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The Tide Watchers❰Download❯ ➵ The Tide Watchers Author Lisa Chaplin – In the winter of 1803 one woman stands between Napoleon and the fall of Great BritainThe free spirited daughter of an English baronet Lisbeth defies convention by eloping to France When her husband ab In the winter of one woman stands between Napoleon and the fall of Great BritainThe free spirited daughter of an English baronet Lisbeth defies convention by eloping to France When her husband abandons her she must find a way to survive and be reunited with her young son who is in the care of her mother in lawA seasoned spy known as Tidewatcher Duncan apprenticed under Lisbeth's father and pledged The Tide PDF \ to keep his mentor's pretty daughter safe—a promise complicated by the wily Napoleon Bonaparte The British believe he is planning an attack and Duncan is sent to search for signs of invasion on the French coast—where he draws dangerously close to adventurous and unpredictable LisbethA sensational new invention may shift the tide of a French victory A brilliant and eccentric American inventor named Robert Fulton has devised a deadly weapon that can decimate an enemy's fleet To protect English ships Tidewatcher must gain control of Fulton's invention and cross enemy lines but he cannot do it alone Left with no other options he enlists Lisbeth's help in outwitting the American inventor and uncovering Bonaparte's secret plansGoing undercover for the handsome and duty bound spy Lisbeth risks her freedom and her life as she navigates double agents and submarine warfare to outwit the greatest military tactician in history The only uestion is who can she trust. Fabulous debut effort full of history of Napoleon's invasion of England Espionage intrigue suspense and mystery along with the perfect amount of romance create a compelling narrative The fast pace contributes to your need to continue reading refusing to tear yourself away Chaplin masterfully balances fictional characters with historical nonfictional characters Lisbeth and Ducan take center stage two affecting characters with painful pasts Lisbeth a woman of principle strength and intelligence a feminist before her time She gives of herself risking reputation making numerous sacrifices with the hope of regaining her infant son She is incredible and proves herself among the men with her natural abilities and composure Duncan a King's Man which lends him plenty of mystiue the keeper of secrets including both professional and personal he is socially awkward in regards to the one woman he loves When Lisbeth and Duncan team up lots of action and adventures complete with twists ensue My one complaint the ending Nothing frustrates me than an abrupt untidy ending forcing me to purchase the next book to find resolution total turn off Despite my grievance it is a fantastic historical fiction novel engaging the reader with excitement and adventure For this and other reviews along with giveaways visit After a career of writing contemporary romance novels under a pseudonym Lisa Chaplin's debut historical novel under her own name is a gem The Tide Watchers is a uasi fictional exploration of Napoleon Bonaparte's long rud attempt to invade England via the English channel in the late winter of 1803 Coming on the heels of the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo this story is especially timely and engaging As a fan of this time period in British and Continental European history I was thrilled when the opportunity to read and review this novel was presented to meDuncan Aylsham Commander and King's Man spy is an apt term is sent on a mission to find the daughter of his mentor Sir Edward Sunderland Lisbeth Sunderland in direct defiance of her father's plans to arrange a marriage to a baron's heir hastily married Alain Delacorte and ran off to France with him Not knowing Delacorte's true nature origins and purpose she is brutalized at his hands and is forced to live apart from him and their newborn son Duncan tracks her down and in rescuing her comes to respect her for her intelligence cunning and capability in outsmarting her husband and her enemies While fleeing France the two are caught up in a dangerous and ingenious mission to save Britain from invasionChaplin seamlessly injects real life historical figures into the narrative At times I had trouble remembering who was fictional and who was not and this is by no means a criticism It made the book come alive for me We are introduced to Bonaparte and his minions all cogs in the wheel of the vast changes sweeping France and Europe at that time There are various representatives of Whitehall in their official and unofficial capacities We also meet Robert Fulton the American inventor as both he and his inventions become an integral part of the plot's narrativeWe are therefore introduced to spies and counter spies double agents and other characters who are thrust into the roles necessary to protect their country and the people they love Georgiana Gordon is one as are Alec and Cal Stewart Duncan's half brothers forever coming to Duncan's rescue when he needs them the most despite Duncan's repeated attempts at pushing them awayBesides a great swashbuckling tale of intrigue double crossing military might and sheer courage The Tide Watchers brings us gentler lessons in the importance of family however one can define the term Duncan's relationship with his brothers his father's family his perfidious adoptive father and Eddie Sunderland his mentor are all examined On Lisbeth's side there is an exploration of her relationship with her parents especially her father away most of the time on King's business as she grew up And yes there is romance but it is not the main emphasis of the story All of this adds a nuanced level to this novel that would keep anyone