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Tides of Honour[PDF / Epub] ⚣ Tides of Honour ✈ Genevieve Graham – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk A novel of love loss and honour amidst the horrors of war and its aftermathIt’s 1916 and the last thing Nova Scotian soldier Danny Baker expects to find in war torn France is the love of his life Au A novel of love loss and honour amidst the horrors of war and its aftermathIt’s and the last thing Nova Scotian soldier Danny Baker expects to find in war torn France is the love of his life Audrey Poulin is alone in the world and struggling to survive the war in the French countryside When Audrey and Danny meet and fall in love it seems like the best version of fateBut love is only the beginning as Danny loses a leg in the Battle of the Tides of PDF or Somme and returns home to Halifax with Audrey only to discover that he’s unable to leave the war behind Danny and Audrey struggle with their new life together and must face not only their own internal demons but a catastrophe that will soon rip apart everything they think they know about themselves and each otherGenevieve Graham author of Under the Same Sky and Sound of the Heart brings her passion for weaving history and fiction together in a seamless tale that will capture and enthrall the reader. A broken down wagon war weary soldiers and romance set in the back drop of war in 1916 Daniel and Audrey connect instantly and communicate with one another through letters while he is off fighting in the war in France They fall in love and he asks her to marry him The two are hopeful until Daniel's injured and loses his leg He doesn't think Audrey will want him any but she assures him that she loves him no matter what Audrey's a brave young woman naïve but refreshing She moves overseas to marry a man she hardly knows other than through letters You always make the pretty things uglyIt's all fine in the beginning while they live with his parents but things begin turn when they move to Halifax for Daniel to find work He's withdrawn and becomes bitter because he feels he should be able to provide for Audrey as a man She's determined not to give up on him He resents her in a way because she's able to make money with her artwork and it eventually comes to a head in an argument that will change them both forever How would he survive without the hope of her love flickering at the end of his tunnelIt's sad that it took something explosive for Daniel to come out of himself and realize what he's done He was mean self absorbed and jealous of Audrey's success but he is on point about a particular patron of hers He's having regrets because he's afraid that moment will be the last one she will remember of him Audrey is kind but she is gullible She sees the good in people and that's wonderful but some people will take advantage of that I had to remind myself that she was only 20 years old and though that doesn't excuse some things that happened to her and that she allowed to happen because she saw the red flags but mistook them for kindness Pierre is a cold calculating character that has had his eyes on Audrey from the beginning he sees her as something to be possessed and she just doesn't see it Overall this story broke my heart mending it and made me feel so much for these two characters I wish some things didn't happen the way they did but the world that Graham has built was so visually crafted it was like I could touch each moment It gives a very detailed perspective on the aftermath of the war This is a captivating historical romance set with the backdrop of war and told from the alternation viewpoints of Audrey and Daniel It's about loss love and hope but also it's about peace and redemption I think anyone that likes romance with a historical aspect will enjoy this book Narration Fajer Al Kaisi does a great job of bringing Danny and Audrey to life He pulled me into this world the moment he began to speak His voice came through clear and clean with no distractions He was able to give varied distinctions between the characters I would listen to him narrate other books as well Original post on my blog If you have never read a Genevieve Graham book what's wrong with you? Seriously this author knows how to take her readers back into the past and it's a real gift As a person who bursts with pride at hailing from the Maritimes I am very glad that Graham chose to a speak about the life of a soldier in World War One a war that our country is slowly beginning to ignore and b the devastating disaster of the Halifax explosion Graham packs an emotional punch right from the beginning with an injured Danny Baker returning to his parents in Nova Scotia I swear after the first four chapters I had to stop and grab a Kleenex Danny is forced to re adjust to civilian life although the horrors of what Danny saw in the war still haunt his dreams I felt that Graham really paid careful to attention to the struggles soldiers had with what we now know as PTSD and also how alcoholism became a real coping mechanism In Audrey Poulin our female protagonist we see a young woman that was orphaned at a young age that grew up with grandparents that at times did not make her feel loved Her brief encounter with Danny during his