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Under My Skin[Download] ➹ Under My Skin ➾ Shawntelle Madison – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Everyone wants to either be a member of the Guild or work for them Little does the populace know that the Guild hides sinister secretsFor Tate Sullivan life in her small coastal town is far from glamo Everyone wants to either be a member of the Guild or work for them Little does the populace know that the Guild hides sinister secretsFor Tate Sullivan life in her small coastal town is far from glamorous The affluent lives of the Guild members and their servants isn't something she has ever wanted But all sixteen year olds must take a simple test and Tate's result thrusts her into the Guild's world one where they hide horrible plans for those they Under My Kindle - select Tate must fight the relentless General Dagon for control of her mind body and soul to keep the one precious thing she has always taken for granted herselfHer only ally is the same handsome boy she is pitted against in General Dagon’s deadly game uinn desires nothing than to end the life of General Dagon who has taken over Tate's mind While romance blooms between Tate and uinn General Dagon plots to eventually take over Tate's body and love might end before it even begins. Rather impressive Dystopias tend to feel hit or miss for me so I wasn’t sure if the story would live up to its cover But it does When you start reading this it’s like there’s an atomic bomb that’s been unleashed because you will not be able to not pay attention to everything happening It’s crazy obsessive I just couldn’t stop readingExcept it’s not what I liked most about this story What was so well done was the ambience that was both moderately dark and mysterious with a touch of suspense and giving a feeling of reality to the story Tate is one marvellous heroine She’s exceptional by the way she thinks her assurance and how greatly she wants to survive and make a change Help people However I was never one hundred percent sure why she veritably passed the test which of what I recall lasted something close to one minute What did she do? What was with the ‘touch?’ Those are uestions I asked myself throughout the reading and if some little information was given on those points here and there it wasn’t enough to convince me So I hope there will be being said about it in the seuelThis is undoubtedly very different from the dystopias I have read before There may be a war setting in here too – this is common to every dystopian book as I realized – but everything else is distinctive from the others The main subject is uniue and introduces another problem the society might have the characters are in struggle from the beginning and there’s actually a lot that is being done in this first book which makes it satisfying by the end Plus it is the first time that I read about such an internal fight that multiple characters have Which was both riveting and terrifying – but in a somewhat intriguing wayIt’s a good thing that the romance is in the second – and even third – plan because it truly wasn’t something I wanted to read as principal subject in this book or especially let it dictate the protagonist’s choices It is rather implicit by moments and undeclared for the most part but the slow burn worked well I could easily see the couple survive and have an HEAwhich I hope they will indeed get no matter how things turn outAnother very significant theme is friendship since Zoe Tate’s cousin is dear to her and she wants to protect her friend with all her strength Zoe has also been admitted to the Guild again no idea why and for both girls to survive in this ‘war’ – internal one mostly – it will take power of will and motivation and for their believes to not falter The writing style was far better than I was apprehending having read some of my friends' reviews It worked for me really well It wasn’t too heavy or including so much stuff that everything would have been hard to follow Not at all The story was clear – except for some uestions I had on the test – and it’s genuinely easy to embark into the storyWithout a doubt recommended for fans of simple yet complex plots and settings dystopias with a darker atmosphere and subject psychological aspects and love friendship and family as values for a main character This book just was not for me I couldn't get on the kool aid train Under Tate's skin and in her mind was a very boring place for me The inner dialogue just never clicked into place So many uestions that I had just didn't get answered fast enough I HAS no patience I want all the answersThis book didn't need any stinking romance Why throw in romance to every young adult book? Why are the resistance dumb as a bag of rocks? Why am I so nosey? It is a good premise for a book and this author doesn't write badly I just didn't connect with the main character I may just be a bitch I'm giving it 2 stars because the writing didn't suck and that cover is awesome I really enjoyed this book and it is available today45 Get Out of My Head StarsIf you are like me you have started some # of