Falling from the Light Night Runner #2

Falling from the Light Night Runner #2❰Reading❯ ➿ Falling from the Light Night Runner #2 Author Regan Summers – Jobs-in-kingston.co.uk Phoenix AZSydney Kildare’s done working for vampires Her years of couriering – and dodging hijackers and sucker mind games – are over It’s time for her and Malcolm Kelly her secret vampire lov Phoenix AZSydney the Light PDF/EPUB ¿ Kildare’s done working for vampires Her years of couriering – and dodging hijackers and sucker mind games – are over It’s time for her and Malcolm Kelly her secret vampire lover to ride off into the sunsetAt least that was the planBut Master vampire Bronson has reared his domineering head again and he isn’t above blackmailing his former runner to get what he wants He needs her to infiltrate a human pharmaceutical company Syd’s not a trained spy but Falling from PDF or if she can’t uncover what Bronson wants he’ll take his disappointment out on MalcolmThere from the Light Night Runner MOBI :¿ are rules in the vampire world rules that are starting to feel an awful lot like shackles Mal is the brightest light in Sydney’s life but runners don’t do well in captivity Syd is the first honest person he’s encountered in decades but this mission may corrupt her completely Their love is strong but can it survive a hopeless situationFalling from the Light is the third book in from the Light PDF ✓ the Night Runner world but can be read on its own words. I remember that I really enjoyed the first story in this series but cooled a bit toward the second I think this third installment though is easily the best to date It pays a lot of attention to the core romance; it’s got a fast moving action packed plot; and it’s got angst in spadesAs the story begins Sydney is being forced to do a job for the super powerful vampire Bronson Essentially he is basically using extortion by threatening her lover Malcolm who is currently serving him She has to dig up info on a Las Vegas company linked to the powerful drug Radiant that made a bunch of vamps go crazy in the last book Conveniently Malcolm has a job of his own to do in the same neck of the woods so they can travel to Sin City togetherMalcolm is tasked with bringing in Abel a villain from the previous books But he can’t hurt him even though Sydney is likely to be a target for Abel again Mal and Syd travel to a high end vamp hotel with their entourage to get their jobs started There they have to maintain a cover of a master and feeder putting unneeded stress on their relationship This couldn’t be at a worse time as their assignments put them in serious physical and emotional perilBad things happen Especially to Sydney It’s hard to read at times and is kind of in the same vein as one of Kelly Meding’s Dreg City or JC Daniels’ Kit Colbana books Those elements are gut wrenching but they really made me doubly emotionally invested in Syd and her future There’s some good stuff here that shows us what Syndey is made of But there’s not just individual character development going on but relationship development as well I’m glad that Reagan Summers devoted so much of the story to the Syd Mal relationship One of my complaints about Running in the Dark was that I didn’t get enough of it I really believed in the love between these two and I liked that their problems felt real and relevant without ever spoiling my ability to root for them to be togetherThe world building is good So is the writing Both main characters are well drawn and sympathetic I love the way Mal loves Syd But the secondary characters mattered to me as well from Syd’s chatty BFF to her vampire minion Thurston I was interested and invested in them allIt wasn’t perfect There was a plot about some blood gemstones that felt pulled out of thin air It became super relevant at the end so I would have liked to believe in that a bit And the conclusion felt whirlwind fast It was satisfying but I had to reread the ending to really get what happenedOverall though I enjoyed it especially as it gained momentum I think UF fans especially those who have read the series will really like it tooRating BB ARC provided by author for review In the interest of full disclosure Regan Summers is a fellow author and friend That said even if I didn't know her I still would have immensely enjoyed Falling from the Light The story picks up on the heels of Summers' previous book in the Night Runner series Running in the Dark Having barely survived the incidents in South America Sydney Malcolm and their slapdash team of humans and vampires head to Arizona There they hope to not only to root out the source of the drug killing off vampires but also to make a final stand against the dark forces that have been hunting Syd and Mal since we first met them in Don't Bite the Messenger With enemies at their doorstep the pair face their greatest challenge in the hopes of freeing themselves from both their pasts Falling from the Light is far than a run of the mill vampire story Yes vampires are the central species of the plot but Summers does a masterful job of detailing their world of politics and honor There is a constant undercurrent of tension with every scene that truly ramps up the excitement Watching a party through Syd's eyes we experience the murderous plots hidden behind painted on smiles There is as much posturing and puffing as there is direct action and the dance between the two gives the reader a wonderful roller coaster ride till the very end For those that are