Cruel Summer (Undertow, #0.5)

Cruel Summer (Undertow, #0.5)✶ [BOOKS] ✪ Cruel Summer (Undertow, #0.5) By K.R. Conway ❀ – Kian O’Reilly is flawless as a killer Well practiced in the art of making murder look like an accident he is selfish wealthy and totally arrogant as a soul stealing tourist But when he ends up stran Kian O’Reilly is flawless as a killer Well practiced in the art of making murder look like an accident he is selfish wealthy and totally arrogant as a soul stealing tourist But when he ends up stranded on Cape Cod with a stolen car and a dead drug dealer in the trunk he thinks his luck couldn’t get any worseThat is until Ana Lane shows upGifted as a mechanic and surfer feisty Ana is not a fan of the entitled Frat Boys who show up every summer messing with local girls Believing Kian is one of those typical rich brats she fixes his car and ruthlessly dismantles his cocky ego which intrigues the dangerous soul thiefDetermined to spend time with the prickly mechanic Kian sets out to understand what makes Ana so fierce Soon however he uncovers the painful truth behind the real Ana Lane and the human monster she lives with may be the most dangerous of all. Source I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to KR Conway Wicked Whale and NetGalley “I couldn’t help but believe in a higher power because Kian O’Reilly was one rebellious rock star of an angelAnd I was entirely falling for him” This book basically gave us a bit insight into Ana and Kian’s relationship and I liked the romanceI felt really sorry for poor Ana in this story The way her father abused her was awful and I was so glad that Kian was around to help her heal afterwards Kian came across as uite harsh at the beginning of this book but he did seem to have a soft spot for Ana that developed as he got to know her “She was Tinker Bell’s bad ass smoking hot alter ego And granted she was technically a walking meal ticket to me but damn For a moment I thought that humans might actually carry potential than simply snack value” The storyline in this revolved around Kian and Ana’s first meeting and their gradual love affair I wasn’t the biggest fan of a lot of the story but the romance was really lovely and it was great seeing how Kian and Ana met and got together “He began kissing away my tears and all I wanted was to stay with him forever” This story seemed to merge into Undertow a bit but it was still well worth a read6 out of 10  I just want to start by saying that I think this series is absolutely one of the most underrated out there It is truly uniue and riveting  It took me a bit to get into the first book Undertow but by the end I was completely hooked The second book Stormfront totally blew me away no pun intended My two favorite characters happen to be Ana and Kian Even though they are supporting yet vital cast in the other books they take center stage in Cruel Summer This is their historyor a brief cruel summer that ended or began it depending on your perspectiveDo you enjoy bad ass chicks that take no shit from anyone and red hot guys with a razor sharp wit yet a gooey center? That is what I get from Kian and Ana Ana is amazing protag She is dealing with some really rough stuff at home an abusive alcoholic father to be exact She often finds herself sleeping in her truck to avoid him while he is at the house I really felt for Ana Her logic regarding her father is simply heart wrenching She really does love him since she can remember a time when it wasn't always this way This makes her cling to the notion that perhaps he will come around and she must be there to help him manage when he does There is a lot of tension in the beginning between Ana and her best friend MJ Kian just happens to witness this and somehow manages to get tangled up in the sticky web He knows he should steer clear of all humans since they are mostly a food source but can't seem to let this girl get hurt Did I mention Kian feeds on souls? M J is also a another favorite of mine He is so genuinely loyal to his friend and has nothing but her best interest at heart The characters are so incredibly fleshed out that it is hard not get invested in any of them not matter how impossible they may seem  Conway details them with so much reality that they are close to human as I have ever seen another great part is Conway's writing Her nonchalance is flawless yet still comfortable  The best part was seeing Kian walls slowly disintegrating as he spent and time around or trying to protect Ana  The dual perspective was a great glimpse into the both MC's heads Even thought his is a fairly short book I never felt rushed with the relationship It took a long while for ana to trust Kian Here is a little excerpt to dig it's claws into you I slowed as I approached the door to the busy shop calming my roaring imagination but then I heard Pix’s voice It was coming from the backside of the building and I slowly eased my way along the weathered shingles listening She was engaged in a heated discussion out behind one of the freezers with Apron Boy both semi