Born of Treasure Treasure Chronicles #2

Born of Treasure Treasure Chronicles #2✈ [PDF / Epub] ✅ Born of Treasure Treasure Chronicles #2 By Jordan Elizabeth ✸ – Clark used to be a miner until he drank from a vial he swore was absinthe but was actually an invention to give him the ability to raise the dead Now Clark seeks to fulfill his father's wishes to keep Clark used to be a miner Treasure Treasure PDF ✓ until he drank from a vial he swore was absinthe but was actually an invention to give him the ability to raise the dead Now Clark seeks to fulfill his father's wishes to keep other inventions away from Senator Horan His beloved Amethyst is along for the ride Deceit drama romance the insidious underbellies of gangs How can she not be involvedClark can't hide behind the Born of PDF/EPUB ² Treasure name forever and the army still wants him for his secret abilities If Captain Greenwood can't snare Clark then he'll use the Treasures as collateral Saving his father's inventions will just have to wait especially now that theTreasures have been kicked off their ranch and driven into exile Clark knows how to survive on the run but that’s not the fate the Treasures deserve He can surrender to the army or fight of Treasure Treasure ePUB ↠ for his freedom but Amethyst has other plans for fixing their troublesShe’s come across another one of the vials that gave Clark his abilities and it looks mighty tasty. A great continuation of a steampunk adventure tale with a paranormal twist Action packed enjoyable and engaging 45★sClark and Amethyst were travelling together following the instructions of Clark’s dead father Eric to discover the hidden inventions which Senator Horan wanted Clark needed to find them first to keep them from Horan’s clutches Clark had drunk from a vial of liuid which he’d mistakenly thought was absinthe But it was one of his then unknown father’s inventions and now he could see the dead as well as bring dead people back to life Clark had had trouble coming to terms with his new ability but now he enjoyed chatting with his father – Amethyst knew of his ability and the cause of it knew of Eric’s presence but of course she couldn’t see or hear himUnbeknown to them both Captain Greenwood was still after Clark – the army wanted him to experiment on and they were determined to find him To date Greenwood had tracked him back to the Treasure farm – Amethyst’s family lived on the farm and Clark had spent some time there in the past Greenwood was a cruel and vindictive man and in cahoots with Senator Horan He decided the best way to draw Clark into his circle was to hold the Treasure family hostage – Clark and Amethyst would return to help them wouldn’t they?What would happen to Clark when the army captured him? And what would happen to Amethyst if she carried out her plan to save them all? The danger was high – the result could be catastrophic Born of Treasure is the second in the Treasure Chronicles by author Jordan Elizabeth Mierek after Treasure Darkly which I thoroughly enjoyed Fascinating and well written this steampunk scifi novel is set in a world of fantasy mystery and suspense I can’t wait to read the next in the series and highly recommend Born of Treasure to all speculative fiction loversWith thanks to the author for this copy to read in exchange for my honest review Mehreen Ahmed's reviewsOn one level Born of Treasure by Jordan Elizabeth is about gangs romance intrigue deceit and horrendous politics with the horrible Horans Yet on another level it is a book about inventions and Clark's manifestations into becoming someone he is not With abilities derived following the accidental event of drinking from a vial this above mentioned mixture gives the story a composite of creative recapitulations which now must be reversed in order to be protected from the hunt of the army for this uniue ability I received a free book from the author in exchange for an honest reviewAnd the story has ended I've got to admit this paranormal odd technology kinda latched on to me A different kind of world different circumstances yet a whole new perspective on reading Bravo to Jordan Seriously the author did a well job in introducing her historical paranormal spunky seriesI'll miss Clark and Am's adventures They were a team of outlaws a ghost and a girl with powers They should’ve been unstoppable This is the second instalment of the Treasure Chronicles The hunt for Eric's Clark's late father inventions is still on But captain Greenwood is closer than ever on Clark's heels and determined this time to capture him to be handed over to to the government and be experimented onThe action kept most of the plot going and it was uite exciting though there was big chunk of romance that I thought unnecessary and so much sexuality that might not even make this book safe for younger teens in my oponion But what did I expect this is the 'Wild' West after all what ways would you know it to be wild other than that every other man in town owns a gun and tend to use them a lot in the story By the way I highly recommend checking this series out even if you aren't much of a steampunk reader This is a good start it's got vivid descriptions an engaging plot and characters you'd definitely care reading aboutSpeaking of characters I felt like I got to know about the characters in this book and realised how much I relate to Zechariah caught up in adventure I really do have a liking for him Amethyst was amazing She showed just how much of a fight she could put up for the sake of family and she was so brave in a lot of situations unlike the old Amethyst who seemed to act rather recklessly than for bravery I really liked how she tried to to sympathise with Clark about his previous life and how she loved her uncle so much Aw Uncle Albert seemed really nice Also Garth Seeing how incredibly honest he could be was adorable And I obviously love Georgette as mentioned in my review of the previous book And oh would you look at Jeremiah in love? Alyssa was rain soothing and soft I still don't