A Different Side University Park #4

A Different Side University Park #4❮PDF / Epub❯ ☁ A Different Side University Park #4 Author C.M. Doporto – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk The highly anticipated story from the University Park SeriesPark Hill University’s star uarterback Raven Davenport has every woman dying to get caught in his trap but he’s only interested in catch Side University Kindle Ò The highly anticipated story from the University Park SeriesPark Hill University’s star uarterback Raven Davenport has every woman dying to get caught in his trap but he’s only interested in catching one girl – Lexi Thompson But will he learn how to deal with his inner demons or will they continue to A Different MOBI :¿ control him to the point of destroying what he loves most Hear Raven and Lexy's story from a different side. This one is told from Raven's point of view The reader gets a better understanding about the struggles and hardships Raven Davenport had experienced It's got me seeing him in a new pair of eyes finally comprehending his feelings for Lexi and the issues that surrounded him like alcohol drugs family football and relationshipsI admit during the first part of the book I wasn't really into Raven despite loving him in the first three books in the series I thought he was too full of himself too loose and too big headed I wasn't too sure why I wanted Lexi Thompson to fall for him in the first place But soon I realized I was being too judgmental of the guy I continued reading his side of story and finally grasped who Raven really was Broken misunderstood misjudged misguided And Lexi was the light at the end of the tunnel that made him whole understood and acceptedCM Doporto continues to make great stories and continues to make her readers delighted and charmed and fall for the Raven's trap A Different Side A novel I have waited so long for And one that was worth the wait Mr Raven Davenport He definitely caught got me in his trap right from the beginning in The Opposing Sides But reading all three books from his perspective widened my knowledge as to why he made the decisions which impacted him negatively as well as how he originally felt about Lexi Thompson Reading A Different Side opened my eyes as to how strong inner demons can be and how they're able to control your life But Lexi was the one who could calm the voices shut them out and make Raven focus Raven had his struggles and he would have continued to suffer if it weren't for Lexi The innocent beautiful and down to earth tutor who led him to the right path Who gave Raven a life to look forward to a love to cherish and hope for the future A Different Side is a beautiful novel And one of my favourites Once again it's safe to say that anyone who reads The University Park Series is definitely going to be caught in The Ravens Trap C M Doporto one word AMAZING When I first read this series from Lexi’s point of view I desperately wanted to know what was going on inside Raven’s mind I wanted to see his side His emotions fears battles all of it and this book gives us the unvarnished Raven The Raven that is uncut and raw The thoughts when he first sees Lexi about himself his demons his struggles his fears his beliefs and his emotions We get to see how he struggles to become a better person How he felt when his mom cut him down and how it added to his struggle to fight the demons because to him it proved them right How that one moment when he was a child truly affected him How Lexi became his angel and light All those times we thought he was being a douche and harsh towards Lexi we get to see why Why he felt he had to What he was going through and how he was struggling How he thought he was doing what was best when in reality it made things worse We get to see his journey How he found Lexi and tried to push her away How she helped him see the light and want to dream How he struggled within himself to find peace and let go How hard it was for him not to make bad decisions How one girl turned his world around and made him believe he was worth it Worth the fight and belief How love was what helped him find his way and set him freeThis point of view was pivotal in really understanding Raven In the first three books we get Lexi’s perspective and never truly get to see any real side to Raven He is one dimensional Here we see he is a real character one with heartaches struggles emotions dreams thoughts and desires He isn’t just about sex we see why he turned to alcohol sex drugs and how he worked to change We see that he isn’t a bad guy just one with a past that is dragging him down A mom who although he loves her and vice versa sometimes doesn’t see she hurts him with her words A boy who is fractured and how a girl named Lexi puts him back together and heals him by believing in him and loving him Just her support and never leaving his side even when he did some horrible things helped This is where we see the true Raven The Raven that yes at times is a complete jackass a douchecanoe as well but also we see how hurt and alone he feels How scared and afraid he is How low his self esteem truly is How words can hurt and cut than anything else We get to see the sides of Raven that are tender and sweet but also precious moments that tell you his character and his struggles We see his fight from his eyes and how he fell in love A great look at his falling in love and redeeming yourself and finding peace finally from Raven’s view A wonderfully written look at how Raven