time in France and the letters they share are a testament to the love that they feel for each other Graham also exposes us to the social issues of women desiring the vote and we see that Audrey is a product of that change Something which will be a struggle for the traditional Danny Travelling from England to start a new life with her Canadian husband Audrey is a representative of the legacy of how the war brides changed and shaped our early 20th century society The young couple is happy at first but they begin to have their share of struggles and this was a difficult section to read I did start to feel frustrated with both characters but most especially with Audrey Usually I love both the male and female protagonists in Genevieve Graham's stories but I must confess that Audrey proved someone that I couldn't seem to connect to I'm not uite certain that I like how easily Danny forgave her for some things that occurred later in the book I'm uite certain that there will continue to be up and down struggles in the years to come I feel that the attention to the Halifax Explosion was beautifully researched and really captures the fear and the panic that enveloped the city in the days and months following the disaster The beginning of the union movement was also an interesting twist which I would have liked to have a little bit in the author's note regarding the history behind it all Of course this is a personal preference and I understand that authors do tend to be told how long their notes should be Let's just chalk it down to I'm always thirsty for history I'm looking forward to where this author will take us next Don't forget to check out her other books as well Sound of the Heart Somewhere to Dream and Under the Same Sky They're different than this book but are real treats to delve into I received an ARC of this book through the GoodReads First Reads programI am so very torn about this book First off I have to say that I'm a sucker for anything involving Canada and The First World War That is one of my favourite areas of history to study and so I was super excited to read this novel And there were a lot of things I liked about it War bride? Yes super interesting A soldier that lost not only good friends but his leg on the battlefield and now has to adjust to a completely different life at home than he thought he'd have? YES This changed man and his new wife having to negotiate all of this together only to be faced with another disaster in the form of the Halifax Explosion? GOOD LORD YES All supremely interesting and for the most part it is handled well and uite realistically Awesome It was also obvious that the authour did a good amount of research for this novel and that's a good thing There was a point towards the middle where I started to worry that this was heading in the kind of direction endemic to the Canadian literature one studies in high school namely everything goes to crap and no one ends up happy but it went elsewhere which is another Very Good Thing I was zooming through this book and when I did manage to put it down to get something done I still found myself thinking about the book while doing other things A great sign ButThere's a tendency throughout this book to tell rather than show that is unfortunate but ultimately that didn't bother me all that much However I was aware that it took away some impact on occasion There were scenes that suddenly cropped up only as descriptions after the fact scenes that would have done for the plot and characters if they actually played out on the page rather than just the characters separately musing on them later I definitely think it would have been great to get sections from Audrey's POV especially post explosion Because it's pretty obvious simply due to the genre and the amount of space left in the book at that pointa little less than half I am considering it NOT a spoiler to say that Audrey survives and using only Danny's POV for some time post explosion results less in an is she really dead? tension than an impatience to see what she's doing In my opinion the tension of each character believing the other to be dead could have been just as effective if not so if we saw their experiences concurrently Instead we get Audrey's experience through an infodump of a flashback that has much less of an impact than it could If we were watching both storylines in alternating chapters say I think it would have been much intense for the reader in an oh no everything is going wrong and when will they find outwill they find out before it's too late? wayHowever those were all things that I could push by in favour to a good plot Unfortunately the plot that I was so enjoying fell apart completely for me in the final fifth of the book To go into the reasons for this I really do have to go into spoilers so I'll put them behind a tag view spoilerThe fact that Audrey somehow never gave her name to the people at the hospital before leaving with Antoine or that she never checked the lists for Danny's name herself is pushing it a bit but I can handle that as part of my suspension of disbelief However the idea that Audrey in just the month or two that she's with Antoine becomes pregnant is just too much It starts to push things into blatantly manufactured drama