The Kizuna Coast Rei Shimura Mystery #11

The Kizuna Coast Rei Shimura Mystery #11➽ [Download] ✤ The Kizuna Coast Rei Shimura Mystery #11 By Sujata Massey ➲ – When an earthuake triggers a tsunami that floods Japan's northeast coast amateur sleuth Rei Shimura is pushed into her most rugged adventure yetIt starts with an SOS from Rei's beloved elderly friend When an earthuake triggers a tsunami Coast Rei Epub ß that floods Japan's northeast coast amateur sleuth Rei Shimura is pushed into her most The Kizuna eBook ¸ rugged adventure yetIt starts with an SOS from Rei's beloved elderly friend the antiues dealer Mr Ishida who's trapped among thousands Kizuna Coast Rei PDF È on the ravaged Tohoku coast Rei rushes from Hawaii to blacked out Tokyo where she discovers Ishida Antiues may have been Kizuna Coast Rei Shimura Mystery PDF/EPUB or burglarized and its cuddly watchdog Hachiko needs a caregiverRei and Hachiko board a bus full of disaster volunteers headed to the damaged town of Sugihama Once there they learn about the disappearance during the tsunami of Mr Ishida's antiues apprentice Mayumi a troubled young woman from a famous lacuer making familyMaking use of her volunteer friends as well as her knowledge of Japanese manners and antiues Rei investigates Mayumi's suspicious disappearance Complicating the situation is a police force overwhelmed by counting the dead and a stalker who's set his or her own sights on Rei. I've been a big fan of Sujata Massey's series of mysteries featuring danger prone antiues dealer Rei Shimura for uite some time now In 2008 when I read the 10th book in the series Shimura Trouble it certainly sounded as if Massey was finished spinning stories about her heroine and I was rather upset so when I found out that Rei had returned to the literary world I was very excited to spend time with her and her compatriots once againWhen The Kizuna Coast opens Rei and her new husband Michael Hendricks are settling into their lives in Hawaii But newlywed bliss is short lived once the couple learns that a powerful earthuake has rocked the northeast coast of Japan followed by a devastating tsunami that left enormous death and destruction in its wake Although Rei is relieved to find out that her family members living in Japan are all safe when she receives a distressed phone call from her mentor and former boss antiues dealer Mr Ishida who has been injured and displaced by the storm she promises to go to Japan to help himGetting to Japan shortly after such a disaster proves challenging not to mention upsetting to her husband and once she arrives in order to get to the city where Mr Ishida is she must offer her services as a disaster relief volunteer But before she arrives in Tohoku she visits Mr Ishida's shop only to discover it may have been burglarized And when she finally is reunited with him she finds that while he is concerned about his shop he is most concerned about the whereabouts of his employee Mayumi who unexpectedly met him in Tohoku on the day of the tsunami but seems to have disappearedAt first Rei doubts just how devoted of an employee Mayumi is but then she starts to uncover information about the tumultuous life this young girl led And as she finds herself trying to help find out what happened to Mayumi and get Mr Ishida back to his shop she is also overwhelmed by the destruction both physical and emotional that the tsunami caused To top it off her worries begin to grow about her husband as well whose job sends him near the Fukushima nuclear reactor which was damaged during the stormReading The Kizuna Coast is like being reunited with old friends Rei's character hasn't changed although she has gotten a bit mature at times but her doggedness and her compassion remain the same While this book dealt with her experiences in the tsunami stricken area it was still good to see the return Mr Ishida as well as her close friend and former roommate Richard; her aunt Norie; and her doctor cousin Tom The plot is a little predictable but it doesn't matter because Rei is a warm fascinating character and Massey does such a great job making you care about her and those with whom Rei is dealing And as always there's even some fascinating information about Japanese antiues thrown in for good measureIf you're a mystery fan I'd definitely encourage you to pick up a book in Massey's Rei Shimura series They're fun and compelling and they've really taught me a great deal about Japanese culture I probably wouldn't have learned otherwise Plus you now have 11 books to read in the series so hopefully if you get hooked by the time you're done Massey may write anotherSee all of my reviews at I missed this series so muchThis is one of my favorite mystery series with a really appealing main character who is half Japanese and half American Sujata Massey masterfully blends art history and culture with compelling storylines devastation of the Japanese tsunami and its after math and fascinating characters Rei pulls us into her life straddling two cultures and gives us touching insights about both The details about life in Japan including food art cultural differences bring these books alive The mystery in this book was satisfactory but once again it was the characters and the horror of the tsunami event that made me fall in love with this bookAnother winner Loved itGrade A After reading The Widows of Malabar Hill the first in a 1920's India mystery series by Sujata Massey I discovered that there was this novel from her Rei Shimura mystery series that I hadn't previously noticed I decided that The Kizuna Coast would be my last read of 2018There was so much to like about this book Most notably the concept of kizuna From what is said about it in this book I would call it a combination of compassion and generosity particularly in an emergency situation So New Yorkers could be said to have shown kizuna toward each other post 9 11 Kizuna was definitely on display in the context of the earthuake and tsunami that occurred in Japan just before the events of this novel Like Rei I initially disliked Ishida's new apprentice Mayumi who died in suspicious