Buried Agendas

Buried Agendas[Reading] ➼ Buried Agendas ➲ Donnell Ann Bell – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk A devastating secret drove her from the man she loved Will a deadly secret lead her back to himDiana Reid is an investigative reporter skilled at uncovering other people’s secrets It’s her own sec A devastating secret drove her from the man she loved Will a deadly secret lead her back to himDiana Reid is an investigative reporter skilled at uncovering other people’s secrets It’s her own secret that she’ll go to great lengths to keep buried—a secret that drove her to leave her fiancé and hometown of Diamond Texas eight years ago All that’s about to change when she receives a letter stating people are dying and implicating her hometown’s largest employer With no other choice Diana risks her life and her secrets by returning to Diamond Texas to uncover the deadly plot It took Brad Jordan years to put his life back together after Diana walked out on him Leaving his brother in charge of the family business Jordan Industries Brad pursued a law degree and is now mayor of Diamond Texas Just as he rebuilt his life after Diana’s desertion he plans to rebuild his hometown by bringing in new industry and businesses Those plans are threatened however when an El Paso physician notifies Brad that his family’s company may be conducting illegal practices and sacrificing the public’s health The doctor’s evidence is circumstantial at best but just the hint of impropriety will shut down the company and bankrupt the town Brad is further conflicted when the physician suggests bringing in Diana Reid to uncover the wrongdoing Diana is the last person he wants to see professionally or personally and he nixes the idea Unfortunately she shows up anyway Torn between his family and his oath of office and recognizing she may be Brad’s only option to get at the truth he’ll join forces with the very woman he’s vowed to forgetTogether Diana and Brad face a dangerous adversary intent on keeping their deadly agenda buried. You know what’s a sign of a good book to me – it’s when you talk to it as your reading it – Like “No that didn’t just happen” or “OMG” at those unexpected moments – where your rubbing your hands together in excitement to read the next chapter seeing what is going to happen next I went through all of those things reading this book Donnell is such a great story teller that you just get lost in her books I’ve said this before in my reviews of her books that I am amazed how she writes suspenseful romance books but rarely is there any sex in them but how she writes sexual tension and attraction you don’t even miss it I think it takes a very talented author to pull that off and you still feel satisfied at the end of the book I think you can get the jest of the story from the synapses so I’m just going to say as with all her other books I loved this one and look forward to future books from her Buried agendasEnjoyed immensely Mystery and love what could anyone ask for Third book from this author This is a must read What I so enjoyed about this novel was that there was so much to it On one hand it was a murder mystery on the other a romantic suspense but all the while there was this depth with the subject matter that reminded me of Erin BrockovichI loved the characters and their complex backstories The family dynamic with the Jordan's was fascinating and felt very real especially at the end with John's feelings toward his ailing father a fantastic theme of forgivenessThe writing was so visceral that I felt like I could see every scene and I never uite knew what was going to happen I mean I did not see view spoilerSusan's involvement and subseuent arrest AT ALL hide spoiler Another winner from author Donnell Ann Bell Buried Agendas is a perfect blend of deeply realized characters and a plot that had me racing through the entire book The idea of an investigative reporter trying to uncover a mystery at a chemical plant hooked me from page one The book opened with a bang and the tension just kept mounting I held my breath the entire second half And the characters While I was rooting for Brad and Diana the whole time I found myself also rooting for two secondary characters John and Faith To me a sign of a great story is when you are emotional invested in all the characters not just the main ones Donnell Ann Bell has become my go to author when I need a romantic suspense with a tight crisp plot and characters that keep talking to you after you finish the book Highly recommended If you are a fan of romantic suspense read Donnell Ann Bell’s latest novel “Buried Agendas”I’ve read most of her novels and enjoy them all but this book is by far my favorite The storyline is entertaining but it is the wonderful characters that kept me turning the pages late at night Reading this book was like watching and worrying about friends In Buried Agendas reporter Diana Reid returns to her hometown to investigate a threat to her mother’s life but the greatest threat Reid faces is confronting her ex fiancé Brad Jordan who is now the mayor of the town The book is a suspense and second chance romance rolled into one Enjoy Threats deceit and murder build the suspense in Donnell Ann Bell’s latest novel Diana a reporter with a knack for uncovering the truth makes a difficult decision when she receives a note threatening her mother Is she uncovering her next big story or rewriting her past?I was hooked by this story from the first page There was tension in every scene and everyone had a part to play I was surprised to find I was interested in following the lives of the supporting characters as well as Diana and Brad If you like romantic suspense this book is for you Be prepared to read this one from front to back in one sitting This IS actually romantic suspenseSo often when I pick up a book categorized as Romantic Suspense it is heavy on the romance and most suspenseful part of the story line is wondering when the two leading characters will end up in bed I enjoy romance novels but when I want suspense added in Donnell Ann Bell always delivers and this book is no exception Great storyline great characters great writing Both my husband and I enjoyed this book Fast paced twisting and turningaction packed with hidden agendas and family issues to keep you riveted and unable to stop reading until the last page has come Excellent I guess I am hooked on Donnell's books We read Betrayed in our book club and we all loved it so now all of us are on to reading all of her other books I just finished this one and I did not want it to end would love a seuel I got attached to the characters You know when you are reading a book and then you have to go do life but in the back of your head you are wondering what is Brad doing right now? That is the way I was with this book I felt like I was right there in the chemical plant with them Review can be read at It's About The Book 35 starsI don’t know uite how to approach this review There were elements that I really enjoyed while others stretched the possibilities just a little too much even for fictionThe main plot line of the story revolves around Diana Reid’s investigation of Jordan Industries in her hometown of Diamond Texas She received an anonymous note from Diamond asking her to investigate Jordan industries before people started to die indicating that her mother who still lived in Diamond might be in danger This was a really good plot It worked While I would hope it never happens in the real world in the context of the story it was beautifully written and completely plausible Diana is presented as a smart innovative and tenacious investigative reporter as she goes undercover to find the truth of what’s happening in the most important business in her hometown There was mystery and danger of discovery at every turn of the page RivetingHere’s where the story fell apart for me How in the world did this smart innovative and tenacious investigative reporter allow the threats of a prejudiced old man who didn’t want a woman of Native American ancestry in his family tear her away so easily from the man she professed to love Nope I didn’t buy it I can suspend belief up to a certain point when reading fiction It’s fiction But I didn’t couldn’t believe that And if Diana who was so tough in every aspect of her career could allow herself to be separated from Brad without a fight just how much did she love him in the first place?How much did Diana love Brad? I never felt any sense of connection between Diana and Brad There were words on the page but no real feeling of loss Brad showed some justifiable anger but he had moved on and was engaged to a woman he said he was committed to Luckily for the end game of the story she was involved with the bad guys making it convenient for Brad to dump her Convenient but not convincingThis book would have been much satisfying for me if it had been a straight mystery with no “romance” at all Diana’s investigation of Jordan industries was brilliantly plotted and wonderfully written but the romance seemed flat and unemotional The supporting cast of characters especially Brad’s father were likable and added nicely to the story