Aster Wood and the Book of Leveling (Book 2)

Aster Wood and the Book of Leveling (Book 2)➹ [Download] ➵ Aster Wood and the Book of Leveling (Book 2) By J.B. Cantwell ➼ – After failing to locate the celebrated sorcerer Almara Aster Wood has done the next best thing; he has found and rescued Almara’s daughter Jade Now the two are traveling through the Maylin Fold toge and the eBook ☆ After failing to locate the celebrated sorcerer Almara Aster Wood has done the next best thing; he has found and rescued Almara’s daughter Jade Now Aster Wood MOBI :¿ the two are traveling through the Maylin Fold together still searching for the lost wizard He is the one man who can answer their uestions about Wood and the eBook ✓ why the Wood and the Book of PDF \ planets within the Fold are dying what it means for Earth and how the evil can be stopped But when they finally do find Wood and the Book of PDF \ Almara he’s in no state to be of any help to anyone They must push on with him in tow and hope to find the little known Book of Leveling an ancient tome said to hold the key to balancing the planets in the Fold Little by little tiny fragments of information leak from Almara’s fractured mind and they draw closer and closer to their goal Aster hopes that the discovery of the book will lead to not just the healing of worlds but the healing of the people who inhabit them Including the one person Aster has barely dared think of for the past eight years his long mad father But a new enemy is waiting for them watching every step that they take The Corentin a force of evil so great that few dare to pass along their knowledge of him is examining their every move playing with them like puppets on strings And Jade Aster thought he had saved her for good that the release from her mountain prison would be enough to bring her back from the misery she had experienced for so many years But her happiness is fading and in her eyes Aster sees flashes of a malice so deep that it chills him to his core Aster must make it to the book and wrench it from the clutches of the Corentin before it’s too late Before his friend and her old mad father are lost to his strange hold over them And before he himself falls to the dark bed of madness the Corentin has waiting. The somewhat discouraging middle of the story uest where the obstacles setbacks disappointments and all around bad stuff mount into an overwhelming tide for Aster Jade There is of course the obligatory victory at the end of the book but I personally found it to be a small anticlimactic somewhat Pyrrhic victory Aster Wood's uest to find the great wizard Almara and a way to save Earth has stalled out He and Jade are heading to her home because neither of them can think of anything else Hopefully Almara has left a clue of some kind But what they find is both and less than what they hoped This is a internal book than the previous There's still a fair amount of death defying escapades but there's a lot reflection and internal struggle Because this time around Aster's confronted with madness that reduces people to shells of their former selves Worse than the madness is what causes itWith such a heavy revelation changing the stakes of his adventure Aster feels underpowered so I'm hoping an upgrade for his power or euipment comes sooner rather than later He's not particularly good at being clever though he makes the right calls when it counts I was disappointed that the titular book seems to be merely notes even if he really needs those notes but perhaps hidden depths will surface laterIt's also interesting that Aster is the only person who seems to be wondering what's behind the villain's motivations There's plenty enough to suggest he's just evil would work fine but Aster isn't so convinced Right now though there's no way to dig into the whysI hope Erod shows up again He and his people would make interesting allies or bad enemies I like how solid most of the secondary characters are in these books even if the nature of the world hopping plot has many of them leaving as fast as they show up Overall this isn't a bad continuation but certainly darker than the previous I will likely read the rest of the series soon but I needed to take a bit of a break after reading this for something a bit lighter I rate this book RecommendedSee my reviews and at Wow this series just keeps getting better and better Well written great characters wonderful worlds I just can't say enough good things about this bookA must read I love the way that Aster just keeps going kind of like Dory This book is definitely a fun read for everyone from young to old My daughter and I couldn’t wait to dig into Book 2 of this series especially since we both loved Book 1 Aster Wood and the Book of Leveling did not disappoint I found it to be somewhat darker than the first with a deeper development of characters and a continued theme of urgency weaving its way through In the first book we were introduced to Jade a complex and likeable girl who alternate between being small and lost and powerful and in control When the two of them finally find Almara the reader breathes a sigh of relief but we were sucked into a false sense of security Almara is not himself What I liked about the bookAs with the first in the series I loved this book Cantwell’s writing style is easy and full of description She has the ability to take complex scenes and describe them in terms the reader can follow and ‘live’ the events I grew to like Aster and in this one as well He is developing into a young man who learns and grows through the hair raising experiences he encountersThe Corentin continued to lurk in the background always present eerily invading minds and spying on Aster Jade and Almara’s progress I like the tid bits thrown the reader in relation to Aster’s powers I can’t wait for these to come to fruition and for him to finally be what he was born to beThroughout this book Jade time and time again revealed something disturbing growing inside At times I wondered if she was actually on Aster’s side In the end all was revealedWhat I didn’t enjoy that muchI am happy to say there was nothing in particular that niggled me about this bookFinal thoughtsThe Aster Wood series is one of those I can see myself reading again There are so many layers of good and evil and so many things happening to our hero—one read could never be sufficient to truly comprehend it all It has the makings of a brilliant middle grade series We have already bought the Third book and I cannot wait to continue the adventureSTAR RATING 5 StarsThis Review will also be posted to my Blog The first book entertained and so does the secondAster and Jade find Almara who is an insane wreck But he still knows things that could help save the worlds of the Fold things like the Book of Leveling Inside it is the footprints of the man who destabilized the Fold and our heroes can use it to fix everythingIf the Corentin doesn't get them firstMore interesting characters are introduced uestions are raised It's frustrating that there's no book 3 yet This series is like YA than MG just without all the sexual stuff It's lovely to read straight up adventure for once Aster is tortured and interesting and so is Jade I look forward to seeing if he learns magic in later books Slow to start but kept you on your toes all the way to the end At the beginning of this book I found it slow going but as I read the adventures it got All I could think about was what was going to happen next Aster's uest was a hard one but he pushed on So far this book and the first one is teaching a great lesson One that we've all heard some took the lesson and ran with it some stayed neutral while others just dropped the ball Never give up I think is Aster's motto and he is sticking with it I think this is a great middle school student series Eleven twelve thirteen year olds could get lost in the adventure and perhaps learn to never give up Very well done Action to goWell done Riviting Almost could not put it down Very good uality writing I would recommend this book to every one GoodA good book very wordy and a bit gory My son is enjoying this series and we are going on to read book 3