territory and this book really didn't need that there was plenty of natural drama already And then it turns out Antoine is some kind of money grabbing thug leading mastermind type guy in control of pretty much everything our characters are involved in? That pushes things past suspension of disbelief and into completely ridiculous I would have been fine with Audrey and Danny having to deal with the fact that she's been with another man and still dealing with the fallout from Danny's violence toward her pre explosion That would have naturally been tense and was than enough for them to have to work through in the few pages left of the book All this other stuff is too much especially in addition to the union stuff bubbling along in the background co Danny's friend and roommate Mick Not to mention the fact that the writing suddenly gets rather sloppy Danny and Audrey reunite Danny assures her that he can handle the idea of her pregnancy and then the very next scene implied to be maybe half an hour later Danny suddenly 180s starts making snide remarks and accusations about everything he just told her he forgave her forcould deal with and in front of Mick too? What? And Audrey who had always maintained that her mother didn't trade sexual favours for anything suddenly goes off on an internal rant about how her mother was a whore and that an STI killed her? That's not unbelievable but the fact that it was suddenly thrown in here after Audrey hasn't even thought about her mother's life for probably two thirds of the book is really jarring And then the book ends with Danny or less arranging for Antoine to be beaten severely? And whisking himself and Audrey and their newly adopted children away for an abrupt happily ever after? hide spoiler 45 stars Oh how I love war time romances but I especially enjoy them when they are differentThis book is set in Canada during the Great War which is what immediately drew me inI haven’t read any books on the Great War set anywhere other than England or France so this book totally grabbed my attentionThis book had everything that I look for in a swoon worthy war romancea dashing hero believable romance overcome able tragedycharacter depth and a strong historical background The first thing that I loved about this book was the historical structure set up by the authorIn general I would think that most readers have a basic knowledge of the Great War but this book goes into great historic detailnot overwhelming or boring details but necessary relevant details that contribute to the over all story I didn’t really know how Canada fit into the Great War so I personally found the historic detail welcomeThe next thing that I appreciated about this book was two memorable and classic characters Danny and Audrey had chemistry on each and every page I found each of them to be intriguing and relate able individually but when you bring them both together their chemistry both as romantic interests and individual characters is classic and captivatingI especially loved how Graham portrayed Danny’s inner turmoil after the war He clearly struggled with post war life and I could feel that conflict within his character very well I loved Danny it was easy to see what Audrey saw in him and their romance was one that I will continue to think about even after reading the bookThe issues they faced as a couple were spot on Though there were times when I was like how are they going to make it thru this there was never a time where I never felt like the odds were entirely against them Each conflict or ‘problem’ was solvable as long as the characters choose to work at it so for me their ‘overcome able tragedy’ was realistic and they handled it the best that they could I loved that about this bookThe only thing that I had hoped the book would have explored slightly were some of the movements like the labor movement In the book the labor movement was an important part of post war society and impacted their story however it wasn’t addressed in the way I thought it deservedI would have liked to know a little about that historic background especially since the author did a great job of adding historical reference to the Great War and so many other aspects of the novelfor me this part was lacking Though in the grand scheme of things it was a minor criticismThis was a fantastic readheart wrenching emotional but also beautiful and entertaining This is why I love war time romancesthis book packed a lot of punch for meThere were a few minor things such as some about the labor movement but on the whole I thought this was an outstanding choice especially for summer reading I would highly recommend this book to war romance fans as well as historical fiction fans a like Well doneSee my full review here I think I would have prefered on Danny's time in France while he was still fighting and less marital drama but it was a good story I enjoyed it Breathtaking and Powerful with strong emotions 6 starsAuthor Genevieve Graham has done it again with her new novel Tides of Honour It’s emotional intense and insightful Ms Graham is truly a talented storyteller and descriptive writer I could almost see the people and Halifax and its surroundings Her research was well documented the story very well written and nicely blended