Loving Lawson Loving Lawson #1

Loving Lawson Loving Lawson #1➯ [Read] ➫ Loving Lawson Loving Lawson #1 By R.J. Lewis ➻ – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk BOOK 1 CONTAINS A LOT OF SWEARING SOME VIOLENCE AND SEXUAL SITUATIONS THAT MAY BE UNCOMFORTABLE FOR SOMEWhen boyfriend Ryker Lawson is sentenced to prison on drug charges Allie Wallace faces a life ch BOOK CONTAINS A LOT Loving Lawson MOBI í OF SWEARING SOME VIOLENCE AND SEXUAL SITUATIONS THAT MAY BE UNCOMFORTABLE FOR SOMEWhen boyfriend Ryker Lawson is sentenced to prison on drug charges Allie Wallace faces a life changing event After being turned away from her mother and on the verge of homelessness she turns to an unexpected source for help her Loving Lawson ePUB ô boyfriend's older brotherHeath Lawson is everything his brother isn't a rough street fighter that can't commit to a girl if his life depended on it He likes being on his own Likes living the simple life But when Allie turns up asking for help he has no choice but to take her inKnowing Allie most of her life Lawson Loving Lawson Kindle Ñ help is something Heath is than ready to offer After all she's the love of his brother's lifeHowever what he doesn't expect is that she's also his too. 375 Stars Allison ‘Allie’ Wallace had lived through a life of chaos – a father who took his life away and a religious mother that always had given her a hard time Everything changes for the worse for her when she is kicked out of her mother’s home when she finds out she is pregnant Ryker Lawson her boyfriend was sentenced five months ago to five years after he got busted for selling crack so Allie is scared alone with no one to help her Except Heath Lawson her boyfriend’s big brother When Allie comes to Heath because she needs a place to stay he’s ready to do anything to help her First because he promised his brother he will be there for her anytime and secondly because she is pregnant He offers her a room and he also convinces Allie to keep the baby Heath is sexy raw and he fights for money Unlike his brother he’s not the relationships type He knows Allie but they never really talked to each other Despite all that he’s ready to do anything to give Allie everything she needs to feel safe and protected He’s ready to change his lifestyle for her to fight and to provide for her and for her unborn child As they start to spend and time together and they start to know each other better Allie and Heath seem to fall for each other but both of them are struggling with their new feelings for the obvious reasons Their relationship is ‘inappropriate’ but keeping their hands of each other is harder with each and every dayI really enjoyed this one It was a fast paced mix of sexiness and sweetness that kept my attention from start to finish Despite the blurb this was not exactly a love triangle Allie and Heath’s relationship was great but progressed a little too fast for my liking Their backgrounds are explained well enough but I really would have liked to get to know about Ryker and Allie’s relationship AnywayBoth Allie and Heath were great characters Even if the story is told in dual pov actually three but two for the most part Heath’s character was developed IMO Heath was a great hero from the very beginning He’s sweet caring and so compassionate He’s a tattooed fighter but he has a heart of gold I absolutely loved his tenderness He was simply wonderful with Allie – the way he talked with her was lovely and heartwarming I have to say I didn’t like all of Allie’s decisions but overall she was a great heroine The chemistry and the tension between them were really great done and the sexy scenes pretty hot Honestly I expected the story to unfold in a very different way but I liked how everything progressed The cliffhanger in the end left me intrigued so it goes without saying I’m looking forward to read the next book Overall a uick entertaining read What the hell was that???That was the end??? I thought that the things would be clear around the end but they were darker than night itself Damn And now what???? Phew I need the next book immediatelyOh my God What will happen next??? What about Allie and Heath???? What about their problems???? What about Ryker??? Fuck what a messThis book started with Allie asking help from Heath Lawson Heath is her boyfriend's big brotherThey were never close to each other but Allie had noone else to turned since her mother kick her out of their house after she found out that Allie was pregnant So her only option is Heath since Ryker is nowhere around and that's why he did some shitty things and he ended up behind the barsSo Allie is alone and determined to end up this pregnacy But Heath doesn't agree with that decision and he gets her under his wings He was my anchor and if he wasn’t with me right now I was going to sink” Heath is a street fighter He never had problems with the law and he is angry with his brother He is masculine raw handsome and sexy as hell He is every woman's fantazy and he is very aware of that fact When Allie ask him to help her he doesn't hesistate at all and he is changing all his life to be there for her and her unborn child After all he had given a promise to his brother to keep her safe Lines were blurring and I couldn’t tell where along the way I stopped caring” But after so much time together something is starting to change between them and it leads them to unknown and dangerous paths She was his brother's ex girlfriend pregnant with his brother's baby and still fell for her hard Heath Everything about him was raw and masculine but he was Ryker's brother He's completely off limits AllieAnd in that point was the time that i started to uestion my morality a lot Because against all odds i wanted Allie to be with Heath Yeah i know that is a fucked up situation because of his brother but if you get to know Heath you will feel the same way with me He is absolutely AWESOME I think i want him too If Allie did not end up with him If that will ever happen i will die i swear it then please send him to me It will be the most perfect present EVER And let Allie have Ryker's baby i don't care Evil LaughI won't say much Only that at the end everything was a mess And i don't mean only the sexual part believe me They were much troublesOMG I uestion everything right now I think that we will have many adventures in the next book and i have to stop talking because i need to start it right now More details when i finished Saving Lawson Heath i'm coming for you you sexy thing This was a 35 stars for me It was a bit slow