The Lure of the Moonflower Pink Carnation #12

The Lure of the Moonflower Pink Carnation #12[Reading] ➿ The Lure of the Moonflower Pink Carnation #12 By Lauren Willig – In the final Pink Carnation novel from the  New York Times bestselling author of The Mark of the Midnight Manzanilla Napoleon has occupied Lisbon and Jane Wooliston aka the Pink Carnation teams up w In the final Pink Carnation novel from the  of the PDF/EPUB ¼ New York Times bestselling author of The Mark of the Midnight Manzanilla Napoleon has occupied Lisbon and Jane Wooliston aka the Pink Carnation teams up with a rogue agent to protect the escaped ueen of Portugal  Portugal December Jack Reid the British agent known as the Moonflower formerly the French agent known as the Moonflower has been stationed in Portugal and is awaiting his new contact He does not expect to be paired with a woman—especially not the legendary Pink The Lure eBook ☆ Carnation   All of Portugal believes that the royal family departed for Brazil just before the French troops marched into Lisbon Only the English government knows that mad seventy three year old ueen Maria was spirited away by a group of loyalists determined to rally a resistance But as the French garrison scours the countryside it’s only a matter of time before she’s found and taken   It’s up to Jane to find her first and ensure her safety But she has no knowledge of Portugal or the language Lure of the PDF Ç Though she is loath to admit it she needs the Moonflower Operating alone has taught her to respect her own limitations But she knows better than to show weakness around the Moonflower—an agent with a reputation for brilliance a tendency toward insubordination and a history of going rogue READERS GUIDE INCLUDED. I've given this a B at AAR so 45 starsIt's always a sad day when a long running series comes to an end especially one I've enjoyed as much as Lauren Willig's Pink Carnation series but I suppose all good things must come to an end And with The Lure of the Moonflower Ms Willig has done her fans proud and brings the series to a close on a high with a fast moving storyline featuring the Pink Carnation herself now working alone and undercover in Portugal Jane Wooliston is an intelligent and determined young woman who has cleverly run her network of spies and agents from Paris under the noses of the French for several years But everything fell apart when in The Passion of the Purple Plumeria her younger sister Agnes went missing in the company of a schoolmate Lizzy Reid and Jane and her chaperonesecond in command the formidable Miss Gwen had to return to England in order to find the girls Their disappearance was linked to the Jewels of Berar which had been sent to Lizzy by her brother Jack – who was thus the unwitting architect of Jane’s downfall and her subseuent decision to wind up her operations in Paris and go it alone as a British agent She is sent to Portugal in late 1807 in order to trace ueen Maria who was supposed to have left the country with her family but who has instead been spirited away by a break away group of loyalists who intend to use her as a figurehead to rally resistance to Napoleon’s forces The ueen is elderly and uite uite mad – but with French troops scouring the Portuguese countryside time is running out and Jane must find her first and get her to a place of safety Having no first hand knowledge of the country or the language Jane is going to need help so an agent is assigned to her one with a reputation for unorthodox methods insubordination brilliance – and a history of working for both sides Jane’s contact – the Moonflower – is none other than Jack Reid stepson of her former companion information she decides to withhold and the man she holds responsible for her current situation He isn’t wild about the idea of being paired with a woman and least of all the Pink Carnation herself but he uickly realises that regardless of her experience of running missions and of intelligence gathering Jane is out of her depth when it comes to the unpleasant realities of moving through difficult inhospitable terrain in the depths of winter – and that she needs his helpAs they travel Jane and Jack develop an – at first grudging – appreciation for each other’s talents and skills Both are used to working alone Jack literally and Jane because as the head of her organisation she answered only to herself; so there are adjustments to be made on both sides and I enjoyed watching their relationship progress from that initial reluctance to work with anyone else through admiration and understanding to attraction and something Both protagonists are well defined and I particularly enjoyed finally being able to get into Jane’s head given that she has been so enigmatic throughout the series She has to learn that sometimes two heads ARE better than one and I loved watching her growing awareness of Jack and the way she finds herself unable to maintain her customary sang froid around him And Jack is a delicious hero – extremely capable slightly grumpy and down to earth he comes to see Jane as an eual and recognises that sometimes it’s necessary for her to put herself in the firing line if they are to succeed in their mission and doesn’t come over all “I’m the man therefore I must take all the risks” The fact that he is of mixed race his mother was an Indian princess his father Colonel Reid is a Scot means that Jack is as he himself says “neither flesh nor fowl”; his