The Lives of Sacco and Vanzetti

The Lives of Sacco and Vanzetti❰Download❯ ➻ The Lives of Sacco and Vanzetti Author Rick Geary – Acclaimed illustrator Rick Geary tackles of one the most controversial cases of the 20th century with The Lives of Sacco Vanzetti Anarchists Sacco and Vanzetti were accused and arrested for robbery an Acclaimed illustrator Rick Geary tackles of one the of Sacco PDF/EPUB À most controversial cases of the th century with The Lives of Sacco Vanzetti Anarchists Sacco and Vanzetti were accused and arrested for robbery and murder but so many supposedly damning pieces of evidence The Lives Epub / were uestionable and the pair’s eventual guilty verdict elicited massive protests around the world Geary presents readers with all the twists and turns appeals and dubious evidence giving a human face of the two men—who were demonized by many and martyrized by Lives of Sacco PDF ☆ others—in his usual unflappable style. 1920s America two men murder two other men who are carrying payroll money worth 15000 and take off with another three accomplices in a car With no leads the police end up arresting a pair of Italian Americans Nicola Sacco and Bartolomeo Vanzetti at 10pm in a streetcar who are suspicious looking and upon further investigation are found to be heavily armed Thus begins a complicated court case which exposes the corruption of the American justice system and the prejudices of a country calling itself free Rick Geary combs through the past and presents another wonderful book about a famous murder case long forgotten by the modern public Geary's style is to show all sides to the case and highlight problems within it allowing the reader to decide for themselves on the true culprit Sacco and Vanzetti is mostly the story of a court case gone wrong from unreliable witnesses taken seriously to evidence tampering to a prejudicial judge to the defence's own incompetence though the book seems to show that Sacco and Vanzetti if you believe are innocent as I do were simply and tragically two men in the wrong place at the wrong time The book is a fascinating read from start to finish with Geary telling the story of this case with clarity and elouence bringing to life a case over eighty years old with the ease of a master storyteller Fans of Geary will delight in it and rightfully so as it's a fine crime book It might be a bit dry though for new readers to Geary looking for action for them I suggest Geary's other books The Beast of Chicago and The Terrible Ax Man of New Orleans Anarchy in America ain't a circle with A in the middle it's these two stony faced Italians sitting in the dock And their death masks Only one of them Bartolomeo Vanzetti seems to be an actual martyr For even in Rick Geary's balanced account of their trial Sacco comes across as he always did as a principled savvy operator probably willing to sacrifice his life for anarchy just compare his eyes to Vanzetti's below Geary's graphic narrative with its noirish crosshatching and visual accuracy esp as guns and bullets are concerned is an excellent compact summary of an unruly case Recommended Reason for Reading Next in the seriesI have to admit I wasn't looking forward to this one that much as I prefer the ones about the bloody serial killers like Beast of Chicago I had never heard of this case and the robberymurder socialistanarchist angle didn't get me that excited Surprisingly though once I started reading I was uite taken with this case especially the proceedings of the trial and the way the reader is left ruminating whether they were in fact guilty or innocent It's amazing that with how this became such a worldwide controversy with many country leaders of the 1920's and famous personages speaking out on the case that it has become so obscure today One would think their names at least would have been remembered I can only say what a pleasure it was to read Geary again nobody and I mean no body does bw graphic novels like Rick Geary His artwork and presentation of these true crimes is pure joy to hold in your hands I like the order Geary presented the story first with the crime being committed then going back and telling the life stories of the two individual accused and finally ending with the trial It is uite shocking to today's standard's to see how prejudiced a 1920s courtroom could be We have a sense today of people being racist against others because of their religion and mostly because of the colour of their skin but it is hard to comprehend the radical racism portrayed here against the Italians simply because of the country they came from And to see these people discredited for that in the courtroom Geary leaves us with the list for and against their innocence the belief many professionals have today that at least Sacco was probably guilty and leaves us to ponder the uestion on our own An intriguing case I would never have found myself reading about if it weren't for this book I love these Rick Geary collections They are such a pleasure to read They are well researched including a bibliography and well balanced but what I really enjoy most is his highly detailed artwork I didn't know much about the Sacco and Vanzetti murder trial before but I learned a lot from this book; even if there is still some room for doubt about their innocence there is no doubt at all that they did not receive a fair trial due to rampant anti immigrant and anti anarchist prejudice 35 stars I always enjoy this series I remember learning about Sacco and Vanzetti in school but could not have told you any details except that there was something fishy about their case and people were upset It was great to read this and get a refresher on that part of American history I think EVERY Middle and High School should have the Rick Geary series in their collections it's a great way for anyone to familiarize themselves with historical true crime stories and might even inspire someone to dig a little deeper into the mysteries Though formulaic in his approach to graphic storytelling I find most of his books to be super compelling and entertaining reads as he leads our sympathies back and forth across facts and clues of victorian murdersHe parcels out the information making these books very suspenseful and of course he usually tackles controversial material or rather unsolved mysteriesI consider this dude to be a real craftsman of the graphic medium Another stellar addition to Rick Geary's treasury of murder series I had always heard of Sacco and Vanzetti but never did know the history and details of the case In typical detail Geary lays it out and reveals the many ways the system and the politics of the day conspired against these two men getting a fair trial It's particularly chilling when you consider what modern day forensics could have revealed Though I like Rick Geary's style I wasn't as engaged with this book as his others It was a lot of legal proceedings I am glad to have learned about this case but I enjoyed Geary's other books I think the title is a little misleading because the story is mostly about their arrest and trial rather than their overall lives although Geary does mention where the men were from in Italy their professions there and in the US etc Now as far as a walking us through the details of the crime arrest trial and appeals process I thought this graphic novel was incredibly