Crazy For You (The Mephisto Covenant, #4)

Crazy For You (The Mephisto Covenant, #4)[Reading] ➿ Crazy For You (The Mephisto Covenant, #4) Author Stephanie Feagan – This is an ACE for ISBN139781940431055 Crazy For You She's dying to love him After the tragic death of her twin British concert pianist Euri begins channeling a stranger in America an otherworldly guy This is an ACE for ISBN Crazy For You She's dying to love him After the tragic death of her twin British concert pianist Euri begins channeling a stranger in America an otherworldly guy who leads an extraordinary life and shares her deep love of music She hears him play listens to his thoughts knows his loneliness and understands his yearning for love and acceptance She’s simply not sure if Zee is real or a construct of her mind so when she’s given an opportunity to tour America Euri jumps at the chance Crazy For PDF \ Already half in love with him she's overjoyed to find Zee in real life but becomes frustrated with his determination to keep his distance in spite of how much he wants and needs her An immortal son of Hell Zee is the mad Mephisto brother plagued by a keen sixth sense that helps in their search for those who’ve sold their soul to their oldest brother Eryx but is a curse to Zee because his mind is an open door to the pain of humanity He’s known all of his life that he will never have a mate even if he found an Anabo meant for him She might be born without original Sin and have the ability to love a son of Hell but she would never be happy with him He’s at times violent sometimes catatonic and always oversexed Worst of all he has dreamed every single night for a thousand years of a tall blonde whom he loves and kills He hates sleep despises the dream because it always ends the same When he begins hearing a soft British voice in his head he's astonished to discover it's a real girl an Anabo meant for him but his elation uickly turns to horror when he realizes Euri is the girl in his dream The one and only woman who can love him who can save him is the one he can never have'. OKI have loved this series from the start And I am over the moon that Ms Feagan has decided to continue it Every book in this series has been differentunpredictable absorbing and I am unable to put them down Crazy for You is no exception This story took place over a couple of yearsactually the story starts after the first book and runs through the events of the second and third bookstying all sorts of interesting threads together that I didn't realize were there I love the way the stories weaved together I'm also thrilled to see there will be another book presumably Denys' story in 2015 I wonder if Eryx will get a book? Maybe #7 with some kind of final battle and redemption??? If not I'm ok with readying Denys and Ty's storiesjust so long as there are stories for Denys and TyLoved Crazy for You as much if not than the previous 3 books 5 StarsIt feels like I've waited FOREVER for this book But I wasn't disappointed it was worth the waitZee sigh mental and gorgeous And Euri was an amazing character Funny as hell and total method in her madness ;0I really like how the last 2 books have been written Much steamier Less PG Don't get me wrong I really enjoyed books 1 and 2hence why I sit patiently for Stephanie to write the next book in the series and so on But I can totally see that Stephanie has certainly has wrenched up the hotness factor amen to that fan yourself girlI only pray it will not be another long wait for Denys' bookpretty please Plus I really hope Eryx gets his HEAso near but so far eh babe ? xxWell done Stephanie xx This was good and it added a whole new point of view from Zee but ultimately nothing was really done about the plot until the very end so I pretty much skimmed most of the beginning only because it's a complete copy of what happened in the previous books I'm also a little annoyed how each character thinks each other is just so damn beautiful and good looking Now where's Denys' story and Ty's??? I want to know about Eryx as well The fourth book in the seriesIt was even lovely than the rest it answered uestion that developed in the other books and was very well played outEvery brother has a story every one I loved it Dark angeldemon mythology fascinates me and this New Adult paranormal series is absolutely one of my favorites I’ve been a fan of the seven immortal sons of Hell since I first discovered this wonderful series This richly layered fourth installment in the Mephisto Covenant series centers around Xenos aka Zee who has a second chance at finding love and claiming his very own Anabo Euri Author Stephanie Feagan wisely included a lexicon at the end of the novel as a handy guide to ‘who’s who and what’s what in the world of the Mephisto’ for easy reference that I'd recommend reading before diving in Crazy For You can be read as a standalone novel since many of the events that take place in the first three books actually overlap in this one It was cool to see those events from Zee’s perspective this time And his account of those events served as a good recap and actually made me wish for reading time to do a series reread I settled for rereading my bookmarked pages and highlighted passages for a good 2 plus hours after I initially finished reading Crazy For You I simply wasn’t ready to leave this paranormal universe yet I loved the ongoing war for souls the angst filled romance between Zee and Euri the humor the philosophical observations and the fact that Euri was very delightfully British One of my favorite scenes takes place after Zee and Euri finally knock some boots and she realizes she conseuently has the Mephisto ability of telepathy She’s uick to try out her new skill and shows off by playing Beethoven’s Fifth from the middle of the bed for Zee In the middle of my telepathic recital I stopped playing and switched my concentration to the zipper of his jeans It slowly lowered the button popped free of the buttonhole and while he stood there in total shock and awe his pants fell offHe started laughing and as he stepped free of the bunched