get why Clark and Amethyst hadn't told the family about their marriage before Would've been awkward and had saved a lot of botherAnd I wonder how the weather forecasting watch worked It seemed very cool and useful too Most of the inventions' workings went right over my head Especially the tonic and it seemed paranormal than scientific to meOverall I enjoyed the characters a lot and the run was thrilling and Jeremiah's part was very exciting too I received an e copy in exchange for my honest review Thanks to the author Jordan Elizabeth for providing one BOOK REVIEW PER KMJ BOOK REVEALSHey ya'llSo I just finished reading this heart pounding novel called Born of Treasure by Jordan Elizabeth and I was taken on the most intense adventure of my entire lifeCan I just say wow? I loved this novel Everyone is on the hunt for the man who took the magical absinthe that allows people to bring the dead back to life This is the second installment of the Treasure Chronicles and it has most definitely lived up to my high expectations despite one of my favorite characters Daniel not making an appearance What I particularly enjoyed about this novel is getting a chance to see of Amethyst In Born of Treasure you get a chance to see this very privileged and irresponsible young woman turn into this brave heroine that makes all of us proud in the end but what I like is that though she is a heroine in this installment you could see Amethyst retain her inappropriate yet charming personalityAnd a lot of times I find that when reading the seuel to a novel that the author is not able to show a transitioned character that has an immense growth but is still able to be individually uniue to the audience I give props to Elizabeth for being able to pull this off in such an incredible way that the reader doesn't feel like they have read a completely different seriesAnother character I took liking to though he is a villain would have to be Captain Greenwood This is the first villain I have seen that understands what persistence is and decides to implement that in his ever surging frustration to obtain the Treasure family I enjoyed how in control he seemed Captain Greenwood is ruthless and very bodacious in his plans of attack to help out his country I won't spoil anything but he definitely kept pushing me to read onAlso on a final note Mabel has finally made a full entrance into this series I believe it's going to be very interesting to watch her and see how she reacts with this new Clark I feel like she's stuck in this fantasy that he is exactly how she left him as a child due to trauma caused by being Captain Greenwood's slave And I wonder how Amethyst is going to be able to deal with this elementary crush Will Amethyst be offended? Or will she be understanding of Mabel's psychological attachments? Who knows? I was contacted by Jordan Mierek and offered a complimentary copy of this novel – the seuel to the breath taking Treasure Darkly – in exchange for an honest review It’s not often that I can say the second installment in a series truly lives up to the potential of its predecessor but in this case I most certainly can and with gusto I was afraid with this second novel that one of the two elements I loved so much in the first – Mierek’s astonishingly elegant grasp of both steampunk atmosphere and the Western genre – would have to flag But no both are still alive and well in the Treasure Chronicles universe I was completely taken in by each of the characters all over again but Amethyst is especially given her moments to shine in this novel As with the first if I have one complaint it’s that I’m again left hungry for of this series The author has stated on her Goodreads page that further installments are hopefully to come so I’ll keep my fingers crossed If you’re a fan of steampunk westerns romances or crossed genres in general and you haven’t given this series a shot please do I whole heartedly recommend it It is uite challenging to write a seuel which is just as good if not better than the previous instalment Not for Jordan Mierek as the story remains fresh and exciting with new surprises to look out for Still steampunk still romance and western all the wayWhile I feel that the second instalment in the series could be a bit longer the resolution is certainly satisfying The author chose the right moment to say goodbye to this story and its charactersDo not miss all the marvellous things this book has to offer Read it and be a part of a rare definitely uniue experience Was given a copy for an honest reviewAfter reading Treasure Darkly I couldn't wait to start reading this book I HAD to know what happened AFter learning Clark's secret and why he was so attracted to what he thought was his half sister Amethyst the plot thickens The entire Treasure family has been drawn into the plot and what the Govt has been up to and he is being led by his real father from beyond the grave I wont say because I do not want to be a spoilerJordan Elizabeth continues to drawn me into her books and take me on a journey The writing is descriptive and every character is very developed I highly recommend these books If you like Steampunk you will LOVE this series An action packed seuel to Treasure Darkly The author Jordan Elizabeth steps up the pace in this steampunk western The Treasure Family are on the run from an evil Senator and the Army who's bound and determined to get their hands on Clark If you've read the blurb then you know Clark drank a substance which gives him special powers to see and raise the deadClark and his precocious wife Amethyst take the reader on a wild ride which will have you uickly swiping or turning the pages There's plenty of shoot 'em up drama suspense elements of paranormal and some delectable romance

Born of Treasure Treasure Chronicles #2 Epub ä Born
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  • Born of Treasure Treasure Chronicles #2
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  • 01 October 2016
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