turning the pages even those of you who are hard core romance readers There is something for everyone here and I guarantee no one will close the back cover disappointedMy greatest find is a book that leads me to feel that I've learned something when I put it down for the last time The Tide Watchers leaves me with that feeling Pair intricate intelligent prose with exceptional story telling highlighting characters that are hard to forget and you have a story than worthy of your time I can hardly wait for Ms Chaplin's next foray into historical fiction There are several characters here than capable of carrying their own stories and I look forward to reading them Highly highly recommend The first thing that drew me to this book was that it was about spies during the Napoleonic Wars In the US these wars don't get a lot press in the classroom so to speak Growing up my takeaway was that Napoleon was a little man who wanted to own everything and then he was exiled In fact these wars lasted uite a long time England and France were at war for over 10 years and I am surprised that fiction doesn't dig deeper into the intrigue that was surely going on at this time but The Tide Watchers definitely took that idea and ran with it The French Revolution and all of its terror still reverberated over the politics of France and beyond and I enjoyed the political debates between characters A fictionalized version of Robert Fulton he is known best for inventing the steam engine but he also developed the first submarine and torpedoes was an interesting illustration of the way many people saw France's uest for a republican form of government Just as it is today the country with the best fighting technology wins and Fulton's work and its place in this war was a fascinating aspect of the story While all of the secret planning and spying is going on there is a very emotional plot line involving Lisbeth who I saw as the main character in this story Her strength and intelligence really made the book for me She is desperate to get her baby back from her psychotic husband and what she endures gives the reader a very good idea of how easily a woman could become utterly powerless emotionally and legally in marriage Her singular focus was her son but along the way she ended up making one hell of a spy Duncan's character was also very engaging and I thought it was interesting that echoes of the Jacobite rebellion of 1745 still reverberated in the lives and political influence of some of the spiesThis is a very detail rich book which is something I love in my historical fiction and while there is a fantastic romance between two of the characters I would not call this a romance novel per say The pacing was good because the story is constantly switching back and forth in perspective and location giving me a 360 degree view of how events were unfolding on all sides of the war It combined real historical events with political intrigue and created a fictional but entirely believable story I think that The Tide Watchers is perfect for fans of Outlander Its multiple characters detailed story and engaging romance will appeal to readers who might be looking for a good book during Droughtlander Thankfully The Tide Watchers will have a seuel and I will be first in line to buy it when it's for sale Suspenseful espionage novel set mainly in Napoleonic France with a feisty down to earth clever heroine Lisbeth Sunderland daughter of a baronet to escape a hated marriage elopes with a charming Frenchman and returns to France Subseuently she discovers the hateful persona hidden under his mask of elegance and suaveness He takes their baby son and deserts her; she is reduced to working as a tavern maid With promises to retrieve her son and to return them to England she agrees to help Duncan a King's Man or spy codename Tidewatcher Under his direction she infiltrates the house of Robert Fulton eccentric American inventor of a type of submarine as housekeeper and apprentice Lisbeth and Duncan set out to foil plots of Napoleon's invasion of England and of the king's assassination Boney has already survived a failed assassination himself There are several different subplots The story really didn't pick up steam for me till about p 147 Amid episodes and dialogue that displayed the author's genuine talent there were long stretches of confusing action For instance I saw no point to the Lady Georgiana subplot There were other instances I felt the novel could have been shortened and tightened up Sometimes the novel descended into melodramaI liked both hero and heroine also Mark the Cockney cabin boy The story just ended Perhaps the author has a seuel in the works? Recommended I thank LibraryThing for sending me this free copy in return for an honest review This was a very interesting book I chose it because it was set just prior to the Regency period in England a favorite time period of mine The main characters are a young English woman Lisbeth who eloped with a Frenchman only to find out he was extremely abusive After the birth of her son she was forced out to become a barmaid though she didn't become a whore like the other barmaids Our other hero is Duncan a ship's captain and British spy They meet in Lisbeth's bar and the plot evolves to where Lisbeth in exchange for the rescue of her baby becomes a housekeeperassistant to inventor Robert Fulton He was in France to work on his submarine invention not called a submarine in the book for the French He also develops a smaller version which he works on with Lisbeth's assistance How all these threads and come together makes for a good story I really really hope that Ms Chaplin is working on a seuelHighly recommended Lies are abundant than the truth between France and England in the early 1800’s Napoleon is uietly planning an attack on the British and the British network of spies