The Bush Tragedy

The Bush Tragedy[Download] ✤ The Bush Tragedy By Jacob Weisberg – This is the book that cracks the code of the Bush presidency Unstintingly yet compassionately and with no political ax to grind Slate editor in chief Jacob Weisberg methodically and objectively examin This is the book that cracks the code of the Bush presidency Unstintingly yet compassionately and with no political ax to grind Slate editor in chief Jacob Weisberg methodically and objectively examines the family and circle of advisers who played crucial parts in George W Bush’s historic downfallIn this revealing and defining portrait Weisberg uncovers the “black box” from the crash of the Bush presidency Using in depth research revealing analysis and keen psychological acuity Weisberg explores the whole Bush story Distilling all that has been previously written about Bush into a defining portrait The Bush Epub / he illuminates the fateful choices and key decisions that led George W and thereby the country into its current predicament Weisberg gives the tragedy a historical and literary frame comparing Bush not just to previous American leaders but also to Shakespeare’s Prince Hal who rises from ne’er do well youth to become the warrior king Henry VHere is the bitter and fascinating truth of the early years of the Bush dynasty with never before revealed information about the conflict between the two patriarchs on George W’s father’s side of the family–the one an upright pillar of the community the other a rowdy playboy–and how that schism would later shape and twist the younger George Bush; his father a hero of war business and Republican politics whose accomplishments George W would attempt to copy and whose absences he would resent; his mother Barbara who suffered from insecurity depression and deep dissatisfaction with her role as housewife; and his younger brother Jeb seen by his parents as steadier stronger and the son most likely to succeedWeisberg also anatomizes the replacement family Bush surrounded himself with in Washington a group he thought could help him correct the mistakes he felt had destroyed his father’s presidency Karl Rove who led Bush astray by pursuing his own historical ambitions and transforming the president into a deeply polarizing figure; Dick Cheney whose obsessive uest to restore presidential power and protect the country after caused Bush and America to lose the world’s respect; and finally Donald Rumsfeld and Condoleezza Rice who encouraged Bush’s foreign policy illusions and abetted his flight from reality Delving as no other biography has into Bush’s religious beliefs–which are presented as at once opportunistic and sincere– The Bush Tragedy is an essential work that is sure to become a standard reference for any future assessment It is the most balanced and compelling account of a sitting president ever written From the Hardcover edition. Book twenty of my Presidential ChallengeI'm nearing the halfway point of my challenge and some tough decisions have to be made Decision points if you will Do I put off reading about Dubya? I knew if I wasn't careful I'd put this one off until the very end and I was dreading the hell out of that so I bit the bullet and got this one from the libraryMan was I dreading this I'll paraphrase Indiana Jones when I say George W Bush I hate this guy I just wanted him to fade away and paint his weird paintings and be rich and obscure But alas a challenge is a challengeBut I gotta say The Bush Tragedy was a great read It really examined how and why Dubya turned out the way he did I found the relationships between him and his father Karl Rove and Dick Cheney FASCINATING His life really is a tragedy in every sense of the word in that it has been a tragedy for him for the country and for the worldIt's just a job he should have never had That's not a burn most people shouldn't be President It's really hard and usually even if you are good you're surrounded by so many jerks that you can't accomplish much anywayDubya was surrounded by two groups of people Those who didn't believe in him and those who didn't believe in him and manipulated him To be clear no one not even Dubya ever thought he was up to the job and boy howdy was he rightYou can tell the author is an elite east coast liberal because there is a running Shakespearian comparison that runs through the whole book I enjoy that precisely because I know that Cheney and Dubya would hate it while Rove would totally LOVE itCheney in particular scares the crap out of me He was able to masterfully manipulate Dubya with passive aggressive comments referencing President Reagan and knowing Dubya's inferiority complex with his dad Rove seemed pretty tragic to me Unlike Cheney Rove didn't really seem to care about policy The whole Game of Thrones if you will was truly just a game for him and just a means to an end Our team vs their team stuff Simple as that He was a nerd who had a horrible family life growing up and was appropriately super messed up from itDubya saw himself as a combination of Teddy Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan This totally makes sense The problem he only copied them on a superficial level He liked their swagger and their style He just chose to ignore or realistically probably never knew that they both used large government whenever it suited their purposes I mean Teddy busted trusts for Pete's sake Reagan PEACEFULLY