The Last Romantics

The Last Romantics➿ The Last Romantics Free ➶ Author Ruth Harris – This is an alternate cover edition for B004U36DI THE LAST ROMANTICS is set in the glittering capitals of Paris and New York during the champagne fizzed romantic and roaring 1920'sKim Hendricks is Amer This is an alternate cover edition for BUDI The Last Romantics is set in the glittering capitals of Paris and The Last ePUB ô New York during the champagne fizzed romantic and roaring 'sKim Hendricks is American a legendary war reporter and celebrated novelist a daring big game hunter glamorous and romantic but tragically flawedNicole Redon is French a talented fashion designer whose shocking designs influence women around the world She is beautiful charming lonely hauntedKim confronts a devastating tragedy Nicole guards a desperate secret They meet by chance and pursue their star crossed romance in New York and Paris on safari in Africa in glamorous resorts on the French Riviera and the savage blood drenched front lines of two world wars. I recently read the Ruth Harris book The Last Romantics It is the epic story of a love affair between an up and coming Paris fashion designer Nichole Redon and a novelistreporter from the US McKim Hendricks The story follows Nichole and Kim through life as they meet uite by chance on the street in London just before he is to return to the United States and marry the woman of his father’s expectations It is a once in a lifetime love at first site meeting They are both uite taken with each other Both characters are artistic in their own right and become famous Nichole for her dress designs that take women into a very modern sleek silhouette and Kim for his novels and eventually for his reporting on the war The story follows the ebbs and flows of their love story and the ups and downs of their lives I found the story hard to read at times due to my own personal convictions regarding marriage and affairs I wanted to project those convictions on the main characters and get a feel good happily ever after into the story While there are many happier times in the story Mrs Harris does not leave out the tragedy that so often comes in life and shapes the people her characters are If you love epic romances this is one you will enjoy I received a complimentary copy of this book in return for my review I thought it was okay at first Then I decided it was slow and I didn't like the flow I wanted to Like it but just couldn't I liked this book when I began reading it I love this era however I am doing something I rarely do I am not going to finish this book When I began reading I felt that Kim was a composite of F Scott Fitzgerald and Ernest Hemingway That was OK with me but then the author put him in the same circle with those literary giants I could get into that but when the author had Sally lose Kim's manuscript in almost the same way Hadley lost important drafts of Ernest's see The Paris Wife my interest in the book really started to wane The character I disliked the most was Nicole She is almost a carbon copy of Coco Chanel She has a similar backstory to Coco; she has a similar start in fashion by making a jersey dress for herself that other women wanted her to make for them; she has an affair with a man who's nickname is Boy; she has a signature fragrance Harris seems to have cloned Coco Chanel and given her the name Nicole Done there are other books I'd rather spend my time reading I just wonder if Ruth couldn't find a topic to write about and decided to write about some famous characters ie Coco Chanel and Ernest Hemingway with different names and slightly different themes It doesn't bother me as I enjoyed the book and it was interesting to read what the period was like between the 1st World War and the 2nd World War the depression and how much money there was been thrown around and the way the Rich and Famous lived I also liked the style of writing to the point and no long explanations But I guess its not to everyone's taste The Last Romantics A Paris Love Story Park Avenue Series Book 5The love story of Kim and Nicole Nicole is a Parisian fashion designer and Kim is a American news reporter and author From the roaring 20 ur the begin of World War II Nicole and Kim love each other but never could make it to the alter Ok story Wanted to love this book but really had to force myself through much of it Loved the glimpse into the time periods but felt the pace really dragged at many points An exceptionally well written book This was an enjoyable read The characters are flawed in an endearing and mostly believable manner and Ruth Harris has a captivating writing style that kept me reading even when the story itself may have left me wanting The story includes many 'rubbing of elbows' with real celebrities of the time Fitgerald Hemingway which helps draw the reader further into the artistic and fashionable setting of the era Overall it conveyed a not too serious sense of the hopes fears and fashionable affairs that we have historically romanticized as central to the 20s and 30s in Paris If you are a lover of Gatsby then you may very well enjoy this I liked how the story took you through time with some actual events and people this helped to make it real I loved the twist and turns on Kim and Nicole and it kept you wondering if they would ever actually get married or not I really enjoyed the parts about how Nicole started out as an outcast and then became so important to her country that she was not allowed to leave the country or even close down her business It kind of gives one the inspiration of being able to do whatever you want to do I enjoyed Harris's book Love and Money but I just couldn't summon up a scintilla of interest in this story or the characters in it I abandoned it at the 30% mark The reading just became too tedious to continue The extra star in my rating is because the book is structured securely and the writing style is sound