denim at his feet he kept laughing I of course was laughing Then he was launching himself toward the bed landing on me and we rolled around laughing and kissing and in the end we had cold pizza Another favorite scene of mine takes place when the two are in Azbekestan on a reconnaissance mission “It’s very odd to think you’ve been alive so long You’ve seen all of modern history haven’t you?”I looked up at her “I was around but not really alive Euri I’ve merely existed and done my job and survived as best I could I only know this because there’s such a wide gap between before I knew you and after” I felt all kinds of awkward but said anyway “I’m alive now thanks to you”“I love you Xenos”“I love you Euri” We looked at each other for a long while and despite where we were and what was to come I was deeply content Happy The next book should be about Denys the young spoiled alcoholic brother I can’t wait to discover how his shot at redemption plays into the overall destiny of Mephistopheles’s seven sons Alrighty let me start off by sayingI have been with this series since the very beginning When I was an eighth grader down in good ole' Texas the librarian and I were very close as she and my mother are friends One day after school I went up to the library and asked her if she could suggest any books for me to read She handed me four books one being The Mephisto Covenant The Redemption of Ajax So I took a picture of the four and put it on Facebook asking my friends which one I should read first They all said the one with the very pretty dress on it And I read it Then I read the second one Then the third Now I'm a junior in high school and still love these books My English teacher has made us read In Cold Blood when Crazy For You was released Finally I finished reading that book and pounced on the amazing fourth book in the seriesThis book was amazingly well written I gained so much respect for Zee and could relate so much to Euri Not because of the events that happened to her but by the way she carried herself She wasn't a weak character that everyone who reads the book ends up hating Crazy For You was definitely mature as expected The intimate scenes were just hot enough to set the mood but not explicit to the point of being pornography Oh heavens no Crazy For You is by far my second book in the series as the first one holds a very special place in my heart It is amazing to see the change from book number one to book number four Cannot wait for book number fivexoxo As always I love the characters but the plot in this book than any other in the series felt either nonexistent or rushed 85% of the book is Euri and Zee getting together except most of it is shown through thoughts and very little action and given the nature of both Euri and Zee I see why this would be done but not to the extent it was The last fifteen percent stumbled along to catch us up to where we left off in the third book the beginning of this story was very confusing because it was hard to tell when it was taking place and moved just a few days beyond the ending of book three The last pages had a lot of new information and revelations and for the most part all of it was negated shortly thereafter I really enjoy Feagan's characters they are rich and apt to jump off the page if at times expected but hey anyone reading these books is reading for Feagan's portrayal of the too good to be true mephisto brothers and I have considered the plot lines pretty decent until this book but it felt like the writing was very rushed and not well thought out I hope Denys's story is balanced like its predecessors Despite the negatives I voiced I would still recommend this book to any who enjoyed her first the redemption of Ajax and if you have not read that do so I won this book in the giveaway contest on Goodreads I appreciate getting a review copyI generally don't like to read books in a series when I haven't read the ones before but I decided to give this one a chance The author did a great job of explaining things in a way that I was able to catch up on what happened before I enjoyed every minute of this book The characters are well written and you easily get pulled into their world The romance was believable and the paranormal aspects were strong enough but didn't take over the book The back story for the series may not be completely uniue but it did have a spin that I haven't read before I don't like to give spoilers so I'll just say that overall this was a joy to read and I am glad I won this copy I enjoyed it enough that I would like to read the rest of the series It was a delight to curl up with and I wasn;t ready to leave their world when I finished One of the great things about Goodreads is the chance to discover new authors Feagan is one I am glad I found Recommended This book was exactly like the rest of the series in terms of pure amazing ness I absolutely LOVED it The development was golden and I was a major fan of how you didn't have to read the last book to get what was going on in this one It had been awhile since I read the previous book in the series With that being said I also loved how it did kind of go along with the previous books in terms of being able to catch up with the other guys and their Anabo It took me only two days to read this and if it hadn't been for testing I could have read this book in one or two sittings I definitely recommend it And I can not wait until the next book especially with the ending of this one ; When I first started this series I was very hesitant to the description When I opened to the first page and started reading I was hooked by the end of the first chapter Honestly I hate putting down the book and waiting for the next since it will take a bit of time I am honestly smitten with the series and love it on a deep level I was a HUGE fan of the Mortal Instruments and owned all the first editions but now this book is to that level This book alone is my favorite so fare due to the controversy and how it is different than the other I honestly cannot wait for the next and know it will be on my bookshelf the day it comes out