Master of Freedom (Mountain Masters Dark Haven #4.5)

Master of Freedom (Mountain Masters Dark Haven #4.5)[PDF] ✈ Master of Freedom (Mountain Masters Dark Haven #4.5) ⚣ Cherise Sinclair – Series Mountain Masters Dark Haven Book 7Length 9 hrs and 16 minsDetective Atticus Ware gave up his beloved Idaho to start again in the mountains of California close to his imprisoned brother He has a Series Mountain Masters Dark Haven Book Length hrs and minsDetective Atticus Ware gave up his beloved Idaho to start again in the mountains of California close to his imprisoned brother He has a rewarding job and friends but the experienced Dominant Master of PDF \ wants than the Do Me submissives who flock around him He needs a woman who will give her heart as well as her body Virginia “Gin” is damn good at her challenging career as a prison psychologist However one problem inmate is mired in misery and unable to overcome his guilt at causing a friend’s death To clear her mind she joins a friend’s kinky backpacking excursion planning to hide in her tent during the evening BDSM pursuits But Atticus lures her into the activities She’s read about BDSM but submission under the hands of a powerful Dom is beyond anything she’d imagined She doesn’t trust men doesn’t want a relationship and yetwants from him Finally Atticus has found the woman he wants in his life In his bed In his cuffs But she’s not only his brother’s therapist but also works in a prison How can he tolerate his woman walking into danger every single blasted day Gin knows she has no future with Atticus Ware but still hope is rising in her heart. 4 trust me stars “I’ll always come after you I keep what’s mine” Virginia Gin ran away from not only her past but the woman she turned out to be Determined to start over and no longer be the kind of girl always looking for approval and fighting everyday to keep the ones that should love her Homesick and alone she attempt to wash away the darkness that threaten to drown her after her long and depressing day as a prison psychologist in the mountains of California When her new friend invites her on an weekend excursion her wildest desires come to life Atticus he is tall dominant and intoxicating “Why did I have the misconception that you were a gentleman?” “I’ve got no idea baby Maybe because when the gentleman meets the Dom the Dom wins?” She was only supposed to watch and see never in her dreams did she think that this kind of life was real and to be invited and used ignites something inside of her; bringing a sense of excitement and fear For the first time in his life Atticus wants and if giving her the sense of control by keeping this connection between them in the friends with benefits category then so be it Being the Dom he is he can wait her out and show her just how beautiful surrendering can be “your willing surrender has a beauty I can’t explain” As much as Gin wants to protect her heart Atticus inserts himself in every which way into her life and soon she has to decide if he is worth the risk But her work causes damage to her work than she has ever signed on for A conflict on interest has her passing on one of her patients to another therapist all the while Atticus worries for her safety every time she steps foot into the place As good of a therapist Gin is she needs someone stronger to hold her and possibly love herMaster of Freedom is a delicious tale full of thrills about a highly intelligent woman who is trying to stand her own and come to terms with her natural submissive nature Atticus is man's man an honorable man known for his love of ropes Together they provide the missing piece in each others life and must fight to keep it It was fun to catch up with past couples that I've read passionately about and while this is categorized as a novella it didn't read like one Atticus and gin held their own with the rest of them maybe not as heavily BDSM themed but still highly enjoyable Not to mention a hot tub interrogation scene that was HOT as hell It’s always nice returning to the Mountain Masters series because you get heroes like Detective Atticus Ware who kind of reminds you of how great BDSM erotic can be Needless to say Cherise Sinclair is the ueen at writing these great heroes and books and with MASTER OF FREEDOM she has another winner on her handsGin is looking for a little retreat after her job as a prison psychology begins to stress her out When her friends invite her to tag along on this kinky backpacking excursion Gin is than ready to offer a helping hand during this time However when Atticus asks her to help her demonstration something to a few learning Doms she becomes well aware of the attraction they shareOne of the great things about Cherise Sinclair and her writing is that with every book you feel like there’s a consistent level of romance and tension in her books I think all her books continue to be above most standards and whether it’s a full length novel or a novella like this one Sinclair always delivers a great love story with smoking hot sex She is also able to incorporate new things into each book surprising readers so that her loyal ones never once feel bored If you could see me now I’m applauding her because I know how hard that is to do MASTER OF FREEDOM is another brilliant installment to the seriesARC provided by publisher I adore Cherise Sinclair and usually