Deathwish Broslin Creek #6

Deathwish Broslin Creek #6[PDF / Epub] ☉ Deathwish Broslin Creek #6 By Dana Marton – Officer Gabriella Maria Flores desperately needs a big win to save her career A case that proves that she has her act together something non controversial to make people forget the recent scandal she' Officer Gabriella Maria Flores desperately needs a big win to save her career A case that proves that she has her act together something non controversial to make people forget the recent scandal she's been involved in Instead the murder she catches couldn't be high Deathwish Broslin Kindle - profile the number one suspect her boss's brother Means motive opportunity check And open and shut case if she's ever seen one But then instead of arresting the suspect why is she falling in love with him. I highly recommend DEATHWISH to anyone who enjoys sexy romantic whodunits The town wrapped in red and green greeted him welcome him home as he drove down familiar streets Driving his old truck filled Hunter with pleasure He didn't have to look for IEDs on the side of the road He grinned all the way to the apartment enjoying the ride the peace of the night the old brick buildings on Main Street the holiday finery the palpable presence of town spirit He parked his truck in front of the apartment building that Ethan owned as a side business and suddenly couldn't wait another second He hurried up the front stairs down the inside staircase then just about ran down the hallway to his basement level unit He had his key in his hand but the doorknob turned easily as he put his hand on it Cindy had left the door open for him He grinned like a fool as he walked in The loose floorboard in the middle of the living room creaked a familiar welcome as he passed his army duffel bag on the floor where he'd dumped it earlier Cindy's little pink purse sat on his brown leather couch like a cupcake on a tray Cindy? He strode toward the bedroom in the back his smile spreading as he anticipated a private party If she was waiting for him naked in bed the proposal would have to wait a litt Honey? But she wasn't waiting for him naked She was waiting for him deadDEATHWISH by Dana Marton is an absolutely awesome utterly mind blowing romantic suspense I loved everything about it Dana outdid herself with this one I've inhaled every one of Dana's Broslin Creek books but this is definitely my favorite so far The characterizations were amazing and the story was filled with danger intrigue and action This is the story of Hunter Captain Bing’s younger brother and Gabi a relatively new Broslin police officerEven though there are interconnected characters and a common setting each of the books in the author's Broslin Creek series can be fully enjoyed as standalones The series can be read in any order too as I can very well attest After enjoying this book just know that the rest of the series is excellent as well I'm betting you will fall in love with the small mushroom capital of Broslin Creek and its peopleHunter is a veteran plagued by guilt and nightmares from his time in the service The author obviously did her research on PTSD as the subject is handled very carefully I thought that aspect really added to the story Hunter is finally headed home from the Middle East with plans to propose to his long time sweetheart Gabi is an officer on the Broslin PD Her goal is to prove herself a clean follow the rules cop so she can return to her former job in the big city Her reputation and career in the big city had been derailed by her corrupt former boyfriendpartner who had been on the take The evidence against Hunter looks really bad His long time girlfriend was murdered in his apartment shot by his gun which was taken from his secure wall safe with no signs of a break in Because Hunter is either related to or friends with all the other Broslin officers Gabi is assigned his caseMy full review is posted at Reading Between The Wines Book Club Please check it out here 5 Wine Glasses Wish I could give it Deathwish is a story about two people who find each other in circumstances that would normally not be conducive to a relationship The plot has wonderful character development as well as romance suspense and mystery I love how well Dana Marton balances the plot with the romance aspect of the book I have to admit at first the book felt a little dry That feeling didn't last long and now knowing the plot and the characters I understand that the flatness of the first few chapters gave Gabi's character room to develop And boy do I love her development As the book goes on she shows vulnerability humor and strength Hunter brings out the best in her and she in him There is a change in Gabi’s outward demeanor and in her understanding of the world as well as Hunter’s understanding of himself that makes the growing relationship between Gabi and Hunter feel organic and natural I loved that although the characters may have had certain transformative aspects they still remained true to themselves Five stars for a wonderful and engaging suspenseful romance 🎁 FREE on today 11102019 🎁 4 stars RELEASE DATE November 3 2014Officer Gabriella Maria Flores desperately needs a big win to save her career A case that proves that she has her act together something non controversial to make people forget the recent scandal she's been involved in Instead the murder she catches couldn't be high profile the number one suspect her boss's brother Means motive opportunity check And open and shut case if she's ever seen one But then instead of arresting the suspect why is she falling in love with him?REVIEW 4 stars DEATHWISH is the sixth installment in Dana Marton’s contemporary adult Broslin Creek romantic suspense series focusing on the small town of Broslin Creek This is former soldier Hunter Bing and police officer Gabrielle Flores storyline Each story can be read as a stand alone without too much difficultyReturning home from his latest rescue mission in the Middle East Hunter Bing finds himself the number one suspect in a murder investigation when Broslin Creek’s newest police officer Gabriella Flores takes aim at the Captain’s younger brother Deathwish follows the subseuent investigation and mystery surrounding a number of close calls for several members of Hunter’s family When the clues point in a different direction Hunter is called in to assist Officer Flores in the investigation Sparks fly between our couple but Gabriella is determined to return back to the big city once the current case has been solvedDana Marton weaves a tale of mystery and suspense where everyone is suspect and no one can be ruled out There are moments of betrayal for a man who has served his country and moments of redemption when the guilty has been charged The secondary characters include some of the previous storyline players including Hunter’s family and a number of the people in Broslin CreekThe relationship between Gabriella and Hunter begins as a working partnership Gabriella knows that to get involved with Hunter is most likely a break of professional conduct but there is no denying the attraction to one another The sex scenes are limited as our couple agree to wait until the case has been solved but there are definitely intimate and provocative moments throughout the storyDEATHWISH is a romantic suspense storyline with a few twists and surprises that will keep the reader on the edge of your seat Dana