Summer Showers Cupcake Cousins #2

Summer Showers Cupcake Cousins #2[PDF / Epub] ☂ Summer Showers Cupcake Cousins #2 By Kate Hannigan – It's summertime and the Bumpus family is growing Aunt Rosie and Uncle Jonathan are expecting twins and the entire family gathers together at Whispering Pines for a baby shower Willow and Delia's grand Cupcake Cousins PDF/EPUB ¼ It's summertime and the Bumpus family is growing Aunt Rosie and Uncle Jonathan are expecting twins and the entire family gathers together at Whispering Pines for a baby shower Willow and Delia's grandmother gives each of her grandchildren a family heirloom but Willow's has disappeared Could it be lost in the cupcake batter or will she have to tell her grandmother it's gone for good Follow cousins Willow and Delia's tasty recipes once again Summer Showers ePUB ô as they solve the mystery of the missing keepsake and celebrate the excitement of new cousins in the second book in this charming seriesPraise for Cupcake CousinsDebut novelist Hannigan has assembled all the ingredients for an entertaining and gentle natured family tale Publishers WeeklyHughes' cheery black and white illustrations capture the cousins' exuberance highlighting both misadventures and sentimental moments Hannigan's lively tale celebrates family and friendship Kirkus Reviews. This is a sweet chapter book about friendscousins in an obviously mixed 'race' family This is the kind of multicultural book that doesn't mention specifically the blending of cultures or multiculturalism or details about being either black or white but has its benefit in being a multicultural book in that it visually represents families that have both black and white family members I feel children in mixed families will benefit from seeing themselves in these sweet stories about family and friendship and children in any family situation should know this is a reality in many cultures including their own I sped read through this book because I wanted to know the story before we give it as a gift Teehee It’s cute and I love the recipes that came with it six actually It’s great for some light reading and family warmth as they prepare for a family occasion This is perfect for kids who love to bake and love family gatherings This year The Cupcake Cousins Delia and Willow are back at Mr Henry's Saugatuck Michigan BB The Whispering Pines The big difference this summer is the fact that Delia and her family bought the yellow house next door and have made a new life in this charming town And of course the additional news that Aunt Rosie and Uncle Jonathan are expecting their first baby Much like the first book the cousins are desperate to show off their baking skills when Rosie's baby shower is planned Timed perfectly with the county fair the girls decide to enter the baking contest AND bake for the shower Near catastrophe strikes again as Bernice the big fluffy dog and Sweet William Willow's little brother get into troubling fun But the biggest surprise of all is the birth of the newest cousin No one was expecting the bundle of happiness that awaits the family Summer Showers is the continuation of the The Cupcake Cousins series Following much of the same plot as the first book readers who liked the start to the series will enjoy this one too We really enjoyed this book We have to go back and read the first one There were many aspects of this book that were relevant to our current situation and my daughter really appreciated that Turns out she skipped ahead of me and read the big surprise Forced me to keep her up late so we could finish the book Great read for young girls I am excited to have a new realistic family baking centered series to share in my classroom Can't wait to share it with Dillan and her 4th grade baking recipe fans I plan on buying the 1st one so we can keep up with the series I have a 12 year old daughter and I will post her review once it is completed My daughter never read it

Summer Showers Cupcake Cousins #2 PDF ´ Showers
  • Hardcover
  • 240 pages
  • Summer Showers Cupcake Cousins #2
  • Kate Hannigan
  • 07 October 2016
  • 9781484716625