Escape from Witchwood Hollow

Escape from Witchwood Hollow❰EPUB❯ ✹ Escape from Witchwood Hollow Author Jordan Elizabeth – Everyone in Arnn a small farming town with legends than residents knows the story of Witchwood Hollow if you venture into the whispering forest the witch will trap your soul among the shadowed treesAf Everyone in Arnn a small farming town with legends than residents knows the story of Witchwood Hollow if you venture into the whispering forest the witch will trap your soul among the shadowed treesAfter losing her parents in a horrific terrorist attack on the Twin Towers fifteen year old Honoria and her older brother escape New York City to Arnn In the lure of that perpetual darkness Honoria finds hope when she should be afraidPerhaps the witch can reunite her with her lost parents Awakening the witch however brings than salvation from mourning for Escape from MOBI :¿ Honoria discovers a past of missing children and broken promisesTo save the citizens of Arnn from becoming the witch’s next victims she must find the truth behind the woman’s madnessHow deep into Witchwood Hollow does Honoria dare venture. This is a really good book The story is mainly about Honoria who has moved to Arnn with her brother Geoffrey and their aunt and uncle after her parents are killed in the World Trade Center The reader immediately gets drawn into Honoria's life She's a pretty smart girl for 15 The book is also about Lady Elizabeth Clifford who in the 1600's is accused of killing her brother in law by using witchcraft and she is on the run in the woods by Arnn Soon other people are getting trapped in the woods The author does a great job of switching between the different characters and different times Honoria is drawn to the Witchwood Hollow and if the witch was real Honoria makes friends with Leon who is also interested in the history of Witchwood Hollow Things start coming to light and there is a really sad ending I really enjoyed Jordan's writing and would read anything she writes and also recommend this book to everyoneI'm so glad Jordan's friend contacted me to see if I would read the book This is a fun book Great for fans of historical fiction I liked how the story goes between three different time periods but everything is tied together The author originally conceived of this story as a movie and that is evident in the cinematic uality of the writing The novel transports you and I am now inspired to go on a historical adventure in my own hometown This book follows our main character Honoria after she lost both her parents to the collapse of the twin towersThe book weaves together the tail from separate time periods and I often felt like Arnn was a character in and of itselfThe writing was solid and seamless and even if I thought the author missed the teen authenticity once in a while brand names much? it really was an exciting tale and worth the read I was given a copy of Jordan's book Escape from Witchwood Hollow in exchange for an honest review The author is very good with descriptive words and her ability to shift language when writing period pieces is highlighted in this story Jordan is very good at scene building and melding her characters into that scene I'm reminded of how architect Frank Lloyd Wright believed a building shouldn't appear plunked down in an environment but should feel as if it grew from it This is how this author creates her characters The foundations for this book were laid when the author was in high school and the young person's voice will appeal to her youth readers Jordan Elizabeth's 'Escape from Witchwood Hollow' was a fun uick read I liked that Jordan took a chance and told the story from several different time periods Some people might not enjoy this approach but you need to go in with an open mind Overall I really enjoyed it and was shocked by the ending If you are looking for something different and uniuely weird this book might be a great read for youI received a free copy of this book in return for an honest review A good book to read near the anniversary of 911 as the main character's parents died when the twin towers crashed It's a fantasy that has current day action but also switches back to the past as well I enjoyed the book and thought the ending view spoiler was sad but it made sense and I wasn't too upset And I really wished it wasn't Leon who shot her but Haley poor guy hide spoiler The story centers around three different young women from three different time periods 1600s 1800s and 2001 all finding their way into the cursed Witchwood Hollow I'm not usually a huge fan of historicals but I absolutely loved venturing into the three different time periods The author did a great job of creating three uniue characters and three uniue settings all while making the three young women seem so connectedThe author has a fresh and distinctive voice Not just anyone would think to use damsel in distress as a curse word lol I loved the dark layered and fascinating story and I look forward to reading from this debut author Leave your broomsticks your pointy hats and your sparkling red shoes behind this tale of witchcraft is one of great loss love loneliness and hidden truths as Jordan Elizabeth’s creative cauldron gives us Escape from Witchwood Hollow a YA fantasy for all ages Will a teenage right of peer passage in a small town filled with the whispers of legends witchcraft and evil become a frightening journey into the darkness that calls to her? Honoria hears the whispers they call to her but thoughts of the legend lead to a desperate act to test their veracity What she finds are the truths behind centuries of death missing loved ones and the pain endured by a once loving young witch Get ready for Jordan Elizabeth’s style bewitching and dark yet infused with love and the hope for less pain in the future Jordan Elizabeth routes her tale through three time periods to build her world and entwines them together to create layer upon layer of mystery and intrigue up to a final conclusion that you will NOT see coming Her characters all have an innocent sweetness to them that reveals their age and the viewpoints they harbor Friendships will be tested choices must be made but never once does this tale get bogged down by itself as the truth of one legend and its victims come to life and the final scenes roll through your mind I received this copy from Jordan Elizabeth in exchange for my honest reviewPublication Date October 14 2014Publisher Curiosity uills PressGenre YA fantasyPrint Length 200 pagesAvailable from | Barnes NobleReviewed for 35 starsThis book has been given to me in exchange for an honest reviewWhat a strange story Don't let my rating deter you as I'm 100% certain fans of the genre will positively love this book I just was unsettled for a long time as I rarely read books with a feel of time travel even if it's not about time travel per seAs the characters of this book I was lost in the beginning I was puzzled by all the chapters written from others point of view as we did not have one but rather three main characters I kept trying to read the clues and guess what the author aimed for until all the pieces fitted and I got my epiphany exactly like the characters in the woodIt's actually very cleverly written as we have to follow a similar journey and get to experience what the protagonists did in some wayThe story is built around Honoria 15 years old in 2001; Lady Clifford 1670 aka The Witch and Albertine 17 years old in 1850 All begins with Honoria moving from New York to the countriside with her brother aunt and uncle after her parents died in the Twin Towers attack Now trying to fit in with the country pumpkins she'll enter a cursed wood on a dare Witchwood Hollow has a bad rep in this small town It's said a witch should hide within and keep people trying to cross the woodsHonoria barely escaped from the wood and will try to solve the legend's mystery with the help of her neighbour Leon fascinated with old objects and historyAlongside Honoria's story we follow that of the witch and the story of Albertine as well All stories intermingle at some point and finally I could understand the grand scheme HoorayNow that ending I did not expect at all I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read to review basis Thanks to author Jordan Elizabeth MierekThis was an okay story but I did find it a little confusingHonoria was an alright character but I was a little concerned at how readily she wanted to sneak out at night with some other girls who she didn’t know at all and how much she wanted to go into a haunted wood at nightThe storyline in this confused me a bit with the story alternating between 2001 and 1856 It took me a while to work out the connection between the two parts of the story and I lost interest a little bitThe ending to this was okay and it was good that the mystery of what had happened to the missing little boy was solved6 out of 10Favourite uote – “Lies” Shane shrieked “My uncle doesn’t have no brother”

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