parentage barred him from occupations open to the British while also exiling him from his mother’s family Ms Willig makes an interesting comparison between Jack’s “invisibility” because of his ethnicity and Jane’s – because she’s a womanI found the ending to be a little weak in terms of the espionage plot although I did enjoy reading the beginnings of Jack’s reconciliation with his father and the epilogue which gives us a glimpse of what lies in store for Jane and Jack as the Mr and Mrs Smith of the Napoleonic eraIn the modern day portion of the story former grad student Eloise is about to marry her fiancé Colin Selwick and on the day before the wedding everything is completely manic The pace is befittingly frantic and I found myself giggling freuently at the outlandish pronouncements of some of Eloise’s relatives and her own ironic asides The inclusion of an improbable kidnapping plotline in this portion of the story was perhaps a little over the top but it didn’t get in the way of my overall enjoymentIt’s all too easy when you read a book as fast paced engaging and funny as this not to fully appreciate the huge amount of research that has gone into it But making it look effortless is a great skill and one that this particular author has demonstrated time and again While this is the final book in the series for now at least and most of the plot threads are tied up there are a few things left hanging that Ms Willig discusses in her comprehensive and entertaining notes at the end If she ever finds the time to return to the world of the Pink Carnation and to actually write some of the stories she mentions having ideas for then I have no doubt of her finding an excited and very appreciative audience A satisfying conclusion to the series although I will miss these new adventures with these people It was great to get inside Jane's and to finally properly meet Jack Reid While I knew in on respect how the story would go it was still an interesting journey Watching them come to terms with each other while going on with their mission The romance was slow burningbuilding and never overtook the other part of the story Jack has his demons and is full of surprises to Jane and Jane has a few of her own They have in common then they think at firstThe plan doesn't go as planned of course a few bumps in the road including a wily one we've met before I was not expecting view spoilerJane's parents to declare her dead wow hide spoiler Had to give the series finale 5 starsPink XII is the much anticipated Jane's Story For long time readers of the series it's a story we've been wanting to know read for awhile Personally I think it was done excellently With Jane as the lead character we see a different side to her personality than we've seen before I think that's typical of the series though People aren't always what they seem to onlookers and once you get to know them first hand you see inside them and get to know them in a different way I liked this Jane though I hated the sadness and loneliness she has endured that wasn't advertised so much in past books She is a remarkable character and much loved by me personally She and Jack aka Moonflower together had a real spark which kept the romantic tensions high and exciting in the book There are cameos of many of the series past stars so to speak And We see a satisfying conclusion to the Colin Eloise storyline as well Though I hate to see this series come to an end I'd rather see it off with a blast like this one than drag on and become less good if you know what I mean The authors newsletter this month suggests that at some point there could be special editions or spinoffs and I like that idea So maybe it's not truly goodbye it's just goodbye for now All good things must come to end And so it seems must my favorite historical romance series The Pink Carnation—offering us its twelfth and final installment The Lure of the Moonflower deep sighFor eleven novels author Lauren Willig has enchanted us with Napoleonic spies romance and laughter It has been an amazing ride while it lasted Now with one last fling ahead of me I started to read and listen to the audio edition this new novel Pushing aside my deep lament I came to the realization that I am a sappy sentimentalist Honestly how could I not be? I had been duly “Pinked”It is very fitting that this final book in the series focuses on Miss Jane Wooliston – the Pink Carnation herself the infamous English spy who gave “the French Ministry of Police headaches” and “who had caused Bonaparte to gnash his molars into early extraction” Let’s hope I have teeth by the end of the bookIt is 1807 and Napoleon’s army has invaded Portugal At the urging of the British government the Royal family has fled sailing away to their colony in Brazil Working as a British spy Jane is in Lisbon the capital of a country that she is not familiar with nor does she speak the language Her local contact is Jack Reid aka the Moonflower a rogue operative whose notorious turncoat antics are as fluid as the tide The natural son of Scotsman Colonel William Reid and an Indian Princess Reid is unaware of his connection to Jane through the marriage of her fellow spy Miss Gwendolyn Meadows to his father She must convince Reid to assist her in discovering the whereabouts of the Mad ueen Maria who has been seuestered away by loyalists The French are looking for her too in the hopes of using her influence to manipulate their cause Besides the touchy