Marton will pull you in with her fantastic story telling and happily ever aftersCopy supplied by the author I'm not sure how Dana Marton keeps the little town of Broslin so interesting but she does and Deathwish the sixth in the Broslin series is my favorite yetGabi is an officer on the Broslin PD biding her time and keeping her nose clean so she can go back to the big city after her career was derailed and reputation besmirched by her former partner and lover a cop on the take Hunter is a soldier coming home after years of military service in the middle east looking to start the next phase of his life back in his hometown with the small town sweetheart he plans to propose toSmalltown sweetheart is found murdered by Hunter on the night of his welcome home party She's literally dead in his apartment lying on his bed shot by his gun Since he is the police chief's younger brother and friends with the entire police force as well as being a hometown hero Gabi has to become the lead in the homicide investigation so there is no taint of impropriety since she is the only person on the force with no connection to the prime suspectSecrets are revealed twists and turns abound and several times I thought I had it figured out but was wrongGabi is a great female character she's tough she's smart she's fair funny and dedicated Hunter is a good guy one who thought he wanted to marry June Cleaver but finds himself than attracted to Gabi who can literally handle him or any manThe chemistry between these two is off the charts Like hot hot hot You are rooting for these two not just to solve the murder but to heal the dings they each have on their hearts and pysches left by wars in Afghanistan and on the mean streets of PhiladelphiaThis one grabs you from the get gonot just a suspenseful whodunit but a whoELSEdunnitI can't wait to visit Broslin again Another Great Story So I settled in with the latest instalment about life in Broslin Creek after breakfast this morning the next thing I knew my husband was home from work and looking for his dinner I had just a few pages left to read and I made him wait Once again Dana Marton had transported me to this small American town I really love the way this author describes the people and places she really paints a clear picture in my imaginationOur hero Hunter Bing was a hunk with a big heart and our heroine Gabi was gutsy and beautiful I loved the relatively slow burn as their attraction grew It was also great that we continue to hear about the lives of others we have met in previous books If however you are new to the series the book reads eually well as a standalone without tons of flashbacks to the previous storiesThis book had a lighter feel to it than the earlier books and whilst it kept me riveted I did miss a little of the earlier dark broodiness in the series That said it had many twists and turns as our pair followed the clues to the killer and there was a twist in the tale at the end so I did not get the feeling that I was rushed to the end like many stories leave me feelingAs always Dana Marton has produced a well written tale with well drawn characters and a believable plot For that I could give it 5 but overall because I miss that element of dark broodiness in the characters for me this time I feel 4 to 45 is closer to the markThis book was received free in return for a honest review The best installment yet Gabi is a detective in Broslin a transplant who intends to go home when she is through proving herself to her old Captain Hunter is a haunted vet who is plagued with nightmares and guilt from his time in the service They come together under terrible circumstances He leaves a party only to find his long distance fiance dead The evidence looks bad and his brother is the chief In fact the only person who doesn't have a conflict of interest is Gabi She is brutally efficient thorough but not unkind Pros This one wrings your emotions dry You can't help but respect Gabi for sticking to her guns even when she knows it isn't the popular decision she is by the book and makes no apologies for it She wins everyone else's respect too I love it when a heroine is brave but not stupid doesn't bend the rules but somehow ensures things turn out right Hunter is a wounded soul recovering from his desert time and the things he had to do and see in order to survive He is smart and determined and makes a valuable team member when needed Cons Yeah I have none this time The plot was solid research spot on and the PTSD that plagues so many soldiers is portrayed accurately and with great care All things that matter to me deeply If you like thrillermysteries with a romantic slant this is definitely a must read Dana Marton has done it again – another great Broslin Creek story No cliffhangerI have to say that from very near the beginning I thought I had the story figured out; I should have known better While some of what I suspected did come into play it wasn’t at all the way I had thought it was going to be And that’s the beauty of Dana’s writing She did her usual wonderful job of crafting an interesting can’t wait to get to the end page turner Hunter is Captain Bing’s younger brother and Gabi is an officer on the Broslin police force Both of them have difficult histories that make them who they are What Hunter thinks he wants doesn’t turn out to be what he actually wants and needs and the same goes for Gabi While this story is somewhat connected to the others in this series you don’t need to have read the first books to enjoy this one but you really should read themYou know from the book’s synopsis that Hunter is charged with murder And of course since he is the hero he can’t be guilty But how his innocence gets proven is how Dana makes this such a great suspenseful romanceI truly enjoyed this book and hope that there will be in this seriesI received an ARC of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review A must read for anyone who enjoys a good romantic suspense Deathwish is the 6th book in the Broslin Creek series This story introduces us to Hunter who has just returned home from Military duty and Sophie who is a new employee of the Broslin PD This book was full of suspense and action from the very first page until the ending I was kept on the edge of my seat throughout the story Just as I thought I knew who the killer was I was pleasantly surprised to find out I was wrong – and it was great Both primary characters had realistic strong and humorous personalities I think Dana Marton’s books are just as enjoyable to read as Nora Roberts romantic suspense books and I look forward to all future books that Dana writes She just gets better and better with each book I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review What a great cast of characters I loved them all I was glad to catch up with Sophie and Ethan and I am so glad that Hunter got is own book with Sophie as his perfect match So good I love romantic suspense and this was one that could have been pulled from the headlines Loved that so much Although I suspected who it was before the end the why eluded me until the end And what a why it was you must read it to find out for yourselfI received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Dana Marton's books just keep getting better and better and they are so current it is scary A must readJust an update I loved this book so much that I have pre ordered it for my library