dystopias excitedly thinking that they will be about a post apocalyptic future filled with a great story and world building only to find out that it is a love triangle thinly veiled in an underdeveloped world OR it is basically a romance filled with insta love and inner dialogue about the ever changing color and dilation level of the love interests eyes OR it is about some special snowflake girlboy who learns they have enormous power and then easily defeats there nemesis after some inner turmoil of accepting their power For all of you readers who have suffered through those dystopias like me I want to you meet TATETate doesn’t have a superpower she isn’t really special in any usual uantifiable way she isn’t the most beautiful girl in the land she actually has a scar on her lip and she doesn’t have a tragic past She has grown up poor but utterly loved by her family In fact most of her thoughts about the future before being chosen by the guild are of what profession she can chose to be able to help her family financially The only thing we find that is truly special about Tate is her will to fight to surviveTate has been chosen by the guild to become a Water Bearer a position so shrouded in mystery that no one outside the guild seems to know exactly what that entails Tate finds out the hard way when she starts hearing a voice in her head and knows the smile she just saw in the mirror is not her own She must fight with someone else for control of her body and no one has won that battle before To me war used to be merely words in books I read about fighting and death but I had no context Living with General Dagon in my head had taught me that war wasn’t powerful words used to convey conflict but it was something else far frightening far deadly I was an unwilling passenger with the General to the battlefield Tate fights with him every day just to stay conscious and have any control of her own body They are so different and he has conuered many hosts over the years The General might have the advantage in this fight Him being in her head is degrading and his favorite game is to lull her into thinking she is safe only to show up again when she least expects it I clasped my left hand over my mouth The sensation was nauseating The way he used me was such a violation of my free will that I couldn’t stomach the idea of letting him speak again What I really liked about this bookTate is never over the top She is a normal teenage girl caught in a horrible situation She is a little shy and unsure of herself but she is also strong Not in a physical sense but in resolve and character she never gets super human strength or can take over the general’s experiences to be effective in combat or anything like that The only thing that she can rely on to save her from the General is her will and her brain Thank you You do not need to have a superpower to be important in a storyTate grew up loved so she values family and people over things She is devoted to those she loves and will do whatever is necessary to protect her family even if it costs her I love that the Shawntelle Madison used a real book The Art of War to help teach Tate tactics and help her to find ways to combat the General Madison changed the title and a few of the words to fit better into her story but the ideas were the same Know thyself and thy enemy If you do you should not fear any battle you encounter with them If you only know yourself for every battle you have won you have also lost If you do not know yourself or your foe you will suffer defeat every single time There is a smidgen of romance but just a smidgen enough to keep the hopeless romantic in me at bay There are no declarations of undying love or I saw him across the room and my knees buckled nothing too cheesy There are two people working toward a common goal and they happen to have a few feelings for each other over time It was simple sweet and just enough to help Tate by knowing she wasn’t alone there are people who wanted to help herI enjoyed the premise of the story One of my biggest fears is that my mind will go and I won’t have control of my body It would be so much worse to be a passenger along for the ride while someone makes decisions for me that I would never agree to Worse still is blacking out and waking up not knowing what my body did while I wasn’t there It built up a delicious tension that made my stomach knotThe technology behind how they prepared the water bearers for the transfer of consciousness and how that came about took something very real in nature and tweaked it a bit It was an interesting foundation that I hope the author builds on in following books She gave just enough information to peak my interest and not so much information that I got bored with it or tried to pick the science apartFor me this was a great beginning to a series There is an introduction to the world with a bit of backstory and you are shown what life is like currently The problems with the current society are slowly introduced and there was no info dumping Right now there is a really good foundation to build the rest of the series on and I’m excited to see what will