive him? Let me be very honest The ONLY reason I’m giving this book four stars it’s because of the end I simply loved the last 3025% of this book and after everything I believe the end was really sweet and adeuate to their story But if it wasn’t for it I would be torn between 2 or three stars Why? MORE OF THE SAMEMore than half of this book is pretty much Ethan pushing away in the past and Cassie trying to pull and Cassie pushing away in the present while Ethan tries to pull A lot of the book was set in the past and the problem is that the time frames didn’t flow easily At some moments I had to stop and remember if I was in the past or in the present because even in the present there were freaking scenes from the past Confusing? Imagine while reading it However it was very well written and if you liked the first one and are invested in their story you can’t miss this one Rating 4 Stars Characters Development I liked Ethan in this one at least the Ethan in the present He was finally grew some balls and man up Cassie well I understand her reaction after all she went through the same story twice but it came to a point where she was just being annoying I ended up making my peace with her I’m really anxious for Elissa’s story she was a nice supportive character Steam Some heated scenes Sensible Subjects view spoiler No hide spoiler Despite all the things I would have changed about our journey I’d never want a different destination It’s always been you My love for this book cannot be described in words Broken Juliet is an excellent continuation of Bad Romeo and a perfect conclusion for Ethan and Cassie's love storyAfter their devastating relationship mistakes in the past Cassie makes the greatest decision of a lifetime to either accept Ethan back or deny their chance of foreverI just can't get enough of this book It's perfect and it's one unforgettable breathtaking story The kind where you just can't help but laugh cry swoon and fall in love This book transformed me into such a complete emotional messLeisa Rayven's writing style is utterly beautiful and intricate The way she sent her readers back in the characters' past through flashback perfectly worked well with me I also love the way she fleshed out Ethan and Cassie's character making them likable And my oh my the chemistry Ethan and Cassie shared in this book was truly undeniableThis book also made me understand Cassie's heartaches and Ethan's inner turmoil which were the reasons why the story become even beautiful In this book forgiveness and second chances were greatly defined things that made their push and pull relationship crucial I found myself really enjoying this book as a whole because why not? Broken Juliet is not only an emotionally driven love story It's also mixed with humor and sexiness that made it an absolute page turner This series is now one of my favorite NAs It totally deserves all the ratings it gets I can't wait to read of this author's books in the futureRating 5 StarsI had the pleasure to interview Leisa Rayven Find out about her in my Author A with Leisa Rayven 375 4 Stars Ethan Cassie You two really tested my patience The first 30% of this book was frustrating as hell Back and forth I felt like I was stuck in the spin cycle Everything started to feel little redundant it was like reading the same thing over and over But it did get better The past and present are blended together in a way to fully tell their story and for the most part it's done perfectly Broken Juliet picks up where Bad Romeo left off Ethan trying to convince Cassie he's changed and for her to give him a 3rd chance For the most part these two switch roles Cassie is now the one with trust issues constantly pushing Ethan away while he continues to pursue her He pulls back leans his forehead on mine eyes closed “One chance is all I need to prove how different we can be Please I know second chances are hard to come by and here I am asking for a third but fuck I need you And despite everything you need me too Just say yes Please” Ethan and Cassie's story is intense passionate and I've never doubted their feelings for one another It was nice getting insight into Ethan's motivations I think I understand him much better He really tries to prove himself and honestly I really enjoyed his character while Cassie came across a bit whiny and juvenile Overall I enjoyed this one It's well paced the characters are realistic yet flawed and I loved the theater atmosphere ARC provided by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review 375 4 Stars ”This man represents so many things to me He was my first true friend My first love First lover The master of pleasure than I knew existed and the architect of heartache than I thought I could endure” image error Broken Juliet begins where Bad Romeo leaves off which is pretty perfect because I can’t imagine not knowing every moment between Cassie and Ethan I actually loved Broken Juliet so much than Bad Romeo and I loved it too Ethan has broke Cassie’s heart twice and is back again wanting another chance It seems the roles have reversed Ethan is vulnerable now and willing to do anything to prove he is serious about Cassie Now Cassie is harder suspicious and less trusting I love that we got to see of Ethan’s