got the Berlin Wall to come down Both reached across the aisle Teddy even made his own aisle briefly with the Bull Moose PartyI'm glad I read this book I was expecting a hate fest but it was actually a fairly reasoned accounting of some of the darkest days in out country's history A must read Okay so I said it was time to take a break from books on Ira for my blood pressure's sake But this isn't a book about Ira exclusively; it's about Bushand exploring his personality and how it has driven his presidency including in Ira That might mitigate this as a lapseThere is also something appealling in how Weisberg treats the failures of the Bush presidency which is to say he just accepts in his intro that the presidency is a failure and does not belabor the argument in his text Instead moving from that premise he tries to understand just why and how it became a failure Ironically this left me a little less frustrated than the stuff I've been reading on the administration Weisberg portrays bush unflatteringly but he doesn't demonize him He makes an earnest effort to understand him without pulling punchesI was pleasantly surprised by this book I was a little skeptical of the book's central and not exactly uniue argument that most of Bush's actions and beliefs stem from his relationship with his family and especially his father And the centrality of Shakespeare's Henry plays also made me wary But it works Weisberg's analyses of Bush and the people around are three dimensional well thought out and overall convincing and insightful The chapter on Bush's religion is best neither oversimplifying it nor discrediting its makeup and influence The Bush presidency as viewed through the lens of family psychology or as Harold Blum might put it Freud as viewed by Shakespeare Makes a convincing case that the Bush family history and George W Bush's personal demons explain much about the presidency Moreover Shakespeare's Henry iv parts 1 and 2 and Henry V also throw considerable light on Bush's behavior and psyche Interestingly Bush treated the man who put in the White House Karl Rove like a servant and didn't even invite him to his birthday parties while in the White House So much for Bush's common man facade Just another spoiled undisciplined unreflective little rich boy working out his demons on us all George W Bush presidency was marked by 911 and subseuent invasions of Afghanistan and Ira The last one was worse than a disaster and we will all live with its dire conseuences The book seems very well documented and insists on proving the importance of family genes Oedipus complex money and social status in the making of George W Bush and on demonstrating the vacuity of his persona The arguments are in part repetitive and despite a lot of data the book doesn’t bring new facts or points of view other than psychoanalytical Important periods from his presidency are not dealt with Long chapters on Karl Rowe and Dick Cheney are used only to emphasize he was a straw manIt is of a long argument than an objective analysis of the man and his time A very readable accessible and informative account of the reasons behind the failings of George W Bush's two term presidency Jacob Weisberg situates and explains the struggle and the ultimate failure of 'Dubya's presidency in relation to his complicated family history and in particular to Bush Senior The theory put forward is deceptively simple to follow entertaining and convincing I would be interested to see to what extent other readers who know about Bush and have delved into the subject find the psychoanalytical approach to Bush's character political career and ultimate place in history convincing Marin Popa and Irina Popa anyone? As far as I'm concerned the three books which give you the whole picture on GWB are David Corn's The Lies of George W Bush Hatfield's Fortunate Son and the movie Horns and Halos which is about the poor bastard's tortured biographical efforts and subseuent pillorying upon release It's a sad sad tale well worth the viewing and this oneWeisberg's already a crack political essayist thinker and reporter for the eponymous Slate magazine This book gives a graceful measured even handed and ultimately pretty much completely damning portrait of one of the worst presidents this country has ever had The framing of the bio with Shakespeare's Henriad is an excellent elouent way to illustrate Bush and his relationships with history family and himselfWeisberg doesn't hyperventilate or sermonize he simply sits back and tells the tale full and true and doesn't leave out that he actually enjoys Bush's company personally he was on the campaign plane in 2000 with the rest of the press corps and has a certain measure of pity for the manThe point is if I'm not mistaken or putting too many words in Weisberg's mouth is that GWB has had a lifetime to grapple with his father's shadow and had a burning desire to forge his own identity out from under it He has failed failed miserably the detriment of the country and the rest of the world He's not necessarily an evil person or even a ruthless one he has tried to carve out a legacy for himself which is and was and will probably forever be way too big for his capabilities He's gone way too in over his head since he began his project of self creation and though many of his causes and personal beliefs are genuine and honestly felt he doesn't understand what it takes to live up to