fans of romance Falling from the Light offers just enough of the sexy stuff to heat up the pages For readers who prefer booms to bedroom eyes there is plenty of action and excitement outside of the boudoir to keep them engaged Falling from the Light is for the moment the final book in the Night Runner series and does an admirable job of wrapping everything up While not everything is tied with a bow Summers nails down the major plot points between the two main characters Syd and Mal have learned to grow individually as well as a couple and it's been a joy to watch them figure out how to deal with a relationship that is truly deserving of the phrase it's complicated Of the two Syd has certainly changed the most over the three books By the time the final chapter ends she has replaced most of the broken bits and sharp edges with a strength and confidence that is borne out of love rather than spite She is also calculating with her moves instead of acting on instinct This change is drawn out nicely over the series and comes to a wonderful head in the climactic scenes of this last book I also have a soft spot for Malcolm who has been caught between Scylla and Charybdis for most of the series His service to his Master has often conflicted with his desire to be with Syd but in Falling from the Light we see Mal truly go above and beyond to protect the ones he loves Malcolm breaks the mold of traditional vampires showing far heart and compassion than many of his human counterparts For me this is an element that truly makes this character shine Falling from the Light also hosts a number of well drawn personable side characters You can't help but enjoy scene stealer Mickey who treats every experience with wide eyed wonder and enthusiasm Malcolm's dynamic vampire duo Thurston and Soraya also mix well adding the flavor of their uniue personalities that greatly spice up the plotSummers has a fluid effortless voice in Syd that makes it deceptively easy to turn pages well into the early morning She combines action and romance exceptionally well and works hard to build the tension for the storm we've all known was coming When that storm finally arrives it does so in brutal epic scenes The pacing is fast keeping the reader strapped to the rocket ride till the very last sentence of the final page Overall Falling from the Light wraps up what has been a very enjoyable series While I hope to see of Syd and Mal in the future if this is truly where we leave them we at least leave on a satisfying action filled note Ha Take that Bronson and AbelThe last book The last time I get to watch Syd and Mal avoid certain doom I'm not ready to let go clutches at SydMore seriously Summers contacted me to review this last book as I have reviewed the previous two stories and she knows I'm down for anything Syd or Mal related When we last left our twosome Syd was dealing with the unexpected complication that she had to share Mal's attentions for at least another two years thank you Master Bronson you pompous jerk and that meant watching Mal be the world's biggest asshole no wait that title goes to Richard Fcking Abel in public and in private he's the Mal she lovesLook I understand her anxiety here In the last book Soraya suddenly popped up with all kinds of awesomeness in skills and looks plus Mal just sort of told her that he's going to be a jerk on the streets and adoring lover in the sheets Most women would take a step back and uestion this since coming from the outside it sounds like he's hiding something from her Which technically he is hiding somethingjust not from herThat's okay though because Master Jerkbag Bronson or less cottoned onto the fact that Syd was special and decided to use Syd's specialness to his own advantageor he'd start kicking Mal's ass for the fun of seeing her panic Its Syd going undercover that sort of had me doubting Master Jerkbag's ability to be strategic; he didn't give her much to go on tossed her into this thing with a very limited timeframe and bid her to hide it all from the folks who could help her Probably if this had been the corporate espionage it was discussed as being things would have been fine Except it wasn't so it couldn't be and things went south before Syd could do anything about itEnter Richard Fcking Abel This guy Justthis guy Look when he popped around originally as a low level scumsucker with aspirations to higher power I didn't give him much thought Who would? He appeared to have struck it lucky with as far as he had gotten but uite frankly he didn't have the oomph most of the Master vampires seemed to exude This book he proved at least one thing Master Jerkbag wasn't the only one who could come up with exotic ways to punish a personWhat he does to Syd makes Syd do forces Syd to endure is beyond contemptible There's a certain kind of twistedness needed to do what Richard Fcking Abel yes that is his name for all eternity did An eye towards seeing what makes a person tick Honestly he may have gotten away with it if Syd hadn't spent her entire life unconsciously building ticks into her personality that he could have never had her duplicate successfully without giving up the ghost As it is he only succeeded as far as he did because Syd was already emotionally in the ringer and Mal was adrift with no clear understanding of what Syd was really doing in ArizonaIn the end just desserts are delivered to everyone involved And Soraya survives Which is important to me at least This is the last book in the series for