Mindgames Phil Jackson's Long Strange Journey

Mindgames Phil Jackson's Long Strange Journey❴Read❵ ➫ Mindgames Phil Jackson's Long Strange Journey Author Roland Lazenby – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Mindgames follows the journey of Phil Jackson to the top of basketball’s coaching hierarchy a rise that took him from obscurity in the Continental Basketball Association to nine championship rings i Mindgames follows the journey of Phil Jackson Jackson's Long PDF/EPUB ç to the top of basketball’s coaching hierarchy a rise that took him from obscurity in the Continental Basketball Association to nine championship rings in the NBA Along the way he turned multimillionaire players on to meditation transformed the Mindgames Phil PDF or Michael Jordan led Chicago Bulls from a one man show to a five man team of domination and after battling with Bulls management ended one dynasty to start another on the West Coast Sportswriter Roland Lazenby author of the bestselling Blood on the Horns reveals the fascinating Phil Jackson's Long Kindle ´ story of Jackson's life from his years with the New York Knicks under the legendary Red Holzman to his remarkable nine championships coaching first the Chicago Bulls and then the Los Angeles Lakers In Mindgames Lazenby compellingly portrays a man with a uniue determination to control the competitive environment he inhabits A clear picture of the Jackson mystiue emerges philosopher teacher manipulator counselor psychologist shaman champion master of mind games. Very disappointing Lazenby has some writing chops as illustrated by Michael Jordan The Life I expected similar greatness from this book hoping for some insight into the workings of Phil Jackson's mind Instead I found a cursory sketch of the man an already been told account that feels like a compilation of old Sports Illustrated articles and box scores Don't get me wrong I mostly enjoyed reading this I'm an 80s 90s kid who can't read enough about Jordan and the Bulls And yet I feel let down Kind of like going to a game where Jordan finishes with 16 points and 6 rebounds Maybe you saw a dunk or two but you know you didn't see the man at his best and can't help but feel cheated The winningest coach in all of NBA history's biography is one of my favorite books It shows great detail about the pros and cons of being an NBA coach and lots of interesting information on Jackson's life Some people say that he was only a great coach because his teams have had so much talent Kobe Bryant Shauille O'neal Michael Jordan Scottie Pippen Pau Gasol etc but i think it takes then talent to build a great team Phil Jacksons Mind gamesThe first third didn't talk about them and Jackson's own book Sacred Hoops was betterThe second third didn't talk about them and the Last Dance netflix docco was betterThe last third did talk about them At the Lakers a bit and was probably the most interesting part of the book But the ebook also deteriorated in the last third into strange grammar and spelling mistakesBasketball is good Phil Jackson is interesting But probably read something else I was happily surprised that this book covered in depth my favourite Bulls teams from the 90s I read Phil's book Sacred Hoops back in 1996 and have always been fascinated by him This book gives you insight into his younger days before he played and coached in the NBA and covered those years in between when he was trying to find direction and coached in the CBA After that nice chunk of Phil's origin story we get into his days with the Bulls coaching Jordan and Pippen and the greatest team in NBA history 72 10 don't mean a thing without the ring What I enjoyed was reading about some of the in season drama I didn't know of at the time or reading about some of the stories I knew only in passing This isn't just a book about coaching x's and o's and the Triangle offence There's the relationships between players Phil's approach to Zen Buddhism and some frustrating insight into the relationship with Jerry Krause This book brings you right up to the end of the Lakers second championship under Jackson and some of the coaching difficulties he faced there A great basketball book As all Lazenby's books this one is a long one But there is a deeper thought behind itIf one wants to provide a reliable and deep history to has to be a lengthy oneAwesome book for basketball leadership and coaching junkies Title and the content doesn’t align much in the sense the strategies Phil used are not given as one would expect ‘11 Rings’ provide detail if someone wants to learn about Phil This book covers the history of Chicago Bulls mostly A behind the scenes look at Phil Jackson and his time coaching the Bulls with a brief chapter on his first championship with the Lakers It starts by focusing on his upbringing his formative years in the NCAA and how his philosophies developed through his NBA career as a player The bulk of the book is around his time in the CBA and NBA as a coachFor me the takeaways are how he engaged with his stars Jordan Pippen O'Neal Bryant to get them to buy into the triangle offense and team systems that he preachedI'm looking forward to reading Jackson's Eleven Rings book as soon as it is available on Kindle Mindgames was a biography on Phil Jackson that is written up until 2002 It was a really good book to my book report project on since it had many different events and characters throughout Jackson's life Phil Jackson won 8 championships up to 2002 with the Chicago Bulls and the Los Angeles Lakers as a head coach It's really a story of the 90s Bulls than Phil Jackson It gets into his life and philosophy but it's very much through the prism of that team and Michael Jordan It's a great read but it wasn't especially insightful Sve sto niste znali o Phill Jackson u ovoj je knjizi Plus recepti kako trenirati najbolje kosarkase u istoriji

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