thoughts and understand him and past motives It was absolutely perfect to see the story come full circle and I love love love that I truly believe they are healed Many times we just get a HEA wrapped up in pretty bow and we don’t really know how it happened That’s not the case with Ethan and Cassie While at times my heart broke and I was angry with Cassie or Ethan I love that we got to see everything I love that we get to see them later as adults To see that they have matured and grown is priceless I hate that I waited so long to read these books The are fun sexy and so damn addictive I highly recommend them I listened to the audiobook and the narrator is the same for both Bad Romeo and Broken Juliet She did a fantastic job Teasers created by me with stock images purchased from depositphotos You can love something without being passionate about it Conversely you can be passionate about things you don't love It's when the two converge that real magic happens Ethan Holt used to be a train wreck in drama school An avalanche that emotionally destroyed Cassie and left her completely heartbroken Now 3 years later Ethan is back claiming he is finally ready for a commitment But even though connection like Cassie and Ethan have doesn't come along than a once in a life time will Cassie be able to put her heart on the line for the third time?Written in pastpresent alternating chapters Mrs Raven once again offers passionate character driven story about couple with one of the strongest chemistry ever created on the pages Sexual tension in this series is so thick that you can taste it Emotions are so powerful that you can feel being touched and affected by them yourself This is how memorable contemporary love story is being written Hate Such a strong emotion So easy to call upon Loud enough to shout down all the pain It's easy to hate him so I do It distracts me from how much I love him But what is the most praiseworthy aspect of this novel? The way author crafted the main protagonists and gave them this touch of realistic people with their strengths and flaws I loved Ethan's transition from scared boy with issues to real man Cassie deserved It was made in very believable way kudos to author for that This new version of Ethan is so adorably lovable that you can't help but cheer for him no matter what stupid decision he had made in the past And Cassie? Her POV makes you feel like she is the most open and honest character ever baring her soul to all who are willing to read her story Mrs Rayven made it very easy for me to connect with Cassie and fully understand all her decisions and feelingsBeside great character development and unforgettable romance this book reproduces amazingly realistic atmosphere of drama school and gives readers detailed insight into all acting connected And let me tell you it's one of the most fascinating things I have ever read about and it definitely helps to make this series stand out from other contemporary romances If you haven't started this series yet I cannot recommend it enough First book Bad Romeo is already out since December 2014 and this seuel is being released next week so what are you waiting for?MORE REVIEWS ON MY BLOG Reading Is My Breathing 35 Broken starsIt's no secret that I had been less than impressed with Bad Romeo so I went into this book with a healthy dose of skepticism Broken Juliet starts off where Bad Romeo left off with Cassie on a cusp of deciding whether to give Ethan another chance or not This was the third time that she was going to be giving Ethan so I understood why she was hesitant Although it's uite clear that she was still very much in love with Ethan she also doesn't trust himLike Bad Romeo we get to revisit the past when Ethan and Cassie are both theater majors at the Grove in Westchester New York In Bad Romeo we find out that Ethan left Cassie twice but we never got to find out why In this book we did and it was just Ethan feeling he's not good enough for Cassie believing that he's too damage to be able to love her They first time they broke up Cassie was devastated but after a year they started being sort of friends and started flirting until they gave in and hooked up with no promises or strings attached That one hook up turned into two three until they were fully hooking up in secret Since things were never simple when it comes to their relationship Cassie and Ethan tried again during their senior year They were truly happy but then old jealousies resurfaced and suddenly Ethan pushed Cassie away for one last time So what did I like? I really liked the present Ethan and Cassie I see their growth Ethan for one was different I liked that Cassie didn't immediately jump into a reconciliation with Ethan She made him work for it Ethan for his part had been very patient He never pushed Cassie to forgive him I also liked the transition between past and present this time around In the previous book the transition was a bit jarring This time it flowed smoothly Plus Liesa Rayven's writing really shined through The dialogue was excellent and Cassie's growth as a character was evident in the way he handled Ethan and view spoiler and her parent's divorce which broke my heart by the way hide spoiler

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