Dream Walkers

Dream Walkers❮Ebook❯ ➥ Dream Walkers ➦ Author Gail Wagner – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk After surviving the accident that killed her mother Cordelia Jameson’s life has been ruled by survivor’s guilt She thinks uitting her meds is the first step to taking back control of her life but After surviving the accident that killed her mother Cordelia Jameson’s life has been ruled by survivor’s guilt She thinks uitting her meds is the first step to taking back control of her life but they are the one thing that’s been keeping her safe Rescued from her nightmares by the boy of her dreams she finds herself inexplicably falling for him When he shows up at her school she begins to uestion her sanity Reid Shaw pulls her into his world of Shadows and nightmares putting her in grave danger as the evil that haunts all dreams begins to hunt her She is forced to choose sides and no matter what she’ll lose someone she loves. AWESOME I was given the copy in exchange of honest reviewThe story grabbed me in the beginning but some some reasons came and couldn't read further 2nd chapter But today I decided to read it and I finished it in six to seven hours The story captured me and couldn't wait to read and It has suspense mystery and whole lot I just can't describe itI loved it and I can't wait to read second book in the seriesIt's definitely a must read This book is really amazing Can't wait UNTILL the second book on wattpad D This is a completely unbiased review of course This review mightwill contain spoilersI've never read a book by Gail Wagner but I'll be keeping an eye out for books by herI found this book accidently on wattpad and I started reading it out of curiosity A very good decision on my behalfFor those of you who haven't read the book Cordy your average teenager realises she has lived with a power she never knew about Dream walking As the title suggests p After coming off her meds she has terrible nightmares about a car crash she was in when she was 7 This is when she meets Reid or Luke as he's first known as Cordy falls head over heels for Reid but she thinks he's just a part of her subconscious this all changes when she suddenly see's him walking around her schoolA book where danger lurks around waiting for the right moment this is very true for Cordy because she has a destiny which she must followGeneral So ye I enjoyed this book I was hooked from the first page Throughout the book the connection between the two main characters got stronger this I liked Though not much happenedI have to say this now One thing frustrated me so muchEveryone knew that vital bit of information that the other characters neededshould have known Why couldn't they just open up a bit Just a little Just one thing About Cordy seeing Gabriel again Cordy not telling Reid about the Gabriel kidnapping people last chapter or so no one telling Cordy about her mum her Dad not saying about the obscure You get what I meanAnd another thing this didn't annoy me it;s just a point I'd like to bring up I'm going to call it the day because it's like everything happened that day Cordy finds out her friend is an obscure she found out her dad was a very high ranking obscure Her dad was responsible for a lot of deaths she thinks Reid doesn't love her I think he does and everything that happens that day and then the following morningThe picture pretty much describes it allI don't really have any issues with this book only a few spelling mistakes on wattpad But overall a very original book with great characters a great plot Now takes a place on my favorites shelf 5 stars from me Can't wait for the next book I was given an Advanced Readers Copy by the author for an honest review I am giving this a 4 star review because it is a little confusing in the beginning It took me a few chapters to figure out what was going on The writing was really good and I think once the book is fixed up and released this will be a 5 star read Dream Walkers is a different type of story that I normally read Its a paranormal but it is not the typical paranormal It has the right about of suspense that made want to keep on turning the page to find out what was going to happen nextAs a little girl Cordelia Jameson knows that she is different At 7 years old her mom is taking her somewhere so that she can get some help On the trip to where she was going tragedy struck She never made it to the place and her mom was killedBy the time Cordy is 17 she is constantly having dreams about the day that her mother died She sees the same thing over and over She is plagued with the same nightmare each night and is unable to get a good full nights sleepOne night when Cordy was having her same nightmare a new person entered the dream ReidReid is a Dream walker and he knew immediately what Cordelia was one too He was amazed about of the amount of dream demons in one dream What really baffled him is how she wasn't discovered years ago as Dream Walkers were trained from an early ageReid decided that he would report her to his leader Michael GoodeMichael is able to locate Cordy and he sends Reid to find out about her From there so many things happen to both Reid and Cordy Reid and Cordy are developing feelings for one another but others want to stop anything from happening between the two of them Cordy finds somethings that shock her and change so many things in her life The ending was really good It ended in a cliffhanger which I love and I am looking forward to start reading the next book Obscures to find out what is going to happen to Cordy Reid her father Tom Jameson and her best friend Noelle I read this book on Wattpad which if you don't know about it it's this free app you can get on your phone where any aspiring author can post their works and it's one of the best books I have read on there It's a book about a girl named Cordy who meets this rather handsome guy Reid in her dreams who she begins to fall for Suddenly and to her surprise he's the new student at her high school Cordy soon learns that she can manipulate and control her dreams but even so she learns of the price that comes with it I really like the dream aspect of this book I have been looking for something like this ever since I read Wake That was my by far my favorite part of the book but the romance aspect of it was wonderful as well SO if you haven't read this book yet I recommend it 100% 45 stars This was such an interesting story And very well written It progressed so well the pacing was almost perfect for me I felt like I was watching a good movie in my mind Maybe I should say it was well directed lolAnd I just adore the idea of dream walking How cool would that be?? I was engrossed in the story from the beginning And the characters were well developed with snippets revealed slowly and methodically adding a gentle touch of mystery to each character's progression I was very much invested in the main character and her friends I love when it all comes together so well Very entertaining The ending of this story stopped at a natural fade to black kind of spot let's call it a season finale sort of stop I just want to know what happens next Not a horrible cliffhanger but a nice tease of to comeI received a free copy from the author in exchange for an honest review I wasn't able to read the whole book because she had to remove the story from Wattpad but I did get past chapter 14 and in eagerly awaiting the full book to be released I got my friend to read it as well and she texted me this WHAT?? WHY DOES IT END LIKE THAT?? CHAPTER 14?? I loved it I had hadn't been on Wattpad for a couple months and once I saw it had been taken up by an agent I was overjoyed but upset I couldn't read Written very well and has many details and points that I could relate to The storyline was great at developing and the start is almost like an example on how to start a story I like to think of what would've happened if they had made it to their destination anyway 5 out 5 stars for as far as I got too IT IS A GOOD READ Well Gail i dont know what to say After reading DREAM WALKERS i am stuck for words The book is great it entailed me from the very first page  The way you described Cordy at the beginning was done really well The story changes so fast which i really enjoyed I was very surprised with how vividly Cordy remembered every dream The ending shocked me but i enjoyed it a great deal I was shocked with the way it ended but i always felt there was a bad vibe about her father I have recommended the book to a lot of friends and i know that at least 10 friends read the book It was great and i would advise every single person on this to get it I also read this this book on Wattpad and its one of my favs Gail Wagner is an awesome writer and this book is full of action and suspense with a bit of romance I recommend it for anyone who is in need for a great book you can't put down 3 chica2016

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