at getting started; but the last approx 35% turned the book around for me The twist at the end has for sure caught my attention to the point that I will HAVE to read the next book just to find out what the outcome will beLoving Lawson is about a young lady named Allison who has been kicked out of her mother's home when it was discovered that she was pregnant With no where to turn she seeks out the baby daddy's brother HeathYou see the father of the baby is in jail and he would not want Allison to have the baby She is leaning towards terminating the pregnancy; which is why her mother origionally kicked her outTo Allie's surprise though Heath decides to not only take her in to his home; but also talks her into keeping the child This was a huge shocker to even Heath as he is a part time MMA fighter who is very into his playboy life style He's muscular tattoed and of course; the ladies love him The he is around Allie though the he learns that he craves something very different for his lifeShe made me realize I wanted things I didn't even know I wanted Being around hercraving her hungering for the taste of her it changed everything I wanted some goddamn meaning in my lifeThe biggest road block in Heath's attraction to Allie though is that his brother Ryker loves her Technically Ryker and Allie are not together though He is in jail at least for five years and again; he has no interest in having a child This plays very heavy on Heath's mind but even with his hesitation the attraction between him and Allie grows to an explosive point Will they give in? Or will they both be able to keep their relationship as friends??At times I did feel the book to be a bit cheesyfor lack of a better wordbut the biggest turn around for me was towards the end when I twist comes into play There is way than meets the eye with Ryker First of all he is in a lot trouble than anyone had known This trouble will affect his brother and his ex girl I think this was a great set up book to what can be a really good series if it is done right in the second book I do look forward to finding out Of course I didn't want it to end the way it did; but I will eagerly watch for the next book in this series This was my first book by RJ Lewis and I am definitely intrigued to see what else the author has written All in all an intriguing beginning to what promises to be an explosive series COMING VERY SOON 35 4 HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO ME? STARSThis is my third Lewis book and I wished she wrote I always get a crazy ride with her readsTwo Brothers One GirlOne is in prison RykerOne is a fighter HeathOne is pregnant AllieI usually don’t do love triangles but this really isn’t one but both brothers play a role even though one is in prison Allie is kicked out of her house because she got knocked up She doesn’t have any place to go and her baby daddy isn’t available So she goes to the brother HeathHeath is your typical hero fighter He’s a ladies man he doesn’t do serious relationships He works as a mechanic as a day job and does fights on the side for extra cash When Heath sees his brother’s sort of ex girlfriend asking for help Heath can’t say noAllie and her baby daddy have this odd relationship She’s a really clean cut good girl but she somehow gets involved with a guy who cheats lies and gets into trouble Ryker put her thought so much crap that they are finally broken up But he doesn’t think soMostly Loving Lawson is Allie and Heath’s relationship Heath is starting to have feelings for Allie but he knows it’s wrong because he promised Ryker that he would look out for her Of course trouble comes around because some of Ryker’s past comes to stir things upThis book was a uick read I think it had a lot of potential and overall I liked it but it did need to be polished just a tad bit As much as I love fast pace books I need meat I needed some story development on Allie and Ryker’s relationship I needed build up on Heath and Allie’s relationship while she was with Ryker Were there any lingering feelings?The climatic part of the book was the best It was unexpected and I’m kind of torn on my feelings I want to feel a certain way but I kind of fell the opposite for some reason Anyhow I’m left shocked and needy for the next book 99 cents This book was a short read which is what I needed but it also comes with a cliff hanger signsWhen I first started reading it I didn’t like where the storyline was heading but I carried on with itHeath is the H in this story and after Allie comes to him to ask for a place to stay because her mother kicked her out he says yes and offers to help out as much as he can because she was his brothers ex girlfriend and he made a promise to his brother to look out for her while he was in jail she was pregnant too Heath does so much for Allie which I thought was super sweet as a lot of the things he did were just to make her happy I started loving Heath so much and wished she was carrying his baby instead of his evil brother'sI liked Allie she wasn’t the one to cause drama and the banter she had going on with Heath was great The two were perfect together The story is pretty simple from the beginning with not much going on but towards the end you get a whole scene I'm pretty excited to read the second book now NEED BOOK 2 NOWLIKE NOWHeath was amazing I was a little frustrated by Allie because I just wanted her to go to Ryker and set the record straight with him I don't know why people are syaing this is a love triangle when she broke up with him and didn't want him Never throughout the book did I think she was hung up on Ryker She was fighting her feelings for Heath from the second things started to turn interesting between them The tension killed me I just wanted them to get together and just when you think things are going one way they completely changed and went another The twist in the end was awesomeI absolutely hate Ryker though and the way he put her down in the end Calling her plain Grrrr Heath though 3 I devoured this whole ❤️ 45 The Good Brother Stars Lovers of love triangles and new adult angst filled romance will not want to miss Loving Lawson There is also an MMA angle and a good bit of organized crime related suspense intermingled in the story I chose this as my Prime lending library selection a while back and now I am saddened that I waited so long to read this fantastic story But beware this book ends in a cliffhanger so if you want the whole story you will need to read Saving Lawson book 2 too Exciting bookcan't wait to see what happensTeam Heath D