hiding at the rear of the building “He’s gonna have setbacks” she snapped in a low tone “He was good for almost a full three weeks He’ll get back on track I know he will And this was my fault I got in his way” The anger in MJ’s response was damn near palpable THIS is not EVER your fault Damn it Don’t do this to yourself again Don’t get your hopes up and let your guard down You have a plan Ana Stick to it And don’t DON’T be home when he is” “He can’t be helped if I’m not keeping an eye on him when he’s home He wants to get better He just needs me there keeping him focused” “HE DOES NOT WANT TO BE SAVED It’s not your job to fix him” yelled MJ whose sharp tone made me unwilling to lurk any longer I stepped around the side of the building and Ana saw me out of the corner of her eye uickly turning away “Go away Kian” she demanded startled “What’s going on?” I asked carefully looking between Ana’s turned back and MJ who was rubbing his face in frustration “Make him leave MJ Please” she whispered but MJ just shook his head Good grief had I done something wrong? MJ who was still not a fan of mine looked at me with a hardened gaze “I can’t hide this much longer and she won’t listen to me And while I don’t like you I’m hoping she will listen to you” He turned back to Ana who still refused to look at me “Ana this can’t continue and somewhere deep down you know I’m right Maybe Kian can make you see reason because the mirror obviously can’t” I watched as he walked away leaving the two of us alone at the back of the shop I stepped over to where Pix stood her back to me and her hair shielding her face “What’s going on?” I asked carefully “I’m fine I can handle it MJ is just freaking out as usual It’ll all be fine” She reached out and picked at the peeling paint on one of the cedar shingles and it floated to the ground planting itself among a bunch of flowering weeds Rather than ask her to turn to me I stepped around in front of her and she tensed trying to hide her face again but this time I saw it – the remnants of true violence Rage lit to life in my chest as I sucked in a sharp curse “Who did this to you?” I asked barely maintaining my sanity A dozen ways in which to murder an asshole ran through my head at warp speed I liked them all   I don't want to give to much away but the Undertow series is a prime example of YA done right It complex characters and fast paced storyline will have you wanting the second you stop reading Below I have included links to my other 5 star reviews of Undertow Stormfront READ THEM and you're welcome    GOODREADS SAYSEila Walker knows luck is not a friend so she is downright shocked to        inherit a million dollar Cape Cod home And yeah her new town isn't    perfect the cheerleaders are heinous clones the local undertow can kill      ya and her Great Grams was supposedly fried by lightning in the harbor  suare Still Eila is hopeful her luckless days are in the past until  history decides to repeat itselfWhen drool worthy Raef O’Reilly becomes her friendly yet weirdly  protective shadow Eila thinks life is pretty darn perfect – until she is  hauled beneath the waves by an unnatural undertow Revealing coal  black eyes and iron like strength as he rescues her Raef can no longer  hide what he is or what she can do Eila last of her kind can  supposedly channel the power of human souls while Raef is adept    at stealing them Even worse the legend about her ancestor isn't such a    myth since Eila’s grandmother was one kick butt warrior until her    lightning like power backfired A power that is written all over Eila's        DNADetermined to stay one step ahead of a dangerous clan that is hunting her Raef along with three unlikely allies will do all they can to protect her But as hidden pieces of their brutal histories unravel Eila begins to understand just what went down in the harbor suare She soon realizes that following in her grandmother’s fearless footsteps may be the only way to save those she loves including Raef Goodreads│ Undertow Review Click Here         GOODREADS SAYS Not long ago Eila Walker’s choices were limited death by a bullet to the  head    or at the hands of her beloved bodyguard Raef Now five weeks  after Raef  triggered her power and she nearly leveled a historic mansion  Eila is dealing  with the fall out of her decisions While she doesn’t  remember dying in the  arms of the soul thief who loves her she knows  that Raef remembers    everything about the night he nearly killed herNow on the mend and attempting to keep one step ahead of the FBI Eila  and  her team of misfits are desperate for a bit of normal Eila is trying to  navigate  high school while her BFF Ana is cautiously hanging with past  boyfriend and  soul thief Kian Shape shifter MJ is trying not to piss off  his mother while  Raef is coping with his fears that Eila will never be safeBut just as “normal” seems within their grasp a powerfully built newcomer arrives Raef knows the scarred man as a Blacklist Dealer – a soul thief who peddles the names of humans who deserve to die Eila