known as the King’s Men are secretly keeping watch Known as the Tidewatcher British spy Duncan is on a mission not only to watch the French Coastline for signs of invasion but to find and protect his mentor Sir Edward Sunderland’s daughter Elizabeth Lisbeth Delacorte has been dragged through the gutter She eloped with Alain Delacort a Frenchman to defy her father and get out of an arranged marriage to a wealthy Baron only to be abandoned in France and have her son stolen from her Now Lisbeth works in a tavern and is desperately trying to save her son from Alain’s cruelty When Duncan finds Lisbeth he immediately sees her strength as a woman and as a spy Duncan trains Lisbeth for a mission going undercover in American inventor Robert Fulton’s household to gain intelligence of his submersible ship that may hold the key to undoing Napoleon’s plans Lisbeth accomplishes this and but only for Duncan’s promise that he will get her son back to her Historical fiction and with spy tactics made this book intriguing exciting and suspenseful I didn't know a lot about this time in history so the mix of historical figures with fictional characters made this educational for me as well Although for me the fictional characters of Lisbeth and Duncan shone the brightest for me Lisbeth was a truly strong character in her morals character intelligence and physical strength She is put through many trials going from a highborn lady to working in a tavern attempted murders and rape to successfully completing spy missions all for the hope of getting her son back Duncan is a true King's Man trained by the best which makes him an enigma holding many secrets and making it terribly difficult for him to open up to the woman who he loves The missions that Duncan and Lisbeth are sent on are filled with plenty of intrigue and provide many twists and turns I especially liked learning about Robert Fulton and his submarines There was a little romance in here but it was in no way the whole plot just a nice little addition to keep things moving although I do wish it was tied off a little better Overall a uick paced spy filled historical fiction adventureThis book was received for free in return for an honest review The Tide Watchers is part spy novel part adventure novel part history lesson and a little bit of romance It takes place in England and France during Napoleon’s rise Our hero is in France trying to learn what he can about the soon to be Emperor’s plans and to try and find his employer’s daughter Lisbeth She ran away with a French emigre against the wishes of her parents and he did not turn out to be the romantic man she thought he was so now she finds herself working at a tavern and branded a whore by all in the townDuncan finds Lisbeth and realizes she could be a help on his mission but is a little reluctant to put her in danger Lisbeth is not like any other woman he has ever met; she is intelligent forthright and she speaks her mind She agrees to work with Duncan and then she wants to go homeThe story is a good one and the writing kept me very engaged There is a lot of history to draw from in this time period and Ms Chaplin weaves her fictional players in with historical characters very well I will admit to feeling at times in the beginning like I dropped into the second book of a series but I soon figured out who everyone was I believe the author was trying to slowly release information about her characters but it left me a bit confused at times My biggest complaint and the reason for the 35 rating instead of a 4 is the ending It was obscenely abrupt In fact I wondered if my advance reading copy was missing a chapter it was that jarring an ending I am guessing there will be a seuel – if not so much was left hanging it was really crazy I understand leaving the readers anxious for another book but this was than that – it truly felt like information was missing35 Early 19th century espionage historical fiction featuring battles of wits between France Britain and a bright albeit not so willing 19 year old woman who stands in the midst of posturing men and through cleverness may yet save the day Of course there's a ruggedly handsome brooding ship's commander eager to catch her and save her from certain death But our heroine proves fierce and capable The story's twists turns clever contraptions and long list of well known historic characters keeps the reader engaged and hanging on for dear life It's an exciting tale and the fictional characters are so well melded in among the historical greats that it could almost be believable But don't take my word for it Wander for yourself into 1803 France yet trust no oneI am grateful to author Lisa Chaplin Harper Collins Publishers and LibraryThing Early Reviewers for having provided a free copy of an uncorrected proof of this book Their generosity did not however influence this review the words of which are mine alone I wrote a feature article for the Historical Novel Society on this novelMy personal reaction to this book was that it never really came together for me I didn't like either of the romantic leads which didn't help I found Duncan forgettable and Lisbeth's oh so frail but so plucky character irritating I think I would have enjoyed the read better if the story line had been simplified to cut out several of the characters this is apparently the start of a series so plenty of time to introduce everyone I can't address the historical aspects of the novel as I don't know much about the Napoleonic period but others have done that very well I thought this was a very well written well researched historical fiction novel I enjoyed it uite a bit until the ending which was rather abrupt and felt unfinished I'm wavering between a 35 and a 4 because of that Strong female character if a bit unforgiving

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