thorough yet accessible Admittedly before reading this the most I knew about Sacco and Vanzetti was that they were Italian immigrants and anarchists there is some conflation in this story between anarchists and socialists which is a bit confusing who were wrongly convicted and executed of some crime largely due to xenophobia and the red scare All that is true AND I learned about the players dynamics between the multiple defense teams and their clients the specific evidence and lack thereof and the role of allies in solidarity such as Irish socialist Mary Donovan journalist Gardner Jackson Elizabeth Glendower Evans Auntie Bee and many others It was inspiring and tragic to read about the uprisings all over the world in solidarity with the condemned men and numerous bombings petitions and protests in the US that served as outcries against the verdict History repeats itself I found myself a few times while reading this thinking wtf? That evidence is crap How is it that there was a law that made it so that you appealed to the same judge who ruled in the first case? But he's clearly biased? Then I reality checked myself this is the judicial system we have and if you're Black Brown andor and Immigrant this is still the type of justice you can expect to receiveIf you have ever been curious about the specifics of the Sacco and Vanzetti case I highly recommend this graphic novel And before I fail to mention the drawings themselves are incredibly detailed and add significantly to the story very effective I picked this up at the local public library a few days ago I'm a Rick Geary fan and this was one of his many books that I had not yet read If you are not familiar with Geary then I should say that he has created numerous graphic novel style books which recount famous true crime stories Geary's style is somewhat sparse traditional black white pen and ink set in rectilinear panels There's a signature static feel to Geary's drawing Everything tends to look frozen Nevertheless Geary effectively conveys facial expressions and he seems to delight in architectural detail Because Geary's books are in a sense books of history I am not put off by his static and traditionalist methods In a way these ualities which in other comic books would detract from the narrative instead complement the documentary seriousness of Geary's special subject matter The rigidity of it all is uite haunting and therefore fittingAlthough I'm sure that the story of Sacco Vanzetti has been told to me before I couldn't remember anything about it except that I knew that the two men were convicted of murder after a famous and controversial trial In short on April 15th 1920 in South Braintree MA two paymasters were transporting a cash payroll installment of approximately 16k from one shoe factory building to another As they proceeded down the street they were accosted by two men and shot to death A blue Buick then pulled up and drove off after the two men jumped in with the cash boxes The money was never seen again Sacco Vanzetti were two Italian immigrants who later came under suspicion for the killing and robbery S V were part of an immigrant Italian socialistanarchist ring that was planning a revolution back in Italy Sacco a shoemaker by trade and Vanzetti a fishmonger had been involved in distributing leftist and anarchist literature in the US The connection between the crime and S V arose after police were asked to assist with the deportation of Coacci a well known local anarchist whose house in Bridgewater was a meeting place for Italians of 'shady occupation' Police had found the blue Buick used in the S Braintree murderrobbery in the woods near the Coacci residence After Coacci's apprehension someone named Mario Buda was found living in Coacci's house Buda was uestioned the house was searched but police found no incriminating evidence to connect Buda to the crime Buda incidentally mentioned that his car was at a local Bridgewater shop for repairs Shortly thereafter police discover that Buda is a well known bomb maker who is thought to have been among the perpetrators of a series of mail bomb attacks throughout the NE and midwest during 1919 Among the intended victims were JP Morgan and the US Attorney General So police uickly return to the Coacci residence but find that Buda has taken flight In hopes of apprehending Buda police contact the repair shop where Buda is scheduled to pick up his vehicle The repair shop owner agrees to contact police when Buda shows upEnter S V They show up at the repair shop to pick up Buda's vehicle Buda and another man arrive separately for a joint pick up but the four men decide to abandon the vehicle because the plates have expired This incidentally seems like an odd reason to abandon a vehicle I think I would have taken my chances I can think of a few ways to replace the platesAnyway Buda and his companion have arrived at the repair shop by motorcycle while S Va have arrived on foot All four men depart by their original means of transportation Conseuently S V are uickly apprehended while Buda and company make a uick getaway and elude the police Thus begins the seven year spectacle of the S V trial the conviction and several appeals all of which culminate in execution by electric chair Whether or not S V were involved in the S Braintree robbery and killings which is doubtful they definitely did not get a fair trial The judge was biased the evidence was tampered with and key witnesses for the prosecution even recanted their testimony Although S V became international causes celebres nobody could save them And they maintained their innocence down to their last breaths Geary does a good job of providing the historical context behind the S V trial And the context makes the outcome seem almost inevitable S V were apprehended in 1920 Just the year before a mail bomb plot targeting prominent US citizens had been foiled by the US Post Office As mentioned above the US Attorney General's residence had subseuently been bombed the only victim being the Italian anarchist who planted the bomb Further at noon on September 16 of 1919 a tremendous explosion rocked Wall Street killing 38 people and injuring some 200 It is now believed that Mario Buda the very man whose vehicle led to the apprehension of S V constructed the Wall Street bomb A Red Scare was shaking the United States during 1919 and 1920 The Bolsheviks had recently prevailed in Russia and cells of Italian anarchists were suspected of and almost certainly responsible for a series of bombings and bomb plots throughout the mid western and NE United States Although S V were entitled to a fair trial in spite of all this it's easy to see why they didn't get one and why appeals to fairness fell upon deaf ears After all they had aligned themselves with the Italian anarchist movement and the international socialist movement Is the US a better place today? I'm not so sure and it scares me to see so many parallels between the times of S V and today Back then if you were an Italian anarchist and you were suspected of a crime you were doomed Today if you are Muslim and suspected of a crime you are also most probably doomed It shouldn't be this way but I fear that it is Procedural safeguards fall to the wayside when public sentiment is strongly against any particular group

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