however knows him as the protective hunter from the woods who she nicknames Thor Before long Raef and Eila realize they’ve met the same killer and he has one hell of a story to tell the five friends if Raef doesn’t murder him first  Goodreads│  Stormfront Review Click Here     a Rafflecopter giveaway  Follow the rest of the tour March 23The Unofficial Addiction Book Fan Club Promo PostJust Us Book Blog Promo PostMythical Books Promo Post March 24 Dreams Come True Through Reading ReviewThe Written Adventure Promo PostUndercover Book Reviews Promo Post3 Partners in Shopping Nana Mommy Sissy Too Promo Post March 25 Reading To Distraction wwwReadingToDistractioncom ReviewAuthor Poppy Lawless Promo PostShe Reads A Lot Promo PostBook Sojourner   Review Please feed the bookworm Review March 26 deal sharing aunt Promo PostRead Write All The Time Promo PostBookish Illuminations  ReviewBooks and Ashes – wwwbooksandasheswordpresscom Promo Post March 27 The Phantom Paragrapher wwwthephantomparagrapherblogspotcom Reviewbooks are love – wwwhello booklovertumblrcom – ReviewYA Bound – wwwyaboundblogspotcom – Promo PostWhispered Thoughts ReviewBook Lovers Life Promo PostThis review was originally posted on Please Feed the Bookworm KR Conway's writing style transports the reader into a vivid world of mystery magic romance Cruel Summer is a must read for all lovers of YA Having read the first two books in the Undertow series I wasn't sure how this novella would fit Well It fit perfectly like a puzzle piece There is just enough of a back story to be a stand alone book without even knowing that there were other main characters involved in the series main story line The evolution of the characters both having a thick armor and then ultimately needing each other to penetrate it worked itself out softly throughout the book Along with wonderful characters the author created a character of summer on Cape Cod Local haunts the juxtaposition of annoyance and love of it's tourists and effect on all who visit glow perfectly through out the book Great read I am a huge fan of the undertow series in fact i re read the first two books often This book is an amazing addition to the series if you havent read undetow and stormfront then why not???? read them then read cruel summer and trust me you wont regret it Video review 16092016 I re read this and omg why cant I give then 5 stars??? This is an amazing heart wrenching read and I cried and laughed as much as i did last time round Ana will always be a strong amazing character and seeing her before she is broken and remembering how she is in undertow and stromfront is amazing Kian takes on an amazing role of protecting Ana until at last he no longer can I can not recommend this series enough I recieved this on a read to review basis thanks to Net Galley Wicked Whale and KR ConwayThis was a really good novella It follows the story of Ana and KianIt was a really good uick read and now its made me want to read the other book in the seriesI loved Anas character and felt really sorry for what she was going thriugh I also fell in love with Kian he was just perfectI will be reading the other books in the series soonREAD THIS Wicked WhalePublishing Date March 2015ISBN 9780987476524 Genre FantasyRating 255Publisher Description Kian O’Reilly is flawless as a killer Well practiced in the art of making murder look like an accident he is selfish wealthy and totally arrogant as a soul stealing immortal But when he ends up stranded on Cape Cod with a stolen car and a dead drug dealer in the trunk he thinks his luck couldn’t get any worse That is until Ana Lane shows upReview Why is there not a corvette on the cover? Love hate?The first half of this novel was really good Kian a soulless killer with a dead drug dealer in the trunk stumbles into a spit and vinegar mechanic with a heart of gold What follows is funny repartee’ between the two with a shape shifting sidekick and some seriousness thrown in Then it turns into a self indulgent Nora Roberts spew where “His deep smooth voice seemed to fill the area like rich smoke” and “My stupid heart was vibrating causing my voice to turn breathless” Plus the rippled abs etc etc What the fuck happened here? From interesting characters that breath life into every scene to diminished love struck idiots frolicking on a yacht mooning at each other and constantly deliberating “This connection they feel for each other” So during all this love struck bs Ana or Pix or whatever is dealing with a drunk abusive Father that reveals her co dependent tendencies which runs anathema to her personality but wtf do I know Why didn’t this novel expand interesting characters rather than inverting them into love struck dummys by moving the story line away from their myopic lives? Why not use the drug dealing ring as a launch to develop the characters with movement or tangentially create a separate expanded story line with MJ’s shape shifting abilities? Or better yet the head drug guy is an ancient Mortis and has designs on Ana as her psychic abilities hint at some deep