Traitor (Dragonrider Chronicles, #3)

Traitor (Dragonrider Chronicles, #3)[PDF / Epub] ☄ Traitor (Dragonrider Chronicles, #3) By Nicole Conway – Can anyone survive being lost in Luntharda No amount of training has prepared Jaevid Broadfeather for the frontlines of battle Now facing the true horrors of war with Luntharda looming on the horizon Can anyone survive being lost in Luntharda No amount of training has prepared Jaevid Broadfeather for the frontlines of battle Now facing the true horrors of war with Luntharda looming on the horizon Jaevid has begun to uestion everything he thought about his heritage The only thing keeping him going is his oath to protect his dragonrider brothers But in an instant even that slips through Jaevid’s fingers as he steps from the safety of his dragon’s saddle into the depths of his mother’s wild homeland—the kingdom of the gray elves Stranded in Luntharda with his partner Lieutenant Jace Rordin Jaevid must finally confront the demons of his own past as he uncovers the truth about a war that began before he was ever born Armed with a new appreciation for destiny and flanked by his trusted friends Jaevid moves to make the final strike against an enemy that has hidden in plain sight for far too long One kingdom’s traitor will become the world’s last hope. I received Traitor in return for an honest review as part of the tour hosted by Chapter by Chapter It’s been a rough start for Jaevid as a half breed dragon rider but he’s proved he has what it takes to make it as one Sent to a new base to fight the war against the grey elf’s he is partnered up with Jace who is an experienced rider having killed the son’s of the grey elf king At least Jaevid won’t be alone at the new base Felix arrives just after him to join the ranks While getting settled at their new outpost Jaevid even get’s a chance to check in on his half brother who’s joining the infantry When the call comes to send them off to fight they grey elves it’s time for Jaevid to confront his destiny one that has been a planned for a long time to change everything While his mother was alive Jaevid never really asked about her past why she left the elves and took residency with the humans When his partner is shot down by the princess of the grey elves it’s up to Jaevid to save him before it’s too late but in doing so he starts down the path that will change his life forever Will Jaevid be able to do what he’s destined for or will his mom’s risk be all for nothing I adore Jaevid as a character he started as a boy torn between two worlds not really fitting in either but he makes it work finding his place I admit I wasn’t sur about Jace we didn’t get to see a whole lot of him in the second book but he does prove to be a worth asset for Jaevid I don’t have a lot of Felix or Beckah in this novel but we do have some interesting new characters to support Jaevid on his journey I’ve been eagerly waiting to get my hands on Traitor and as soon as I had it in my hands I decided to wait to read it with the husband I ended up finishing it in one unable to wait for him to start it so we could read it together lie we did the prior two The love the dragonrider concept it’s an intriguing story that captures the heart as well as the imagination The characters are well developed I felt like I was really able to connect with Jaevid and even Jace I’m anxiously waiting for the next novel in the series because this one leaves you wanting I truly enjoyed the two prior books but this one dives into the story of Jaevid’s mother’s side of the family which I enjoyed Another beautifully written story by the author her storytelling is one of my favorite styles it’s smooth from start to finish I can’t wait for the next novel I’m curious to see what’s going to happen next to my beloved characters Highly recommend for fantasy of dragon and fantasy to check it out Check out my blog One Man Book ClubThe Value of a Star Ratings ExplainedNow here's a series your fantasy loving middle graders will loveThe Dragonrider books by Nicole Conway are marketed as two separate series The first four books are The Dragonrider Chronicles They introduce the main characters and deliver the first story arc The Dragonrider Legacy includes the final three books This series continues the story of the main characters after a 40 year time jump introduces new characters delivers it's own story arc and puts a nice bow on the conclusion of both series Because the two series are so connected I consider them one seven book seriesThe Dragonrider series isn't uniue and it's uite formulaic Not really any surprises hereUnassuming unloved boy gets accepted into Dragonrider school after a dragon chooses him to be his rider The boy discovers he's the chosen one destined to unite the people of the land restore order and balance overthrow the evil tyrant and save the day Twice You know because there are two series The ending to the first story arc was meh but the wrongs are righted in the end of the second story arc Dues ex machina is the go to solution for the biggest problemsBut if the formula works it works and these stories work for their audience The Dragonrider series are definitely story driven It was enough to keep me interested through 7 books Battles mysteries coming of age magic elves first love humor friendship bad guys heroesPlusdragons Like I always say dragons are the bacon of books they make everything betterThe Dragonrider books are targeted for upper middle grade fantasy fans and dragon lovers everywhere Content appropriate for 10 and upHappy reading My Thoughts 5 out of 5 Unicorns I loved itReceived the ebook for an honest reviewThe cover is pretty cool Her eyes and hair are beautifulThis is the 3rd book