sees himself his life and how he fell in love and found his soulmate I'm speechless I honestly have no words this standalone dare I say it is the BEST from another point of view book I have ever read in a series I had no idea that after reading the first three books that I could have so many different feelings about the same stories Raven had my heart since the first tutoring session and being able to relive such an amazing storyline from his emotions really helped me understand his true passions I would highly recommend this book to anyone but I promise once you have been caught in the Raven's trap you won't want to get out I'm not really counting this as read as I just skimmed the parts I really wanted Raven's POV from books 1 3 It was WAY too long imho and I frankly thought the author could have made books 1 3 stronger by having Raven's POV in them originally rather than waiting for his own book This book was provided to me by the author in exchange for an honest and unbiased review CM Doporto completely outdid herself on this one This story blew me away I needed this book Raven needed this He needed to tell his story and what an incredible one it was Even though I had read Lexi’s version of the story I still found myself choking up and crying The way Ravens life played out would have crushed anyone Consuming him into the deepest darkest pits of his soul Lexi was able to find a light and bring it out of him I was able to feel Raven's pain radiating through the pages and I adore any author that can make me feel this emotional when I'm reading a book She completely outdid herself on this one This is one of my favorite books of the year and one of my favorite books period So excited waiting for itBut sad that it was really the same with a couple of sentences here or there to show it was Raven's view instead of Lexi's There were very few additional info or scenes added If you have read books 1 3 you really don't need to read 4 The differences are about 40 60 minutes of reading through out the whole book This book is called A Different Side is written by CM Doporto Raven Davenport is a college football player who is known as ‘The Raven’ After every football game there is a party Raven wakes up with a different girl by his side every morning He gets them to know ‘The Ravens Trap’ Going from tutor to tutor he finds the perfect one; Lexi Thompson He tries to hold in his emotions his feelings his love for her He has to make her last This is a romantic book I chose to read this because I like sports and romantic booksRaven had slept with almost every girl When he meets Lexi he was embarrassed about his past Every girl drools over him but this girl Lexi Thompson didn’t show any emotion Raven was a bit confused because he usually doesn’t need to work on his personality to get girls They go for his good looks and body They don’t care what is on the inside But Lexi was something special she was different She was playing ‘hard to get’ She didn’t want someone that sleeps with every girl to get to her she wants somebody special Once he convinces her to go to lunch he starts struggling to plan the perfect date It is so tempting for him not to kiss her he is so stressed attempting to impress her to make her believe that he really does like her and that she is a different type of girl He thought to himself if I want to make her last I have to take my time and not accept any other girl So Raven took his time Lexi realizes that she really means something to him so she lets Raven in The girls attack her with their bitter words; jealous Raven changed so much from being ‘The Raven’ to ‘Lexi’s Raven’ In college you think you’ll be free from your parents it turns out you’re not always right Lexi was on a leash with her parents watching her every move she was trapped it was either family or Raven This book fits in the romance category being in love and watching Lexi’s back from her parents This book was very good I enjoyed reading every bit of it It was the longest book I read but only took around two weeks because I couldn’t stop reading it I was just hooked onto this book turning page after page I would absolutely recommend this book because it is so detailed and it feels like you are in this situation This book controlled my emotions from being happy to mad crying to laughing I think this is a good book to read before college just to know what goes around A different sideRavens POV was a little difficult for me to get into I enjoyed his perspective in the start of their relationship but after that the scenes were hit or miss on if they spoke to me While it was strongly hinted at raven cheating on Lexi I didn’t really want to read about it from his POV Towards the end of the last book I started skipping scenes because hey weren’t drawing me in at all Not sure if I just read this one too close to reading the other three books but I think I just didn’t connect to ravens inter dialogue much It was sad because I enjoyed the other three books a lot I thoroughly enjoyed this series and getting Raven's perspective on the entire story made a lot sense The only downside is that I read this immediately after the other 3 books when I probably should have taken a break and would have enjoyed it a lot I skipped over all the scenes I knew and jumped to the sections that had his thoughts because it is a complete repeat of all the books I'm not one to read a series and then immediately reread them If I had waited say six months or so I would have paid attention