with her rich characters This is a story of trust love loss hope and honour On October 1916 Danny Baker a Nova Scotian came back from the war as a wounded soldier physically and suffering from post traumatic stress disorder He feels like a stranger coming back to his family to his home town of Halifax What will be the reaction of his family and his friends with they see him again? The only comfort he could hold on to was the memory of Audrey Poulin a young woman he met in France while on the war front They had kept contact by writing each other and his only wish was to bring her to Canada and marry her Meanwhile Audrey is living in France with her grandmother who despises her because she has the soul of an artist who loves to paint portraits Her only hope is to come and join Danny one day Both their journeys in their own countries will be filled with joy sadness and hope In 1917 Audrey meets again her man Danny and marry but several events will shake the foundations of their marriage Will they ever be happy? Will trust be an important key in their lives? Will they get a second chance? Set against Halifax's most devastating moment of the First World War Danny and Audrey will make you cry and hope for a better future for them Tides of Honour will fascinate you because it is a very touching love story you will never forget Thank you Ms Graham for Tides of Honour a novel filled with passion I highly recommend this book to all historical lovers From the fields of France to the shores of Nova Scotia Graham captured the period and delivered a tale that will stay with you long after the audio ends In Tides of Honour she shares the story of  Nova Scotian soldier Danny Baker as he traipses through France in the summer of 1916 and meets a young woman named Audrey Poulin His troop holds up for the night in the barn of her grandmother's farm Orphaned Audry has spent the last ten years caring for her grandmother and the farm The two feel a connection and begin a relationship through lettersThe story is told through the POVs of Danny and Audrey as their letter courtship grows Graham takes us through their courtship Danny's time in the trenches and eventually brings them both to the shores of Nova Scotia Their fated romance faced obstacles as Danny carries the war with him and Audrey's passion for her art growsGraham made me weep laugh scowl in anger and cry out in despair as I listened to Tides of Honour Her ability to bring the period and characters to life through imagery and emotions created a timeless story with depth I found myself caught up in the happenings and trials of the Baker family I felt Danny's struggles as a man and provider as he battled the demons of war and faced down his fears of inadeuacy Graham has a firm grasp of PTSD as well as the thoughts and expectations one faces She allowed Danny to suffer grow and ultimately healAudrey is smart bright and a little insecure but I admired her strength and willingness to forgive Graham doesn't go easy on Audrey and at times I was angered by her actions and fears but her story will make you ponder your action if you had to step into her shoesThis was my first time listening to Fajer Al Kaisi and I felt his narration from the Irish lilt to the tone was brilliantly done His pacing and tone allowed me to slip easily into the world and enhanced Graham's story This review was originally posted at Caffeinated Reviewer I guess when a couple is almost together at once then one should expect a bit of heartache along the wayDanny met Audrey in French in the midst of war When he is sent home cos he lost his leg she follows And then the real story begin And that is what it was It felt real Once he tells himself that he is luckier since he does not suffer from shell shock But he clearly is not ok and he does have ptsd Drinks too much depressed I mean he did loose a leg violent Pushing way those who care And yes I confess that there sure were times I did not like him when he was an idiot but then it was not really him It was war that had changed him and he tried to fight his demons but could notSince this is another time he also had trouble with his wife making money while he was uselessSo all credit goes to Audrey She stands by him for better and for worse It is not an easy life but worry not there is happiness at the end And I am glad for itThere was also this really interesting historic event woven into the story The explosion in Halifax I had no idea that it had happened And at that scale Mind blowing and horribleI enjoyed it The ups and downs The bitter reality of lifeNarratorI have not listened to him before I think But I enjoyed his voice for women and men He made it into a nice tale to listen at Okay I’ll be honest – the reason I read romance? The sexy heroes Everything else is secondary Except emotion There are very few authors I’ve read who have made me cry laugh or react in some other way through the emotional intensity in their books I have just added Genevieve Graham to that list Tides of Honor is all about duty honor tragedy triumph and of course love She had me turning pages as fast as I could to find out what was next for Danny and Audrey as we travel along with them through their entire romantic and emotional life with World War I as their