in the series It is a young adult fantasy series with elves and dragons I highly recommend reading the whole series in orderThis book was just as awesome as the rest of the series Jae is definitely an awesome hero with tons of courage but sometimes he is naïve There were definitely plenty of surprises and times I was yelling “no” when things happened I didn’t want to Nicole has a way of making the story come alive I was so gripped in the story when it ended I was dumbfounded and not expecting it so soon It definitely leaves you hanging and wanting for the next bookI highly recommend this adventure to any adventurous soul who loves dragons elves mysterious creatures and surprises all over the place I can’t wait to see what happens next Traitor is the third installation in the Dragonriders Chronicles following Fledgling and Avian This series is not a trilogy so don't expect the adventure to end here which isn't a bad thing I wanted to read the ending of this story but I'm glad it wasn't rushed because Traitor was a surprising yet exciting installation in this seriesJaevid goes to Northwatch to fight the Grey Elves with his former instructor and now flight partner Jace Jaevid is shocked by the war and the destruction it has caused along the boarder between the two kingdoms Felix joins him on the front where a man that could be his real father is stationed However these relationships isn't tapped into in this novel because battle calls and Jace and Ghost are knocked out of the sky over Luntharda Jaevid dives down to save him and they're both captured by the Grey Elves and their princess AraxieSometimes new characters can destroy the flow of a series or take too much focus away from the main characters Not so with Araxie She's an important character but she meshes fluidly into the existing world She's another battle hardened badass and she leads the interrogation of Jaevid and Jace During his interrogation Jaevid learns that the royal grey elf family including Araxie are his relatives This doesn't sway their opinions however and they decide to deliver Jaevid and Jace to their forest god Paligno It's this god that saves Jaevid awakening him to the full extent of his powersJaevid has never had a family he really felt close to considering his father Ulric is a cruel man and was possibly driven mad by stealing the god stone Jaevid and Araxie learning to trust each other and discovering their familial bonds endeared me to them Their relationship is also a neat way to introduce us to the world of Luntharda which is a complete departure from the dragon rider academy atmosphereOne thing that I saw coming and hoped to hell like it would happen was the relationship between Araxie and Jace Some fantasy bungles the romance elements hard either by trying to make the relationships star crossed or by only having a character there as a lovesex interest In Avian JaevidBeckah grew naturally from the plot and from who the two characters were In Traitor AraxieJace follows a similar pattern but the personalities of the two characters make the relationship new and fresh Both Jace and Araxie are battle hardened people and their relationships builds around them learning how to put down their defenses and open up to each other I liked their romance better than JaevidBeckah's but the building of this relationship consumes a major part of this book so if it doesn't jive for you this entry in this series might not work as well for youUltimately most of this story takes place with Jaevid navigating the new world of Luntharda A lot of plot elements are finally revealed and Jaevid devises a plan to end the war We don't learn this plan next book and the second half of this story involves escaping Luntharda Nothing happens with the major plot during this section but there's a lot of character growth during this journey The character Kiran from Fledgling returns to escort to the boarder of Luntharda and Kiran ultimately ends up following Jaevid to his human home out of loyalty If you're interested in Kiran there's a short story at the end about him The Dragonrider Chronicles has become one of my favorite series This series is on par with Eragon and Dragonriders of Pern If you are into fantasy dragon magic and elves this is the series for you I highly recommend it Nicole Conway is a great writer The opening to this third book in this amazing series has Jae finally coming to terms as much as he can with why I am a dragonrider not only because I have been choosen but also because Blybrig had made me one Avian training is over and done and now it time to put all that training to the test and for Jae to take up his place in this war Hope is what keeps him going as he tells his once love mate As long as there's even one dragonrider left to fight then there's still hopeAs Jae gets ready to head off to take his part in the mission he has one show down with Sile who Jae knows holds answers that he been hiding He uses his new found power to try and intimadate that information from Sile Sile of course will have none of it Don't try and intimidate me boy I've seen better tricks then this Sile does finally concede to telling him about his mother and that he needs to make the journey to Lutharda and perform a sacred ritual so that he can truly gain control of his power Jae ends up being captured with Jace after a battle and he takes a journey you just have to read about to believe by the end of this story the war that is raging you will find not all is at seems and you been clamoring to know what is next in store for Jae as the ending of this 3rd book sets you up for what can only be described as death sentence if Jae can not pull of the impossible Thanks again for sharing this wonderful