Modern Women

Modern Women[EPUB] ✼ Modern Women ✿ Ruth Harris – The intimate lives of three unforgettable women and the men in their lives The right men The wrong men The maybe menJane Gresh She's rich talented and famous but can her delicious revenge on the man w The intimate lives of three unforgettable women and the men in their lives The right men The wrong men The maybe menJane Gresh She's rich talented and famous but can her delicious revenge on the man who cheated on her really make her happyLincky Desmond She's smart beautiful hard working She marries Mr Right but will she really risk everything for Mr Oh so wrongElly McGrath She is loyal and dedicated a loving wife and devoted mother but when confronted with the ultimate betrayal what will she do to stand up for herself and her childrenOwen Casals He is handsome successful magnetic and he knows it He is hungry horny and ambitious but will the dark side of success be his undoing. I read 34 of this one I debated whether to assign one star or two there were interesting parts but the reading just became too tedious to continue What I liked the best of this book was the honesty in the writing The steady eyed sometimes stark look at male female relationships that still make the world turnThe setting is fabulous all on its own Incorporating the raging atmosphere of the 60s and 70s the decades take on a role of their own sometimes becoming as important to the characters’ lives as the plot The feminist movements the changes in attitude that the reader sees towards women as the story progresses is astounding and for me who did not live through those years a revelation I’m in love with the characters that fill this book I finished reading it earlier this afternoon and their voices are still roaming around my head They are so vibrant and complex so different one from the other that there’s no way to forget any of them or to hate any of them They are all written with acute sensitivity creating balanced and believable charactersThis is truly a book about women striving to find themselves and happiness be it within the boundaries that society laid on them or outside of them It is a story full of love and hate of revenge and betrayal but it is mainly about the lives of these women and the men who touched their lives It was a joy to follow them through their livesI can easily recommend this book to women and men alike Check out the full review at our sitehttpwwwyourneedtoreadblogspotcoI started this book not knowing what I was getting into Honestly I thought it was a ”Sex in the City” from the 60’s to 80’s What surprised me most? This was a smart story that has it all Each woman represents a type from that era There is the girl who goes to college to find a husband the loud liberal feminist the girl who wants to be the boss in a man’s world only to go about it in a negative mannerThen there is Owen I imagine Owen as a schmucky George Clooney He is a complete womanizer yet he is an integral part in this storyThere is uite a bit of history in this story Each chapter begins with a timetable of events that occurred in the year of these women’s lives The love scenes definitely descriptive but they don’t overwhelm the storyI enjoyed this book so much that I turned around and bought #123 and 5 of the seriesThere is no reason to read them in order as each book represents a different era in history Another book I read on Kindle in shorter stretches This book was all over the place The subject matter certainly is interesting particularly to those of us who were about the same age as the protagonists in the 1960's and '70's The writing however is generally dreadful and shallow I wasn't expecting great literature but I did expect better writing or maybe just better editing Defects included saying the same thing over and over or saying one thing and then later saying the complete opposite about that thing or telling instead of showing or telling BEFORE showing He would say and then having him say exactly that just sloppy Not to mention it needs better proofreading typos are inexcusable in my view I would not recommend reading it On the other hand it probably would make a good movie or mini series This is an amazing old school book It was originally published in 1989 reminds me of the book I read in my teens and 20's Featuring 3 women all born in the early 40's and how various culturally significant events shaped their lives These are girls who went to school thinking the ultimate goal was a MRS rather than a BS or PhD In an era when good girls just didn't really When despite graduating from a prestigious university the only uestion you were asked at an interview was Can you type and the only jobs that were open to women were secretarial where working after your wedding was considered bizarreThese three women go their own ways make names for themselves and have a lot of sex along the way Any book that compares male genitalia to a Louisville Slugger and makes me literally laugh out loud is guaranteed at least three stars This is the definition of a trashy chick lit great beach read type of book I love stories that span decades I get so engrossed when I know what is going to happen to the characters throughout their lives and this book definitely fit the billI've read two of Ruth Harris' books already and I can see a common theme of pop culture references used almost excessively I don't mind it but just something to be aware of When I started reading this book I had no idea that it had originally been written in 1989 My only wish because I did love it and read it every second that I could was that I'd discovered it back in its publication year My 1989 self would have loved it even Kudos Ruth Harris I just love books about strong womenand this is one from 1963 till 1987thru history and liberationgreat read Read 1294 I felt right at home Brought me back to the years of my youth and the struggles of thinking ambitious women A good read especially for those who spent their youth in this era