Love And Money (20th Century, #3)

Love And Money (20th Century, #3)❰Reading❯ ➿ Love And Money (20th Century, #3) Author Ruth Harris – ONE IS RICH THE OTHER POOR TWO SISTERS IN LOVE WITH THE SAME MANDOLORES DAHLEN Dubbed The Million Dollar Baby she grew up fearing no one would love her if she wasn't rich even after she found a man wh ONE IS RICH THE OTHER POOR TWO SISTERS IN LOVE WITH THE SAME MANDOLORES DAHLEN Dubbed The Million Dollar Baby she grew up fearing no one would love her if she wasn't rich even after she found a man who adored herSLASH STEINER From humble beginnings he created himself in Gatsbyesue style made a fortune on Wall Street and won Dee Dee Dahlen until their differences drove him to love another womanLANA BANTRY Abandoned to poverty by her real father she rose to the Love And PDF or top in the glamorous cosmetics business But money couldn't fill the void left by her father. FREE on today 10252017 Love And Money is the 3rd book in the 20th Century Series by Ruth Harris and again I am effortlessly transported back in time The dazzling world of Wall Street comes to life as we enter the world of the Dahlen family in the 1950’s and their journey into the 1980’s It is a stunning portrait of a family obsessed with love money and fear A family rich in wealth yet devoid of emotional stability and love A family that is headed down an unforeseen path of great wealth and prosperity A family full of secrets and betrayal on a collision course of emotional upheaval and destructionDeedee Dahlen was born with the proverbial “Silver Spoon” in her mouth A million dollar heiress who learns that money can’t protect her from the trials and tribulations of lifeLana Bantry was born poor and never knew her father as a child She is strong and tenacious and her story reflects a time when women were struggling for their rightful place in the business world She is fueled by anger and resentment that keeps her emotionally void of love in her lifeSlash Steiner was adopted from an orphanage by a wonderful family and always vowed that he would be rich one day He is determined and strong yet struggles to find his place in the business world as well as in the Dahlen familyThe characters are brought to life by the tremendously descriptive writing as you take on their journey as they progress and grow throughout the story The dialogue between characters is real and believable and the historical events of the time period are woven into the story with compassion and ease This is a highly charged emotional story that spans decades of the Dahlen family It is fast paced and full of twists and turns that will keep you engaged in the story It is a tale of a family that is perceived to the outside world as having it all yet behind closed doors face tremendous hardship scandal and ultimately love and survival I highly recommend this book to all readers; I totally enjoyed and was swept away with the story Such livesIt is hard to imagine people living lives like those in this book but it was fun reading My only complaint is that there were too many repeated storylines almost summaries of what had already been told This is the first novel I've read from American author Ruth Harris I've read an ebook version of itFrom the start this book reminded me The great Gatsby which I saw the movie but didn't read the book Although the stories are set several decades apart it shared many similarities in the way opulent life styles is described as well as the fight between 'old money' and 'new money'and other subjectsIn this book the story is about a family saga of 3 generations with each member of the family receiving too much or too little love andor money during childhood Thus the author was also ebing able to develop the analysis of the impact of having too little or too much love or money on an individual's life as an adult his interrelationship with other people whom are their opposite and especially with those who gave them too little love and too little moneyWhile the book might look as a long written commercial for the Riches and Famous there are real psychological analyses and lessons of life to learn in this book The main reason that I didn't give a 5th star is because the story is too straight forward with no suspense no intrigue The story is predictable but still worth reading Love and Money by Ruth HarrisPlot good ending disappointing Characters two dimensional No clear point of view makes them fake not believable Writing poor Mixing points of view between universal and third person points of views The writer tells rather than shows Recommendation Not really Follow the dreamFrom the great grand parents down to the newest grand child follow the stock market through a family and all of its trials and tribulations From blue blood to the babies born on the wrong side of the blanket all the ups and downs the back stabbings and underhanded dealings in the world of high finance Read and learn Excellent This has been the second book I've read from the Park Avenue Collection The other was The last of the romantics Both have powerful characters Even in their flaws they are so within human nature Looking forward to read the others You truly are one of my favorite authors Maybe it should be love or moneyGreat story about the twists around money and love Can you have both of do you have to choose? Is it possible to make yourself a wealthy person if you are born into poverty?To find out you will have read the book Good read I couldn't finish this book I found it boring and hard to get into I spent time researching real history mentioned in the book than I did reading the book I only got as far as chapter 8 before I gave up It was a free offer through BookBub at least I didn't waste my money I enjoyed this book It is the first of a series and I might read the rest but need to give it a break for now