family connection Jane’s paring with Jack Reid is than a bit awkward He does not believe she is the Pink Carnation She is very leery of his true loyaltyIn pursuit of the ueen clues lead them through the provincial Portuguese countryside in the dead of winter Using various disguises and modes of travel including an unruly scene stealing donkey the journey of two people thrown together becomes the ultimate “road novel” As they progress facing treacherous encounters and the elements what started out as a war of wits and words evolves into the lowering of their guards and revealing their personal stories Despite the fact that they share the same profession they discover that they are both pariahs in the eyes of their families and society What started out as a power struggle fueled by distrust evolves into mutual respect admiration and growing affectionAs Jane and Jack close in on the ueen enter French spy Monsour le Comte de Brillac aka The Gardner He and Jane have a troubled history Devious manipulative and vengeful Jane’s former lover is the force that could thwart their plans and her fledgling romance with JackEach book in the series is framed by the modern story of Eloise an ambitious and very Bridget Jones ish American ex graduate student who is researching the Selwick family Napoleonic era spy ring in England In this installment she is preparing for her marriage to the family scion Colin Lord Selwick at his estate in Sussex When a mysterious ancient trunk owned by Jane Wooliston a Selwick family ancestor arrives the day before her wedding it sets in motion the abduction of a family member While Colin’s colorful family harbors enough bad blood to “give a vampire indigestion” this modern diversion from the historical story is really a minor sideline to the main stage the story of Jane and Jack in PortugalBy the end of The Lure of the Moonflower my recalcitrant peevish mood had melted away and I was purring with pleasure I had been duly wooed and wowed Willig’s plot and prose far surpassed my expectations While her historical research was impeccable and the atmosphere and descriptions spot on it was her characters especially the sparkling whip smart repartee and sexual tension between Jane and Jack that really carries this novel to new heights If I can find any uibble and I really had to dig it was that the exposition was lengthy at times I wanted to her explanations to be in conversation by the characters and not so much in their headsFor the loyal fans of the Pink Carnation series many of the previous characters make a burlesue cameo appearance in a tour de farce finale Willig also includes a lovely acknowledgement which wraps things up in a big Pink Carnation bow rather nicely and several generous appendixes Historical Note; A Conversation with Comte de Brillac aka The Chevalier de la Tour D’Argent aka The Gardener; The Lost Epilogue and A Conversation with Lauren Willig Now that the last hurrah of the series is finis I raise my glass with a resounding huzzah to Willig for her brilliantly crafted widely entertaining and passionately romantic adventure Twelve years and twelve novels—this fan is thankful tearful and optimistic that she will venture once again into a Regency ball gownLaurel Ann Austenprosecom I've always had a bit of a thing for espionage stories particularly from the past so the Pink Carnation series has been right up my alley The Lure of the Moonflower is the twelfth and final book of the series and brings things full circle with a mission for the Pink Carnation herselfFor those not in the know this series is told split story present story framing a past story In the present Eloise and Collin have their adventures as Eloise lives at the old Selwick country estate to do research for her grad dissertation on the enigmatic shadowy lady spy of the past during the wars with France The Pink Carnation And in the past the stories follow the missions of the members in the Pink Carnation's league of spies There is suspense and romance to be had heavier on the romance much of the timeThe missions can get uite twisty so that sometimes it comes down to the end before secrets are revealed These are exciting stories but don't slip into gritty thriller territory I confess that the split stories don't hold my attention eually I enjoy Eloise Collin and their families but I get engaged with the stories in the past That said with this last one I found both stories engaging and I loved how this last story ended up And I really hope a few of those possible future threads get addressedWhat I enjoyed about this one was not the actual spy mission itself Jane the Pink Carnation recruiting a dubious Jack to help remove the ueen of Portugal from French hands No I enjoyed the interplay between stiff prejudiced and know it all Jane against a man of eual intellect who is not what she thought he was The Pink Carnation never errs and never is taken by surprise but from the outset she thinks she knows all about him and lets these preconceived notions guide her into making mistakes I was so afraid that there would be an imbalance and that the hero would never live up to who was needed to pair with Jane because she is such a strong and highly skilled agent and woman but that was not the case Jack was a brilliant complex character strong enough to stand beside Jane and let her do her thing but also have her respect because he was strong in his own right Their chemistry was smoldering at