happen nextA few of my fearsThere were some things that are touched on in the book but left a little vague This is the first book though so I hope in next books these are fleshed out a little I have a lovehate thing happening with dystopias currently in that sometimes they start out really strong and then by the third book they crash and burn So that is always my fear with any new dystopian I read since there have only been a few that I have ♥♥♥ed until the very end BUT this isn’t Shawntelle Madison’s first rodeo She has completed a trilogy before so I’m really hopeful that like Neal Shusterman’s Unwind series she can complete a really strong story all the way throughOverallI found this an easy story to fall into with good pacing and interesting characters Tate is my Girl and I will gladly be following her on the rest of the journey Thank you to Crushstar Multimedia LLC via Netgalley for the arc 25 starsI wanted to love this one but I just couldn't get into itThe gist of the story is that in this dystopian world a group of people referred to as the Guild basically run everythingWater Bearers are people who are 'chosen' as their servants through a draft like screening process If you get chosen your family gets taken care of and you supposedly live a relatively luxurious life Conspiracy ConspiracyYes yesof course there isWithout spoiling too much whether or not you like this story is going to come down to whether or not you like Tate and her inner monologueI didn't I found her dull uninteresting and somewhat annoyingThere's a romance between her and the General's Blade Dude but there was seemingly no reason behind their feelings toward each other Or at least none that I could seeThey are both in a situation that they don't likeAnd they are both THERE together Ta Da Eh I just wasn't feeling itI also found the rebels to be a bit idioticview spoilerWhy why why the hell would they EVER let Tate into their secret hidey holebase of operations? She has their sworn enemy riding shotgun in her headThe explaination is that 'Tate knows when the General is awake' and can warn them before he shows up Oh come on Do you seriously expect me to believe that adults who have been fighting the Guild for years are going to trust their lives and all the other rebels' lives on whether or not a teenager has mental control of an centuries old evil mastermind? Did none of them think the General could possibly trick Tate?That's what he's KNOWN forGeneralTricky BastardI also failed to see why they had to meet at the Secret BaseWhy couldn't they have had these 'meetings' with her in a random hotel room somewhere?bangs head on desk hide spoiler 12914 Now Available This review can also be found at Carole's Random Life I received an advance reader edition of this book from the author via Net Galley for the purpose of providing an honest review45 StarsI picked this book up and was immediately hooked It is a very good thing that I did not have any plans on the day I started this book because this was the kind of book that is almost impossible to put down This book first came to my attention on Goodreads where I noticed it was getting great reviews so I immediately reuested a copy from Net Galley I avoided reading any reviews that gave away any part of the plot and I am so glad that I did because this book really surprised me with the direction it took I loved the characters Tate Sullivan is a tough 16 year old girl She is in no way helpless and is willing to fight when necessary She has not lead a life of privilege prior to being thrust into the world of the Guild Where other girls would be dazzled by fancy dresses and servants Tate misses her family and her previous life Her cousin Zoe whose life has taken an almost identical path as Tate's is eually tough while other girls like Eva are eager to enter the world of the GuildI was so happy to read a Young Adult novel that did not have a major focus on romance There is just a bit of romance in this book I really wish that the romance was not a part of this story I actually think that it took a bit away from the main plot I honestly do not believe that Tate would have been worried about any romantic feelings in the situation she is in just my opinion The bit of romance is really what stopped this book from being a 5 star read for me but it is really so minor in the total story that I think most readers will not be bothered by it at allI recommend this book to everybody I suspect that this story can easily be the next big thing I was only halfway through this book when I told my 14 year old that she needed to read this one I really think that this book is one that can appeal to a very wide audience This is the first book by Shawntelle Madison that I have had a chance to read I can't wait to read the next installment in this series Close but no cigar In the sea of young adult dystopian books out there I think this one really stands out The concept is truly fabulous and wholly original I've not read anything like it in this genre Though it isn't hard to suss out what is going to happen after the first few chapters and the blurb gives it all away I