Irresistibly Dangerous

Irresistibly Dangerous✰ [BOOKS] ✸ Irresistibly Dangerous By Debra Fisk ✽ – Artist Cookie Lucus is compelled to rethink her flirtatious carefree life when a carnival psychic predicts a future love interest with a mysterious hot stranger Armed with a string of unusual promises Artist Cookie Lucus is compelled to rethink her flirtatious carefree life when a carnival psychic predicts a future love interest with a mysterious hot stranger Armed with a string of unusual promises she’s determined to decipher the old woman’s cryptic messageSlade Hunter is searching for lost treasure off the coast of Florida Using the theme of Treasure Island he plans to build a resort on the outskirts of town and no one is going to stand in his way until curvy artist Cookie Lucas stimulates his unsettled lust Divided between the project and the woman who haunts his sexual thoughts Slade slowly grows accustomed to Cookie in his lifeWhen Slade is almost lost at sea Cookie learns she’s pregnant and decides to keep it a secretSoon Slade discovers the treasure This is happiest day of his life with the woman he loves by his side but it’s short lived when he learns that she’s pregnant and has another secretCan Cookie and Slade find true love or will sudden danger and hidden secrets tear them apart. Danger and Heartache in Cozy Cove Debra Ann Fisk has written another fantastic bookIn the second Cozy Cove we see Cookie Lucas letting her walls down She believes in what Madame Vera the phsyic tells her Truth be told she's a little hesitant about it Well that's until she meets Slade HunterSlade Hunter is in Cozy Cove for one reason and one reason only To find the lost treasure and to build his resort When he meets Cookie Lucas things changeAs Cookie and Slade start spending time together and learning things about each other the they like about one another He finds that Cookie captures an essence in her paintings he wantsHe can't tell her why he's really thereOh boy when she finds out what will she do? Will that effect there friendship that maybe has become ? You'll have to buy the book to find outIn this book Debra has really brought some hidden feelings and truly beautiful moments Some betrayal too It just makes it that exciting when reading this book If you have not read Irresistibly Delicious I suggest you read that one as well Cookie has always been a flirt But when she meets Slade she knows this is going to be different Cookie is focused on her art career and her environmental work to save the sea turtles With her reading by Madame Vera in her mind she knows she has to stop Slade from destroying something she loves or they can never be happy Slade has one goal Build his resort and find the wrecked ships treasure of the coast But once he meets Cookie he can't forget about her As their relationship progresses he finally starts to believe he could settle down and marry this girl But when an unforseen accident happens things change and her secrets could tear them apart forever Loving this series and can't wait for the next one GREAT 2nd story in the Cozy Cove series For me personally Cookie and Slade's story surpasses Brady and Olivia from Irresistibly Delicious It was so exciting and emotional and just WOWIt's easy to get emotionally invested in the uncomparable Cookie Lucas She's smart funny a great friend and sometimes overly independent She's someone you wouldn't mind your daughter being like or your son marrying She is who she is and she's not changing for anyone Although I do wish that she would just TALK to Slade to avoid a lot of problems that arise And I like the way that Slade's treasure hunt introduced of the history of Cozy Covegave that part of the story a sort of NUMA Files feel and I'm an avid fan of those stories The internal struggle that Slade battles throughout the novel has you realizing that he's not as big of a jerk as you initially think and really REALLY hoping that he makes the right choice All in all I found it only lacking one thingNatalie getting what she deserved after getting Olivia into trouble in the first book Show me the way to Cozy Cove Irresistibly Dangerous was irresistible Cookie Slade Alex Kevin and all of the other characters interact so well together and you find yourself wondering what will happen next There are some interesting back stories going on and it is not just all romance but they all work to build a super story Cookie is someone that would be great to hang out with and she is far from perfect so you can relate to her Slade hello hotness He is tall dark hot and dangerous; so what is not to love about him He is also not perfect and that just makes you love him The characters from the first book in the series also make appearances in this one and I enjoyed catching up with their lives This book hooked me from the beginning and didn’t disappoint I cannot wait to see who the next person in Cozy Cove will have their future read The 2 characters I loved in this book are Cookie and Slade I loved how I have not read a book with the name Slade in it before I think The Chemistry between Cookie and Slade is HOT I enjoyed the suspense about the treasure will he? Won't he find it? When I think about Calypso I still laugh That bird is something else I love the phrase Calypso says about Gladys The description of the beach sand and ocean makes me what to pack a bag and go NOW I love the beach and the sounds of the ocean I hope Ms Fisk writes a third book and many in this series I love reading series and learning about every character in past books Cozy cove book 2 is such a keep you on your toes full of emotions and I promise you won't be able to put it down till your finished I fell in love with cookie and slade and you will also Debra Ann Fisk is a author who loves what she does and takes her time and puts hard work into it Debra describes the characters and location in details that you feel like you are right there with them Make sure to read this series

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  • Paperback
  • 214 pages
  • Irresistibly Dangerous
  • Debra Fisk
  • English
  • 04 June 2014
  • 9781632589453