first as they battled wits and figured out how best to get along but then it was sizzling Loved how their relationship was brought alongSo this was a great end to the series but I do hope there are a few to come someday These will be for those who can appreciate a split story gentle suspense that is focused on romance and character parts of the plotMy thanks to Penguin Random House for the opportunity to read this book in exchange for an honest review Even though I really liked Jack and even Nicolas I wasn't impressed by Jane aka the Pink Carnation I REALLY LIKED THISI was so so wary about this book as those of you that I talk about this series with and that I dragged into it with me know well Everything after book six is so hit or miss for me the books range from not a fan at all to I liked that way than I expected but maybe not as much as I thought And I wanted this book I'd wanted this book since she announced that we'd already met Jane's hero and we spent considerable time speculating as to his identityI wanted to like this so badly but recent history was what it was And so I tried to go into this with lowered expectations and minimal hope so as to not be disappointed and I'm honestly not sure if it was that or the book really WAS a throwback to what I loved about the early series BUT THIS WAS REALLY GOODI loved Jack and Jane For Jack I went in with the Harrison Ford image firmly in my head thanks to the DBSA podcast and so I was DELIGHTED that he lived up to that and the dreams I'd had about him as a character for years For Jane this book made all the bits and pieces we'd gotten of her from everyone else's POV add up to a whole that I really ended up liking I wasn't expecting the view spoilerpart where her parents had her declared deadview spoiler but it certainly made sense as a reason for the time gap and for the additional hard edges that the intervening time had added And they just fit They worked together They were partners And they delighted meThey were great This book was greatSome of the stuff in the afterward information make sure you read to the end of your book people made me roll my eyes a little bit but I know in my own fiction that I have a tendency to do exactly the same thing so I'm not in a position to judge And I really want the Lord and Lady Uppington mysteries please and thank youBut really guys I liked this I'm so happy that this is how it ends hide spoiler I wasn’t sure what to expect from this novel This series was really fun and while Book 1 wasn’t my favorite Books 2 5 were great The series reached its peak with book 6 the fantastic Betrayal of the Blood Lily After that there was a decline Or maybe I just didn’t care too much about the newer characters But I think Willig is really back on form with this book It’s serious than her last few in the vein of Blood Lily which only makes sense since Jack Reid the hero was first introduced in that novel As soon as he first showed up in Bloody Lily I kid you not I hoped Willig might eventually pair him with Jane I doubted however that a POC would wind up being the endgame love interest for the one character this entire series centers around let's be real we know the way historical romance typically works I’m very glad to have been proven wrong In the end Willig did made Jack the BIG hero for her BIG heroine Jane has always been a bit of a mystery though the series is named after her and she shows up in nearly every novel She came across in the other books as very aloof calculating and cold which I rather liked Throughout the series she's lived a charmed life Wellher life is in tatters in this novel and I loved it I won’t spoil what has happened to Jane but life has not been kind to her and I don’t mean that in the 'her reputation has been ruined' way She’s poor world weary invisible and alone If you’re at all aware of Jack’s backstory then you’ll know why they might make a good pairEloise the contemporary character remains tedious as always Eloise I’m glad you got your happy ending too girl but I've long been over you Colin and his dark blonde hair and Barbour coatsOverall this was a really good end to the series After Blood Lily it's my favorite If you want to get the most out of it I suggest reading 1 6 and 10 first review rating to come later but hint I really liked itOKAY SO 45 Stars This for me was a return to what I love about the early books The mix between farce and danger and serious stuff and arguing about what to call the donkey stuff like this is why I adored this series and I'm so glad we bookended the series with that stuffThat being said I did go into this with lowered expectations for this book so I'm sure some of my love of it is associated with that but it genuinely is great re jane view spoilerI did say to Jess that I missed her spark from the early books which is definitely a narrative choice that she's a bit jaded by now but I wasn't totally sold on it Also woah Her parents declaring her dead DAMN hide spoiler I wasn't that into this but well I kind of knew it would be a tough sell for me The series has just gone on too long and I've grown weary of Willig's writingI do wish we'd gotten the Jane and Nicolas novella Willig apparently planned on writing I felt like I missed out on something since so much of that relationship happened off screenAnd the ColinEloise story view spoilerwas so very very silly I didn't like it hide spoiler

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