think it is exciting if the details of the plot are left to a surprise For the first 30% of the book I was fully engaged Honestly it is creepy as hell and I was good freaked out I was preparing for this to be a 4 or 5 star read then things started going a little wonky First of all I'm just going to throw this out there Not all books are made to be a romance I HATED the romantic aspect of this story What a contrived circumstantial paring Tate and uinn were Just strange I would have much rather this book have no romance at all or have the romance come in book 2 The covert kissing and holding hands when these two have nothing in common and don't talk at all was just ridiculous to me I also thought that resistance was dumb as rocks Seriously rocks Why on earth would you tell Tate anything when you know that Dagon could be listening at any time He had moments when he was paying attention and Tate didn't realize why not when she was with the resistance or when she was talking to her servant girls? My biggest issue with the book was how underdeveloped the world building was What happens to the people who don't get bid on? Do they get killed? Become other servants? Why would the Guild like stronger people? Doesn't that seem risky? Because we know things can go haywire because of uinn's story And that side plot with uinn's brother? Weird It all just became the same tired YA dystopian stuff that I've read before What was a really interesting and uniue concept was totally wasted I wanted danger creepiness conseuences difficulty and LESS ROMANCE and I never thought I'd be saying that Maybe I'll have better luck with my next one in this genre Copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review But sometimes it's the most unexpected plans that lead to the most fascinating places Well you can say that againIt's taken me a few days to review this and I wish I could say it's because I've been so darn busy but the truth is I was am torn on how I feel about this It's not the best written book out there and the MC isn't a kick ass heroine that will bust kneecaps the way a normal girl would eat chocolate ravenously but the actual plot is amazing and uniue Fewer and fewer are born to be a Water Bearer she saidI don't think I am one I tried to pull my hand away I'd make a poor servantHer lips which had formed a straight line now offered a chilling smile My dear you are a prize I hope you're not snatched away before I have a chance to bid on youBid on me? My swallow got stuck in my throat I fought to take in a breath as my chest constricted What are you saying?Congratulations are in order Tate You've passed the test Welcome to the Guild a circle of rich noble people who every year like to hold an auction and buy servants or Water Bearers If they pass the test these people will never see their families again and instead go live a life of servitude in the city Everyone other than Zoe and I picked up their suitcases Will we get a chance to say goodbye to our families? I finally askedDidn't you read the packet? Astrid continued to usher us out of the room I was the last to leave so I followed Zoe You're Aspirants of the Water Bearers You won't ever see your family again No one is allowed to pollute you Tate passes the test and is auctioned off to the General an old horrible man What she doesn't know yet is that she will never be your run of the mill servant My trembling fingers searched every contour of my face Touched my lips Pressed into dry cheeks Nothing had changed Yet my life had taken an unexpected turnI'd been bought and sold and now I knew the horrific truth General Dagon wasn't deadHe lived inside of me Yep Basically the new 'servants' are actually new hosts where the rich and the noble can transfer their souls into and live foreverMy problem? For about 50% I was bored Living inside Tate's head was a chore I have no idea how the General pulled it off and her internal monologues grated on me Every time I tried to come up with reasons for her I kept thinking But still and it sucks so hard when you find yourself bored enough to start cleaningCleaning I never clean unless I absolutely have to It's cool I live at home so it's not like I live in a barn or anything And when it finally did pick up? I'd lost interest which is an even bigger shame However I really really loved the idea of this book and I look forward to the next one coming out so we can finally get some answers but Tate killed it for me There was so much she could've done and said rather than sleep and eat and it took her nearly half the book to finally come up with an idea worth reading about Ick3 stars Actual Rating 355 stars And I'm rounding it up because of this book's ORIGINALITYWOW This one was freaking amazing I wasn't really into this at the first 25% of the book but afterwardsjust OMG The blurb made this book sounds mostly about a romance but NO The plot is fantastic Holy craaap My heart is beating so fast I really liked itI will not go into the plot because I might spoil it for you guys but the plot was the sure WINNER hereThe characters Tate She's a determined girl I'll give her that She wouldn't go