circumstances Mayumi lacked an ethical compass but she did become sympathetic as we discovered about her She turned out to be a very interesting character I couldn't give The Kizuna Coast five stars because the perpetrator became obvious before the big reveal Nevertheless I was glad to have read it I think it's one of the better Rei Shimura novelsFor my complete review see I find this difficult to review after eleven books I consider Rei as my dear comforting friend This time the themes were a shade darker but Rei kept me entertained Perfect summer read for fans Rei Shimura is back in Japan just in time for a nuclear meltdown and a tsunami One of the better books in this series 35 starsI had thought the Rei Shimura series ended several years ago But the author was inspired by the events of the 2011 tsunami in Japan to revisit the characters I'm glad she didRei and her husband Michael are living in Hawaii not long after their marriage When the earthuake and tsunami strike Japan Rei is worried about her friends and family there particularly her elderly mentor Mr Ishido whom she learns was injured and is trapped in one of the worst hit areas Rei travels to Japan and joins volunteers to the disaster area to search for Ishidosan and help with the clean up and rescue efforts There she learns her mentor's young employee is missing along with heirloom lacuer pieces from her family which were worth a small fortune Of course Rei cannot let a mystery go uninvestigated and she searches for the girl and missing treasures as she deals with the tragedies large and small of the tsunamiThe story was a worthwhile and enjoyable revisit to what was a very good series I loved the chance to see Rei and some of her friends and family again The real draw to the series then and now though was the wonderful peek into Japanese culture and the backdrop of the tsunami made it all the interesting and poignantI understand the author has written some stories set in India If she weaves insights about local culture and customs in to those as she has with the Rei Shimura series it will be well worth checking out This book takes place during an interesting period immediately after the Fukushima disaster in Japan when the protagonist Rei Shimura goes there from Hawaii to volunteer and search for her mentor who has disappeared His assistant a young woman has also disappeared Mystery ensues amid a backdrop of utter civil chaosAside from enjoying the protagonist as I always do I found the book to contain a lot of local color imparting a good feeling for the extent of the disaster and various personal tragedies of the characters she comes in contact with Oh Some of my favorite passages were the painting scene the haircut scene and the bathtub sceneMs Massey's writing is clear and flows well as always I've read the entire Rei Shimura series of which this is number eleven and I've enjoyed them allAfter the first nine books were traditionally published the author apparently went solo for this and the previous volume This one is self published Ikat Press Balti has no web presence so I'd consider it an indy The formatting and editing are top notch aside from a handful of typos What I enjoy most about all of Sujata Massey's books is the careful explanations they offer of the art food and culture of Japan and India too in The Sleeping Dictionary Kizuna Coast finds Rei Shimura investigating a suspicious death right in the middle of the overwhelming devastation following Japan's 2011 earthuake and tsunami It's a clever plot involving a collection of antiue lacuerware and a rebellious blue haired artist Fans of Rei Shimura will find themselves in happily familiar territory with Massey's descriptions of the contents of Japanese antiue shops and auction houses That said the plot feels a little pared down than in some of Rei's other outings and I think that's as it should be The book is full of descriptions of the region hardest hit by the tsunami and the rescue and cleanup efforts which were aided by volunteers who showed up by the busload The mystery is expertly woven through plenty of very real and specific details about what life was like in the aftermath of the disaster Massey does a great job of unfolding this fictional mystery within an excruciating moment in history Sujata Massey says Because of the real framework of the 2011 earthuake tsunami and nuclear disaster this book could probably ualify as a modern historical novel within the Rei mystery seriesAs Rei Shimura ventures to the Tohoju coast in search of her mentor Ishida san as a Helping Hand volunteer vivid description builds of the impact of the tsunami on coastal towns and villages and of the way the Japanese community works together to rebuild lives There is an authentic feel to the narrative which told me things about the tsunami that I had no way of knowing the pervading smell of the rotting fish left behind as the water retreated the stories of people who survived while those with them were washed away the after shocks that continued for days and so onAgainst this background Massey has woven the story of the search for Mayumi who disappeared after the earthuake and then of Rei's search for justiceIt is always a delight to discover an author and enjoy your first read so much It is like making a new friend Sujata Massey's latest in the Rei Shimura series is somber and stars a mature heroine Rei returns to Japan to help the victims of the horrendous earthuaketsunami aftermath of 2011 when her mentor Mr Ishida calls upon her His current apprentice Kimura Mayumi is missing and he fears the worst Rei immediately embarks on a harrowing mission enlisting help from her husband Michael and various Japanese relatives and friends Ms Massey does a respectful job of describing the devastation the relief efforts and kizuna all while providing another culturally informative mystery I for one am pleased to see the series continue with a mature Rei I hope Ms Massey has Rei adventures planned along with new Indian based books for her fans In the meantime arigato Ms Massey

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