series with me and i waiting not so patiently for the next book I have read all 4 ? ? read ALL books 2 X's in time frame dates listed Excellent read Wish there was Taking a break at the on set of the war?? 1 Fledgling Avian 2 Traitor 3 87% 13% of ? Immortal 4 I cannot Review all books and a 'hanging participle separating' them somewhere Wish there was Some confusion referring to your books being for Adolescent books I am reading with my 8 year old Granddaughter and 69 yr old Papa Both are enjoying H Potter immensely Genevieve is like her Dad and Uncle Doug just in 2nd and they are suggesting moving her to 3rd grade My Sons Graduated from HS with 12 and 8 extra Credit hours There is a point to this Four years ago while watching Genevieve put her to bed they were all there both Sons and Daughters in Law Brian Computer Science Major Grad and Doug with a Degree in Theatre and Psychology; Brian asks me Hey Dad want to watch a Harry Potter with us? Sure I have not seen or read one I was afraid that they were All going to have a heart attack NEVER????? NOPE We were ALL going through Star Wars together So I went home with all the HP books and all of the HP movies Finished all in two weeks YOUR Chronicles are NOT kids shows I was finished with The Inheritance Eragon Box Set and lent them to my Sons again recommended as Teen books Brian and Doug had all of them on their Kindles for add on reading in two weeks 35 and 38 NOT teens Ava M is porn Returned that Set to the day after getting them They are ALL going to LOVE your Chronicles Thought provoking reading Highs and lows anticipation innovating laugh out loud parts colorfully written and knowing that there were surprising parts kept me reading till six AM often GOOD STUFF Nicole Your Chronicles are as good or better than Christopher Paolini another improperly labeled as Kids books? True Fiction Poison blood fierce fighting magic What feeds kids minds??? OK Nicole we have a War to finish Beckah and Jae and I am sure to read The Chronicles as often as Harry Potter 25 minimum ferret out something new with each read and watching the movies Reading about from all Shades again Roran and Katrina Looking forward to Jae and Mavrik and Beckah and Icarus Felix ALL of these GREAT characters Ayra Roran Eragon Saphira Brom makes me wish I was there someday SO happy that you have tuned to being a Literature Artist It fits you Another solid story in the seriesWhile I can look at it as solid story it does have elements of bridge stories that we see in other series That is books in a series that are about setting up the final book while tiling up certain plot points of the series It did in surprisingly short considering I first thought this was the final of the series and it ended at the 87% mark with an excellent as it turns out short story about the person who decides to tag along with our dragonrider in the endThe author does set up a good story that ties up several plot points while pushing others along There was a surprising Romance that developed rather uickly and considering the circumstances while sweet seems a bit unbelievable All the same we do see growth in the main protagonist as he experiences some hard timesOutside of the surprising Romance the only complaint I really have about the series itself is that the dragons do not take a central roll but rather a side roll in the series Of course the story is not necessarily about the dragons so that is of a personal frustration LOLA short story in the end is entertaining and sheds light on what had been a minor character in the series so far During the brief moment when I realize the story was suddenly over and I did not throw my phone I was a little annoyed and it's presents but it turns out to add a depth to the minor character that raises the stakes in the next book well introducing another character Jaevid has graduated from Blybrig but now he's a soldier and Lieutenant A war is occurring between humans and Grey Elves putting Jae in the middle He is just starting to understand he's involved in this then he realizes and its time he go to the Kingdom of Luntharda to meet his mother's family This is the best book in the series so far We get time to get to know the Grey Elves specifically Jae's own family We see the changes in the relationships between Jae and his mentors Sile Derrick and Jace We also get development of Jace's character I also adore the girl power in this series especially in this book with Beccakah and another badass female character that is introduced halfway through My only problem with this series is the how the author mostly 'tells' and doesn't always 'show' hence the four stars Other than that I loved this and find it to be a fun adventure story to read A Bit Disappointed This book doesn't end the series It could have but it doesn't even really end I was at 89% in the Kindle book I turn the page from what I thought was a chapter ending and it dumps into a how did you like this book? Like hitting a brick wall I swear I thought at first I got a defective download The author bio at the end of the first book said it was a trilogy so I had no reason so far to think it wasn't and the book seemed to be winding up to a conclusion that never happened The last 10% was a sample of another book which at this point seems like a deceptive twist The story and characters were interesting which is why I give it a 3 though my expectations were dashed I'm not sure if I trust the author enough now to get the next book There were typos and errors after the last half of the book like it was rushed or the editor gave up Someone needs to go over the books again to clean it up and update the info

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