love everything she writes Unfortunately for me Master of Freedom A Mountain Masters Novella was my least favorite book out of all the series I have read from her For some reason I Gin and Atticus' relationship was very flat for me There was no real umph that pulled me into the story Their connection was not a strong one for me and I actually felt as if I was reading to get to the end as opposed to reading for enjoyment The story was not totally unenjoyable There were moments mostly between the primary characters and secondary characters that I enjoyed that the moments between the actual primary couple I adored Gin's connection with Sawyer and the prison scene where he protected her and the other counselor in the prison yard and what ensued after with Atticus coming to save Gin was the best part of the story for me It contained pulse pounding action that kicked the story up a notch I wish the rest of the story contained that much of a pull on my attention Still Cherise remains a favorite author and I will always look forward to seeing what's next for her It has been a while since I last read a Cherise Sinclair book and reading this was like a big warm welcome back home hug Cherise is known for writing magnetic and swoon worthy Doms and she did not disappoint with Atticus Ware plus he is an expert in rope play Yum But deVries remains to be my favorite Dom in this particular series Not a big fan of Gin until nearing the end of the novel Cherise also decides to share a preview of Servicing The Target featuring Mistress Anne from Club Shadowlands can't waitGin is new to town and took on the job as a prison psychologist She has been reading BDSM erotica and originally that it was not real until her friend invites her to a lodge to watch a few BDSM classes in exchange for helping out in the lodge The first time Detective Atticus caught sight of Gin he knew he wanted her especially after hearing that Southern lilt And they fight to find happiness which is with each otherThis has been a most enjoyable story lovely set of characters winsome plot romance kinky sex some laughs and even a bit of suspense It is an excellent addition to this series I have yet to read any Cherise Sinclair book that I did not like knock on wood hopefully never ; Now I remember why I no longer read these booksThe Good it was nice to catch up with couples from other stories in the two series Some of the earlier books in both series were genuinely fun reads This story was very lightweight and often cuteThe Bad the sugar fluff BDSM storyline hit every single tired cliche and overused trope known to man The book was a retread with parts cherry picked from the other stories Worse the Ds was just plain silly I thought I was going to hurt my eyes from rolling them during some of the scenes Thanks to Liona for the loan Okay I liked it but not going to lie here I laughed a lot throughout this novella Master of Freedom is an interesting novella within the 1001 dark night series In it you will meet Virginia aka Gin pretty bad ass nickname if you ask me and Atticus Gin is running away from her life and ex because what girl wouldn't want to do this and ends up being a counselor to inmatesHonestly this job of her sounds so freaking interesting I am in no way shape or form a people person because I hate people in general but I was giving her mad props for doing this Mostly because I have no idea what would happen even talking to an inmate on personal stuff So seeing how she was handling what was going on kept this a page turner Then there's Atticus who meets her at a party He moved to town to stay close to his brother Was wondering how things were going to go down between these two and wasn't one bit surprised how it all started Yet their entire relationship smutty or not was pure gold I loved how these two handled one another and basically ended up loving each other Ok375 ⭐️In someways I really enjoyed this one and in others I was disappointedI didn’t like Atticus a number of times in the first half of the book he made up for it in the end I understand that he had his own hang ups but he judged Gin a couple of times that were unfair Same with Logan and Jake Didn’t like Logan in this one So he overheard a fight between Gin and Atticus which was none of his business and then cut her because he was the one who introduced her and he felt bad So what happens if she decided she didn’t want to be a sub was she then not good enough for you?I really liked Gin and loved how the author used books and portrayed how it is different from the books I liked that she worked through her need to serve people but at the same time not to be a doormat She fought when she was scared and when it was needed I felt like with her profession she could see both sides in most arguments but I wished she had of taken people to task and not forgive them all so easily Now on to Sawyers book Master Of Freedom is book number four in the 2015 1001 Dark Nights lineup as well as book number five in author Cherise Sinclair’s Mountain Masters Dark Haven series Admittedly this is the first in the Mountain Masters Dark Haven Series I’ve read and after finishing this novella I will be adding the entire series to my to read list I loved every single word of this story Every single minute I spent reading it It was phenomenalNew to town Virginia Cunningham was thrilled