Vivian➜ Vivian free download ➡ Author Bernadette Marie – From loss breeds new beginnings Vivian Monroe had been jaded Her husband's death only compounded the lies she'd only come to learn about Clayton North knows a thing or two about loss He figured it was From loss breeds new beginnings Vivian Monroe had been jaded Her husband's death only compounded the lies she'd only come to learn about Clayton North knows a thing or two about loss He figured it was fate for him to meet Vivian Monroe He'll take on the challenge of helping her mend her heart Midst new friendships and new romance Vivian must let go of her pain and face the woman who helped Adam Monroe weave his deceptive web. Copy provided via NetGalley 5 Prince Publishing in exchange for an honest reviewFANTASTIC read by Bernadette Marie As you know from Amelia's Penelope's story Vivian is one of 3 wives to a now deceased soldierIf THAT alone does not have you running to buy this entire series I don't know what willI laughed and maybe cried a bit through this entire seriesI loved how Bernadette Marie wrapped up this series Loved how these three women were able to take this preposterous situation and turn it around into a lifetime of love happiness family and friendshipThe concept behind this series is phenomenal and Bernadette Marie did an exceptional job of telling each individual story really really well5 OVER THE MOON STARS for not only THIS book but the entire series Vivian finishes out the tale of The Three Mrs Monroes giving us her side of her marriage to Adam Monroe the ugliness of her mother in law and how she moves past her grief over Adam's death The Three Mrs Monroes have bonded and the secretslies of Adam Monroe have made them sisters of the heart Amelia and Penelope are part of this last bookI thought the Keller Family and Walker Family series were awesome but this series is out of the ballpark I can't recommend this series enough What's It About?“Let’s heal together Let’s move on together Let’s see what comes”A lot has happened with the Monroe women in the six months after Adam Monroe died including pregnancy marriage and new beginnings“Clayton North was her miracle and she was going to embrace him”Book 3 is the final installment of The Three Mrs Monroes trilogy and is Vivian’s story which includes a conclusion to the mystery of who ransacked the attic in book 2 and a honeymoon to rememberFinally Vivian finds love forgiveness and her new beginning with Clayton NorthMy ThoughtsI love this series and I’m disappointed to have reached the end I will miss these women and their stories very much I am satisfied with the conclusion and I enjoyed seeing the women finally get their happily ever afterI loved the characters and in this installment we meet Clayton who is an absolute gem His back story was interesting and his personality complemented Vivian’s He was an excellent addition to this seriesThe author calls this book “the rise of Vivian” and I couldn’t agree She moves on from the past falls in love and finally is able to forgive Adam Vivian is able to heal her broken heart with the help of a compassionate manThe plot of book 3 was predictable In book 2 the author hinted to Clayton and Vivian getting together so I wasn’t surprised when they did Their relationship felt rushed to me It was too much too fast Then again the entire installment was a bit of a whirlwindThe climax was confusing and a bit of a stretch I didn’t understand why this person was after Vivian and for what? Why was SHE the target? And why after all this time?Despite the above mentioned predictable plot and confusing climax there is still a lot to love about Vivian and The Three Mrs Monroes book series in general The characters in this series are not only lovable but memorable The scenario that the women find themselves in is extremely uniue and unlike anything I have ever read before I love the author’s writing style and I’m eager to read romances by her I would recommend this series to fans of military romance and family themed contemporary romance with an HEAI received a paperback copy of this novel in exchange for a thoughtful fair and honest book review This in no way swayed my opinion or ratingFull book review First reviewed at Keeper BookshelfThe final story in The Three Mrs Monroes series is a compelling emotional and satisfying conclusion to the tale of three woman who unknowingly married the same man – and the aftermath of his lies and their futuresVivian has always been the hardest most bitter of the women caught up in Adam’s web of lies Now at the conclusion of the story I better understand why she is that way Vivian has had difficulties with Adam’s mother from the very start We were given glimpses into the havoc Stella has caused in the earlier novels – but we had absolutely no clue just how deeply her psychotic manipulative nastiness actually went until nowRecently widowed teacher Clayton and his adorable two daughters were the first to step up to the doors of the daycare center to be enrolled in the ladies’ new venture There was a spark at that first meeting between Vivian and Clayton in the second novel and now we get to see Vivian when she is allowed to love and be loved in return – no games no subterfuge simply loved for exactly who she is And actually the “normal” Vivian is a sympathetic likeable character She is definitely the focus of all the novels as it is her story that brought all of this craziness about even if she and we the reader was unaware of it at the beginning Stella is one nasty piece of work – and just how badly she has messed with Vivian’s life will become heartbreakingly clearIn Vivian we will see all the strings tied up a mystery solved new life begin and see Vivian in a new light as she sheds years of unknown abuse bitterness and is finally free to be the woman she always should have been When I first started this series Vivian was far from my favorite character today she is a shining star because now I understand exactly what has been beneath the surface for her over the yearsThis entire series has been a delightful read for me I’ve enjoyed the threaded mystery the love stories the growth of the characters and the ending was perfectly wrapped up in an extremely satisfying manner I would not hesitate to recommend this series to any romance reader You will be taken on an emotional roller coaster but it is well worth the ride Indulge yourself and enjoy The Three Mrs Monroes wraps up with wife number one Vivian's story Vivian must not only come to grips with Adam's bigamy but the fact that her marriage was never legal As she moves forward with Amelia and Penelope with plans to open the daycare the house renovations uncover secrets Secrets that her psychotic mother in law held and that Vivian discovered Truths about her relationship with Adam and why it had deteriorated so much before he married the othersAs she comes to grips with this new information she also meets Clayton North a widower whose daughters will attend Vivian's daycare Attracted to Clayton she must come to terms with her waning feelings for Adam and the sorrow she feels over the relationship they were never able to haveThe story wraps up well with lots of excitement Vivian was the most prickly wife to start with but she becomes the most human by the endThis series was light and enjoyable Each book was a fairly uick read with bits of depth here and there This romance novel is really moving and memorable Vivian is one of three women who have had their lives turned upside down by the same man and after his death instead of resenting each other they end up working together to rebuild their lives I thought that the author did a great job of making this believable and making Vivian both complicated due to the circumstances and overall really likable In the story Vivian begins a relationship with Clayton a widower and has to make sense of the life she wants to lead I like that Vivian grows believably it makes the situation and relationships in the story seem grounded Vivian and her well written friends as well as the impending danger to the main character all kept me really invested in the bookI received a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review I loved how Bernadette Marie wrapped up this series I haven't gotten much done since I got home from work because I needed to know how it was going to end I knew Vivian had a heart and that someone was able to get to her It was unfortunate how these three came together but now they have a huge and beautiful family Fate works in mysterious ways and sometimes you just have to follow your heart Thank you for another amazing series The third and final installment of the Adam Monroe series by Bernadette Marie And it definitely slightly toned down the sweetness Other than the love story there is also a series mystery solved in this book We find out who was behind sabotaging the daycare center and who was targeting Vivian Read at kryppticbookswordpresscom Extremely well written story with a wonderful cast of characters Marie draws you into this story full of family love grief devotion and mystery I truly enjoy the interaction of Amelia Penelope and Vivan and how a tragedy could bring three women so close together in every aspect of their lives I give this book a 5 star rating And even though this is a series this book is a must read I loved how it all came together All three books create a beautiful story about true and loving friendship between three women I'm going to miss these women

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