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Exhale and Reboot[EPUB] ✰ Exhale and Reboot Author Joss Landry – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Four years after the loss of her husband to the war in Ira and after the loss of her unborn child Candice Newman allows the sun to dispel Tim's ghost Yet at times when she walks along the beach the oc Four years after the loss of her husband to the war in Ira and after the loss of her unborn child Candice Newman allows the sun to Exhale and MOBI :¿ dispel Tim's ghost Yet at times when she walks along the beach the ocean still echoes of him and of their pleasant memories gone sour Unexplained occurrences have her wonder what sort of message Tim might need to convey Candice desperately needs to ignore the many strange happenings where her dead husband is concerned With her mother's help she sets out to become whole again opting to get a degree in Graphics Design at the nearby Johns Hopkins University First day on Campus Candice meets up with her cousin Lisa Tyler whose visit six months prior was what gave her the push she needed to reboot her life Lisa introduces her to a gang of eight students who hang together and make up an odd but tight knit cliue She also runs into Simon Bennett a handsome professor notorious as the Bluebeard of Homewood Campus He is carrying on an investigation into the disappearance of a young medical student who vanished one cold February evening while running off to the lab in his shirt sleeves The student in uestion happens to be his sister's fiance so Simon will not rest until he finds out what happened to Jeremy When one of the members of the ominous bunch of eight proposes she try a little experiment on Professor Bennett since he has asked her out Candice refuses She finds them immature and so not the reason why she came to Johns Hopkins When she turns down their little game of yes sir no sir even when they promise they could rake in thousands of dollars on the outcome she finds herself on Simon's side of the debate while she slowly becomes entangled in his own game of seek and find Candice gets caught up in Simon's research of the case even police could not resolve Authorities have too many suspects and as they have no body no weapon and Jeremy never turns up they relay the file to Missing Persons Candice soon realizes Simon Bennett is tenacious than any deep and dark mystery and that he will stop at nothing to get to the truth The charismatic man has her mesmerized and as Candice fears losing her heart to another dead possibility she wonders if his uest might put her life in danger Even troubling Candice doubts her hungry heart can survive another letdown As she begins to do some poking of her own she stirs the guilty party in motion and unwittingly sets the stage for murder. 45 starsA lovely balenced mix of romance and mystery with just a hint of paranormal I recommend to readers who enjoy these genresA young widow Candice returns to college There she falls for one of the professors Simon Full of bitterness after a failed marriage Simon has a reputation for casual reationships and fills his own void by investigating the mysterious disappearance from the campus of a student called Jeremy two years ago Candice involves herself in the investigation and without knowing it sparks a dangerous chain of events As Candice digs deeper she comes into contact with one person prepared to kill to prevent the truth being known Although the book started a little slow the intrigue and suspense builds to a thrilling climax and I stayed up late to finish the book desperate to know the identity of the killer Exhale and Reboot by Author Joss LandryThis is the second fictional novel that I have read and reviewed penned by talented Author Joss Landry and it is every bit as good as the first Mirror Deep The protagonist in Exhale and Reboot is Candace NewmanCollier a twenty six year old widow who lost her husband Tim in the Irai war after only one year of marriageAt such loose ends she moves in with her mother before she decides to further her studies at Johns Hopkins University in an effort to get her life back on track Candace soon crosses paths with Professor Simon Bennett who has a notorious reputation with womenor is this merely a façade Before you know it she is entwined in the case of the baffling disappearance of a student that took place two years earlier Jeremy Green was engaged to Simon's sister Shauna and Simon would like to know whether Jeremy left town on his own accord or if the unthinkable happened His every desire is to help give his sister peace of mind and possible closure After the trail appears to go dead Simon decides to pursue the investigation on his own With no explanationno bodyand no apparent assistance from the police who have since dropped this missing person caseSimon is determined to get to the bottom of Jeremy's untimely disappearance He enlists Candace's help in this perplexing whodunit case and discovers that he has unintentionally put her at riskGreat mystery novelwell written and refreshing with several unexpected twists and turns along with a dash of romance to spice up the captivating story line I could hardly put this book down as I couldn't wait to see who had committed the crime Totally unexpected endingjust could not see it coming Good stuffInspirational Author Book Reviewer Dolores AyottehttpwwwNot Perfect Its What a gripping story “Exhale and Reboot” is one of those books that I couldn’t put down once I started reading it It started on a sad note from the first few scenes where we get to know Candice the main protagonist struggling to get her life back on track after the tragic loss of her husband Tim who was killed in action But soon the story transforms into a truly spellbinding thriller as soon as Candice enrolls in college and meets Simon one of the professors who is investigating the death or disappearance of his sister’s fiancé Multiple suspects too many loose ends conspiracy theories and old ugly secrets that are finally brought to light after the two join forces in their investigation made me turn pages faster and faster to learn the truth at lastThe author did an amazing job in switching my attention from one suspect to another throwing different clues here and there and I applaud her ability to keep the mystery all the way to the end Another treat for me personally was also the growing attraction between Candice and Simon and I couldn’t help but root for them to finally come together and heal each other’s wounds An amazing work Highly recommended Exhale and Reboot by Joss Landry is a wonderful novel The protagonist Candice loses the love of he life as he dies for his country in Ira She struggles hard to move on and has even unexplicable visions of him She decides to get a degree at University where she joins a group of friends finds romantic potential in Professor Simon Bennett and gets involved in the investigation of an unsolved student disappearanceWritten with plenty of emotional wisdom and amazing warmth this is a thoughtfyl bittersweet and ultimately inspiring story of a woman overcoming grief and moving on with her life Landry has created some excellent characters and plotlines to give the well conveyed message a good and very interesting background By blending mystery some paranormal elements and character depth the author has put a lot in this novel which I devoured in almost one sitting It is very easy and compelling to read with plenty of suspense and other interest This is very enjoyable There isn’t a place in the world I wouldn’t allow Joss Landry to take me Each and every one of her books is an experience into the unknown with twists turns and details that leave you playing detective long after the pages are hidden and the book is closed Exhale and Reboot is no different Joss pushes the envelope and her characters with deep emotion powerful decisions and mysterious scenarios Candice Newman is trying to put the pieces of her life back together Simon Bennett doesn’t play those games or any other He’s sure of himself; a man confident in his work social life and in control of his love life There is nothing stopping either one from living their lives except for the truth Candice a young woman tragically widowed when her husband was killed in Ira decides to restart her life by completing her education She reaches this decision after several chapters that bombard the reader with characters only one of whom Lisa needs such a well grounded introduction When Candice arrives at university she has been given the wrong room number in the campus residence This immediately brings her into contact with Professor Simon Bennett whom she would have met at lectures anyway so a coincidence could have been avoided Candice finds Simon extremely attractive and this is mutual a superb opportunity to introduce sexual tension is wasted to a degree; Candice analyses every thought process at length Simon wants to find out why a promising young medical student went missing a mystery in which the police have lost interest Candice helps him and her feelings for the man who caused this event cleverly parallel her own for her dead husband The pace gradually improves but the author has a distracting habit of slipping out of one person’s head into another when the whole novel could so easily have remained Candice’s story A proficient editor could reduce the length of this book by at least a uarter and give an outstanding distinctive basic plot the chance to shine

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  • 17 August 2016
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