nowI hope so loose ends are basically tied up The reality of Syd's self is kind of glossed over and abruptly introduced There was talk of it scattered throughout the books but between Mal's assignment and Syd's assignment there was much less discussed on the matter then I would have liked before it all kind of wrapped up Sydney and Mal are back This time around the flamboyant can drive anything ex courier and her vamp lover are in Arizona hunting down the makers of a vamp drug and importantly trying to get out from under the thumb of Master vampire Bronson The whole second half of the book had me one the edge of my seat Great ending to this urban fantasy series Some interesting world building bits regarding Sydney's abilities WOWThis was the best one of the series so far?Falling from the Light had it all I enjoyed every page and I couldn't stop readingI could live with this being the conclusion but I really hope for Thank You Ms SummersKen Originally published at Reading RealityThe story in Falling from the Light is definitely a reminder that the vampires that have become the heroes of so much of urban fantasy and paranormal romance draw their origins from the horror side of the houseIn this book very bad vampires do bad things to bad people and also do bad things to good people Even good vampires spend so much energy posturing for the nastier members of their group that they spray a LOT of collateral damage among their human and vampire companionsAlso this is a “things are always darkest just before they turn completely black” kind of story Sydney gets so far down that “bottom looks like up” In other words this is the story of how Sydney falls from the light into nearly permanent darkness and then has to claw her way back after a trauma that guarantees she’ll never be uite the sameShe’ll be okay because she’s incredibly tough but she won’t be the same The story ends with Sydney and her vampire lover Mal hoping that they can escape the crap that they’ve gotten into for good Of course somebody has to die to make that happen I will leave the “who” for you to find outThe Night Runner series takes place in a world where the vampires have not just come out of the coffin but where they seem to have their fangs into a whole lot of the criminal organizations and uite a few private companies When you live forever you have lots of time to compound interest on your investmentsSydney and Malcolm sometimes it’s the other way around are pawns in a world wide vampire power struggle At first In Don't Bite the Messenger it seems as though the nasty vamps were using Sydney to get to the vamp she worked for In Running in the Dark the nasty vamps were using Sydney to get to MalcolmIn Falling from the Light both sets of vampires let’s call them nasty and less nasty are using Sydney to get to Malcolm and Malcolm to get to Sydney And since Sydney is the poor suishy human she’s collateral damage no matter whose agenda is currently in playIncluding unfortunately for their relationship Malcolm’s agenda He pretends to be worse than he is to protect her from the true villains but nothing uite works like they plannedThe dark at the end of Sydney’s fall from the light is very dark indeed It takes a supreme sacrifice blind faith and one hell of a lot of luck to reach the light at the end of this tunnel But it’s worth itEscape Rating B It’s Sydney’s character that makes this series which makes it very difficult read that as gut wrenching when Sydney finds herself a captive of the nasty and insane vamps What happens to her is very roughShe’s also subjected to constant reminders that she and even Malcolm are just pawns in other vampire games and that the vampires mostly consider her as talking food at worst or an intelligent pet at best She has no rights she’s physically outclassed and her life is so worthless to most vampires that they have no comprehension of her thoughts or feelings There are no laws that protect her except the law of the jungle and vampires are excellent at maneuvering that to their own advantageSydney only has one ace in the hole; she is immune to vampire glamour but no one knows why At least not until the boss vampire reveals it to her in this book just in time for her to use those talents to save the day Or at least the epilogBut Sydney spends a lot of the first ⅔ of the story being beaten and beaten down and while it was good to see her finally emerge into the light at the end it was VERY tough to watch her suffer The world of the Night Runners isn’t the same without Sydney’s snark so it was great to see her recover it at the end As an independent reviewer for Paranormal Romance and Authors That Rock I read this third book of Regan Summers The Night Runner series before knowing anything about the author or the previous books in the series I had no trouble at all following along it is definitely a stand alone story And WHAT a storyThe author has woven a detailed alternate universe where vampires live among us but are still very separated I would compare it to the Anita Blake universe but its not a copy Not by a long shot This 'verse has its own rules and its heroine is very much her own woman She is also a one man woman Only one vampire holds her respect and desire If you love vampire romance this book is going to keep you on the edge of your seat The twist at the end no the TWISTS at the end will keep you gasping as you read Well played A full five fangs for sure I read all three books back to back Thoroughly enjoyed them