backdropDanny is a simple man from Nova Scotia but he’s in France fighting in a war that takes from every nation involved His battalion is tired and hungry looking for shelter before the coming storm with none in sight Then they come upon a young lady and her grandmother their wagon needing work and as he gazes at this beauty his world shifts It’s the same for Audrey and she invites the men to their farm for a warm meal and place to bunk for the night I love those first new and slightly awkward but full of emotion scenes between Danny and Audrey You can feel the sweet love take hold while neither of them truly realizes what it is right at that moment But Danny does promise to return for Audrey as soon as humanly possibleWhat neither of them can imagine is that Danny’s life is about to change even further He and his best buddies from home are hit by enemy fire his friends killed and Danny losing his leg So he’s then shipped home where everything is now so different from what he knew before people staring and not knowing what to say to the newly injured hometown boy It’s even awkward with his parents especially his father Danny feeling he’s let his dad down he’s not the man he should be in his father’s eyes The scenes where he returns his friends’ last possessions to their families are wonderfully done Truly a bygone era when mothers and fathers are so very happy to see a son of their heart even though their sons are gone and buriedAs Danny tries to find a new normal he awaits Audrey’s arrival She’s had a time of it herself – her grandmother passes away leaving Audrey on her own heading for London with the memories of her mother who also left home on her own to live as she wished before dying so young But she’s free of her grandmother’s judgment and on her way to Danny though it will take a while before she can begin her journey In the meantime she works in factories and befriends a few ladies who are fighting for women’s right to vote I enjoyed this look into the women’s suffrage movement having only really seen it from a US point of view But women everywhere did go through the same prejudice and work to eual their rights and Ms Graham does an admiral job in describing how Canadian women progressed and persevered through the process Audrey even uses her artistic skill to further their causeWhen Audrey finally makes it back into Danny’s arms all is right with the world They marry uickly and live in a room attached to his parents’ house that Danny himself built It’s those small nuances that pull you further into the story and make you feel you’re part of these lives that live simply but happily with so very little Slowly however Danny’s feelings of inadeuacy become pronounced and he moves them to Halifax where there’s work he’ll be able to handle even with his disability Audrey is hesitant to leave their idyllic life but she goes where her husband goes All does not go well for them in Halifax to the point it seems they no longer know one another Separation comes abruptly one night and Danny is now truly afloat in a morass of emotion he can’t contain And if that’s not enough their world literally explodes one bright and sunny dayAs I read those scenes when a ship explodes in the harbor at Halifax killing hundreds – including scores of children – destroying everything near and damaging everything far I kept wondering if those events were real It’s a horrific tragedy and Ms Graham does it justice in these scenes I felt the impact of that day in every way possible as Danny helps those he can while he searches for Audrey and falls for three young orphaned brothers He’s turned his life around after experiencing such devastation and when he finally finds Audrey alive there’s still the uestion of how strong their love is after so much strife and turmoil I love the ending Ms Graham gives them Thankfully in such simpler times love can conuer allThis is a beautifully heartwarming and romantic story in a time when hope and dreaming were in low supply Danny and Audrey find each other by a fluke of fate and the trials they go through will wrench your heart If you’ve not read Genevieve Graham yet please do so soon Start with this one I guarantee then you’ll want to read her Scottish historicals tooSee my complete review at Too much telling and not enough showing in this historical fiction set in Nova Scotia The historical aspects of the novel were far interesting than the love story between returning WWI soldier Danny Baker and Audrey his British war bride The Halifax Explosion was well done and I appreciated the added stories of how the city was rebuilt following the 1917 devastation The author touched on issues of the time but did not flesh them out enough to raise this book above just an average read I would have liked hearing about the Suffragette and labour movements explored the poverty and corruption angles along with the PTSD suffered by many returning soldiers Instead we get the male attitudes of the time A woman's place is in the home and a man's job is to keep her there The pity party Danny dwells in throughout the novel gets tiring His switch from adoring husband to angry dock worker hints at PTSD but the personality shift was too uick in my opinion

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