Red Riding Hood, Superhero

Red Riding Hood, Superhero❰Read❯ ➪ Red Riding Hood, Superhero Author Otis Frampton – While taking a tour of Area 54 with her grandmother the President of the United States little Ruby Topper discovers a mysterious little alien carrying a red hood When Ruby dons the crimson cape and co While taking a tour of Area with her grandmother the President of the United States little Ruby Topper discovers a mysterious little alien carrying a red hood When Ruby dons the crimson cape and cowl it grants her AMAZING SUPERPOWERS But will her newfound Red Riding PDF or abilities be enough to save the White House and her grandmother from the rampaging Big Bad Wolf Bot. My library ordered Far Out Fairy Tales and Red Riding Hood Superhero is one I’d really been looking forward to getting my big teeth into sorry but I had to go there While it was still a fun twist on the original it was lacking the woohoo factor of some of the others in the seriesRuby Topper first gained her awesome powers of flight laser ray vision and extreme strength when she freaked out an alien by hugging it in Area 54 The poor alien mistook the loving sueeze for attack and accidentally left its magical red hood and cloak behind when it took off in its UFO possibly never to be seen again Since acuiring her new favourite outfit Ruby has saving the Earth and moon from the nefarious plots and schemes of super villains unbeknownst to her mother This adventure begins with Ruby and her mother on their way to Camp David to celebrate the granny’s AKA the President’s birthday On their way RubyRed discovers that familiar foe Professor Grimm is up to his old tricks Determined to achieve world domination Grimmy has decided to kidnap granny using his latest invention the Big Bad Wolf Bot It’s up to Ruby to save the day or else President granny won’t be enjoying any birthday cake this yearAs is standard with the Far Out Fairy Tales series the story has some cool twists on the original which is described after the twisted version and there are wonderful illustrations along with visual story uestions a guide to the main differences between the original and twisted versions of the tale and a glossary for tricky wordsI didn’t connect with the characters in this tale and unlike a lot of the others I didn’t find this one funny I liked the twisted changes that were made especially Red’s transformation from victim to superhero However while this was a decent enough story I don’t feel the need to ramble on about the wonders of this graphic novel Think this was my favorite one of the 3 I read I love Superhero Red Riding Hood I would love to read a full graphic novels of this one This was a great action filled book I really enjoyed it The illustrations are outstanding Such a great fun read for anyone but going to make sure my daughter read this ASAP I might be a little out of the age range for this comic but I am not ashamed to say that I really enjoyed it I love different telling of fairy tales and I find the most enjoyable ones are written for kids For example the Sisters Grimm series This comic takes a whole new spin to Red Riding Hood and its great It's filled with really funny humor and running gags A great part is where Ruby gets her powers It actually made me laugh out loud I like Ruby as a hero She is full of confidence and is self assured Especially the part where she takes on the wolf A very clever twist on the my what big eyes you have and so on Highly recommended to anyone of any age Part of the series Far out fairy talesThis is a well told well illustrated alternate telling of Little Red Riding Hood In this version Red is known as Ruby her grandmother is the president and the big bad wolf has created a giant wolf bot Ruby will need all the powers of her red cape to take down the wolf and save her grandmaLove it can't wait to see the others in the series I dig it If the Incredibles had a lovechild with the Grimms it would be this graphic novel It's also really cool that this series doesn't dumb it down for kids but puts a handy dandy glossary in the back This was a fun story Disclosure I checked this book out of our public libraryMy almost four year old granddaughter likes this book among millions of others but she's not really old enough to notice what it lacks I don't have a problem with little red being a superhero and her Grandma being the President of the United States but you'd think the kid didn't have a Dad Grandpas or other significant males around The only two speaking roles for men are the villain who is easily dispatched and some random military GeneralMy granddaughter's parents are divorced and I think it's important for her to learn that both men and women and boys and girls are eually significant and important in a child's life I can appreciate that Mr Frampton may believe he's compensating for a long long list of books where only boys and men got to be heroes and President but from my perspective just shifting the needle to the opposite side of the bias dial isn't euality or balanceOh I've seen this criticism elsewhere but the adhesive binding is very poor and pages are falling out of the book The publisher might want to pay attention to that If all the graphic novel twisted retellings of fairy tales in the Far Out Fairy Tales series are as good as this one sign me up Red Riding Hood Superhero is a very funny and beautifully drawn elementarymiddle grade graphic novel Red is a 10 year old girl named Ruby her grandmother is the President of the United States the Huntsman is a General in the Army and the Big Bad Wolf is a Werewolf named Professor GrimmThe art is clean and bright and the panels are very easy to follow but that does not mean it is simplistic There are lots of small details that the eyes will enjoy looking at Highly recommended for anyone at any age who enjoys fairy tale retellings There is no blood gore and the violence is extremely tame Warner Brothers classic cartoons are worse than this so I'd be comfortable sharing this with kids as young as 4 or 5 Miss Kelly 35 stars I really loved the concept of this graphic novel The graphics were excellent The dialogue has really good moments and a few clunky moments that felt like it was trying too hard I liked the educational bit at the end about how the artist used symbolism to show time passage and emotion but since I've read several different versions of the original tale I wondered about the one mentioned at the end of it I can see as a teacher where this book would be a great book to offer to students interested in fairy tales fractured fairy tales and fairy tale comparisons This is a cool futuristic updated version of the story the Little Red Riding Hood I think kids will enjoy reading this graphic novel You get to see Little Red Riding Hood be a superhero and she ends up kicking the wolf's butI think it's funny that the wolf is called Professor Grim It's pretty clever I also like that grandma is President of the United States Maybe one dayThis is a short and fun read and would recommend it to young readers

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  • Red Riding Hood, Superhero
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  • 26 May 2016
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