uncovered power Make her an ancient mermaidselkie for fugs sake She likes the water enoughSo Ana makes this internal affirmation that she has never loved anyone as much as Kian blah blah blah and then abruptly dismisses him from her life when he won’t heal her drunk abusive Father Even when he explains that by healing him he would not only become a Mortis like Kian but an evil one without control What does she do with all this love and trust? Slaps him and never sees him again For one “Oh so giving in nature” she sure behaves like a self centered narcissist Good show way to ruin good characters and plunge a promising story line with good writing into unbelievable Harleuin slowly claps I received this book for free from Netgalley in exchange for my honest opinionThis book was an amazing addition to the Undertow series After reading Stormfront the second book in the Undertow series I knew that I wanted to read about Ana and Kian I think every time I read a book in this series; I get attached to the characters and the plot This is most defiantly one of the most underrated series I have ever readKR Conway has the amazing ability to write books that have great pacing witty writing genuine characters and amazing romance All of her books have sucked me into the story and never let go until the last page I love that this series is driven both by an intriguing plot and relatable characters I always find myself comparing this series to the Twilight series but this series is so much better I really found myself gravitating tword the relationship between Kian and Ana rather than the one between Raef and Eila Kian is the bad boy that is protective over Ana but not controlling He allows Ana to make her own decisions but is there to help her is things turn out badly Their relationship felt very genuine and sweet I almost wish that the Undertow series focused on Kian and Ana but I still really like Raef and EilaI like that the plot of this book was deeper than just a paranormal romance It focused on some tough subject matter in a very realistic way I liked that Kian was not able to just swoop in and fix the situation easily And although I knew how this book would end I liked that it was bittersweet I would highly recommend this book and series to all types of readers This series is a fun and addictive read I really had a hard time putting this book down This book can be read as a standalone and I think that is really adds to the series I am counting down the days for the third book to this series is released and I will be most defiantly reading it the day it comes out Cruel Summer KR ConwayReview from Jeannie Zelos book reviewsGenre YA and teens Sci fiFantasy I really enjoyed the first two Undertow books they’re examples of well written YA that appeals to older readers too This one follows that format of a book that’s not dumbed down doesn’t have thin flimsy plots but is packed with realistic characters and a story that unfolds to reveal many facets Kian  – it was clear in the other books that there was some history between him and Ana but we never uite knew the full story Here we get to see it all get a deeper insight into Kian’s thoughts and reasoning He seems like a cold blooded killer – and to be honest that’s a fairly accurate description of his early years but even though he needs to kill to survive he’s found a way around that which appeases his conscience He’s not uite the man his surface image portrays as Ana soon finds out Of course she doesn’t know he’s than just a rich handsome and alluring tourist but then she and best friend MJ have some secrets of their ownI really enjoyed this interlude into Kian’s life and how he meets Ana The story is told in alternating parts between her and Kian and that gives us a view directly into their thoughts Its a fun read with some dramatics secrets that get brought out into the open and a devastating ending Thankfully it comes after the other books so I know all works out in the end even though its really a preuel If you enjoyed the first two books you’ll love this and if the series is new to you then it would be fun to start with this one – though if you like your HEA make sure you’ve got the next two ready so you can read straight on Stars Five it’s a fun easy read that deepens our understanding of KianARC supplied by Netgalley and publishers KR Conway just gets better and better Cruel Summer is the story of Ana and Kian two members of Eila's intrepid gang of misfits from the Undertow series It takes place the summer one year before Eila moves to Cape Cod Their story is hinted at in both Undertow and Stormfront but this book is that story in all it's messy funny and at times heart breaking glory The brilliance of Cruel Summer though is the way Conway was able to create a story that enhances the world we have come to love but also act as a door into this world for new readers The mythology of the Mortis and Kian's tie to Cape Cod are explained in a way that gives the background needed for new readers without feeling like a rehash of what fans already know