Enchanted Incognito

Enchanted Incognito[Ebook] ➥ Enchanted Incognito Author W.I. Zard – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Have you ever felt so completely lost and out of place you wondered if your life was really even yours Well I have I’ve lived most of my life feeling as though I were trapped in someone else’s so Have you ever felt so completely lost and out of place you wondered if your life was really even yours Well I have I’ve lived most of my life feeling as though I were trapped in someone else’s so when I found out that I was born a witch it all started to fall into place That is until I met the tall dark and mysterious Elliot and realized that dating in the mortal world has got nothing on the complication desire and mistrust that surrounds romance in the magical world It doesn’t help that our families are mortal enemies either Did Romeo and Juliet have to suffer plagued curses and time travel in their struggle I think not As tragic as their tale was they were fully responsible for their fate but not Athiya and Elliot No our story was completely out of our control. If you're a fan of Harry Potterthen this book is for youNow to what I did like This book was really well written; the characters are distinctive the plot twists uickly the pace is fast the challenges have you holding your breath I’d find my heart thumping half way down a page and my eyes instinctively reading paragraphs ahead of where I actually was The author handled everything really wellPlusthe coverIt is such a beautiful cover The female protagonist annoyed me many a timesShe was such a good girlFor onceshe had to defy all the rulesI was likeGirlthe boy of your dreams is standing in front of you and he likes youWhy would you be so mean?Finallyshe caved inI was really very happy for themI had to read this in one sitting because the story gripped me from the startI also found this book comfortingIt may sound weird but reallyi felt comfortableI got a feeling that there would be a happy endingIf I had to describe this in one word it would be magicalIn search for a magicalmysterious book with a tinge of romance in it? Enchanted Incognito is the very book for you MUST MUST MUST read latest in its genre of fantasy fiction with romance comedy and thrills I absolutely loved Enchanted Incognito I didn't want it to end each page is gripping and leaves you curious and dying for The characters are alive in my head so real and I hope there will be to come about each of them The author is my favourite and what an amazing debut Must read It is thrilling romantic and funny Completely beyond my wildest dreamsPurchase at Enchanted Incognito will keep you hooked till the very last page and you may end up becoming a fan of the Enchanted Series Drishti Nanwani has the capability of becoming next J K Rowling or we can say the Indian J K Rowling The cover of the book is amazing and beautiful The story begins with a girl who is going to experience a major change in her life She is a witch and is now ready to join the Witch SchoolEnchanted Incognito is full of mysteries magic love murder and you are definitely going to love this experience Drishti has connected each and every single clue from the very beginning which will interest you the most Her way of writing is really impressive and she can do wonders in future There was not a single weak point the story but it could have been interesting and mysterious if there were twists and turns Talking about twists and turns I was amazed by the end of the story it was something least expected Overall I loved the book and would love to read the entire Enchanted Series Waiting for the next book Not finished yet but my sister rocks WIZard is the best sister ever I rate it 5 stars becausen I already love it❤️

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  • Paperback
  • 260 pages
  • Enchanted Incognito
  • W.I. Zard
  • English
  • 15 January 2016
  • 9781312449510