down without a fight I giggle when she's acting like the general I mean it's funny Her inner dialogue rocks sometimes uinn Or shall we say 'Master of Blades' is 'meh' for me Or maybe it's just because this book didn't really work because of the romance aspect but because of the plot's brilliance? Basically he's a knight in shining armor just not shiny enough I guess XD I wish we could see him on the next book General HOLY SHIZZZ Seriously I myself was freaking scared of him I love a well built villain I mean who doesn't? I was like 'No NOOO NOOO' when he's coming back I'm so weird Anyway there's goosebumps whenever he's making his presence knownThis book deserves 5 stars if only for the creativity and storytelling skill of this author The added romance kind of ruined that though The heroine received a few eye rolls from me at some parts of the story I'm not the biggest fan of their her relationship with uinnDefinitely recommended Just don't go into this book if you're particularly looking to read a romance ARC provided by publisher via NetGalley in exchanged of an honest review 45 Stars Thank you to NetGalley for the opportunity to read and review this bookBid on me? My swallow got stuck in my throat I fought to take in a breath as my chest constricted “What are you saying?”“Congratulations are in order Tate You’ve passed the test” The skinnyThe day of the test is upon her Tate a 16 year old girl will either pass or fail If she fails this test she will return to her family and live out her life if she passes she will be taken from her family to begin her service as a water bearer No one knows exactly what a water bearer is but Tate knows that it involves some sort of service What no one realizes is that being a water bearer will reuire service but in the most horrific way imaginableThe reviewI didn’t think I would like this at first In fact within the first few pages I thought my eyeballs were going to roll out of my head Why? The clichés Clichés in the first 5% A bunch of 16 year olds need to take a test The test could be potentially life changing Something “surprising’ happens when the main character takes the test If the main character does pass the test she will be taken away from her family never to see them again These reasons ^ did not bode well for the rest of the book YET very uickly I came to the realization that there was much to the story than I first thought My uestions started to pile up why is everyone touching the main character’s hand? What is the purpose of the red credit cards? I could not guess the answer to these uestions and when they were revealed I was left feeling some pretty intense emotions The seemingly tame story I had been anticipating was consumed by something far demented and disturbingLikesTateTate is the main character of the story and she really kicks ass At certain points in the story I was expecting her to be overcome by the absolute shit she was fighting against “All I wanted to do was shrink to the size of a dandelion seed and float away with the wind”Although it would have been so easy and was for many of the other 16 year olds facing the same situation Tate refused to back down Even when there was only a shred of hope Tate kept fighting and plotting I’m going to be honest; if I were in her situation I don’t know if I would have been able to handle it Master Dagon AKA The GeneralMaster Dagon was such an amazing villain He was a total bastard with a capital B I can’t really go into too much detail because I will give away important parts of the plot but just know he is a creepy disgusting demented ahole of an OLD FART As a villain he had absolutely no redeeming ualities More than once I wanted to jump into the book and strangle him The dementedness of the plotThis book really got to me I mean really I started to uestion whether something like this could happen in the future of our world I started to think about how twisted people can be including how damn greedy people can be The feelings that I experienced reminded me of those that I had while reading Unwind Twisted I tell you twistedDislikesI only had one major complaint besides the clichés at the beginning I felt as if the “romance” in this book was extremely strange Without giving too many details away I don’t know how a relationship was able to form considering what Tate was going through view spoiler how was uinn able to fall in love with her if she wasn’t even her half of the time?? hide spoiler 25 DYSTOPIAN STARSDespite the lower rating I wouldn't say this was a bad book not at all actually I loved the imagination the author clearly has The whole thing with the dystopian world the Guild the Water Bearers it was greatHowever did I mention before that I absolutely hate unnecessary romance in a book? This was a prime exampleI thoroughly enjoyed the book until Tate fell for uinn that is I mean she wasn't even herself half of the time how the hell could they be in love?? They didn't even talk much They were just both in a crappy situation together and decided this must be love Received a free copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for my honest review