them And he's not stupid not at all He's just not and most likely will never be the man he has always dreamed of being I think and I gather that Weisberg thinks that GWB knows this pretty thoroughly either deep down or perhaps uite clearly and thus in my own humble opinion must live with the fate of staring up at the massive obelisk of his own shmuckitude until the day he dies He's not nearly cunning enough or Machiavellian enough to be a Kissinger or even a Rove He's got to realize that he's undergone the supreme test of himself as President son man etc and has been weighed in the balance and come up dreadfully wanting Who among us would be able to deal with this pathetic and embarrassing fact made public and veritably global and sleep well at night?This is of course not to excuse his awful effect on the country it's just to point out what I think often gets missed that not only did he pour a giant bowl of shmuckitude over the entire political and social landscape but he has to know it and swim in it for the rest of his life I wonder what he sees when he looks into Laura's eyes when he settles in to bed at night I wish I didn't have an idea as to the answer And I definitely don't wish that we as a country have had to ride in the wake of his sad hapless incontrovertibly obvious indeed tragic loserdom The author begins his story well before Bush 43’s presidency going back to earlier Bush and Walker generations for traits and characteristics Actually the author seems to go back much earlier than that alluding to parallels between George Bush #43 and Shakespeare’s Prince Hal from Henry IV and Henry V In those plays Prince Hal starts as a wild undisciplined Prince unsuited to kingship and as he evolves to become a mature man declares that his riotous time will come to a close and he will re assume his rightful high place in affairs by showing himself worthy of his father and others through some noble exploits ultimately embarking on an attempted conuest of FranceIn the story line development Weisberg looks at historical family characteristics and how Bush 43 and Bush 41 developed totally different styles Where Bush 41 was deliberate and thoughtful seeking advice and counsel and making deliberate decisions Bush 41 adopted a go with his gut style making uick decisions and never looking back Weisberg also point out how these traits fit well with Dick Cheney’s style making him behind the scenes the most powerful VP in history Generally a very well researched and reported work by a well respected journalist Only uibble is that Weisberg strains a little to hard to cast Bush pere et fils in their own personal Henry IVV cycle and is a little heavy with the pop psychology Bush unprepared for his role as a wartime president falls back on the two things which got him through his bout with the bottle a rather unsophisticated faith and personal force of will Good tools for self help but not diplomacy Into this void step Cheney whose goal is to advance the security state at all costs and Rove who envisions a domestic political scene dominated by Republicans The results are well known and not pretty In one of the most damning scenes at the height of the anthrax scare in fall 2012 Cheney argues against the advice of public health advisers that all Americans must be vaccinated against the fungus knowing full well that hundreds would die because of adverse affects of the vaccine The vaccine is delivered though by that time scare has passed Bush is vaccinated as a show of god faith; Cheney refuses This book is sober and only occasionally vicious Without sarcasm or paranoia it provides a well documented level headed explanation for the major mistakes made by the major players in Bush's administration With regard to the personalities involved the two Bushes' Cheney's and Karl Rove's although it references Freud's book on Woodrow Wilson it does not engage in remote sensory psychoanalysis but draws straightforward reasonable inferences from established universally acknowledged events in the president's personal history The book is short under 300 pages and its focus is perhaps too narrow there is no discussion of Bush's war on environmental science or stem cell research; there is very little on Katrina Valerie Plame torture energy policy gay marriage domestic spying Terry Shiavo illegal immigrants etc But there is a lot on terrorism Ira and Bush's personal religion and character and it all rings true Some good history here and I agree with Weisberg's thesis that George W Bush is driven by the contradictory desires to emulate compete with and distance himself from his father I'm familiar with these feelings and I suspect many other sons of successful fathers are tooBut there is a nasty scornful edge to this book that doesn't sit well with me Weisberg claims objectivity early on but somehow even W's better traits are portrayed in the worst possible light The man has plenty of flaws but I feel like there's some fundamental decency and good intentions that the book overlooksRobert Caro is able to write about Lyndon Johnson with sympathy even though all the evidence indicates that Johnson was a horrible awful person who did some evil and a lot of good Hopefully a similar biographer will find George W in a few decades when tempers have cooled This book is on to some important ideas but it is too much of its times

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