to have met some new people Especially the gals she was now chatting with They were fun and interesting and had just informed her that the BDSM world she had only read about in her favorite books was in fact a very real thing To say that piued her interest would be an understatement And they had just invited her along to the mountain retreat that hosted a BDSM getaway Since moving to California and leaving her fiancée and their relationship in the dust this was a welcome adventure Something to explore Yes she liked her new position as a social worker in the prison system and it was a departure from working with kids a job she truly loved but even that wasn’t enough Right now at this moment what Gin realized she wanted than anything was to give this trip a go Head out with these women meet their spouses and see where this could lead This could be just what the doctor orderedDetective Atticus Ware had noticed Gin immediately and was drawn to her Clearly this was her first time being around the BDSM lifestyle and as a Dom that called to him on a different level He wanted to teach her Wanted to show her how amazing this world could be He could tell she was curious open to learning and experiencing and right then he knew he would be the one to teach her He was tired of the subs who didn’t really take things seriously Tired of the fake He wanted something real Something meaningful One that only a true Ds relationship can give After meeting her that night talking with her and her willingness to submit to him he knew Gin would fit him as comfortably as the ropes he loved so much fit in his handAtticus and Gin start off on a journey of self discovery that builds into a bond that neither one had expected but both had longed for But before they can revel in their new bond things are put to the test and Atticus and Gin will find themselves not in a fight for a relationship nut instead a fight for Gin’s lifeI had the chance to interview Ms Sinclair about this book and one of the uestions I asked was if she ever found it difficult to write the beautiful combination of emotion that goes into a true Ds relationship I asked that particular uestion because in my opinion she is one of the best there is when it comes to that This novella was no exception The trust and bond that builds between Atticus and Gin is painted in beautiful brushstrokes of love and patience Curiosity and understanding Respect and adoration This wasn’t a bumbling and immature fumble through BDSM this was journey that I enjoyed every minute of Gin is an amazing gal who is honest with herself and isn’t afraid to give her trust over to Atticus especially in the very beginning stages I loved that about her Atticus is patient and easy to trust Easy to talk to He’s also sexy as hell with a delicious Alpha streak that had me swooning I absolutely loved them together The heat and passion were palpable and jumped off the pages Totally delectable Of course they both have their own issues to work through before they can truly give themselves to one another but it just made me love them even I couldn’t get enough of them and I was so sad I read their story as fast as I didNow I have to add a little bit about the suspense element to this story Holy hell talk about one hell of an ending I can’t give anything away but I will tell you that I was reading the last few pages wide eyed and with sweaty palms Don’t worry thoughMs Sinclair ended things just perfectlyI also have to mention that Atticus’ brother Sawyer has a part in this story and I really hope we get to see of him I loved him almost as much as I loved Atticus dreamy sighThank you Ms Sinclair for once again writing one a story that combines a ton of heat raw emotion and a healthy dose of suspense that had me devouring every word written on the pages I will be anxiously awaiting and crossing my finger hoping for Sawyer I think I’ve said this about the last few books from Cherise but I love that they shows the characters in their jobs and lives away from the DomSub situations I know these books are fiction but they are written so it feels like you are reading real life situation that could really happen I love that about Cherise’s writing The characters all have flaws even the Dom’s which makes it so much real Virginia “Gin” job a prison psychologist defiantly showed the scary side of what that job would entail It was also nice to see that even though Gin was a psychologist and was good at seeing others problems she wasn’t very good at identifying her own and needed some help Atticus was a perfect Dom for her He too had a few issues that needed to be worked through but had to problem owning up to any mistakes he made with Gin and apologizing Never a dull moment with the bondage scenes the prison scenes that had plenty of drama and suspense and then getting to catch up with all the Mountain and Dark Haven characters Gin left her old life when she was betrayed by the one she loved finding a new place in Idaho A total newbie to the BDSM scene she finds friends who introduces her to all the fun One of the Doms at the getaway in the mountains is Atticus A detective who moved to support his brother and he uickly takes to the cute curious woman But both have baggage and old ghosts getting in their way Suspense feelings and smutty fluff in a great combo loved returning to the Mountains