The Other Side of the Gates

The Other Side of the Gates❰EPUB❯ ✶ The Other Side of the Gates Author Nina Romano – A terrific collection of storiesDennis Lehane Mystic River Live by NightNina Romano has written an absorbing debut collection of stories that are at once energetic bold ambitious and wildly entertaini A terrific collection of storiesDennis Lehane Side of Epub Ú Mystic River Live by NightNina Romano has written an absorbing debut collection of stories that are The Other Kindle - at once energetic bold ambitious and wildly entertaining The Other Side of the Gates pays attention to the wide world and celebrates and Other Side of PDF/EPUB ½ embraces the fragile and complicated lives of her compelling characters be they conspiring teens or treacherous lovers Nina can do lyrical and she can do hardboiled She can do snarky and she can do gracious The stories are full of honesty charm heart and good humorJohn Dufresne Reuiem Mass; No Regrets; CoyoteIn her story collection Nina Roman takes us on an international and cultural world tour from Peking all the way to modern Florida with stops in Chile Ireland Italy 's Brooklyn and Long Island Wherever the setting Romano's stories firmly anchor the reader in the vivid world she's created for that snapshot in time Many beautiful images and turns of phrase fascinating historical details These are tales of love in all its guises joyful or painful waves of pathos and of wry humorM K Graff The Nora Tierney Mysteries. Reading this collection of short stories by Nina Romano was like touring the world by train getting glimpses of fellow passengers and snatches of dialogue that conjure up complex lives while showing us that underneath all our differences human beings are essentially the same We love we long for and we regret We also hope The tone of each story is as varied as the many different countries and cultures she takes us through I found every one of them thought provoking and enchanting Several of them are hilarious I especially loved Dean O Megan’s Shadow The Thief and The Summer Palace which became her award winning novel The Secret Language of Women But every one of the stories are well conceived and beautifully written I hope Ms Romano will write My favorite part of a short story collection is variety and Romano provides this in SPADES Characters setting conflict all collide in a book you'll want to devour but would be better off taking one tale at a time and savoring Nina Romano's stories have something for everyone They change location type characters in a flash all the while tugging at your heart strings or pointing out some profound truth A wonderful eclectic collection of stories that are almost glimpses or snapshots of other lives other times The brilliant mind of author Nina Romano gives us a window into her imagination where it’s like her muses other personas are given free rein to tell their stories their tales of lives and loves This is a must read for those who love to use their imaginations and believe in making all things believable Five stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ for bringing imagination back to life I find myself inside the lives of strong marvelous heroes and heroins from areas and experiences that are told with an authentic voice that only a skilled writer could create I loved these storiesJoan Waldman I am not usually a short story reader prefer novels However these short stories have changed my mindThe writer takes us from Brooklyn to Peking and in between The stories are fast moving and so enjoyableI recommend this book to everyone I stayed up until almost 3 am finishing this collection of stories and I don't regret it in the slightest Nina Romano cemented herself as one of my favorite authors somewhere around 11 pm and ascended to the top of the list sometime around 230 am It doesn't matter what she's writing it's so vivid and smart and captivating that it could probably be her grocery list and still blow my mind Prior to this I read her Wayfarer Trilogy so I admit I had high expectations I wasn't disappointed even once My favorite story in the collection was The Rain It was extremely moving and my personal experiences gave me an added insight into the emotional turmoil and the complexity of what's described I highly recommend you read this book or any book by Nina Romano Brilliant

The Other Side of the Gates PDF Ñ Side of  Epub
  • Paperback
  • 299 pages
  • The Other Side of the Gates
  • Nina Romano
  • English
  • 28 November 2016
  • 9780985233198